ZRA Part 3 5-23-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, May 23rd
Disrespectful dunks, Rockets show guts, NBA VR

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And the sale or saint WTF that means when thousands free. Every hour from 7860. Monday through Friday a chance on a thousand dollars you next opportunities and about four minutes from now. You'll Texan that word to 7281. And that's a 1000 bucks neo net saying gay Wednesday morning started. The series price now the rest of the way for Golden State in Houston the warriors are still the favorites the warriors are minus 170. To win the series the rockets or plus 150. Even with the two of the three games in Houston. And hopefully. Not too many years from now will be able to actually put lots of money on legal. Just slicks so much money into the Jersey it's gonna be ready in a couple weeks. Won't Wear wears a late where can you got. I'm I just the big news I think it's going to be like to be kind of things there's going to be places they can actually do show a lot. Any place on my guts good. I would I would downside is yet to go to New Jersey and I got all the difference is not going to Las Vegas and doing let's close. Matt I discussed so much money saved up that I would I would bet and and just to double. As a gambling works right. Does put the money down. And now would make double what I put down I don't think you're going to be about a I know a lot about sports so I can win one. You would have lost a lot of money last night you are extraordinarily wrong about Iraq it's buckled stay was gonna crush him last night. Another gonna crush of late three minutes of the game. The hell. It's by the by the rockets nets. Used it is a one point favorite tomorrow night's. Used to one point favored tomorrow night and and actually the line is already out for Saturday gained six at gold state on states then a one point favorite. On Saturday night. So Golden State is still the favorite though overall to win the series there minus 170. And all manner fewer rockets fan last night's twelve to nothing to start on Tony now is mean. It follows a rocket man beats I mean come on Q poking its project I'll vomit. Watch because it's war skits help. Worst case scenario where you need your score. School to five minutes into the game tomorrow. Those twelve nothing with seven minutes left in the first point no points almost halfway through. And that's worse case scenario. If you're rockets and yup. The last thing that we wanted to see the thing that we all fear the most is happening right at the start of the game. And then when you win. The best way to win. When you get Ian when you get the the game that feels impossible to win on the road the impossible road win. The best to win. Would think the fallout would be for the warriors if they lose this series is there going to be a lot of criticism that's gonna fall upon then even though they've won two rings ours yes that's why the pressure followers. Chris is funny he'd Freddie only won two champ widgets all those years this Warner team is universally looked out as a lot better. Criticism yesterday from that he only wants a Schroeder's that they that they should've won more they should've won more settled down upon them because they only know that talking about the only one tale. But at least emits a browsers like about a potential scenario where the warriors are getting kicked out of you are losing in the western call right. I ride the wars in full shorty and making the finals. Noted tonic criticism now in a Tug at his rent as is yeah they're they're gonna break a team anything over on dog is direct and get some LeBron. Esque heat are and brands brands always been tough on. Because of LeBron. Bronson wanna it's all that attack targets the finals and Katie doesn't get there I mean tomorrow. Yet then you get the whole east vs west thing. The rockets are out there in the old days of walks through. East. Doran escape the criticism that LeBron get to and gone mom like damper fifteen year using an off season if LeBron. Gets the finals and lose the rockets he's gonna get more criticism than to rent not getting to the finals does a great question. They right now Texans were media to 72881. Eagle and a thousand box. In next jazzed up next our national contest message and Jarrett may apply don't tax dry. