ZRA Part 3 6-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, June 12th
Miami Top 10 College Town, Windycenter: Brian knows nothing, Beast wins an award

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I. I. Paris apologize ceremony has been trying to listen on the radio dot com map an omen pumping enough free OK we want him want to download the regular combat the ticket app is going away. But a lot of people to try to listen to this morning and a lot of problems you know you're like that guy that goes down tells the girl all night long you're gonna bring the thunder just a bit be careful. Big daddy's dominant. And you just go ahead just giver about a minute and twenty seconds is just. Absolutely nothing I don't understand this poor relation you built her up. All night long. Ready to go and get under images coming in just. If so your way or you're out I'm just reading what I'm supposed to read that's all that's embarrassing. Well we do apologize Spokane a lot of people they're trying to do the right thing and switch over and even have a problem this morning all right so. You know Lori whom we NYC we inning the four of us right here Neeon Romberg and told listeners at where we're doing all we can't which is not much okay. It's it's really out of our hands off my point is you got yours. Eisner mean eyes you got yours. I assume you're doing your show yeah. All right so hopefully you know hopefully gets six outs it can take it gets fixed soon you get sex in the show. 67974. And someone text in earlier in the show is that the limits art show. Did a bit yesterday that mandates. You're guys bit about Amber's family eats and what they were all doing British accents over music ripple. Tobin as a true you don't think about that. Yeah I mean they we don't stick claimed a bruise accidents there really is not a bit anything like that that because we're determined who LeBron thing with a on Barbara chuck terrorist kind of without feeling badly does this that you don't know like this has been a past crime before I don't feel like it and if I can. I can bring these charges ahead. They do this thing where Roy is your you remember about the LeBron invented talking to people and Barbara are loans that yet union vented. Sitting in a barbershop and talking about life is there a point in this offseason where we have LeBron James and exit in the courtroom together. Is battling how's that possible that a drop like the big drop ball I don't know is that so don't put in a Joplin Nixon and just told the kick rocks are gonna keep doing it. Mean it's a bit this embassies and necessities like no. Yeah yeah I am totally on Nick Saban side no I will not stop. I I would not sucked halting about sports and a barbershop it diverted backfired a LeBron because if they go on UK about soared suing a bronze that you didn't invent that we did so whoever could lead barbershop before LeBron who's like anybody. You think you lay claim to this Wheeling claimed this crazy. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. Seems like Levitt's Art Shell once again stealing from us reds a common occurrence. And that's I'll let its that's odd and Sudan's -- Steelers at semi cry after boy that's of that is that sense that Mike rice. And he's he's the one who's Steve King. Okay not an original idea writes. I don't know it's a tough time we know it right now yes you know we're struggling early for materials like woody did today dual allergy and is that the impression and late. This is that you know cannot go an odds on Zia. The newbies as low and our wanna hear more Roy talking hockey it's true that he did they let him have his own little deal. The hockey playoff threat Lego vets get all the shenanigans that he's been doable go to. But he had his unsavory I say king Roy that's what that brought in the British accents. Whereas in color that the guesses as to make fun of embers rich. Pasts. Relatives. YC king Roy what does that mean king. Resisted that there's disaster Roy's opinion on things again I don't have Chris code in the background is like it. As Kelly whether the Billy Billy boy it's from bug light on how does ask them questions. And this doesn't really come from. Let me and a great campaign. Not only take cuts the Roger Ambilight not mean it is a connector that now. The more acreage out of the the average as the logic in your beer. Let's is landmines and seventeen years old. Way. My -- defeat the seven's good judges they seven to five the grounds neighbor Brian Anderson continues to rate fourth home run of the year did get as action viewers Tommy Hutton back on the broadcast that we had to be a big bump for the last night JT remit so he also went deep get a two run shot go ahead shot but the fish up 75 that's the seventh. Home run of the season. Why Leonard yesterday big news on the whale season front he was spotted at an Avant tort chipotle. Don't know opposable. Don't know it was a Brito Donald L wildly case that he is honest what he was there. If we usually in big news or not big news it's easily not big news at a disagree coli Leonard. Being in South Florida he's under