ZRA Part 3 6-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, June 13th
Joy's new gig, L.A.Bron, Bill prank call

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And break everything down from this weekend in boxing and MMA on fighters theory every Sunday morning 10 AM right here. On AM 79 CNN I'm one of one point 38 season tickets. Current. So yesterday afternoon Tillman has a shelf from one to 3 PM right one authoring. As he has shown in the mid days and beyond today again. And you're here you're doing your show with the greatest radio personality in Miami. Those crazy there is I was a distinct honor assay doing a show with the radio personality or Brian London that's right. Source C. Your lives snapped shut shorter adults called an icu going through and combing through beasts office. Why does he have brand new things in a futon a nice chair that doesn't squeak with. I don't know that was one thing that's that's me assailants doctor's office that he has. A really nice chair and yet we're sitting here with these shares that are good decade old. They're sold. I think used as offices locker and now we can get it I do want to do that now you understand should get that chair and give it get it right in your. I the vision of those shares. Yeah so embarrassing he shares Manning yeah I have dozens of your tubular. Dude who became folks on the guess it would build the fated fabric always come off legal riff Raff operation so rich brown would always. Refresh or the other. Sure the chairs are tilted one way because you know let's face it some of the guys that are ready your little bigger than other people. And they sit on the edge of the chair in the chair bends and you know it's just it's disgusting is mass. Advocates out of that sounds great. You must allow that chair is a squeaking is his radio. In radio period people having. Jesus Murphy easy rabbit. It's. Got to get it done out got to get done so indebted governments do. New easier edit. Anyway so Tobin doing the show now with the best radio personality. Beast. As you guy man was he Pete what special pictures and around that are meant not only that he hijacked the you know he writes the liners sometimes. And like he infiltrated. This line there and I a I really it's really hey listen the best radio Brazil may be let congratulations. To bees at the high honor of being at such and I wanted to work with beast every day. Here on the ticket. Make me read that. Make that. I dairy to put that on the line sheet. So anyway. Yesterday. And we're all is what is his duties to the value of your word don't throw a drop last year dropped. A grand. It was it was a great time to bring high proceeds to that award in the forties means something you know. Now it's that's. Yet you ward used to mean something and and not so much anymore so it's always don't don't eagle on around the mile today on radio person out of the year Miami new times like it yet drop that. But it's nice on your resume emanates and they go around bragging about it and army and. Yeah I can say is look I feel like bill there isn't it you know you can't get it back to back years I think that's a rule. And like on the one who brought him to this point strict rules or hike. What is this a permanent residency and don't restrict their sleeve got yet certain things that are out there and I think I feel like that's a rule. And so it it's kind of like well Wike give it suits. The Tobin again you muzzle gives somebody's in the room with -- top all the studios about you is now they really wanted to get a deal. But you gave peace the rub that's why I feel like affiliate did give him the rub you given the rub on. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SP HD true Miramar. Maybe slim winds of getting it next year he may be he gets the Tobin rob. Never now. Although I had any in this case we now a Philly guy doing a slightly. It ever be has been around like nothing but good things that I haven't known me be on the system program director he gets awards assistant to the front. How exactly warm and. So so yesterday. On heard you know about that show the herd of yes Romberg majority Eleanor and moderately Nuremberg earlier firmer girl grown colleague Howard fox sports wants fox Sports Radio as a actually Texan you sex in the show's six canonized more have I missed you guys talk a fraud at this joy Taylor has. And this is her last week on undisputed just at Augusta all Susie to how okay. I mean now I was talking or the other day an almighty god what a lifestyle change until light you must be so pumped okay because it's apparently promotion. And I. It's abroad she she said the promotions like I godly it's promotion okay. On but the best part I told is a lifestyle change. You know give the 3 in the morning yeah you get evidently she shall run beginning of a sex ads completely normal time to wake up. It's income who eat lifestyle change now so that in of itself if it wore a promotion okay. That in itself is is so used to she's really pumped up looked at as far as him being a fraud or Italian RI TE got to take that up with heart. OK Il. I'm sitting here for years outside of the white like in of people don't like and I got news yet the people don't like an eloquent okay as sell a book but again. I I did aspirations. OK then someone like Hollywood Taylor dies did what