ZRA Part 3 6-19-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, June 19th

Joe Buck's flub, Romberg rips Beast for kissing too much ass, Amber's News


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That bag that pavement but David David David. Bennett any bad habit that it. I. Tampa Florida where does he perhaps. Streets darkened Dow lover problem mongering. Yeah. Ain't nothing else going on so many come with a penalty OK anyone on this show. And so on and right now. And this is it this is his email and friends is gonna make us all scared to discuss this stuff gets scuds yet maturities later when we verify sources and wait for wounds so what's the one thing. The polish business they tweets like tomato with fixed they texts re tweeting fake stuff. If you text to any of us fake stuff. It view you're gonna punish the techsters cede no I don't know it now on taught us if you if you go on this show. And you and you reference. Fake information fake new. Use it poses so lame I'm not down the best known were more accuracy no we're not. The listener though like a fine tune about accuracy the listeners want. Funny reality is. Listeners appreciated it last week and what's the difference between a big murmured a real murmured I'm rumors. We're going to verify rumors. All I mean this is how I going to verify whether all George is actually in a happy relationship. With mr. Byrd baby mama. Allegedly lives in Miami not go to our panel for fun. And it sounds like he's coming to Miami for example swim sent to us. Check out Gordon Hayward sat chats. Turns out. Morning import. Does it even. That's its limits following its doors that he's not a sewage are reputable source of about a person who cleans two. An upstanding member at. By Lewis allowed. Ebbers not he Twitter and I I did jump the gun there usually are more responsible than that and I apologize. He worked out with Mick that was a thing dean that's why don't care about that's. And about that. He was in Miami and if he was in Miami and then somebody send out a mixture of hit what looked like you snapped out of Miami it was reasonable for slim to assumed that it was. Valid. If you sense of the Unix semi human rights of some sand and to be a penalty and it's just an hour of the pet penalty system on the show and I'll Dolly has yet. It's common text rolling and that they all once they murmurs they once they newness. Sonny dykes and preach Jimmer tells as you. We at boy I thought I'm doing this for the listener momentum he realizes summertime wants like state stars don't wanna. I want state excitement. Get up in the morning but at times it don't Castro to how exciting history was. It's a dialect sixteen times since I've been in the united and you don't literally true but for the day and you think everything's awesome get a hardly solve off base on this your off base on this when you need something to look forward to in the morning. Yeah. Interest and interest in. So when tech simply suburb again amusing it's bad enough societies don't get out. The true. No sex or racing Goran dry age is just as bad as Isaiah Thomas on defense and he got overpaid boss temperature pays Isiah Thomas was and if you think paying Isiah Thomas thirty million dollars season is the same is paying Goran drug seventeen. Type. I. Outside as is bad math. Sporting goods headlines desk thinks he's WEB XY AM South Miami and WSS desk HD true Miramar. There are a lot of B bomb attacks and questioning whether we once called George since he had escaped by LeBron OK then I'll Sicily Italy alone. Let me include every player in the NBA I should he will sign nobody remaining Gavin Grant. This year isn't PG scorer like forty points or is there is a disaster by LeBron to make it does because LeBron kicked does that look processed in the world and let's not say they want. What are you a two on and one who runs me. We everybody in the NBA he's got Bebo brought a lot of them. A lot members put them like we don't give us numbers is going to be supporting cast I get a B a trash can whose. Rehab again like moves after four hours or less trash can. And it George Hill but the trashed it was more import those in those series that he wasn't sure he was the Brawley Kryptonite. And the first year to when he eleven. He was right when he twelve the first year he pacers Danny Granger. Was their best player pulled George was it to get a second year at the time Danny Granger was their best player. We'd Stephenson and courts also have. These outlines a ride due by July on demand dot com forty million Americans wake up to a July shades let's working to bring you America's number one saves for less go to Gillette on demand. You know Tex or Tex makes good points about pulled Georgia to lakers away on the lakers I do not make that trade okayed because. You wanna add Paul George seize assets that you already had and even drab this year. And tax rates could point knicks made a mistake. Nixon hit a six. You know the knicks. Connell Anthony wanted to skate you need to. All right Connell Anthony wanted to go to New York. Anyone of the money and that's why forces wait there. OK when the Seymour played by New York woman okay Carmel you wanna come about enough. To