contract by the way the spurs caught it and by the way everything that I've been reading lately. Leads to acquire Leonard signing the Max extension with San Antonio spur is everything you've been reading from the propaganda that the spurs are putting other. So things are so I hope you're right to the it would are you trying to. Mess what the media by like electing to go to Miami they're one of the cities that are saying that you know was hunting you down. Couple days after the finals are the unit to pick Miami has the spot or is this a lay over going to the Atlantis the Bahamas because we don't know demo you going to fly to right with the Bahamas right maybe he's gonna Cruz San Antonio is nervous because news outlets were paid lobbyist says that he was meant to be nervous and their contractors service. And they pick the news outlets in San Antonio San picking of that. Cole why letters at an avenue toward suppose let. Was that nothing going on Santonio now they're nervous they're scared and the first I think there's actually there is nothing going on San Antonio right there are perhaps put. I I have founded as a sign of the year from since they're going to lose their best athlete and what you think the guys who played his resume is live in San Antonio all year would you like it if Dwyane Wade back in the day it was just haven't spoke lay in Chicago. I wouldn't. No I wouldn't cared for error at a perfect so sick at. He CDC report yesterday Gary Payton G beat. NBA champion of the Miami Heat 2006. Gary Payton NBA hall of Famer. Where yesterday he said I think you is on on black sports on line was total was. Gary Payton said that. The bronze. Sun. As in ruled and that. 8080. You know one of the more of the power house. Private schools in California. That he's in gold there may not be on slightly basketball. And you know we love that kind of stuff and MB free agency. All though within the story within reactions to Gary paid saying next guy on the guaranteed to make enough Garrity was out there and -- now I'm sure he's got connections decades Unscom and other and making it all book. Bly. A couple deep. All who bought a couple sources and ball to the schools and no knowledge this. But the price were to silence but that's light that's like giving anonymous quote now. You're right they are sworn to silence but athletic gave the anonymous club so it if you if you go anonymous you could say whatever you want. What is going well at all I think it hastily rights. Like one of the sources said I'm not always privy to everything Bly I don't know about any of this but got that easily beat a true. Well you know these things go rent a you've already had to put your deposit and for the school and and basically Q go past a certain date. Usually it's being the end of the school year but now your contractually obligated you'll never kids and roll the that school following your grant and I'm sure he can. Lose a few thousand dollars and ninety days and read it actually employs it in several different schools. So two to hedge where he decided to show their course. There are was there are story that he was saying how schools in Philly earlier this year than I now but here here's the thing I said this yesterday. And and I really think this is the case if if if we believe. That families. Is the most important thing for LeBron at this point because it is a much different scenario. This time around his kids are older one kids going to high school or read he's already in high school I don't know his three kids now as opposed to. Did the family dynamic has certainly changed a great deal for in this time around. If we believe what he says that Stanley is the most important decision this point when we said the same thing yesterday and there's only three options. There's three options it's Cleveland or. Miami Los Angeles it would talk to family those are the only. Options because it's going to another city they'd never lived in you don't know if Stan is gonna like it. That well we know if Stanley's not happy you know pretty happy. Only three options it's we don't we know on my exit its money where you've been before and it's Los Angeles we have a summer home with three options so. And looked into Miami. And it's not likely seen Cleveland so if we're doing that. If Stanley is most important to on the probably go to Los Angeles the idolize Kobe Bryant Earl as a kid. LeBron here no it was an all my little audio like the rural Georgia a usable stand in the front right there is no characters sports fan yet he was used bulls fan. You can't be from Cleveland your favorite teams are bulls. Cowboys. Yankees how's that gonna sit and reaper and Florida State enforcing as a connoisseur of Kobe Bryant the black mumbling gotta basically owns. Other Magic Johnson the guy that owns the icicles and Michael all. Of the league's all time great players bull gone through. Los Angeles I mean you know wilt Kareem Shaq and and none of these guys started in Los Angeles either and are all we will forty wheels just wills with the warriors and blouse and there was in Milwaukee and. And Shaq of course in Orlando