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK great question the thing about that so would not a lot. And Cleveland teams awaits you back I would LeBron get credits if LeBron loses a series is not gonna get much criticism he did everything he could. Playing all 82 regular season games he put himself about their play practically every minute of the playoffs he's put himself in the position where he can say I did everything and he is not going to get any criticism because an ad and he has been nobody. Around him has seen. I it's a question is does LeBron get more criticism losing in the finals this year. Then to rant would get. For not making the finals capsule and out. Mean does not even close. I think the brunt of the question I've. Been through dogs I think I think LeBron actually gets more I think he's got to -- he's gonna get less criticism losing now than he would have been lost in the finals that it proves my body was that people are gonna put more heat on him forgetting that's so weird how we do that is where but that's how it's gonna big. It's so strange. But I go back to that all the time where you know much amount Michael jordans six and oh in India MBA in the NBA finals you know will be better than six and out but if you 66. In the NBA finals. And six and how. In the finals when they're twelve times it is better and getting six times it would be in three and nine is not better than six. Onto I would get the same amount we know you want the wins what six wins but you know it's such a prestigious thing for Michael Jordan Eddie six snow in the finals. Six and six would be better her. Well opportunities when a kid to the only six of your response. What do you eat your ball. You want yet you split hairs you want you want that you want the winds okay you want more wins. We get more wins it's like when you're 35 into what you're six and another six of six wins. It is the competition I agree with you in the and that's Eric the competition does this matter if you're at the warriors and this is I mean we've all felt like this matchup between the warriors and rockets is really the real NBA finals locals Celek battle scene. The scenario they're losing to both they're both losing to the same team. LeBron moves into the rockets and derail lost the rockets who's getting more he. Wolf one of them is one and I'm not. Getting any heats this this pro season and I know land you where that idea it's gonna see from our prayers Ron has. LeBron has done everything has every amnesty. Much stuck to get the heat if LeBron loses in the finals this year he's not gonna get heat that he's gotten in the past. That's for sure to lose in the eastern commerce does is not to get the heat he's got in the past is 9 AM ET as I think you're right if you lose in the eastern counsels a figure who loses in the finals especially to the rocket fuel to that record Adam I don't want to read just a daughter at the not rocket in the warriors are better than a bit better not. The rockets on an all time great teams were dollars and six. We're in six. Or he's gonna lose to the better team. Morton's a pistol thinking movies that are going to be Houston this series on the court brought us about it seem a lot he still gets heat for it. And every team that bronze lawsuit has been at Walter Dallas except for into Milan has always had a lot more held. Except for early in his career when he has now. LeBron LeBron has always lost the better team and and he still gets a lot of heat except for when you left your sock it to you for the loss last year for his record. Yet it made people love through on the record Adam they love through on that record what is it three in five rights they love that record. It is weird how we do that's where getting into the finals and losing is worse than not getting to the finals. There's a war. In the finals even if he loses so good. LeBron has had set up this entire season to be absent from criticism. I mean that is his goal of the season and yet it makes his departure from Cleveland it's much easier transition. I guess in the departure of thing is is fine but are we talking to us about expectations change that with the Celtics because they've gotten this far people's expectations of LeBron change if he gets the finals there's a lot of new eyes that's still tune into the finals who don't watch the entire season. But don't care he still LeBron James he's posted the best player I don't care that is taken on the rocket and. I don't think anybody being settled Ron's winning the NBA finals a season I don't think that's the expectation. With LeBron so I don't think that there is going to be much criticism that he doesn't. Do that. Just the different is just a different season and end a season where he is. The leader it all out there and played every game and played every practically every man at. The Marlins defeated the match yesterday five to one Caleb Smith. Gave up a run on three hits he struck out eight the series wraps up in 9710 PM first cents. Low Western Conference finals has now even at two games apiece the rockets beat the warriors 95 to 92 last night I. I was so impressed of the rocket last night I was that that's always the best like I said appear fan. You win the impossible road game when he apostle games the best. Like when he would win the impossible road games in the playoffs. In game two. In the Eastern Conference finals in 2011 felt like winning the impossible road game when the heat loss at Chicago on game normally. Ass kicked it's got to be number one and then he had to UT game in game number two where you. They come from behind they went. But that that was the heat winning what felt like winning the impossible road game those grin I all my god it's so great it was the impossible road game. And he also won the impossible road game game four and 21 eve into what he thirteen at San Antonio. Now