have you. I'm glad it's just in my in my goals are different so I. The target be a problem with the people that that she works with you. Yeah expected. She misses came in she gave the entire city mine like drop. How do you do you have your last thing on Tuesday. Maybe I look I do it again ask her. You're. You're well he'll say sandy about you like petty of the keys for the weekend on Tuesday. Impromptu show that I. It. So so on the heard yesterday it's still it's headlines and moment on the heard yesterday. The smaller bull. Our ball. Has reemerged. Dude has been in hiding for a while and I really do think. The reason that global our bowl has been in hiding has toned it down which oh by the way. When you heard yesterday he was all soon brewed in manually good. I knew was he. I regret to say I didn't notice that he OK I didn't notice the butter teeth because I mean is seemingly won vomit are writes this he. Sees look like a bomb it. I can't look at ST of one of the row our right he looks like he doesn't need Russia's is seen that movie Peter border. And yesterday now on the hurt you he was an assumed he was looking at. And past appearances in Hayward is the triple XL shirts are right and the bag each in the baggy pants. But he was looking good yesterday. And I think that the reason is looking good and that he's been super duper silence the last couple months as he is on best behavior. Because he's hoping that that that the sons get draft it. You know he was able to behave whatever way you wanted last year wants the ball is going to be one or you know bring our right to law Alonso ball Izzy is a very big talent doesn't matter what the father says. But this one here we Angelo he is not an MBA player and the father desperately wants him to get drafted and so the last. Whole confrontational. The less polarizing. The last laugh out. Then he can beat leading up to the draft. A better chance there are some team out there that says you know what maybe the father's tone the act down a little bits but big chance on. Prom but do you think a tire changer stripes like Beckham looking at this is either he is probably one of the smartest. Dad and sports I've ever seen. Or he legitimately is going to explode to come before the draft but something that's gonna work two ways are these gonna remain quiet either way to tell you the truth. He said yesterday weren't exactly quiet it's okay now now I I don't believe he could change I think he has who years and I also think that his kid is not going to get trapped did not an MBA player. And if you go open you look I mean find me a mock draft. That has Leigh Angela ball getting drafted I haven't seen our rights. I'm Alex a first round obviously not in draft the first round go find a mock trap that gives you all sixty XADB the second route. Why do you want. That patent I have not seen finding one that has this kid getting drafted Yi is not getting drafted Yi is not an MBA player. And I think that's why the bar has been best behavior you know as you like you want to look good so someone can trap skin specifically. So that the lakers. Or drought to skip because apparently. Alonso. Is eventually re sign when his contract's up a few years from now he's good as Reese is solid a team to all three more. Given as a unit is a unit pull the Damon Jones movers like being his brother's boy elect on the on the bench with the lakers some power some kind of position growers he just gonna go back. Uzbekistan and go play basketball there. This and the I don't know blood but Libor ball was a guest on the heard yesterday. And speaking of LeBron. OK in Mina he's meeting with the cavaliers today will weep we all think that he's going to tell the cavs easily birdies and give them some advance notice here. Which would be the right thing to deal if you could wind up leaving that the at least messy way as supposed. And here was laborious evenings he knows exactly what the bronze to. Do you believe LeBron is going to be a Laker. I don't believe LeBron is going to be a liquor and he's going to be late to the cold and Ellie do. What leads you to believe that well ordered him to be the best in the world. As mayor of has to be now. Everywhere he's went he's wanted to please run is because he can't Jordan didn't win in Washington he couldn't win and second place Petraeus the then that makes him a great is more times quarterfinals every year and never lose. Let me. Don't want no offs into the finals novels you never got Lamar pool. I don't want don't want certain also won a lot all right. And colleges glob. Are it's an amendment congress stagger in Europe with our tactics. Right. It that until the wake of that he can't entertain that commerce is again on. Aren't that move and the thing that they move to is the ball are also happens to know the way that. LeBron can become a champion with the lakers. Don't give us our best players in the world don't giggle when you put. Laws. Jello. And abroad you worshippers. Couldn't barker went sparkles on his growth and three when nobody like console. Amazingly the logs don't jump though. You know it doesn't look like Joseph putting pops okay logs so. Jello. And LeBron. In that order. That's championship. But it didn't it runs third option if you did have lions ads LO and the bronze in the east with whomever do that Sony the final snow