Kobe was the only 120 years that the lakers how many Wilt Chamberlain shoes used to around Emanuel Chamberlain should look like it or do you think there's a saying though with lakers fans that mean they're going to look at LeBron with the better. You better win for us otherwise we're not going to ever gracious one of the greats Alec with Iran in the yankees' bus are saying like this is like. I know we always talk about the bronze legacy and how many championships on another start preparing a majority but once she gets LA inputs on that Laker uniform. I think the whole Michael Jordan and it's gonna go out the window is getting to know every day all day Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan situation going here's the thing now. Okay yes there's obviously in the lot of comparisons because Colby is always gonna be the favorites on. No matter what's. LeBron does no matter what he would do an LA. Here's the thing. That team is going to be sole. Unbelievably. Relevant OK while LeBron is there Zacks. They're gonna love it they're gonna love him. You don't think that it's all feel when the champ should be not a united true Laker what you did true yankees I'm out previous ten that snow so. Sold out anyway not a soul relevance. All the stores to be at every single game amount of Hollywood don't think I don't think it's gonna be like that all you're actually very he he he didn't win this year and they're gonna be such a huge deal if LeBron goes first year. I'm sure will be on humans is that what about you three. It's those uttering only about an hour you'll be either for your three of the he's gonna go there for me for what 12 years now the retired but he's older alleys 33 right now the big thing is a lot to the bronze in the Plato silently. As obnoxious. As the all this in my saw it happening union they Walters on that would make me. And. Know that LeBron skids they give me and I it's the NBA I don't know another six or seven years. Do me a mill. Am into his body every year if you had been UPS to go through another year like you do that this year. We have them put it all kind what do you play wit the Sutter played against the sun is only injury which we don't even know is legit. Came from him punching a blackboard. We wouldn't want to ever gets her rock and it was a hell would you say it was again he's what 3033. And how old Sunday check Elvis held brawny brother when mad when Matt. Wall of age hits him I don't care what drugs you're on. When that wall of age tells you that you're gone you're free in god and what about what about com. Tom Brady and we keep saying it within Tom Brady done. Apostles are shuffles seventy back and and and yeah ball. LeBron James is running on wood it's quite 150 million laps of the Brady moving around that much money already aren't as the only thing move and Obama even brought a zoo was was shoots like you now to dribble it out to run around yet to play defense yet to pavlik got sensible Tom breed us. It was all arm brother his body is gonna tell them no mosques and that's it like not now who. No maybe not now know maybe mean not even two or three years LeBron still has thirteen. So so we're talking LeBron playing at least six more years sniff. So long you don't think there's a forty get there here's the deal is good it's not like the bronze always unity 6869. Thicker than pretty much everybody on the court you know big LeBron can just turn to old school post player and his bully people. I don't know understand late August 39 right now and hail wanna play ball Maria when I'm forty in this nuggets of Pluto my subtle play against my son. But man that's a long time from now he doesn't like contact that much either man doesn't. He's cowboy he thought we were when he left the site not now or vote is a grizzled vet. On his knees and his legs are going to be sort of shot. He's gonna have secured and are ready doesn't have Chris Bosh. Knee braces on here probably about two years from now you know the ones are like twice the size of his legs yes. It is LeBron gonna look like union is LeBron gong to be one of the guys AME does is LeBron. Going to be broken down before he retires. Or will he retired apple forty debts to that it's like I don't think Dwyane Wade and to close. But I don't blame which can be broken down my I don't think Dwyane Wade is going to be sitting on the end of the bench and it gets the DN peace and you know pull your style. I I don't think wade is going to do that anyways going to retire and between Don and now a big weight is gonna retire sitting at the end of the bench not. Planning on Tony like the deterioration of the bodies like the guys I played with but I'm talking this is only been five or six years removed. Are already getting their knees replaced and their hips are getting replaced I can only imagine running on would. Basketball courts for thirty years of your life back and forth back and forth and at a high level. There's no doubt in my mind that need hip replacements are coming for these guys look I. What you're saying is logical for most evil to rant staff Currie rustle us all a great ones