be a free agent a few months. We're not give up any pieces prix of resigning. Instead begin couples Chandler the it would draft pick begin a duel down Harry if you add Carl Anthony to those guys Axelsson and his ball club. Instead it seemed that it. 2 o'clock Connell Anthony is talk. About Texas. Most bomb. Those are words upon George installed the pacers he plans to leave in free agency after this season no surprise he reportedly favors signing with the Los Angeles Lakers earnings free agent. India has reached out to several teams to see if they're interested in screening for Paul George on a rental season including Cleveland. ESPN's reporting that the caps are willing to enter trade talks Kirby thirteen without the assurance that he stays be on this c.s then there's when a worse. This is the these Santa. Brought under contract for one more year so in the Bronx size. I know how he thinks. He says go get me Paul George. And Dan Gilbert's gonna say wait a minute law goes hey wait a minute here. I can't I can't stand all this money. And trade away a guy that I got under contract law to congress using Kevin Love I kid gimbal. That the tour you guys are gonna walk on me and the Bryan his mindset is let's try to win the 2018 NBA championship that's we're gonna try to do. And didn't Gilbert can't think that way. And now he's actually what we discussed earlier and I know I'm Gilbert I'm not doing I wouldn't get rid of it. Kevin Love who I could use if LeBron leaves any year. As you know an opportunity to build for the future if I'm LeBron James though I'm trying to pressure and hasn't had a dream because I want it to Friday to win now. Two NBA championships in three years 88 got someone ran out like come on you've got to give relocated to its gonna hang them up for a couple of years and with somebody else take the case I think. I think it would depend using Paul George is gonna get passed if he's gonna be the missing piece to get past the warriors beating your doubling winning an NBA championship. But if your free the volume of Brohm would then be leaving you any hearing you would have nothing for the teacher Ian would have given up Kevin Love who you would have been able to use to. Hicks or however you wanted to build. In the future. I mean that would devastate your franchise I know you're saying it's going to be on them including LeBron does have a see your friends or is this some point here you're losing LeBron anyways whether it's to either whether it's to him leaving any here I'm not saying that you're losing LeBron and a year to age. But let's not pretend like LeBron is at the beginning his career is towards ended his career no matter where he's going to end up I souvenir of the cavs. Got some planned for the long term future. I think you're making a massive mistake. If you have LeBron James in his crime. And horror of your decision making rationale. Is looking out for the future incident whom ever it takes to win right now. I think ID good you'd like Cleveland except for your age you gotta you guys every bit vulnerable are your thoughts and if we're told LeBron you need to try and win the rights. Now is that as you're talking about arguably the best basketball team of all time going up against you in the NBA finals. Is all George going you know one of the guys who would then all of a sudden they can overcome the warriors if you don't believe. Got to be the case then you're talking about leveraging your entire future earning gamble on a year Eddie thinks not gonna work out for you way. I think if you could make a move right now you're Cleveland you can make a move right now that has the major risk of depleting your franchise in a year from now in two years now what's. It comes along with the possibility of winning another championship. I say who the hell cares what you gotta remember that city especially matters because they want nothing. And if you go into championships in three years and then your team is the worst team in the history basketball. It's okay there Elliott took it took the take and then slim just put I do in her some challenges confirmed a new rumor speaking of rumors. If they're gonna wouldn't do do do one year thing. LeBron NP GM and they're gonna go and come to Miami following an easier time. In time. Coach dom is reporting that Paul George Blake did come to Miami comment on the ground and coached by Thomas Tobin wants to be told to those bomb. Bliss whittled down Clinton's hold my O bomb a toe giant iron that is most of the victims yet. Told bomb and they tell Obama got its yeah and what is on his reporting that ball Georgia like to come to Miami comments on the mr. Graham. Lock out of that but it's 2%. You know it's been true but what he had no it's easy it's not right now right now we're talking about we're talk about Paul Georgia that's a week old but he's he's been one and Miami. In fact. The bulls general on this instinct enough. Likes the dominance Graham analysts and so does Lee to load if growth weekly tournament that will or can secrets she put out a fake smokescreen I. It is interesting we commend Arlen how to build a Cleveland Cavaliers. Who we stumped on anabolic assembling. A local coach and I know. I'm