yeah probably yet has brought a prop. Probably but never adults. Aren't. And that well has got one weekend team that's all right I'm a little more singing never lost in the finals all right Elliot talk plucked. All right that passport I don't know that Tobin has this clip. All right Colin asks I watched yesterday call and asked Robert cone asks. Lavoy or cause more seems to know little bronze going to lakers he's got hot tip. Michael McCollum Lowber color yet LA brought ands. Will always catch. And Colin and asks will bore hole George is also good on the which party told. And he asks what more ball. If he knows all pulled George going to the lakers and affordable. Straight up tells I mean it I think it's the worst take that will more ball has ever had. He straight up tells Colin coward. I don't know anymore Paul George you don't need pulled short all right. All we need is jello you dumb on so you got LeBron the only Paul George you sign you signed the Angelo a done deal for get pulled George. Alonso LeBron jello. I commend him. Get the hell out of here it's got into got even worse take he has ever had. Don't need Paul George need jello. But it has changed pimple the father for love and is on a championship. Tell into the headlines back it's. Well. Big news today. The the World Cup is coming to the United States Canada and Mexico and twenty point six. They won the bid earlier today a very big deal David Dill eighty eighty soccer matches sixty of them will be in USA. There's Alyssa now sixteen teams that are out there. That's gonna get Dow down to ten they'll be the host cities in America mighty is one of those finalist teams it seems very likely that Miami is going through. Arrive who every got a bride pay awful every got to pay off. Writes that sleep get it done also if they do get a world cuts it looks like the dolphins to get a bonus from the city for all the renovations they did back and went fourteen. Very good so it's excellent for Stephen Ross of that goes down so UBS posts on that with the new details that are floating out. Two from that to Marlins just say that to The Sims is gonna giants' 321 Stalin Castro of Cuba for the RBI. On the Atlanta Falcons this is a chemical they posted a video of heat coach Erik Spoelstra. He was visiting us facilities in the brains of all the coach there and Atlanta game without concern that championship rob. All right I could use it hopefully there was any talk of lake spelling you're the championship and almost six years livestock and zona Manning's sit down and Britain show. All spelled out levels at the chunks and who will history that's right and the edits on it runs to it ass kicked. Actually twice since 2012 there settle down. There. Twice what's. Ballmer about the losses and I've played we were playing its calling capita conservatives are very similar fashion by about nineteen or twenty points at halftime and not at halftime interpreted what harassment to the Super Bowl moments I don't remember don't hurt as a voice and met his career. Lot of love Miami Heat nuggets out there from the buzz Bennett Jackson got multiple sources. Put this pair what are we refer we keep. Resorts in period with these horrible hole could sit on top of the count delegates for. We gave yes like a recap here Barry Jackson his mind and it is is the best reporter down here OK but Romberg Romberg believes that. And the sport's bosses at. Has been more like a whisper lately and what he went insane it's like if you're living in a glass house don't pro freak and stones is what am I that's fair that's fair. I'll cut well he's got multiple vehicle column that the heat. Are aged and retaining Wayne Ellington where else it is it back to the heat while others and retain a guy with a best three point shooting season ministry to free. Interest did but it doesn't know if they've financially can happen OK but let it bug bit them being in sticky with a guy it was the best 3.2 they've ever had. That's news. Purely as a brushing aside very good news would be that he or not executing and bad news but we're where we're at with their severity nuggets. Also need to heater sitting dribbling a basketball doesn't mean I knew that nugget. Well you get you can't mock this'll be league official who spoke to Miami. Pillsbury Jackson. The heat would like to move on from Tyler got Tyler Johnson's contract not news either who know that for two years the data they signed him we knew that they were gonna have to pay the bill on that a couple of years and the tab is a rot. And a new cider. What what what's that what's next might need nugget or two anyway best player in franchise history riding Stanley's best player franchise history. That's that's coming up his absence what does okay I as news. Finding the local statue maker that has commissioned to make Dwyane Wade statue now nuts and assassinations. Let me let me know Dwyane Wade is is playing retiring that's news. As there. Russian sites and good facts here poker now not that aren't well just move onto the the huge NBA news and USA which is obviously the Toronto Raptors hiring nick nurses there head coach. If the sports. Nick nurse. He was. The G league coach for some Judy assistant coach or something and noodles in the head coach in the British basketball league. Which island is thing yesterday and of those things the British