and had major injuries at some point the career earlier than he had. He's played more that all he never gets hurt. But he's gonna hit that ball walls and Clinton. I don't know but it's gonna happen. It'll happen trust to there's only so much growth hormone is only so many times you can go item platelet stem cell tearing you know you don't know about. You saw element came out they cannot figure out what else is on say like this the F supplements that are above each you don't know about he's got a permit doctors. Use a laboratory. The guy that was put up the baseball players down here and sell for some of concoctions like west world is like Lex Luthor pretty much. Brother I guarantee you he even has one of them like pods from the fly. The Eagles in one mini comes out another once more draws the most again to this I'm also. Mitigated by a king's ultimate put this in the headlines talked at college football towns came out. And Miami Hurricanes Miami number eight college town in America I was shocked me no Gainesville no Tallahassee. Read between Auburn it's up and above South Bend of one of the qualifications. It was the best who's who's the best college football towns in America and then we re behind Alabama. Tuscaloosa was before you have Georgia why can't get by and that's you have when I wouldn't. You've seen Miami's eighth best college football town in the country. Not what happened last year that's probably when the took this poll is after what happened on the Massa Wisconsin to coolest poll what Massa Wisconsin number one. It was so I. Athens Georgia of course does the football. Austin, Texas is Oka and make sense Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ann Arbor, Michigan Boca of course there are Tuscaloosa Alabama okay. Auburn Alabama okay. My and it's ridiculous. He usually is only seven better college football talent is nothing in Pennsylvania mine is. Now it's ridiculous the top ten did how many police police stadiums wanna game last year. Miami did I it was it was pretty great. The best. College game day atmosphere this year minor minor multiple I mean I'll just answer to him I mean speaks for itself. I can't get behind that I'm sorry is this your Gator. Peter true. My news C rivers William importing hitters in the right. No I don't care with a guy I was the Oregon person third they're trying to steal home so what the guy did was he let off on first base sorted out and he was stealing kind of threw their pitcher for Lou. And fell face first on the ground to confuse the pitcher Julio Lugo slice and it's funny has been that's been motor coach. That's like the Ole. Or the old quarterback called timeout leave the bomb of the senators are walking toward the sideline yellen as good as you play till North Dakota Utah out of our. Room. Pat go is that bush league but do the dog barking on four for all all fours and you ladies and he's a video. Are gonna see your. That bush leaguers and lets the smallest and what do they need a basket late in the game that's called getting out coached now find interest and. You pick up that. So another half hour radio or. Number and I'll say some ridiculous next yeah. Kagan backed up every Friday morning with Robert right here spots but both on -- taste of what. Perfection award winning votes on Rahm run that is not just aids but nurtured like he's another bottle. So cloture on Rome wants to send over some goodies. And by goodies and in a bottle. I would really appreciate that. I would to Coca aren't there you go so it's out there now. It's in the universe. Speaking into exist can't leave him here though because you got all the people that worked the boards overnight the does keep pulling out of the bottle so registered as it is pull in those who drank all my ball was heading into one who drank all that they're does why Antawn. There does pull an all throughout the night air laws and become a principal and how can leave everything whether put people's names in the streets literally screwed over their burial here through all your snack either or whether we had a bunch of beef jerky in their two I think it killed seven backed mr. our current losses next. Sacks I got fired. The McCain and. BCC and so Matty with the snacks. And number beast would bring in the nuts. And I would just. Even bring in late in the you know the little hands what are those called the small cans are really good becoming a different flavors little tends to gamble label brands annals government food giants yes. And and you bring in like several below cans and I would just take the candidates take in my car and you don't order. At least I'll just take the camps. Arms and then he would get mad at him replenish. Speaking of guys we came we never got into this thing but one of the guys in eastern time coming here and assist us. Ended up going in port number other one of the shows the other weather studios. I don't know if you knew this whole time him and amber known each other for Arab for in a day that they were. They were they were more than just acquaintances. I actually worked together. He would say I adore every day amber had no