no less we are we spent about nine or eleven minutes on on to open up the cast and trying to program. Over India has our Melvin gonna get called George they still at all when an NBA title this next and and then their franchises crippled for the next decade and Miami Marlins lost two out of three of the greens things doable and melt down the finish loss to Atlanta five to force our neighbor and it Phillips at the game winning hits Marlins o's or nationals tonight 710. God Dan Gilbert's campaign already ago called all in. Not to just just Gilbert and at a at a blackjack table just pushing all of his chips and trying to get PG. It's it just the slogan for the year Owen. Mr. marketing campaign that was the slogan like two years ago. They don't let's let's revisit it. Taxer and rallies are doing this without signing trade I mean look baldor is not free agent. So finally on I'm only doing their. So big story number one pick to 76ers ability intends to draft Washington's mark health full supported Lee here's faults. Our abilities to I mean unless you live before this week you know. Elect got to care or really or good morning and here you go generally fixes everything is going on. I'm truly blessed to be in this position really you know wherever happens. Look forward to my town so regardless you. Yeah. Seminal Brooks kept go won the USO then yours kappa. Brooks wonderful plan today we couldn't be more proud of you and winning the ultimate. Test of golf and so it is my pleasure to present to you the coveted US open championship trophy sent to our 172. US open champion. Congratulations. He's cursed and doesn't get is certainly even the presentations are laymen golf it can only tax England now anything socks. And millions of dollars anyone US open and he didn't even look excited. He can. Go and watch him on the greens and they can be. You who's doing this loud clap. A loud clock went lie many people are watching this guy except the swords. Yet including him had come against union crowd they ever get a sound terminal where. Here's Joe Buck calls kept his girlfriend his ex girlfriend yeah. Answer it. Lucy yeah. It's. The equivalent. That's a serious new girlfriend that's generous severance. Huge or Jenna lord's. The tentative tax or anti terrorism acts. Deseret dear Joseph Buckley commentator on US open golf for fox doesn't know Brooks kept his girlfriend and calls her the wrong name stick to baseball channel what does that have to do with golf. Know your facts but does nothing to do with golf it was today's and having duke you know who pulls his girlfriend does. That doesn't mean to a baseball. It was poorly baseball. Can I don't mean this is. You always know in in the golf tournaments when they win the movie isn't always walk over and they always either has or girlfriend or a wife so leave your hair. The announcer not spot I do think you are supposed you have on hand the name of said girlfriend into or what you know I think I might do that he had a color X current. I might do that teacher just to stir the pot I think I'm gonna go and say something at the end of the game like the quarterbacks running up the field or something like that just make. Oh and there's as long term girlfriend given a nice hug and a kiss it. No sore and most not most is mr. also it's a all of the next guy as a mom you're doing that on BN now might not do that are associated. It's another sex or is it seemed to get their guy went out about. Carmelo who. You know the lakers don't fault that's entrap the Nixon Nixon dad to get Carmel team never recovered. Albee is Carmelo won an extra money to sign in season as opposed to waiting easily in the scene is right I mean it was a very. Very selfish play by Carmelo Anthony and that's why he's in the situation that he's in right now. The Connor V Floyd fight is kicking the Big Three championship game on the T-Mobile arena it was double looks at the same day it will likely get relocated to the MGM grand the president lost out on that. Al blades junior committed to Miami. Excited about that Romberg. Leah legacy commitment there in the the lineage going on men may sign over the weekend. There you go LeBron James is that only Jesus crazed and she's keel O'Neil in their prime good score on him on sets and no one's Warren is here. Our zone meets when was Jesus says prime. G is still has now been dormant for Michael fields will reach agreed to wait certain during shark week. Kevin's the real spent his flight. Last night roasting trolls on Twitter and who she who who used to Shaquille O'Neal was that a person. Yes I guess in the prime comment was actually in reference to Shaq I'm guessing that's what LeBron man. Yeah the joke. Hollywood it's got her first win is not can't Ron Brownstein holly homes as the singular version would I'd also heard as well both the UK owed. At Korea and. Correia did not hold. Push push push. On this day in 1980 floor the bulls take Michael Jordan. For the third pick in the draft although fully users picked Sambo we with a second Beck. Because so we filled a need for Garcia freezing of eggs. Wow I want that. Mateen strap Tino was number one overall in being a oranges around me so much oh can't fault the rock Mary