ZRA Part 3 6-16-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 16th

NBA Draft, Lakers possibly passing on Lonzo Ball, 


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Nine and familiarize. Yourself with the other teams are individual workouts this doesn't happen like likely an NFL pro day would happen. Or school when he worked out beatable teams are showing up and taking a peek at him not usually your flight in your phony and you into the it's about some yelling he worked out he bore out a couple of guys in the girl's cell. Going to see other guys work out players saw ousting an aside he's asking who's who's one of the scouts and eat he passed gains went out to watch that'd be cute from a Dennis Smith wants commitments it. It's six he's a good player. The number fourteen. Inching it he bastions went out to handle or out there I don't know maybe you'd sit and trying to treat. There are masking is because the other week however and visited Butch Davis or Butch Davis had his camp we had him on talking about the camp and there was it was weird because Nick Saban was there Urban Meyer was there again heavy hitters there's like one. How who are you let a guy come down here and being your back care try to steal some time adjusting I don't know what what is what's the thought process there. My guess is the players that are getting recruited by Nick Saban and Urban Meyer. Are probably going to be taking the offer for Alabama or Ohio State. If they are found out which is camp. I don't think or any kid from down here would probably choose a fight you over Alabama or Ohio State for that matter put. It's interesting how holy are competing wood and a one of those guys once you've got one year. Yes that's what I would think that's what I would think. But again your having. The devil himself in your own backyard it was it was weird peek at some talent that has come a New York can yell last butch about their necks and I want to look at thought processes there it's like hey it is a great coach and he's better go why don't I don't say hey you better doing you know I know the same day UN was doing a little bit of campers well Rick was having his camp. And I know a lot of those schools Urban Meyer included mcsame include it was over a UN to get a peek at their stuff too as well also. I'm wondering if it's just one of those doors open policy with the Mecca doughboy coaching network. To allow people to come down here take a peek at what's going on don't go anywhere your chance to win that boat and treats the on fishing to. Yeah. Pilots get someone's boat entered into the U until she turns in just. Beyond sports called pine fishing tournaments next week it's an Allen Harada. Yeah there's some of the comments Thursday and I like that on Thursday and keep the party immediately. And then the festivities begin Friday afternoon. Fishing Saturday morning big fat ass post off after the the way and. All you can call and right now OK in caller on the content signed 78653407. Night the first person who calls and and tells us the answer to a trivia question we gave it to its 720 lasso and a don't call on you can't go what's next weekend. On Conan you don't have a blow to army beats a bloody years that hasn't boats are right leg and don't lease all or tot. Don't waste the operative or someone who can. Attend with their boat or bodies boat failed members spoke and they can go to fishing tournament next week and but the first version calls in right now and gives us. The five starting offensive lineman for the Rose Bowl the 2001 national championship team okay you give us the five vote. And you tell us. After corrects then we are going to get you entered into the Tony you and your boats. You bring a bunch of bodies of course what do you think five or six people right America and ready to you into the only entry the sport's all been fishing tournaments next weekend. Which is really cool so I now go play things for kids there and remain there as well also. So right now 765340790. The first person gives us the answer to the trivia question again we deem it's yet. At 720. Last hour Romberg gave you the final offensive lineman yeah hopefully you were listening okay. The five offensive linemen the five starters from the 2001 national championship game last seen their names or any im gonna been there next weekend. Yet as a matter practiced there will be all know now no not all but song via problem will be Oka and I'd very good. So the million people call an end as soon as we as soon as we get a few of them lined up peer wool Sebring get the right answer we'll Cebu going to send any out there. So we'll cult. Months. Instilled as Mayweather McGregor fights. It was a big story yesterday all throughout the day we talked a lot about yesterday morning. Is that die downer is that going to be if being literally the next months. Nausea thing for the next Yuma because there's a big fight this weekend right so that's gonna continue to woman let's a total is definitely it is rewarding coma that I couldn't care less awesome he's avoiding those white spurt back. And Vegas kimonos turbines or four but that's do you think regulars aren't saying what network it's to be two months worth of arguing about Mayweather and McGregor yeah it's. I think there's going to be some video training camp that's gonna come out here to get a lot of sites thought I'm sure towards old man's gonna add to the mix as well the other day I think it's going to be a real nice. Escalated. Who