is the impossible road game got their ass kicked games three in San Antonio you can't go down 31 you go down 31 you'd done. And they won game four. In San Antonio wade had a huge game that was the impossible road game he won that winning impossible road games so good. Rockets on the impossible road game last night it's got to be the biggest win the rockets and their franchise since they won their last championship in 95. Bid that would like twenty. Plus years. Many impossible road games so good. They should feel I mean rocket schedules so good now win H. James Harden put up thirty points Chris Paul put up 27 points he was five for nine from three here's James Harden on Chris Paul. News but to me than for so long and I use it has an opportunity do. Monasteries. There are no longer he has not missed passing ability to. He knows dish on making booting into his defense is huge force known. Of course he won the apostle road in game six and point to all that ball spread Gillick LeBron on the game and I don't consider that he won that game abroad one game shame on you. Know it is all LeBron LeBron when that game in his ass is looking that is on the he would not in Cleveland. Step carries as is not over yet. Nexus we had on defense affected. Our engine office and president of the we know that a lot of switch in China and forces and an annual don't want type situations but. That's no excuse negative ball movement trust and you know we will we do best and you know this first course or core or crashed on the fourth we had to be yes. What are my favorite subplots in this series so far the constant trash talking. And passive aggressive moves between James Hart between I dream on green and Chris Paul and love I love that subplot the two of them are at each other all game long. Dream on green huge generic. Chris Paul Scotty Scott. Trim agreeing to argue with the official about lasso and James Harden dump on him. So obviously owl. The Balkans is changing game. You call us and on TNT through call. A lot of chatter. Following those young. Everything else you want a good. Personal. Chris Webber felt he he he felt he had to give the analysis at the end there because out of the o's were okay bit and Reggie called money going to LaMarcus is I don't. Okay he went to the body to body dunk for either the guy went to the ground there gonna with the ground was the James Harden yeah. I got fouled right. But wouldn't be the other way around which would be praising if it drew among green god don't Donnie went aground come on what Pippen did manage jail underage means a lot like like give it had been reviewing what happened last week talk about most disrespectful don't have time then I would understand all a whole whole face that he was giving this was the great nasty. Dutrow big party this week and celebrate Berle invited. Something might take any chick from justice. Things go on my show on a Mac O thinks. And and you know gone. He has there. And over Ewing is the most disrespectful computer do you ever. Didn't analysts to suspect will play in the industries for its. Steve Baird what Blanton and maybe now. Pittman gets the gets the bounce passed on to all over Ewing. Pushes you into the ground. In steps or for him any standing on top album dragon is deal yet we're Ewing been asked that bush and Altman's going get up and then it just keeps walking away and tell Spike Lee sits just down. And doubts about some of my favorite. Disrespectful darkest oil and murdering Anderson Burton play Addai and the and the key there is because Najaf had. Then the soles of his sneakers spacing the rafters committees thing. It is it is amazing it is a make Clinton a bump on it's it's not. That's just an incredible doc is not disrespectful. It was disrespectful and not the way too don't reviewing legal not that it over Ewing. Hit it over Ewing is the most disrespectful play in the history of sports. We even more disrespectful than anyone can dining and dirty to another player. But what is the dirty is play that you experienced in the bottom old pile Romberg it's not as disarmament and went and caught it which is more disrespectful. Skype had been dunking over Patrick Ewing like that or call stands he spitting in your face. It's close man. That's close it's close C but I did see Albert pains were stomp on the senator's face after his helmet came up or rip this face open I did see that that's kind of mass OK is it more disrespectful and given over yelling. No that's smartest. See it now more violent put balanced more disrespectful and ego and it wasn't laughed at stake in a manner yeah. If you're not even short closed Dansby. Spitting. In your face you. He shocked his DNA. From his Mel has normal DNA. He is let's be clear yes he's it's he's hot Alou key you know in your face yeah. And you're not even sure if that's as a suspect pulled the pin over Ewing let let's make sure we're very descriptive when it comes to give somebody the facials he spit in my face yeah. Yeah. Tonight is game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals tip off from TD garden is set for 830 in here that