freaking clue who was your member and he set their behind the glass laughing every morning when he would get in here. And she just like I. Which is no no recollection of who I amber will be. But what was the situation lawyer can you explain this little bit better for me. From what I understand. Lakewood days were slow would be out late we have will who works over there is now the shark PM DJ opium drug DJ. And a pin you noted that he come in here and he did a great job Elvis assist on the show a slow be sick. And apparently like images that you know Kimmel had knowledge go hello. But apparently they had I don't know what place it was Apatow they worked those CBS brilliantly severed it then worked to every day. Every day and say hello have conversation in Iraq who work. And it's she you know like pretending let's just remember. Or just doesn't remember because she would treat him like a stranger yet totally and the best part about it was one day outage or did you only keep it now he immediately exit comes easy hello we give has gone and I remember the wonder. She looks and she was. Much surer. I think and I know I know it's a really. Would you say something juvenile tortured so anything that some terrorists we'll see anything. Except we know that you silly everybody knows they're there to claim a big joke honor. Clots can stop them. So I saw I'll I you don't want our TVs here is not busiest piceance of the shall get out. Is on and and their guest in studio dam is Jason Terry this Jason Terry's a slot. I mean last week he was on fox sports what. Is president of freelance he's not is not like a cup under contract and about it. If that's delegates would ESPN doesn't look like our I want to get someone else you on our competitor last week I think it's cool but. In olds. Any other NBA player to come on our show you know it's really just doesn't seem to have regular analysts anymore for NBA league it's late leg learned images do this rotational players who wants to be on. So yesterday Brian when Doris was aghast on the lemon tart shell. I'd tell you something like everyone has this. You don't label for wins eagle LeBron guy you know he knows everything about LeBron besides that. He's never given you the hot tip about LeBron he's never broke the LeBron stole or. The bronze leaving Cleveland for Miami. The bronze leave the mine he's gone back to the caps. And CEE never breaks the LeBron story. The first time round remember those Stephen A Smith and don't extend lemon tart. And the next time around it was Chris Sheridan although I think per share and was taken a 5050 guests and he got a rights. But regardless it's the cartoon I came out with Broussard I'm living in a closet and then you know Brian which was. But that that song which remember the song yeah I love that song via solo to Paris on. But winged horse rolled inside information that he has about LeBron what are you wrote in the LeBron story. And he's on whether it's hard shell yesterday. Just think they're asking him about what brought you know. Everything's I don't know o's response I don't know but I can speculate something or your. Everything got to be an example. We only did everything he was asked. You about brawn. Business news. What LeBron ever go to Golden State Brian do you think. You I'm not in dispute here eight years later after being craziness that we captain and tell you up it's not gonna happen I'm not. OK so now I was not in I'm not ruling out loaded. All right let's hear another on non non answer from winds forced. This news it. If somehow by some magical thing. Hawaii and LeBron to end up together somewhere. Is that enough. Yeah break it you can copy may be enough I don't know about the west. But Ali that he. Great. Advantage. Bono won't. You know this bright. This is a. The product and probably probably. He's gonna have to make a compromise on this free agency. Amid all Hulu. Any. This is the windy Santa. I think he wants to. I'm glad that we while they are now down. All right. He went on a limo for one question. That one he's got one he's putting his name next to he wants to win. This season. Which is the team that should be the betting. So I don't have an answer. You don't. He does anything about LeBron. Is that right doesn't know anything about LeBron. On. Texas City broke the soup story. That you didn't later ambled up Damon Jones JR Smith sorry seen him winters doesn't break stories. What wrong Ortiz a zebra. He Doug can you tell me. Endorsed on. Screws got aids. It's open. Unless something to get a better report Zetterberg has supported me what all the lord is pleased. Eight joints and members of the shipping container and ticket for Dan's third annual father's CBS I thought go to shells out speech this Thursday. You wanna go. Gonna go online to get my dot com and register spoke with a shower every cut its expertly prepared. It's my body or national champions cup the hard rock scene as seen Byron Munich vs Manchester City. That's on July 28 on the 31 Manchester United vs Real Madrid. And by a wave guy communications of global IT solutions integrator. Four land NC. And Antonia I