million Tate Michael Jordan he can't fault and to a large. Rights. He had two championships. Are on Mike on these immunity is no slouch yelling you. You know among those Mac guide to Sam Bowie two run single module longhorn either. Amazing career approach net he can you can't you can't fault. And on top that was seemed draft I believe later on in that first rousing number twelve overall maybe. At Portland after taken Sam Bowie number two didn't they take Drexler. At the same draft. Bowie and Drexler the same drab Klug I was in the Sandra day he may have been so you know it that's the case. You know Apollo again we take mileage orderly get a center whose mostly also incidentally. And we also target don't Kylie Clyde Drexler who you know animals animal fame pretty good Clyde Drexler. I think maybe in the same draft a modular maybe it was the next year I can be wrong. Yesterday the Dow was four years today so special fall Tuesday treat. For years to the day yesterday. Game 62013. MB finals Ray Allen great shot in history MBA now is an ice caused a treat to hear her moving USA you posted yesterday. Tell me add to brighten your day. Tell me that in bright news to come on. Tommy didn't write it Romberg. Record gone without a non news annual fire don't forget what year was again when he thirteen. Just literally following these guys. Heard that when I got the invite you even know Basil wants her I was causes so that some amount as a percent. Familiarity took good three they've got time to set it up. Shoppers left side real life. LeBron Byrd three james' offensive rebound alive. Back to hell of a long shot. Our own good quiet boy Hulu. But they don't don't don't back him. I'm just sort of my heart of the court to answer a call and you can hear her name might sound so defeated. What you get here in the beginning he sounds soon owed them we were dead in the water we're so dead. A Italian league chair which was good but they want it that suddenly going to talk and one championship in four years. As a failure right so much a failure. If he were what does one championship. In the forty year is even though it's kind of crazy to say to feel it when you actually do win a championship once ship which have been of borders and and sort of rights. Who is a lot different who feels a lot better especially now apple won't. With a back to back I think is key I think if they had been back to back. I also wouldn't have been as we brought. Texas writing and that the year that blaze got Drexel was the year before. That's in tunis 1984 draft summit that makes you Morse it's all mean does it make more sense. Really doesn't still makes sense that is the reasoning doesn't make sense he had drank Scioscia passed on Michael joiner and accents but he's at the reasoning. Why. Didn't select Michael Jordan they boarding had Drexler. And they won the big man. So was 23 years today freezing cold takes out there who aren't so it sort of makes sense that's the reasoning. Why they did that. So of your asserting it now. And Sydney news over the weekend the Celtics and I don't know what they were shown on television the Celtics traded in a more overall pick Panthers in Stratford has happened at least twenty years. That a number one pick has been trade now. The rights that number one pick is untreated. Couple times I can remember but the actual it. Being traded where here it is yours you do what you want it's I can't I can't tell you last time that happened and what are shown on television. A more health Fultz boss insult teachers do Jimmy template and so on and that's now but a more skillful to Olson's sudden she's been burnt. BCA it is O because apparently some known some Celtics and tweeted out a picture of him Marty burning now faults stirs up. I mean it's so Sele and he's getting press boring nobody else denying what are you wrong I mean it can't go isn't Dylan image is limited life he worked out for a dominant O'Donnell says that he's six serves on the somebody's sick there's one woman the Celtics. Don't wanna that is the 76ers one. You should hear amber around I'm getting coffee with a Romberg a classic an ankle segments ago been. When the break room there as Romberg who's going Austria appeased. Please see all they started see all these on the nice don't give a Texan did ask the lord he's I had to separate you in beast at the at the events on branding it a letter to her lower than you have to separate ID be happily or you have to separate beast and has bought yeah it's under your you know Jesus. Here's the deal though so late there's a lot of our listeners don't know is that is does Leno doesn't listen to the station. And entertainment. So he doesn't hear on the mid day show. Beasts talk about Zaza what is called him Tobin Disney called him something. Because in my Aslan Aslan ammonia Arnold's Massa when he and in so they could. Not only do so where's our. There that remind him that looming beef he had a sense is that of the coming in big name he says none. Who that he didn't yet yet be you have to book deal and a I'm very behind your back on their guru. And so on disliked him and this this beef kind of has that and like you had a chance to confront a peek at how good old