ZRA Part 3 5-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, May 21st
Marlins collapse, Steph Curry, Zas' bro-in-law

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It let. It's all team Jim Morris in his last season as the U you can hear opinions based all the right here on the ticket including the team's run the ACC tournaments. Tomorrow night at Notre Dame had seven Thursday night against Clemson at seven. Via both times this right here on the ticket. The other manager at the web. Skate LB sports book in VA says they've thirteen tickets on the golden knights to win the whole thing at 500 to one odds thirteen tickets ranging. From ten dollars to sixty dollar sort talk and you know that's from. 5000 dollars to 30000. Dollars saves thirteen. Of those tickets. Yeah I did Darren about Liz. Sharing people's backs on the night it's. On his Twitter account and they're all pretty I mean girl you know there'll well they're Agassi gone box a hundred box. Via sixty box 250 box you know they're not they're not crazy these these bats he's finding repeal but. They will went crazy money in return if they win. And they weren't all five under one depended what Cassini but on the money down and when you get it of course. So last night. The warriors. I rushed. The rockets they took their souls last night's. The warriors won by 41. Points 12685. Against a rocket team it's he would ask it again tomorrow night. And the lawyers are gonna finish them off to game five I mean tomorrow night is the like that's the entire season for the rockets are not coming back 31 until the Cleveland and it's. And tonight you got Celtics and cavaliers which is now an edit on of Jews to its. The guys here last night he had Kevin Durant is on. Sets way is. The inside the NBA TNT grill. So Barkley was finally able six he's finally able to talk about dream on green face to face with one of the guys from the the warriors is. Green is a knowing him personally is this is is on and on television that I hope you should go talk to a concert in her arms and when you're his car into the ceiling on everybody. And every day goes on and on television what you're going as you about judgment could go. I apologize I don't do enough to announce that as you go. Some. After game one when there are showing the highlights at halftime I don't know of any girls gone there shall highlights at halftime of game number one because red sort of the game member dram on green where he. Through the Al bullet James Harden Barkley saw go to. So I would us media grunt. And like he stopped himself on Goldman saying more to go I don't gonna show us why no over the whole policies and late day or two. That doesn't if you run the monster British actor and you're you're due known. Reviewed and does dry and they write as Santa and a thousand bucks is it to get WTF win thousands free contest. Your chance take a moment thousand dollars start your week and I got Doucet sort salts. To 72881. And you register boom in vetoing this Simon extends up necks out to national contest message in Jarrett may apply don't tax and drive. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. It is not anywhere like the the warriors are up by a 1520. Points and men like trim picked up a technical foul. Picked up a double technical foul would Trevor Rees I've completely deserted dram drama was being an agitator. Like I I didn't know Reggie Miller was watching there you understand which came on greens it wrong he was complete used only be an agitator Trevor Ariza wasn't cabinet. Like trim hungry was doing the right thing at verse three is trying to hold up Trevor res up. No place on hold up Trevor Ariza used front and centuries old town hall as a nice thing okay bye bye dream on green. But short or easy if you want to help light the rockets get their ass kicked so we didn't feel like and elves are kind of like. Pulled his arm back and I find you don't want drill on greens help I'd try to be nice that's okay. But then clearly realize in niche robberies is not happy to trim on still then puts is normal injury on Trevor Reese is back. It's like. You clearly out China edged in does what you clutching him. And then Trevor Ariza he pushes them all double tangles alliger on windows and understand but he's careful because. Then the rest of the game still be aggressive. Yelling at the referees over everything. And grannies only got three technical fouls so far this post season. You get to seven and now you suspended. And I mean you know it's about several games luck this series Elise couple probably just gobble. Is about a couple games of this series and many you know at least four more games in the NBA finals. It would have picked up another technical foul last night and Europe for all of a sudden when he saw how many during your team member of the crew is being is that doesn't matter doesn't. I don't know three war and in in you know in 26 the injury among got suspended it. And the cat's game back in the like you don't know and the cats came back and they won the whole thing it's. This alternate program that aren't your rights under right. It's just so man it's what he. We we it's got a little bit it's OK with the yelling everyone very team. The word demolish Iraq it's 126 to 85 staff curry put