dust on it. Pockets and Miguel Cabrera has got to Boller former marlin he is out for the season. All ruptured biceps. All I saw all that yesterday in the news and an MRI like immediately it's always a bad sign. He left the game right away. And the team announced he's had an MRI right now users like. Maybe eleven MRI tomorrow the in the right right away nude at bats high school is 34 is a 150 million dollars August. God it's all bad how many more years is it. And fifty formally Dodds got like seven years left. Yeah that's folic seven years mantle easier this time last year to right now I think yeah your way at the Soviet missile rant this year. Because you play less it is his first really really bad year and I'm with you to believe he was playing well and yet this rent with the media was like a knock on back. Is tiger fans rip me last year when I played hurt and you get nothing from that. He has. So yes five years guarantee left this contract. There's there's kickers and what to prod the unlikely does insulin like MVP for the pioneers its own much this time he's making in 30303032. When he's 39 years old. 32 when he's forty years old. Wow. That would feature it's going to be on the books for whom I go to snow bags and an eight year 248. Million dollar conjure a good for him. Yeah I love them love them but man that back contracts and looks old house had no older now he's thirty. How many more nurses. Like bulls has the contract that you know world and point to a couple of years in Buick holy crap. Because he. 120 yeah the Bengals go into the stadium right so soda and this is your number seven all right so that much time left on that deal or three years Liverpool's. He is thirty years old now he's he's 48. Well definitely on on on sport track he's 38 years old we know that's not true. He's 39 action making 20000040. In 20/20 minutes point nine million and he's 41 of the last service contrary in thirty and what wasn't. Talk enemy of when you're talking to me about frustrations about like people making more money in certain sports. It falls on baseball like that's the one right thank football players are like you gotta be kidding me man. What tools do in this you'd tell an. Look at the stats are now okay. And he's only eagle at three years left I thought it was going to be worse but I'd imagine the numbers are pretty bad this year. 08. Years not thirty years all you you're kidding yourself you think it's all he has a post he is almost fifty Al forces hitting 252. Not not terrible he has title runs was on base. To really. Really. That's on base percentage that's what it's really what to slaughter of portable McGill I like how helpful has Gelb and up until this point making. The over has been healthy Lester is the first year he really utter student Tony of a wall. I support of or yesterday that the LeBron James Walden lake is never gonna comets gonna come and it's gonna hit among the comfort I thought so bulls has been how can hardly talk about it. Them having the same bodies have as LeBron James agreed congress. Yeah M and rice fields so much rice and beans. And alcohol he loves to drink. I'm used to and I'm more. Normal man loves him that's terrible as you any else. Greg artists they want as pro limited view in the UC had a first round knockout of former jaguar Austen Lane he not to place. Is that he does not so for the first time also in popped up not about again got it. You know I'm out twice got to do afterwards and why awarded him UC contract random female reporter interviewing him scared. And finally. Russia. Since World Cup they are training World Cup workers how to smile. I'm. Ms. Tucker happened. But sometimes it's a thought that counts now it they're democracy Marmol smile. People's people's people hate the rest of the come on an easy opponent in real small eight. At its its app is going away soon it ends on April and I got to download the radio dot com all right that's our new home at forest greens gonna beat everything else that you come to lock in the gap I've had the real dot com map for a few months now like a lot better not just saying that. So check it out radio dot com new home they M 798 FM one a four point 360 sued to get. So last segment. We were we were playing a little smaller ball horrible back in the news back in the headlines the lakers are definitely getting LeBron James and they don't need pulled George he just he jello. Alonso jello. And LeBron that's championship. Okay that that's that's how you went championship for the lakers. He was on the heard yesterday with Collin cower and I gotta tell yeah I'm I'm back. It was at this place a while ago. And I think I'm back there now where I can not see a scenario that LeBron James goes to LA. Would want to ball. Why I can't see LeBron. When the lakers. With the ball family and all I can't see it's I'm I'm back to that place okay. Now there's a couple of reasons why I feel that way. The first one is did at the silliness with the father critical to coach. Critical teammates. The nonsense how. You know wants all three boys on the lakers together. I don't think that college Howard SA made a really big deal out of does distract. That Alonso ball made about his teammate Kyle who's mop. I don't care about that stuff that that's a facility assuming I I don't care about it. The -- though that does stand