talking event I don't think anything's gonna be said by by either guy to be commuter campus there to be working. So on the Gregor I think our guys and not gonna stop talking all Macgregor when so bad. So great there's nothing you're seeing coming out of Mayweather wins parliament sings let me get into you know I changed interesting. Kind of say he's not gonna land a punch nine UN hunts it's each other is that surprising and a proclamation. These neverland the pop now is not only. It talks to. Bell or anybody and find out what the terms of some of their bets like many ranked Oregon's only RJ but I think it's better once it gets closer we're still ways away from that. I let's let's get some people an opportunity to win the boat entry to the U on sports hall fame fishing turn the next weekend let's give Carlos a shot here hey Carlos I don't man. Good good good so it if you win this century lightly you have a borrowers in front. 001 house you really want this. Yeah. Are you that your itself that your of the UN fan. Ebert you one player fever at all time Miami hurricane player. And yeah yeah. It's. Your second favorite Miami hurricane. In order OK very good. CBS. TC PO is. Well it's. And there you go they call us if you win you get to see click OK apparently Clinton goes next week. All right still at the the starting five as cause and really at the time I'll be winds at the sorry five. All sensible I mean that explore the Rose Bowl on the 2001 national champion Miami Hurricanes Brett Romberg steam. Right you know he's a man in the middle there are some who are the other floor. Offensive lineman clause. Okay McKinney. Got. The outlook. And then get out Rosalie and her that I'd rather look at. Then you got there you. I so you actually are now now. What you're listening to Robert glass how do you happens and aliens I remember. Are those. Ads you like it and that's that you're supposed to listen there you go our. Excellent job sites may not hold your clothes are great and awesome buying on girls well somebody won. Gonna get some stuff from the station due to grow and mature putting Carlos has balked at his captain's market as well OK I'll amount CF that throw like he was listening last hour so we got the answer. He clearly loves America and they reporters I think he's got he's got normally that Brett there man Romberg he's got a boats he's got buddies who is gonna take. All right that's exactly what we're looking for only knows intimate normally set a good run you kindly. He's always there player's mom really. Brett hit a man I'm sorry I think. On the tree in my mama mama mama always talking about Peyton Manning all the time of the colts you're whenever the team that are. My wife at a but the chick additional push that don't modular seriously you and he is done since has paid man in U seventy and the Mr. Bush. Aisle and I'm on no all no not really know put shoot like she would have the little Indianapolis Colts helmet hanging in her rear roomier seat which is blocking was or sun. Via for the most there that is until every time me being a group text message in the was say everybody let's take him a bus over to Windsor and get their emerged -- wanted to tell you I don't know what the name your text messages threat is with all those offensive line money is what's been the change is all the time it is like. One was mama be the next one was Robert's mom. The it's again he said he when he went to Cleveland and he was gonna take the Cleveland offensive line over there to the casino in Windsor and have gang bang with Robert tomorrow at the name of the text Brad yeah free and thread and it's. What makes a turn for you guys get calls as info he's also are also make sure you write down caused his name Brad May be gets shout out that next segment right he always gets a shout out your point he has favorite players Bret the hit man Romberg. All right promised guys you shout outs for you next. Got a fifty dollar gift card giveaway the folks at shouts let's do that here. Last segment we gave away the vote entry Carlos he's a winner. He's giving hang out the wrong dog next week now Amerada. Let's give way to get the Oregon guard boat sell right now brought you by a legendary Brazilian steakhouse it's located on first street in South Beach as we don't in Washington. And you could join them for a special weekend Brazilian brunch every Saturday and Sunday April reservations go to photo dot com that's at owed GO dot com caller of five right now. Fought on the contests line 7865340790. We are going to say you all without the delegate court to full go to Schaub and receive much folks out there today amber and I will be hanging out their lebed's our defense. Yet feminine yet affect my good for us we do fact nugget here during defendant amount. Do we do that you want to look for shout outs to do you man Howell. Powerlessness that you won embryos through them. So Limbaugh. No really hold. Would send. And Christie attracts. What's the difference between get backed up and back to nugget. Parents are different personal record according to the national survey commissioned by innovation center of the US dairy. 