up 35 points KD 125. Golden State or sleet that series now own two games to one that was the worst playoff loss in rockets history. They'll arrive and he got hardened IA's great playoff performer medium B lead you back. Ordered a twenty points nine assists yet work turn a priest and last name her wallet thirteen points and ten board soon with them and you can't you can't win with a garden you can't. I'm tell you know you you could you look you can talk about this a lot of the me I'm looking from the outside in but. Evolve on that rocket team in my best player the east he yelled at trial one on the floor like that that's. Once a Y man when your best player when your best players got it also works the hardest due to fall into line. And when your best player is a guy it was half passing it. A lot of times out there. The team man. Horn out there OE plays that that old way matador defense. Same thing man. To other not trying to have the time. Your best players out there any tries the hardest I affiliate mean some of the rest of team. Mark and peace implement about the Miami Heat though doing right. Are trying our run defense. Look there are there any time to wade is out there and he's been in whole hold. Stay in the backcourt because he's yelled at the referees and it's a terrible. Like I don't know me to say not good I have seen it's it's okay Purdue when we do is I'll give someone else would only say there is also the the shop like inaudible on. He is but he makes so frustrating with wages. He now is not so much anymore at least not all the time anymore to get operational way eat it used to be a great defender. Rick Bender as that's making annoying he's back and back on defense really took the bronze and mr. I can't do all the time. Oh wait we it was a great defender. And and by the way. The complaints we have about wade is im not getting back on defense he jumped in out there plain Ole matador. He's not turnstile. But if you're if your best owners out there Ares I fasten it Latin. I think it's negative effect on the rest of the team. As me. The Marlins gave up six runs in the ninth mosques of the Braves ten to my songs. Lewis Brington at a Grand Slam that's the sixth homer of the year. Miguel Rojas hit two home runs and now he asked seven on the year round starts at three game how that or did the Mets tonight it's. Hernandez makes his second career start for the finish first pitch Citi Field is set for 7:10 PM what is. Don say when he goes in the locker route to a game you don't see any as a coach I what do you say yelled six run by linking to out all six Rondo. Let's hear from Don. This is a tough when I hear you don't get really much. Tougher than this you know you have a game in hand you get your calls around the mound. Chances to get Alex. So it you know what I mean how does Iran have too good right now feels pretty followed to talk about. Don't get her to play tomorrow that's what's gonna happen to have. Right now is when now. There's no chicken little bit. Find somewhere to learn from our. Whatever situation yeah and that he. Something that really change your girlfriend and myself you know make sure I'm getting guys in right position on the nose for all of us. I've seen World Series. After winning. Look less celebrated. Don't what I saw yesterday when they just go ahead and came back and six runs and I was able it was remarkable they ran around the whole field chasing after I'd bet. Elegantly or. Close on my listen I'll skip you don't close are you got a guy you bring out on the ninth inning and a you don't close on the scene it's in EEE got a pitcher who pitches in the ninth. Close closer on the hill. The last evade his goldeneye aides are in the Stanley Cup finals. Like they beat the Winnipeg jets. Yesterday two to one. In a five game serious. They move on here's what yesterday's sounds like. Aren't tickets you don't. Other airport to tie up two seconds yeah. The scoring going. Nice goal. In the Western Conference finals biggest claims that Campbell bowl for the Western Conference championship. Not only do. Not only expansion team hasn't happened. Spansion easier on the Stanley Cup final so every fifty years are saying ha yeah 1918 astronomer. And 68 was the blues and an Odyssey and eighteen it's you're schooled my sixty eight's going to be awesome. Point six CA's regret. You know me. So cavs blew out the Celtics in game three over the weekend won sixteen to 86 LeBron predatory seven points and twelve assists night game game four is to a night's tip off at 830 NE SP on. You get close scheme of the conference finals begin on either side we get at close game. We just want in tonight because I think tonight will be close actually Cleveland and again. And England so when the series. Knows what it's up to say when or since its inside game a prediction. Did you did your predictions don't even you even. Saying that it's a possible to call it. That against. An SN BCS two games when Boston won two bodes very difficult to pick Cleveland bunny might retire in Cleveland after game although I'm I'm going with what I originally picked for the series started which was Cleveland six and will stay in five I'm just trying to be consistent. That's what I it's easy you can bet against or had. Yeah I. I think