out to me about and that and that LeBron is not like that you know the plot though that does stand out to me is. I don't bought number one I don't buy LeBron wanted to have anything to do with the ball family and number two more importantly. LeBron into and anyone with kids. Okay it's different in that league Uga win with kids you go one with young players in the NFL OK that's a sport where you need the young bodies sweat that happen. Taken as much abuse. Okay that haven't been in the league for ten years and take all the pounding if you're young and yet if not a good thing. Okay but in the NBA. Young players do not win it's the veterans it's veteran teams that win championships. It's why when LeBron went to Cleveland first thing they did was to breed the number one overall pick. And drew Wiggins for a veteran Kevin lot. LeBron I do not see him going to Los Angeles and playing with kids now all there's a lot of kids. On that Laker team and you know what. You get a lot for Alonso wall. It the lakers to trade on zobel. You can get a lot you can get a store player in return a win now. Kind of player LeBron wanted to breezy with children is when the kids on the ball nineteen or twenty years old when he championships like that. In Los Angeles I don't see LeBron going there. And playing Alonso ball. It is different. With regards to Philadelphia or do you think the same thing like he's not gonna put trust in playing with and Simmons cordial and B I think the thing that works in Philadelphia's David they're two things and once the Eastern Conference C got that. And number two Philadelphia just went to the playoffs would you least got some. You got an experience factor albeit they're two very young player Simmons rookie and beads only played two years. But they just went to the semifinals. In the playoffs like. At least gain a little bit of experience. Logs and they don't have and they don't have a father that the destruction. That's. I think I think there the experience port is more of a factor for me but what the family. But the father being a crazy person. I do think that plays a role with Philadelphia like you said there and Peta and Simmons played in big spots in the post season this year. Alonso bull. Randy and anger on how crews mock these young players for Los Angeles. Ever come close to sniffing a winning season little play off game. To a side by side with Simmons and and Alonso ball. What would what do you think there is in terms of who's the comparisons of over there. Well look clog the Balkans should a little bit. Now lots. Alonso better than better than Simmons yeah I'll sue Simmons doesn't it and it compasses that -- Red Sox right every person who what's every person shoots jumpers better than Simmons June jumpers dissidents that shoe. Now now I do believe that it at this summer sorting this some. Adding Benson and his own two. Showing massive improvement OK when it comes to shooting jumpers missed. You can't play in the NBA and not shoot jumpers have to be or should from the outside you have to be able to get to the re delighted not be afraid. Of a shouldn't treatments OK Sonny Simmons is gonna get a lot better in that regard but a but overall. Even Alonso can shoot threes a little bits. And cements it seems like on all the worldly. Type of player. I'm OK we got the fellow that probably will not want to be in Philadelphia which you don't blame them for but is it a possibility for him to take Corvel with them because of you got two guys they're drive the lane as we still moment from Los to drive the lane which he will sit back there and shoot a couple threes but. If they do bring a three point shooter with a more over there may be corporate he's available. There's plenty of guys who could ship's idea you can you can get shooters you know you know while Wayne Ellington count corporate types there out well a year you can get these player that's. That's not an issue but you know the lakers. They can get a lot for Alonso ball you can't and and I I would see that scenario playing out exactly the same as did in Cleveland. He says and signing here and guess what that number one overall pick in two against you trading him to get me a superstar I would see the exact same thing for the lakers. You could see LeBron having a sit down with a magic and telling magic get rid of the kid that is caused you so much pain and heartache for the last 365. Days. And let's go ahead and bring in some of my friends and you think this is going to be the banana boat return what you think this is forgot this is the team this is right now. Here's the part Bennett and I find to put on puts Los Angeles and difficult spot. Or put puts magic and difficult spot okay. Let's say LeBron does. Aces look I'm on to come but like we were were in win now mode when rebuild. His good lakers have been rebuilding for a couple of years as we do what these young guys OK and the lakers and fears probably in good position be contending type team they keep continue getting these young players and draft picks up. The brought in about rebuilding. Molding these young guys win right now okay he's 33 results are at which time bronze got left okay. And let's say that he says some magical rookie we we need to its knees and as you get veterans we are in win now mode the part that becomes difficult for magic in the lakers