came right here on 798 tickets starting at seven parry. A exports I mean I guess I'll watch the hockey obviously o'clock. The basketball I have to monitor okay even about the game seven's more important game fives a lot more important for for our. Herbert is suited tonight for you take out the brother in law talky first nodded against White House basketball I got my house back I say Indian laws that Alex. Doubts tonight the lightning capitals played game seven with a trip to the Stanley Cup finals on the line faceoff from Tampa is set or 8 PM on man be so nervous all lightning for let's go to the game let's. Let's go now you wanna go eligible skip lessons copper prices to get to go down day of let's go stand Amber's house for Cisco. How far is that from your place Tampa. Our performance and will turn around my house are running anecdotes. And out the other coast. Well you know who. Residents should we be joking around or should we be so about the engine coast still hard to hear during all the on the West Coast where the beaches are like should go. It was presented at the swan house it's always when one class at the joined so want a house I have a house this one little this we have this one house is in place coaches freshly cut each morning. Rich people just one of our analysts give out ice cover. And stop. All I rotating floral rain and ice and I regular. Somebody has to feed the tiger is. That's its principal. On 300 you'd need 330 dollars. Lower bowl for tonight's game seven it does get in the building were talking about 200 dollars 330 against a horrible yup pretty dirty. About it isn't viewers some I. I'm surprised Obama it's worth it do that's crazy man for an amazing sport out of whatever it sealed rooting interest war but. If it you don't rooting interest that is that is not me not to think because I don't think a lot of people don't hear it has experience especially lately have experience. An awesome hockey atmosphere always you're getting twenty minutes off of full we cannot win a laugh am but tears don't. We don't win you win a couple did you. Now but what we're seeing an element that's seemingly a little really didn't allow you name the other online this nasty it's awesome man it's also going to be playing so hard tonight. So hard just to be closest neighbors and deprive. Now turns to brings your point here man my. Your brother in law's going back home to Australia and there to say I'm right where he unity over the would you would you do would you say news. I provisional Tibetan Jewish deli thirty minutes and had an open. Bag oops I had a tuna smokes ego tuna. They wait what happens man bought ads and you don't feel about it all know. No like let's talk about this now. There are no comment on your lifestyle on the same page my guys on the and it is reducing the Intel from her sister like not. Items in takedown on that they always do that like hey look I'm. Can you tell Jonathan this time to take consumer please because he's really wanting to go somewhere maybe it's. I think your. It is playing with me made him a call in give you the signs. They don't want to tell me. Is that it maybe maybe yeah did any of the people that bullet. Did this whole thing I birdied orderly and my in laws say would be to the past week up until yesterday until yesterday same age basic. And drummer things and I am apparently when your. When your family comes and visits the united training your family thank you doubt in mind you this requirement I'm sure you bet that going to a strip club the is that require public firms do real well real talk have you into a strip club and every country Ben Salem now of course. Really you haven't sort of like really you go you gotta be free to go every passenger white voters are pretty possibly resume on rouge so are some movies. I don't know I dealers that your apartment in France but some of my wife and when you're traveling AM but that's the student did he came here with the white. And nobody got the hall pass to grow some other guy if I want you mechanical errors this. If I'm at the Paris and I met somebody there. And I had my lightning out his wife you better believe I'm grabbed him by the back in the eyes of your show me around I saw many many latest scenario out for you okay because you you think that I should have taken my brother in law to be. Out on the town OK just change your opinion if K okay. I had two years in the house and they were there were several nights where hale allowed near you wanna be rarely adheres I don't know they agree in my house I know that I'll take your numbers that Kenya does it change your opinion if I tell you use that. Obviously. That wake up at 4 in the morning I'm not going out on week nights and the one weekend that we had an opportunity to go out. I threw a whole party like how he's yeah. So yeah I wish. Sarah does it weekend nights and you only your party one of the two unites what it was a threaded and a little bit there out of the night before the entire time is based around me you know what's. And into this conversation on the wind one I don't try to take you back judge you