actually sued. They're gonna have to at home on either side and everyone wanna I think that's where the Celtics are kind of taken over. I think you're gonna get today is a lot of what like Basil is doing now we're gonna get a lot of we got after the first two games so LeBron has no chance. Against the Celtics team now all we saw as others on the roads now today earlier gonna hear about is so but it still LeBron camp verde at all Brian notices that the overreaction to the. Wasn't jealous game that was a minute ago. Wasn't me though I thought it was comical was it was Larry enhances. Comments in the media after the game talking about like now they found the solution right now now order a player now yeah now organ players now yeah we don't need just LeBron. Yeah we are looking contributed to Asia for home and you need the Bronx aids him. The mall Larry agent. There. The biggest news or the weekends was not a sports it was the rail wedding which reportedly two billion people. Why step mega mark old married Prince Harry here's what is on public. I make him take you carry its content in. Shipping lines. To be my husband. To have time to hope to have and to hold from this day forward. From the states sort. For best for us for better or for worse for richer or for richer for poor. Case sickness in sickness and in health care and cherish to look into cheers. Till death pastor opt to domestic car. Harry and. Megan have given that consent and make them marriage as we job. They have to prevent them. By the joining of hands. And by the giving and receiving a brings. I eventful proclaim that they are husbands and why yes. And you know guys making an appearance. Did you notice that there's a difference do they do differently in in England where they say. To death us do part and here we say oh it really matter to us Gallagher a better. Afterward until death us do part. Till death pastor like top domestic car stealing regular and hello twister for me because you know you practicing your whole lights and a million maybe mess it up. No I must look we don't pass Muster opt to dusty part. It's it's she and issue a two's she's Americans you know infused it is not gonna Harris Borg rights and. Orders and it didn't seem like she was views about any they didn't see much she was nervous at all and I don't know how you're not nervous that we too. Billion people rational or planning you know locking herself down the irony in a car it's sad ass woman matching the caddies that but all over drag this is so bad asked to calm and collected as walking or not I'll list so damn long hope I don't think probably as. To fully and idols they probably did so much rehearsing. Unlike Italy's national news will you do absolutely but it you can't rehearse for the amount I is on. I mean you how can you possibly reducing how nervous. Regular bright are at their wedding and you Reiner receive. Nervous about just trapped them. She went when she's not nervous about being made hitting every day for a yeah amazing day just yesterday about actually getting through the wedding itself but how nervous would you be about tripping. All I would be thinking about is don't trip don't turn. Now her. Yeah somebody did a little bit of a stumble on the way up the steps and you might have been Kate she minute trip a little bit it was one that it was a I think it was third of the groom peach dress the printer lives in Orlando. The twins saw the twins maroni. I thought that she was on but either way I want it one of those elements stumbled a little bit but it was fine potter sell it cheated but if you're the ride you can't do that. India on. Tres in the long veil and what are some great stuff on your mail it in so many things that we're all. That Rolls Royce. It's pre race. Why are conservatives in France. Presse that crushed to death. Lines is that it's like watching SF Corey South Korean knowing that wants a loss of Corey in the next summer. Seven tickets are already in the conference finals tonight we have teams for Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics. It's a Celtics and rockets we know that's not true. Celtics and rockets looked like herself. Celtics and cavaliers. Pretty aims at seminary tip is at 8:30 right here I am seven I Indian FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Here workplace globes last week. Slims walked MM studious anti canning it's my scream that's like not him. Not eating ice cream at 7 o'clock in the morning and any ice in all week till the blue bell ice cream that's in the kitchen of the bribes in an ice cream. Mixing you know we leave the studio after our show we get an email whoever has stolen. Whoever's ice cream that was apparently somebody telling a someone's name on until had their name on it. You're hitting me just months jerk move source screen shot of the email I sent the design as laws just like slum discovered the army's green Ellis measured move. Rate since so. There was ice cream in that it in the kitchen in the freezer prisoner. So there's ice cream in the community freezer and Bo was somebody's name on and we do endorsements there are little label or stuff and then songs. All week celebrity and always trillions of miserably the story because as multiple flavors there's just one particular flavor