is. Is likely not spinning any type a long term deal what the lakers. He's probably continued to on the one plus one kind of deals you know where he continues to have the flexibility. So magic. Is this gonna take LeBron like for his words you know and he's gonna trade away young player. Like Alonso ball with a could have on their team forever. And then who the hell knows in two years so now LeBron who we signed a two year deals as. Are at peace on open attic here. And you traded away one or two or you're really young studs who could have been a new team for ten plus years. When LeBron never gave you a commitment like that's the difficult part is LeBron is gonna want you to make all these moves while also not committing to your franchise. Almost the last comic Kobe chart Kwan and Allen when was the last championship where that ball Coby Coby one to 20191000. Tat. Miami Charlotte and the dozens are I would compare this to the heat's situation like would you as a Miami Heat fan in the Miami Heat organization. Who was spoiled a little bit winning a few championships in a row and then all of a sudden you've been empty for a long time. Are you willing to go ahead and pull the trigger just wouldn't bring one championship back to your city. Yes you 100% dude if you match Johnson under saint. It it puts magic. It difficult spot because it's all in on right now she got a deal you got to do if your magic but you're going to be trading away. A bunch of future pieces for a win right now when when the guy who wants you to to do that's. And as we're doing it or is giving you know type of guarantee how long he wants to view your lobbies give you know long term commitment that's typical man. It is going to be so much bigger and the lakers and these are the economics that LeBron brought into the city Cleveland like. Billions and billions of dollars for business and you're doing it wants. Yeah I think so too you're always gonna find people to rebuild your organization if you need to go through down period again. You have just like 2010 like you say you have eight years before you need desperately are searching for another solutions so eight years a long time to build and a I think magic would like to get LeBron. And also keep the young guys that is and and and I like I think magic would want and I don't think LeBron is going to be interest in plan McCants. I mean LeBron this one as Greece include the little guys he's thirteen years old. LeBron ever had to sit across and deal with the with a former. Superstar legend that he grew up idolizing and watching play about these rights. IBM watcher wiley played delegates it's like Riley Zach I. I'm talking about the guy on an even playing field to I think it's gonna be a little bit more difficult for him to go at him. Be cold to a guy like Matt AB Johnson Monica has a point shooting. Let's go point. Yeah you sit there and tell magic what's what they like magic to head that you know did just is much winning is you was on the highs from the largest egg you a ten and. Outside of basketball entrepreneur or wise as well Magic Johnson has done remarkable things as well sword a businessman like LeBron sitting across from a former legend is the front commonly just dictating to magic yeah and how much and I don't think he could do that I don't think you can do that to a guy like Magic Johnson that's who question. They listen to get orders ticket windows your chance to win tickets and upcoming game concert or another great event accord is. Might need technology what are you locals outline technology company visit them online at a court is what dot com. Sponsor Pilar del BMW Pembroke Pines and brought to you by your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called the real flight 800 Irma. You Texan show 67974. The lakers add an extra Max slots as little brown will bring another Stalin won't just be ball no I I understand that when I'm saying is LeBron. A Max player that they sign and Alonso ball. I don't think is as good as LeBron. Max player picket sign and another superstar play. And I just pick Carmelo deal you might be figure who Carmelo gore whether or not no one cares about Carmelo he's calls a big time player and more like he he is. Very much in the downside as Corey key is not consider wise OK for the heat to get him. So it's okay but the need to get him what I'm saying is if Oklahoma City is going to get rid of Carmelo Anthony. They don't wanna get rid of him for a couple of role players OK because they think that Russell was replaced better. With less superstars. Okay it's okay Graham Paul George and excellent but out another guy needs Polycom Mel I don't I don't think that works. And a team like Miami. Who would be intercede and adding Carmelo because it is it frees up salary cap space sooner. Considering Carmelo had just one year on the deal and guys like Tyler Johnson who years on a deal a Nazi is ideal for the ticket Carmelo Anthony on scenic and in spiraling. And remind me again about Corey Leonard the difference in salary to 216 million vs what if he goes elsewhere for match still. On me and be like fifty or sixty million dollars last it's it's a lot less money use the spurs can offer a lot more money on extension. Then there's another team can in in free agency. But back to saint year you know yes I I I understand the lakers