days ago voters and saying you know did you examine the paved paradise yeah rights. Right into my face. Unless and until that. Call that one that has to face. Did such rights as. Gold to face surround why are you at Sotheby's because he is is wrong hands and all the way before Robert tells you owned by the white. Oh by the way does anyone remember. A little story. That beast told. After surgery after days trying to return wrist surgery which god he told overshadowed by Amber's cancer why think when you return it before. Between you and B is why don't. Returned. From his operation. Lisa. Was the only person. Who reach out to him and wish him good luck before the surgery present. Told you number two I don't remember your number and I think you do sir I do remember now there's only an article gone from a goal was to. I don't even think he sent that you did that side of the that was part of the issue and I know you said he's totally sound totally the saudis and nobody except that's a nice story. Which Intel because I kinda takes away my top I've sought. But it's true but it. Are now roms are you so be little. Just it's wanting to be stuck in traffic in and you went through hell being stuck in traffic and and is probably nothing worse for me. And sitting in the metal coffin waiting for everybody sub rubber necking at an accident or. A legitimate accident where somebody lost their life really that traffic Friday and on Friday night when all you want to do after a long work week is just go home. And engage. Out of whatever closure from weren't for eight hours that day. It's wanting to be in the car during a by yourself. Got a lot better with a glass of wine and getting him at a. Korea and its. It's another thing to be spending it with your boss. Yeah. It was a prize is or any of the rising early she's Robert. Out to the world I even introduced him on the microphone as BK has asked. Number number one. Why are you carpooling with your boss new low number two. Why are you tweeting. And putting out and social media. You're in a car ride with your boss stuck in traffic all Robert by the way and these guys any out Robertson knows anything. You make that we will but god okay I'll take the brunt of it out of Brohm but Simon good what can you be doing with your boss in a car for three hours. Our own towels man to place all over the also complain about being generated some died. It was a great. I'm a tourist I was about luck. He didn't give you retreated than some originally surely says. But there is a fatality. Last Y 95 north was just tell all blame us I mean I'm not gonna support our accident in there is a fatality. And these jittery Tweeter with. A comment about how him in the Basra now second traffic are you know at that point to tell. You know is a car rises with the as a blank look. Now when you go into non member of mr. blank not only what I eat what I never did it and do I not do that I would also not say hey. I'm stuck in traffic for three hours when it's OK because I'm with one in my. Very best friends and anyone can have my boss. I tell it you know is. Two falls easel say nothing about any promise we were doing the fine system hero in this building and we are doing what the whole locker room position wise thing we find each other that's when the songs are routed at this what does bother you writes he gets the RBJ. If you wanna go ahead and articulate. And expand on those letters. Our BJ. Everybody knows what BJ is. RC and royal icon and he's doing the royal rate there. The B sample not. Is Dave from the golf club earlier. But you can't you can't you can't you know. I want you high and mighty on me while we actually are all making fun of beasts are using has bees is the rising through the ranks. We knew that promise and you know he's immediately on CEO and and I was yeah we hear on the radio making minimum. Immediately doing Amy and Angela Moore asked it is really coming from Romberg you. Some could argue is a little bit of via. The chassis kit T we'd be of our general manager law. And he at Roberts gates. The buzz robbers rapper and singer's downtrend beasts and his goes straight to the top as as I have an embryo is there. Nosy I'm okay but I don't know if that I think edgy and cool do now. Oliver buses are great people here why is going to be this Tony Romberg is making other piece. Robertson is now relationship as well with a. In Raleigh county community is trying to move on up Blake Robert is tight with a GM begins at you these cool guy. Yeah yeah. You don't need fresh and oh please drummer knows of those paychecks are signed not known designer but I. I'm on the go ever there hasn't been a bad words spoken about again though usually everybody or don't like it senator and I'll analyze and nom would have them or want to comment about yeah. And he's been he's that happened. He has been saying about the other balanced all go rent the top. Nine. I can go with. I can go to other Amman must leaving my way to the top Mardy at the problem. A fallout whatever he's doing about that we'll see any mommy's asleep in his Wednesday donating by the way who has to categorize. That's royals wanna know where he's just do the amber thing in might break the