of that name her. That's from dove in to cope who was little do you still. It wasn't an indication at the ice cream is owned by somebody the fact that there is a name on one of the pardons is one flavor was reserved for that person. That was worth a lot of class a pack and Spencer which of which almost slim meeting now I don't know. Why would you gotten angry email and the other flavors were community players Slater was taken. Oleg a full so he specifically went in and got the flavor with the person's name on an eight that note again you as a making up facts no we didn't do that to happen what lap. And I don't know that many blue bell ice cream gallons OK in the freezer. So it was eating community blue bell. But somebody stole these specific blue bell that was is reserved for a salesperson W a year protecting slam that's with Al I get what happens next. It. The subject. Is decent Olympic ready to slam somebody else remembered and it's. Look I. I just know what Romberg told me which we got this email from someone saying Yahoo! in my scream. And then Romberg sent me a message has said is slammed just told me this morning that he's been eating ice cream all week. As a line out. But it does. Mean does it slimming it summit is nice dream that turbines trying to keep slims name off the streets. So Seth Curry had a huge game last night he had 35 points he snapped out of a small fault that he was in special in second half nearly 28 was 35 points in the second half. And if he like I. I like Seth Curry like watching imply he's very likable okay bunt. I think some people abroad and turned off. At this point right with a all the celebrating and the shape mean. I think happened a couple of years ago people started getting turnoff president last year was last year where now I don't think this is when he was doing but last year where people thought that he was that he was pop and a squat. On the cavaliers floor right that you is. I guess you do to duty yeah yeah yeah I remember that I don't think it's doing and during the malveaux loose. Aren't you out as as many as two years ago wasn't a pure anarchy is missing arm on the court Cleveland right. Some people think that's what he's doing yes remember that yeah yeah I only entries do but yes some people think that he was. SE pretty outrageous did this to say that he was. You know mining that he was. Taking a dump on the floor of the egg we really ugly. Out I think that there extreme. But you know you got that. The ship meaning in the middle of floor yet DL on the crowds during the play. And. I I still play on so called Seth Curry I think it's good he's small he's Q. I am I I think. I don't know what Seth Curry can do out there it's gonna be not like it. Alike want to imply and I don't Brohm with any of the antics out there also have the royal family of basketball. True. Well very clean cut image of course I don't I I don't feel the same way about them in any details I feel like they they get away with a hole. Lot and are not criticized in the same fashion ever be also be in its because they're cute that's so. What we want albums Q it's only Seth Curry and his wife we've talked about misinterpreting and his and is kits no immediate and got in the teens. No what I said because they are cute daughters are frank Jimenez and I just glitz housing that suit peoples' one sees us attitudes are going to be adorable. But Klay Thompson me Kansas looks like one of the sends. I'm telling you we we are we our soul. We are so lucky. Down here that. Bronze run with the heat did not coincide bullets on the wars right now. I'd like I am not comfortable saying that those he teams would be these warriors. Is ago with subtle barriers seem exists because of LeBron drama that he. Re absolutely. Given her into the gets through this of LeBron and LeBron and none out. 100%. Altering yet terrain and Iran doesn't have the guts but also some sports is really good before terrain arrive Seattle afford to rants arrive. I don't know if they would have been. Completely that you don't untouchable with eight team during it's prime with the addition to ram that's what that's what would it really grew into that he air. Ford's Iran to those seats teams. And they they could've played with the warriors this version of the warriors I am not comfortable saying he wouldn't be in the I can't. Mailer. Why am I am I am not comfortable saying that we still don't want them again. You know I also do feel like this team is. Is serve an ode to. That Miami Heat era. We examine toe but I don't think Katie would join the stamp is not for what LeBron had done. In Miami. But even if you don't like suckers and they like his style has fallen he's much more Italy. Watching him play and getting golf and game is way more fun than James harder it's for a horse like access to ports. Does it easily hate double style now because it is the you know op tempo and in the edible. Well because if he was anybody else there'd be a whole lot of people heating on him and hitting on it'll mean attainable. Let me attainable in the in the sense Blake would. Legs as a heat's James Harden to game I don't mean a table like it's boring I mean attainable like he's a person who if he's anybody else you hate. Why is styles awesome he's adorable I