use this weekend we remember this this all started because you. Your wife and her sister having a girls night and this was his opportunity to experience America don't change the story they all together. On the moon paychecks the problem. Can you please take out there that need my mom. Your wife my sister we wanted to have a girl Libby that were never together we haven't seen each other in eight months straight. And night. And straight and towns are good on paper I want to mail to appear to what she can sport why got spirit and the French don't take one city credit battle mullet. See what cell phone doing cracked bat off a little bit. Moving when when you become social share. Like what might make history here what's up oil Wesson is again on my is that what we gonna do tonight what stresses again. A oil that would have just as we do I watched him. I catch only stories. Conference finals tonight game five east finals Celtics cavs created 730. Did this at 830 right here on 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Get some good suggestions. Over Ewing's most disrespectful doc ever okay now hard and then. Over dram on green last night I thought was the turning point in the game last night it showed a couple of things number one. You know James Harden had a terrible playoff reputation. And it was early in the second quarter of the rockets. I don't know they'd taken the lead at that point award goes you know it rather within two or whatever was and eventually of course to lead pain in the second quarter. But it showed a couple of things no one it. That. Is that hardens got a big game now in behalf. Overall you know it'd be gaining a much now but it's Syria aren't going to be game. And also show idea I. Rocket teams knock on why they're clearly a bit this will be a very tight game. And now is after Goldstein went up twelve to nothing it was it was the biggest play of the game I thought it really set the tone the rest the way. Why it's it's disrespectful to waste in the all time torque. Hit it over Ewing is the most is Beckham play industries sports not so so hobbies is the most is welcome. Most it's apple plans rich sports. Borg and smaller ones okay and and the one that's closest. Like Shawn Campbell we're Alton Lister it's a good one OK. Obviously LeBron. Over Jason tangent inserts and he's he's brought these five foot nothing are what is the most this stuff about an industry. In heat history. And I guess it's got it right in the grandstands. Were on the bears out to adjust got to get nominee man. He seat kicked the Argus mores are in the solar play your own views on guilt over that was good or. It was awesome kill them. And I miss any classics. We do good wanted to probably probably got to think about it now probably I think about it. And some good nominees now the only oil now I think is Lois win Jermaine O'Neal. Yet but I don't see that this is just on someone. Isn't always disrespectful. Is sometimes just you you you don't. Every disrespectful. You know he's disrespectful. As he stormed down and stepped his face. But it's kind of lakers levers of it's like when the little guy gets gets win the big guy that you know is ups the ante there yeah as differences the big guy went down it's not as a big guiding down yet. Green last that was disrespectful at all it's hard for all over dream on green this early disrespectful. I I had a good disrespectful one okay Shaq on greased Dudley and if you don't on talk about. Very disrespectful okay that's that's a good it's not over Ewing but it's very close. If you don't know about you go to YouTube and you yeah YouTube. Shaq is Dudley. Okay that that's out that's a search engines war eaters had put the few words put the key words Shaq. Chris Dudley doc that's how certain is that at all. Had you ever seen important should be running out I have been not a Lila it's very disrespectful Shaq dunks and all of a Chris Dudley because an injection act you know. And on his way down. After dunking on Chris Dudley. Shaq. To hand push to dug these chest rose into the ground it's very disrespectful but Crist is credit. It's possible chalked it Jack's head. You and half minutes remember that you is that you like I mean look Chris Dudley would of would of went down went down hard but you defend himself you cannot happen. A lot of your armor Cris Carter's Vince Carter stock in the Olympics on assume French do at this very it is not his there's Carter on an Alonzo Mourning dunk that some of the text yeah weapons marina yeah. Now says disrespectful. He dumped at all. Dumped all over zone. Drama guys getting dumped on irrespective like ours that dream hungry last night I respect you get. And dot. It was a one mission a senate that was nuts. And oh yeah that was up. That was Hassan over Joseph Olympia that was disrespectful and dunk that wasn't just until now what speakers Hassan. Hanging from the rim. The dump was notes. That that's a disrespectful bump. But don't was boats. Those knocks. The grid pull movements. Personhood it and to see panel make it millions and millions and Portland. But not a bonus. Notes. Now