can't be the only one who notices this rights. This winter bush knows nothing about LeBron. It. Memory got really awkward when he tried tell Rachel Nichols that LeBron misled and heard the ams. Yeah how many bad joke yeah ailing glass he tried today he made like a bat a bad attempt at a joke. Boone and gets scolded by Rachel Nichols. Purdue on live television yet. It goes and does not for was through all the time you fell asleep on live television that was pretty awkward to. I don't remember that I remember we talked about again I don't I don't actually remembered that moment but I I do know that he was asked the question any. And after about a 52 poly right height of producers. You know it was on shows like you easiest satellites he was getting satellite data and ahead in the producer probably hit him up with wake up Bryant knows how many give some BS answer something that totally was even as I do you laugh. Did giggle and have to get big old. All does that play on radio that probably isn't planned re older does it does a 100% it's all on a watch that he's giggling halfway through his answer because he realizes yeah I just passed out on my television. Auto lots and again Ira I remember that now. Let let let the let its Herschel has wins Warsaw on. Suppress this right completely they call mother Gail you ready join danced through God's yea of that but. But listens you don't tell them don't ask Manning about the bronze on the only thing. But don't you think that they can enjoy sect has danced an intelligent individual and he could see as the hearings going on. The brine is just totally be guessing his way through the in his public key peppering him with like real questions. Cigarette same answer dancing really impressed with with winds Gore's idea that LeBron should. Studies show it is you go to the lakers and he's called a random brings weather and and I I think it's the silliest thing. And edit its ideas completely ridiculous idea I'm I'm more impressed with the. Answer that LeBron likes to win. Yet that he was sure about that he's loans stick his name to I think LeBron wants to when. I want to win. We don't say not. To get shot in the dark you're all idiots I agree yeah old and it's. You sex in the show's 67974. Tobin a couple guys text in the show earlier today they wanted they wanted to know your thoughts on the Anthony Joshua law and. And the title to Tyson Wahl writes. Devin. What is my right one is agreed to terms is gonna fight in the UK is huge. Some of the biggest heavyweight final loans on so what does that mean okay the UK it's about six hours ahead of us. So it is going to be an early afternoon for a fight frost are in the states right that's probably got a cool part of the 66 in the afternoon as critical. Yeah that's that's neat right there then in of them also would be toe. Dana White mussina get that bit ready. Yeah and I think that's gonna vote out and gets Kobe coming in on the U altering reality. Kobe Covington won the interim belts and and called out. And early eighties you know tie Woodley he easier insanity into an entirely bad man okay. And he he is the currents is welterweight. Yes he has got welterweight champ I guess he's been out a little while so Dana White does thing where they add the interim belt and it's and it's. So so there at the next flight and it's been together they're gonna merge the belts. And Colby Covington went awful on time would only because he's like the bad guy and he's new tell Simon except except cola Godlington Wentz. They gals always funny thing about tale signs and he was he was the best trash ugly you never want. And and Colby Covington and war when have to tie Woodley but you tell me that I would they responded yesterday home. God did he went off on him on how long he show you saying because he apparently he brought him in for training camp and American top team were to reduced train. Here's and he was the lazy is mother bleep is there ever was. The worst trick teammate we ever had and that he is like I'm gonna beat him so bad in this fight I'm gonna make him wish that he never fought again. He's got teller refereed if you think about sub despite common pull back to such composure Morse. He knew he was he was vicious yesterday. I album hard for a title down like tackle we Covington. I don't know I really wants as little like him yeah I do not like him I'll be rooting hard that I would be but it makes sense what he's doing their because of people like near don't want to because the root against and they don't like them. It's the Floyd Mayweather factor there. You know or tuning in because we wanna see Floyd lose one season beat Amal and you know that's the worst thing you be of these letters being different. Was good for Willie that does it mean look he's consider on the and is kind of whining for lagoon forum a group known for Jews and one for a new deal isn't again you wanna fight guys were famous but. This is now like a natural Robert was gonna do really good business of the day it's gonna end up being good for will be. And if he beats the hell out of them they'll finally have that flighty