understand what's safe that's the thing is because he's adorable that you like theory people backed he's adorable. The styles also outrage is because he pulls up from three when the running fast breaks are very few guys who Kubel who play like that hill. He'll be a mile across and over on the Gao is going on right up in his grill he's got such the quick release that he's the title rom. And if he was anybody else have you wasn't so adorable. You hated it. For it no adjustment I would love a lot more on drugs should poll from forty but it Indianapolis he was on her tee. Part of gnome port to death watch them on am bored to death. And the flop and in the flail NN IH say I I can't deal with a W that out for him since the beginning day you have strange. Hatred of a bit few much started to despise hardens he's you can't win them. Amanda and monogamy the NBA this year and it's embarrassing. Embarrassing don't give the order off for the season. I heard him. Regular seasonal our rule was that said this morning and was a performer player might even have been Reggie Miller. Said that that was giant difference. Going into this into this playoff round as the Golden State Warriors don't care about the regular season wears a Houston Rockets. Are confident because of what they did during the regular C. The war at the lawyers in that mode now idle lakers were like that back in nearly 2000 tell the he would like that Kate toward the end of the four years words were let's get to the regular season and let's flip the switch. When the post season rolls around and that's that's what this war team has clearly done because. Both ends of the floor they look like crying he warriors when we were not getting out for a lot of the regular season. And Houston and what you 82 games the regular season trying really hard all throughout the season and getting ready for. The post season and just in an off man. Just not enough. This towards him is too good. And I honestly don't know when it's gonna end because curry Durant green top young. Like the only guy who's close to not really been a big contributor anymore is Iguodala. Pending X and it could still Isa gives them you know all on the defensive but Iguodala I don't know how much time he's got left okay being a big time player but the and what. All the other guys though. Then donate in less and I know the contract situations are but. You know unless some unlikely Thompson wants to beat number one guy somewhere who has Klay Thompson is tired of being the guy last night Louis. Thirteen points. What's gonna happen also curry I mean you could question is their ability. I side I don't I don't you and insights for this warriors team although durability kind of held the wars to the government cheap contract that was done while we actually ended up being a good thing really really lucky there's a really thinks they donate is dead and I haven't contracts I mean I don't it chief again. I know put the reason that they were able to put this together and how the SpinRite his friends are banking as it were initially he genuinely seems to have leader ability issues at this point. I didn't Katie hadn't joined that team and that that would be extremely problematic. Look this thing is that the rockets. Now my mom sure he had LeBron and their bends where Tina I'm really not. I'm really not sure. The largest on the warriors. On that. But they're meeting them. I am I I don't think so one spot because because walk. Caruso for consisted destroy it all how they how does LeBron going to the warriors. Because he's got so much money just suspect yet but this is constantly taking like a vet minimum. I know how packed the distance interception. Of the it would take a really hope it would and wouldn't take LeBron heard that meant a mom now on the U Oregon I was GM. Now they would take on LeBron and you don't want to be I wanna little ordering still. Let's go out. Thank have a direct camped in the finals can't passable time. None of this is happening. But they. If you asked a rants you want to rant on to a lie detector or would you take LeBron and his team next heaters and they they just won the finals we take a rise to Sam. Ewing to get that in but he got to know that your man. Which are LeBron percent Kurd he wants to be LeBron he wants to win more than LeBron. Now I don't think Gaza has been a weird thing between him and stuff curse and has gotten there than Nike under armor thing. He brings LeBron and it's an all Nike team now instead of staff currently stabbed his stab little stuff in the back of the architect. That was the warriors dynasty would grab my shoes. Yeah curry shoots him give courage should certainly when Egyptian busier face death you know between us it is inject you choose him on the Bryant team next year angles now. They do orbiter and the an extent it's LeBron more than Iran it's LeBron. Google rump Exxon announced after the bully. John Green you. Driven green shoots him jail on on the rise in a year a joke about salute those yeah I think he's like a German agreements for chaos I think LeBron dallas' staff. Finance part of from higher. Isn't completely eclipsed Haney Klay Thompson he Claes got put on the blunt person and you cannot be easier burn out he doesn't count. Yeah. He's a burner