what that's that's very disrespectful that on yes. Boom. Don't whose merits. It's why I want to be an analysis and whose votes he's open. Red dog who's not suffer chest close to win flood warnings they don't they need is here. Both great ball move. This. And that's never gonna not be funny. I don't care I'm not a child that's never gonna not be funny I think I'll be sitting you do initial B fifty years old you played a clip on even Ernie were circle and on the island he leg. If I think I think Kenny came comes in with you there was what made. It. Man. Immature. Which children and these open list. Red dog whose nots from chest close to win loves what he's got his name is there. It was great ball move. Amber's you Emmitt Cheryl and you're. Getting a lot of the nominations on a tax plan. Yeah it's it's that's a great one yes it's not continuing sack on Chris Dudley yup that's outside the close of the PLO YE. I don't remember it terribly well LeBron on Jason Terry. Yeah it's a great one obviously you know LeBron and Jon blue uses the ad agencies. It. BA -- but again dudes like five foot now LeBron now we just don't present. A lot of from all of that's very disrespectful. LeBron over Damon Jones in 2005. That's ads are very disrespectful. Because the got a couple good elements working there eight the bronze went face mask that always makes him more disrespectful and beat. LeBron uses Damon Jones league as a stepping stool like he's pushing off on Damon Jones while he's dumping on top of him. As that's very disrespectful to Percy Iverson on Tyler oh yeah and Amazon. They go one on it and go on. It but met hit. And that the continuing you have the added element of where where Ewing is trying to chase down Pittman for being Seubert is veg O. It's his walk it off and Eddie House likely to his face six yes down. The adult thing where sat on Bynum. Product and and to boast. And show. Does make highlighting is this as yet walking away after getting don't Daria the other got hit in the face and he's young LeBron cheese and my golf and that's like Damon Jones now is the ultimate LeBron tip grabber all of that. Now as his sentence that that he was sentenced. To being. It grabber for luck this ending sure. Spartan as is any better on YouTube and his monster dunks is his what you did was made for yet you fall down a rabbit hole watching monster dunks army for hours man. 000. Picture play for career. I dating maybe yardage or number and god rest his soul. Well and yet I'll and I. But again obviously it's very dispensable and that five announcement yadda joined should he should murder. Baron Davis on us on proudly. Bill and then it's a bad team how has Sergio link goes the one that guys think you know that's and it sort of links GMAC runs on probably because as anyone out on the excellence while everyone over John Brantley. Legacy to Baron Davis of Kirilenko was a great doc great. Some pep in Ewing. Hardened and that was really great last night. Are true good one remember guns are slow ones don't come and sobbing afraid you guys are all very. Discovered and been. And I mean this this pickup game utes you're supposed to play has been. In talks. I want to forfeit a year and a half right at the YI I've won by the wiser and wait forever for this competition. And I I really do believe that I will below both Achilles. Raid out of the sockets ripping Emery out of my viewers of excuse in order to dump on new I know is like Robert going into the lives because for two years I comrades in telling me that he has to get to live your body shape and how the white and white didn't let me died either the white cow yeah that's your choice alone and you're let me it out and since Summers audio or no way you're going into the summer and I'm tied a club and you know. You might want to be pregnant mother yeah as far as that's due mama I it. Can't die yet. My immediate control your house. You or. The difference is that those voicemail. It's almost duty you know the big threat. Bad news spirit message you don't to do so. You know with the move to the super boy it's not that big you stupid face. Like on us. Head off these professionals. Based. On found out. At a giant. I. It's. They're posting gains baseball is Jim Moore is in his last season as you did your game's base already on the ticket. That includes teams run in the ACC tourney and they play tomorrow night against concert at seven. Won't carry the game right here on the ticket is the poly awful for house legal brothel yet. There you go puts cricket fan back. At. That case. Tennessee. And it's from a new and it was easily do you explain it. So last night he had a great basketball game I think tonight union really good one too. I think the rest the way in the Eastern Conference treated great games. And I don't I don't know my on the west like I could see me almost as in it's it's a different pace they play all although last night was that's star like. I wanna slow. A like port shooting. Every possession is huge Miami stuff. You what's happened tonight. I got no idea Boston undefeated home in the post it it was essentially home