interesting break the ice is true pay you wanna write in my car. Doing now and is on Emma yet your news next. Yeah I know who ends up in her mouth and nose tip didn't vote for. Temporary joint Tobin and world famous bar and orders warriors boxing than ninth of rising stars got up and coming fighters in the Miami chariots of the duke Bill Beach resort and Collins avenue. This Saturday at 630 to win tickets by elicited the Tobin LeRoy and beast. Every day this week had your chance to win for morning employee to log on to the ticket to Miami in dot com. All right amber what are you got for us today where Leon. In news. Yes neo Republican senator was ruled by being signed up for a nickel back newsletters. He said quote unquote it's not funny. You is not amused that somebody he's not one signed him up. And sounds of Nebraska. Got preying on Friday when multiple email accounts were subscribed to nickel back mailing lists. I agree it's not funny thing it's a little bit funny to massive inconvenience my my best friend is is huge Gator fan like me. And she texted me last week all angry asking me if I signed her up for the at this you boosters. A newsletter to our email and is of course but I didn't do that. Ever did it all that's a point. Of putting so she was so mad deserting all these seminal club. Newsletters this look at this Il wanted to rant on Good Morning America right now. Wanted to ram and got me. Watts is a real MV always I think it says on the hiding Kevin to greatness. I mean come on. And she didn't make him the. It would get really upset when you surveyed in front of wanted to ran out of her. One of the enamored. For the first time in 99 years it total solar eclipse will cut through the entire continental United States. It's going to be some you're not going to be those import. What is what is now hold a second the best please see it will be organ. The majority of the rest of the country will see a partial eclipsing including Florida you know to be able to see the full solar eclipse. They cut to basically from Oregon and all the way down to you Georgia and South Carolina won't cut and and I didn't come as far south as the head of the eyes of the newsmen. But I mean on I mean you're one summit hysteria you certain interest. The interesting and at the box off this car's three feet Wonder Woman. 53 point five million dollars free skiing for some of that money at once applicant bronze Jonathan's outlook of course is no idea still having contributed to that box office numbers is not good great movie not it's not only series. Blaming the queen I don't like those movies later you know the had a Letterman he feels is named in those movies you. Stated Big Bang theory slot machine who like to think about was me. Hard to their playing big bankers slots all that wow where does that add the luck sir armed. To hear it looks very Google crime is on me it now abs point seven million at the box office this weekends to decent opening weekend. Now Tex or iTunes has an out that old doors on the heat what do you think you'll take three Simon. You know money. UN know what city in America has the biggest deals. What you mean like my Father's Day deals. Yeah fourth of July deals oh you mean like it feels beholden to talk. Leaving the hogs and OK okay god what Willis cities in America maxim has come out. Where then are slowly set shoot eighty so I was. Cooper's Sunday. Do you. They did it unveils. The city is a top ten city materializes a male partner in America one tend to volume to attend it as making dramatic and now I had the but I had built a half percent on the opposite way dramatic build let's do it okay. Number ten. Washington DC who like her play them 6% of men in DC by Magnum condoms are trying to watch notre by the way buying Magnum college I you I will tell you by Magnum condoms is not an indication. Meta man needs magna gonna. Sometimes in my old on the bottom of the masters is gone don't don't don't get me out of that. Chris Perry got a repayment by I c'mon. You might put you. On its parent want to win a we're 27 present demand for editing Magnum gun and things gun by Boston Massachusetts. 29% but opposes of their Phoenix Arizona comes in seven. Delaware comes it's next the lower the number of spying in Tucson Arizona in two places in Arizona and next up on the list Atlanta Georgia has a three. Then Chicago Illinois has they're not throwing 9%. It was due to Cooper city feeling methane. Needed the larger on Wednesday to Denver Colorado 73%. Of men Daniel Lungren. Re buys his very large compounds. Got to know what's number one number struck. I'm just getting Columbus, Ohio. That's bull he's not the dollars on the exactly I would drama and among you you mean man. Bitter bitter we mouse in your pocket. Don't include me and I just looked smaller disease so vague mount to goalies and 87 landing Columbus, Ohio are packing. Peter Moore and mass violence does for our aggressive did here for answers. Eight inches is proud of them and harriers from looking at Expedia blades to Columbus where it didn't that's about right. Garnett excellent it's hard shell lowered to an answers the age old question who's a better quarterback Dan Marino or Joseph Montana.