can sign another guy here I just think adding a third superstar player make some of a veteran. Nixon better than having that third guy I'd be Alonso ball. Sad you sound dumb about the lakers experience coups and Alonso in Grumman adding another Max players not to compete and get via shot. I think look I just granting the bronzes. I think LeBron going and playing with a bunch of kids. Who have emerged Houston and a gold helmet an element LeBron playing with a bunch of kids were nineteen years old. Would never come close to even 500 season. I think the bronze it is abuse detail. To him as a possibility if the leaders literally says they'd take little old thing and then attach him to the Alonso or coyote who's in the and maybe cheated them for and there is still playing yet the CC would toda Sanders exactly what the lakers will try and deal okay the lakers will wool. Will say here when you give you Alonso ball and ordered to get the salaries toward you have to throw in a big contract and also make a lot of money. Yet the throne a contract like Luol Deng the lakers will get back a star player in return. Because lawns of balls were young guy talented people like him and Rosser again and highly cooled things money operable and that's what the lakers will come settled the trying to. He brought up on their too much nineteen Oates never whines and I'm sorry I know you're kidding have you have you followed brought under his career. Anyway before we wrap up the shots and we gonna shall treat for you here. Now we haven't done isn't while Romberg where you know sometimes on his radio stations and other cities all across the country. Crank calls. Wind up sifting through the the call screener they want to see him past and and sometimes they'd be drop names and the full post. Because a lot of times imposes new and listened to the callers when you know Jose name was that they want to call it to do their job for it liaisons. You're on the air. And that is let that person talk and I've been listening okay. And it's a lazy lazy radio. And this is that this is probably another example that L radio stations just open does our sister station KF each. In Kansas City now and we we don't condone. Condemn this behavior this the show's called the drive with Bob and Jeff Jeff and this and that not. This is not the scenario you talk about whether or not listening to the caller. But they are flummoxed by it and they don't understand what he says let's hear Shelby hello Shelby. Bank should take him up on call phone call you got it could have been a jab. Let's seduce a hold on Shelby said thanks for taking my phone call and you said our phone call the F somebody else with you yeah yeah of course not our amber. Friendly Amber's you know what this means the go ahead still leave. Like to talk to you guys about it prospect that the world capitals try out pick up on a picture that is being clock yet believe it or not. And under and 3200. Pop mile an hour consistently. Yesterday to opt out want it was about a 107. Whose kids. Yeah. Seriously it's there isn't out of are you can't be any non hidden from. I didn't have seven on hundreds of shoving you start to get on my nurse slightly don't want to get soccer plus the kid's name Shelby. Yes sir can you name is John is how low he's a Russian born kids never played baseball. At any juncture and black. Tell your your close to being done yourself these outdoor I mean I do not want to. And what I got this statement is that can Wear to the pitch yesterday Selby eight. Their facility. Here here. I now. Will you let me tell you what's gonna happen again. I'm telling that the insider information is patent. Lautenberg negotiating. 790000. Dollars or win or say whatever capacity will be used it and this kid or I'm Tobin. The real deal. Such a Selby are you drinking right now so I'm certain I'll put your wife on the phone. That we can't today Nicole sort of token Cody got. It chalked out well well he's a hidden gem now. Thank you sell the. I. So that's a good one. No it was a good as those in Kansas City is that has right at in Kansas City yeah. It's ago Bob and Jeff man. Team. It's. That's they're dealing with the Corey easy human being. Manages. And they had no idea hidden gem Johns dazzled Russian descent of course that just opens on natural. National. You know he reminds me of a guy by the name of stats that we had going to the falcons facility for camp. He would show up in full uniform shoulder pads ipads pants Jersey. Helmet running around yelling everybody statistical data throughout practice. We come to find out that they ended up putting up as picture throughout the facility because he went after his wife with a hatchet. Don't let this guy and building. Yet he was running around our facility practiced every. Well hopefully someone signs as Johns as kids sounds like he can. It is the slim to open nets right. It's it is the real deal is excellent. A 107 miles an hour. Team but it wouldn't come out of a gun on and Jeff. You'd think that can be a secret here in Kansas City I'll know. Toledo billions mad at them pay. Do you do with the information yeah I'm mad at me now dropping nuggets and a switcheroo job and am no eggs. And you can let me finish and let me finish. Coming up next not the Miami radio personality of the year but still pretty good Levitt's art.