like like Anderson Silva I would chill sudden which really boost in the super stardom you have a guy. Who people actually have you rooting for to beat you become more popular automobiles schools like talk widow who's the one I just came out recently that wants to go one more round against somebody like some of the old schools. So Goodell apparently was gonna fight Tito Ortiz. Oscar and ousted deal is debut and the main show but apparently is now quarter to go to teases turned down the offer. Ice already goats or Randy Goss always out there you know before one of the games in Vegas for the Stanley Cup finals he Bollywood southern basement guessed he does and I was I was trying to explain to my son Mike might back irate they're in the middle use like that was a bad man man like Randy goats or he was the guy. Brought clothes and. The Brentwood masala and all of us Hogan but also I am roughly a hundred more pounds of Randy duke yes but you have to your heavyweight right. Brady's only 215 to ten. Fighting number I meant to brought some good 275 heading whose natural. You ready to drum up among colliding I've I've never felt. 210. Pounds to one of the team pounds. Like Randy Couture right in and that was that was mind boggling to me an eye opening after. Practicing against the principle I'm medal over 300 pounds and wrestling with them all day long. Going into doing MMA training with Randy Couture and try to go head to ground impala Randy Couture and him only being 200 pound felt like through our pal met in barrister. It took thirty seconds for him to submit me he's Eddie told me he told me I am going to submit she would harm our. And I said not and he goes okay all the on the ground and you get on top of me and I won't guarantee you I am submitting Hewitt and arm bar quick and I said now. And now. Third loss of the longest thirty seconds it's gonna be such a humbling feeling as a as a as a spasm of professional athlete you never getting dominated late that this has does whatever he wants to. I was like a giant circus bear on copper Rand just. And you know he's got cauliflower ear in his face smashed and he just he looks like he has been beat. Beyond recognition and don't care about that cauliflower earlier how is she out how all how does it grossed me out bursting out look for one of -- bar some of the amount the a look at the year almost immediately moved the media that's a good move I see the Euro little McAuliffe Florida I said nom good mental what are they just don't care of the bottle and and. Collar workers that was your stomach I am hungry I think it. Not a microphone there come on air stomach too literally little lower and yet I how'd. I can result someone and don't. I hop. Steven Gold bear had a funny line last night. On his show last night sane how. Trumpeted trumping Kim Jung on. Dennis Rodman Nobel Peace Prize. Thank picks are hamburger. If. I think getting better in the Pearl Jam so you'll do a man. Yeah look it up with something to get a better approach up there but this reportedly would. These huge huge world's Amsterdam. Of these at least thinking Eddie Bennett differ for North Korea for Kim Jong-un but he's stated everyone who has ever supported him. 'cause apparently pros and helped him get through some dark times in his life. Grade dance saving lives manned. Great bands. Before we go we got new logo are gradually one of her own right what are we added to meet them. We don't amount. What are you talking about talk about that special picture that I just on my phone. Commit. Your friends do I refer to beast. Meaning the new times radio personality of the year. You can't take a publication seriously now right it's tough. I checked the campy take it seriously now is of the summer we're gonna go off of if a guy that shows up late on the here. Once in awhile stuff. And just massacres and show inched vintage. Frustrates his co host nobody wants no quarrel often. Which doesn't lay yeah what about what colonial what about when he leaves the show in the middle of the show that's for. Well it's so that's the best person out so this is the best personality and remind you if you look at the picture to special picture now. Real special. Look. Idealists say this is kinda like when JR Smith when LeBron James got JR Smith paid. And I lifted him up to new heights and he's welcome. Mocha. Right. Yeah are you looking forward to here and in brag about this for two hours and shelter. Well I'm sure it's gonna be fantastically the entire time gonna take credit for him getting his award because again I mean he was nowhere and since joining the show me on it. One quote is that agreed he was locked in decades now let me he's got a promotion assistant program dread it's true and and I got him rivers the years so I was on the other side of the glass on the right. Well that's room I'm like LeBron James. And didn't they give up integrity and give bumper of a smile of the year two that's that's is there. While this attributes that. What's on its session it's special now. That is special now. Coming up next let's talk breaks down the rest of the Miami new times awards.