are you kidding me. Don't see him hit that they penned between three point and never. I don't see him as a burner. Thrilled on this rocket team next CI. Bouncy Amanda. You don't see what that they'd built talent now seemed enough. I I think the entire league is gonna have to ride this thing out around all long's it take. Entirely sunrise display like like what what what do last night made you think it is more your team's seven anyone on the level any guys that that's what I thought Earl talking about pain in the offseason what he's doing with delegates for years. When he went and had their plan plan B a but the whole point is that we're gonna guide is rod does warriors thing out for a little bit until. Opportunity presents itself is no one's beaten them but I think the rockets being as good as it did people got also play. They can take him now people look at the warriors they're vulnerable and is a forty. You know they're not when said they lost by forty when stuff is. Full capacity. Usually that can have it what can happen. Where saying things like step Currie not being at full capacity. So warriors being ball. Horrible I'm exhibit everyone LA lab as hard and boring it's Hertz is ever every team. That your assi you're talking about things that they can happen that way in. That would disrupt their run and who we've seen it with other dynasties. OK but I certainly things it can't and that's not outlandish to think because. Stop curry has certainly had his issues that is. Way that teams are becoming more resort Zaza was gonna get hurt mean that's that's the way I watch sports. Well what do you mean I mean yeah that would be a significant way I mean I'm not ready to say the the MBAs predicted for next five years I mean things can happen. Certainly things that happen. Massive injuries over and Boston red and really take. Into account yet and also that teams are gonna do any any real winning this year without those guys. Like not eating George's court. They might win the Eastern Conference finals and and Ed dot dot. Israel winning and in my book but are is they're not gonna win an NBA finals but with those two guys. Coming back. If you were against the warriors team that you know maybe did have a significant injury again to Seth Curry. At some point you know your face them in the finals that you could see the Celtics winning in any championship against them. Explain to me again why you wouldn't see LeBron James at the Celtic to be because of current Celtics here it would be because of carrier ring. Amid they each have also needs LeBron bronze went to celtics' Larry arsenal in Cleveland and he played for Cleopatra roms are people who don't predict he is going to the Celtics and that's on now land a spot there on the yes. That's one of the theories. I've never thought he sixers enter settings yet I never heard that. I know there's there's Celtics talk that no matter in the neighborhood that would never gonna Boston yeah I'll I yet he would never go to Boston I I I have a hard time imagining it I. Now he married I love how you are inevitable loss and I'd and I know singles wrestler. The job other than. Joining Golden State what other route would be either would there be do when a championship other than joining apple core I talk about it and you could join if you could join that Boston tea Philly. Phillies. Same Cleveland. Philly a blow or arguably has better means better instructor than killing yet I mean I'd. I can ever imagine go to Boston. And is happening I'm just saying that that is Canada. Theories. I'm still stuck on practically Thompson schmo surely in man. I would only got here regular combat team this and Obama seven idea to get dollar today in the US any time anyway here. Decent dental dams and at all and never heard soft. Once and a critic of review of hated it. I see it get the score some runs NATO scores well I think allows the way it's not good. Once or comparing to the first one Miss America the first one was great this once saw this way it's not an. Let's see here too little too little women in my cell model idea let's see let's see let me see what it's scored. In his second everybody calmed down. You were supposed to see at this week and Richard. Non call all but I'll find time during this week to see it and at times weekend I'd stuff going on it and rainy days for the next six months so we minus what does Burgos who some movies throughout the day but so they go hang around with the Australian guy but C 83% by the way 83% certified fresh years give foster's was there following you all you're asking if it at wal -- and you know my boys on Friday night's. I was on the boy's elementary and inspecting your kids you mean if you're scheme against. So would the brother in law but. Deedrick of the pitcher do or not there to Australia stuff like Australian house guests are demonstrably well many see. Yeah I'm supposed to be two daughters and mother family. Know what they're doing I don't wanna do Schumer do you wanna take them the husband now the fiance guy with me in my son's. Now she's just three of us three boys all you cold blooded stock they'll welcome living my life okay. Just believe hope Laxman couldn't. Denish totally against me and code. Ticket man you earn your way into my inner soul