balls and undefeated at home in the post season. By now Cleveland's now won the last couple of games. Boston looked like super young team those two games in Cleveland they all are super young team. And you got LeBron. But I got no idea what's gonna happen. An upset LeBron. I mean the LeBron is a kind of mountain and play way too fast and exhausts himself. These years has called out on. His game slowing down is Alcoa tonight can you be surprised with Boston Wednesday's rise not Cleveland's beast right now. Which can be surprising is on LeBron playing against the beard. An NBA finals. Gonna tell that he very surprising. Or what you went on early next year to Arnold talking about the pro in about a week we can have an idea on the same team has appeared thanks there. There's not an out of you know I he's write essays on knock on the I'd be surprised I distrust that was a blow things vehicles game. That that's the only outcome tonight but I'd be surprised with. It to blow out. But I had no idea I got I got no feel for the game tonight's. Would not be surprised balsam and put up his price Cleveland wins. Now tomorrow night. You single state column man for the first time. Since the rant has been angle on stage you're gonna have him. And the warriors Elise slightly uncomfortable. 'cause they are planning game where the losers gonna face elimination. I don't think Golden State played game six last year we certainly haven't this year they're going to I don't think they played game six last year. Gold say it has not been uncomfortable since game seven in 2016. A long time man. That's a long time. To not play a game where you got a lot on the line. Hell online I don't know a sense of urgency at least a year they had a sense of urgency. About trying to seek a record of having the most wins in an NBA season. They had no sense urgency this year like beta and care they won or lost throughout the regular season. That's why am wondering about the mentality this team do they think that they're too good and they could just roll the ball out on the court to him when an NBA championship. And I love I love the momentum swing from game to game in the MBA playoffs and won't freaks out one way or the other after every in my alone alone. Well all all the men typically the result is as expect a lot of you have got permit I decided I'd I just I just love when I knew I love how we overreact to each game all of the drama. At least so good with the drama man. And I get games seven of the Stanley Cup fine all Stanley Cup Eastern Conference playoffs. Tampa Bay in Washington I'm not quite sure how many handle. As far as the television watching 8 o'clock is the hockey. He's got my full attention for forty minutes OK until. The basketball starts. It hockey's three nothing to bail. The hockey 00211. Lesser material. Where are told you we can get a nice little. Propeller plane had us over to Tampa. We go to that game where you go to the game then and just completely miss basketball of Cleveland Boston and yes. It is in and those going. To game seven yet then I allowed just completely messed up the basketball reject and sacrifice. Yes they wouldn't see any of the game I'll sacrifice. To be like slam and bitch on Twitter the fact that you can't watch NBA basketball amount 2018 on your iPhone. Mike where are you serious. The watching him on television urban liberal. I can't believe they XT passing me eighteen and we still can't watch NBA basketball need Meier phone what can you watch on its home and may be doesn't have a good phone. I'm. Slim beauty and virtual reality. This is a virtual you guys knew that now was a virtual reality porn. But does the sting video made me watch cell we ball winning Easter Bunny devices in a record on. Yes lemon once so why it's there I'm I'm gas and skipping over the porn Barber's agent slim ones to watch his sports. In virtual reality really he has the full Mehdi attempt to the face his tenacity and all of that what he's into that commercial where they got an oil go to on the floor. Not make me were amassed while trying to watching him make me that would let the story. But it has been to influence them you are British are slim all loses Tuesday day's news has been with the virtual reality mask on dehydrated. Very dehydrated. The come out of this thing does look like a blossom. Are you look at next week he's back knew a good nothing but Chinese to have virtual reality for all and end and pizzas and had. Piercing going weren't anywhere capable this day and I. Yeah agreed it's a really am sure he and rubella. He's Aruba I know what I did it take an apple legal work from somewhere and apple legal work. And keep in mind you you guys take out time both Tobin dollars in time Dick out time but also when you have your children your taking care of it has no kids he's in the virtual reality it actually doesn't she acts is no kids. The girlfriend. Not angle and on to resist that now at home by himself for I don't think we have we. Government work is a virtual reality he's just put me ever again have a group president Hugo and every hour. Let's talk show and act.