7%. Of all American adults believe that chocolate milk. Comes from brown counts. That can't be true yeah according to innovations. Of the US Darryl doesn't come if you do the math you're working mad about sixteen point four million. Misinformed to milk drink and human beings I can't because like Pennsylvania and a little bit more and. I'm sitting give each leg like there's no way comes from brown outs it's and he kept. On its. Where did the same now now brown I know there are around the house how do you now. How now brown is happening to me and then when Ron Burgundy is trying to just when he's exercising his mouth but even as a kid I remember hearing none printout. I'm. But your towel and present them. We man. Yeah. Yes a shadow outsource that's how we like to grab bar Friday's. We build up the people all throughout the week shout outs. And Romberg who's not on Fridays you radio chip shout out must do it. First off immigrants start right away with Mario road Regis. The real. John Clayton was unrelenting bullying currently employed by 790 the ticket and other traffic. We don't play into it shout out. Yeah. Oh talkative guy has been our strip traffic guy JC Williams super early in Seattle going to handle that course. Another shot like to do would be popping. Dan's father for the Father's Day festivities that are going on to Dave Wright I get all the Michelle. I like shut up let him know thanks for coming. He had created strong now keeping it keeping it real men just stated the man Eric continuing their feud with management. Like he was shot at the damn self. Gone back and returning from his ninth vacation so far this calendar year we still got a lot of time left in the years wealth. Well lord willing happily throw yeah but but I don't know what he's got worked out but it's it's awesome it's a good one. Memory of last summer when we had to work late a hundred extra hours because a lot of herself into an authentic than Danny as stooges. Shall we about to do their local our I'm here at the a Baltic Sea vacation level Tucker vacation yeah. Hey Lola we have the word more. Love it. Alternatives. And beautiful wonderful shout out to the girly assay that helped me out of the knowledge store. Jenny Dahlia she. He was helping me out and really appropriate name court event meets Alley you know Julia agenda your man takes it Jen but I imagine it's Jenny. Today. Jack I'm an obvious mom ma'am by no love tennis. You point me to the opponent Cologne with publicly give a shout out to. Also our man Carlos when in the entry for the vote entry for what's going on Matsui and a day in item Harada on down his mom and by Anita Long Island. Canard mythic clone Willie. The image. Fifth. Yes so it is when they're going on this week cardinals did see you next week cameraman Brian Holler number one player number one fan. For the rom dog hit man Hart stance not when he cynical. Tunnel. And you're such a disappointment. Not at all. By excellent job the on the rom dog. Amber. Does blow you your special guest this afternoon on I'm your very. Special very special guests info go to shall this afternoon are you ready to to host the festivities and keep everyone entertained. Really tired. It's Friday. By the way that got your right it is that close it out there were Russian arm and brand back Miami and the president to flying healer or do you mind yeah. So man yeah I'd it's been interesting that's traffic data downtown and we rule yeah yeah downtown in Doral is is gonna be rough. And that's. Yeah but you know I. Hello and good for you and nearly to hit that salad bar no that's could be good I am I'm very much looking forward to float an issue now the big you know I get a good brilliant I gonna ask you again asking her questions we're gonna have a handled yeah I got the questions are you trying to do Williams in the beast. And who else is going. I am and this UD Jane beasts I don't know him and I know labs not on me asking questions and he's going to be there at Amazon bought that are. I imagine also how does being. Smoking a cigar in picking up SPE beat out there and enjoying himself enough on the that he knows of. Oh yet that an excellent excellent point our father that he knows. Gone. Did drop round no cheap rug becoming a nutshell using sound and that's. Let me tell you. -- so hopefully hopefully get some folks are not just listeners Levitt's our show oaks is there events but that list us we get to hang out due today to answer drinks Friday yet looser getting going early on. That's on talking about dozens. Yeah that's big rap sheet and yup Hammond about what he's ignorant they. This steak house and parents know a ticket and yeah it's really also rose ten. It's the risk you know what you're going to be detail what you tell me on top of the menu. Tell me don't like him any. They ever turn it dominating it's silly I did say there in your silly. And I just nor for the sausage but it's it's I mean doesn't. It is gonna sausage fest. And count on maps. All right my immediate as a BM. Happy Father's Day out there and all the daddy's out yeah that's right now join a weekend this is your weekend now aren't you deserve it that's writes make sure mama caters to use this. Are you guys are you gonna use as a that your your knee Unita a Father's Day shout out to. You or your daddy. My dad know about some drugs that president. Look at it and reading my Sunday's day week to their father lived Downey and issued a happy Father's Day weekend okay. This is does though because they weekend you know you're data file had to file business data on here and there you know listening. And I might add Xena operating around the world. I'm a delegate heavy policy on Father's Day on your time she's right Phyllis and actually the saudis are app no longer works overseas. Opponent. Not a next. Lebed's our show dang gives his thoughts on abortion.