my guard your old you know teach him the way it's America. I'm the one to you know he's gonna go back grocery bill like I. Yeah white's music. I don't know who take me anyway. I brought the best to force the students for each. I think we got a much losses in a present there and now. Yeah you would have liked him so what's a little while ago to go to his wedding and Australia due to this guy can't believe you did take this dismayed came to America. You're gonna take it or SARS on Conan. Your body no person if they came all the way from Australia he can stay in my house feel responsibility do let me show. Let me show you. Richard duty is an American while so patriotic breaking zero patriotic if kids can learn about Australia. And educational then we looked dizzy you know I never taken on the air so. No Mazar have a native teach them about it when I went there aren't. And I just got blogs talk all the girls little spots. To hang out let him talk. Yesterday go to such a good wings you know many guys Rainer losing their mind over traffic grow a million. Who says that rumba again ambassador. It will hurt me. Hands on life it doesn't life. Would if you had Crocodile Dundee playing on the television when they watch it I do wanna ask him is that lake the national the national Movielink is that is that. You only they're they're so proud of Crocodile Dundee is it like everyone everyone knows every line in the movie. You know do you think that they look at them movie it's like. It's like their national treasure. And does insulting a class that yet it is Blanton in. It's yeah it. This Australian music and so this is Jimmie. I do like the accent though I like Kelly speak. Alike they talk a thing of apparently did and not enough to hang out. To date to pick up like it took over there to address completed a conversation against your gloves over the Internet time and ask them now. And even having to sit down with a no not really I wouldn't answer closer and now Malia is that it's. And now a place that looks like it was a cost now yeah. Beaches. They are a statue of adults so the school. Buddhas that it's there. And all the extra club down your rumor. That's tonight's I don't think there's one like it but it's not some papers anti general leg it was a spot. I don't love that it feels liken it a cost them hundreds of worst rate in in big open effort strip club to change notices apartments. Okay well I never did you notice. Again the circle paths lead to view if you wanted to go to shows that Americans should plugs of the Australian guy and then we'll run down feel weird. That we don't it feel weird he came back gotta be here's your hair dressed in the air strip clubs. But Saddam here. You know they demand seen naked women on their record. Open earlier this. Not like this they don't build them over their elected built here not hope or Columbia. Yeah I guess you probably right. Some not a good house knows someone else's view be I don't know man and it's never. It's a strange in and take him around all summer I don't know what is his responsibility at that some announced rather arched her clothes. Got kittens. This is your breath is always my brother lives houseguest this week yes he's Australian he's going to be my brother in law yes. Tony Brothers letting non knock on them. So this guy is going to be your brother in law yeah. Mason's name. You're going to sisters who. Tier wage sister is marrying a guy from Australia yet been able to live there you know they don't look at her via I'm and they flew all Louis here yet. The 21 hours on the plane or whoever has made more. Flew all the way here to stay at those other Manchin right. And this is dispersed owner not. Is this is first time in South Florida now nothing is this is first time in two per city no. Are able to legacy CNET before. Brother roses and toasters for lunch. It's great we did I tune I think about it nice Jewish deli there today as she actually I didn't my responsibility. I did I did my responsibility. I showed a little bit about my heritage. It got bagel particular everybody you take everybody to the Jewish name and. Series and no into the world it's us. Can't leave man these Americans. Show him the Levy. Might look what's the wedding show him the Wiki men and might allow me though all the goes. And the girls night. I want to ask you what school basketball and according night. See your house. It's like do they just say you're told no we leased to a big party house on Saturday night for them still would've noticed that during the day he is the question. You got to get ready but his wife does his wife's gonna spend about two hours getting ready. What does that I don't know if he's probably way lower maintenance and to a I don't just live in Miami he went through correct we wanna go. That's Terrence what's that. You'll find now are you still I was limited until hours era amendment to its Armenian men. For the two hour time limit on my guard there there's an event. Oh no that's it no long a regular is two hours if you are you today regard to our ex. And an event like you know what you're doing is due to come back if if it tonight we're going out and we have to be it's a few hours 3 o'clock which starts. The clock. We. Which showed today. Let's talk show next.