ZRA Part 3 6-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, June 21st
Clean up after yourself at games?, Heat to get involved in draft?, World Cup problems

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It's Romberg join me so I was on amber tomorrow morning to see if the KGB. Can mothers cruncher. 321. There is Robert join me amber in south Baltimore morning as we see if they KGB can shut down the Greeks freak gets you pray for their game against the Milwaukee Bucks and find a way to get Tobin menu right for his birdie eating contest in a bird eating contest. And. Not. A hoot. As Robert join me in my whole morning you've. We don't. So yeah it well it is always happen. Romberg join me he's does on camera tomorrow morning as we discuss that KGB's travels to Milwaukee as they face the box. Taking on the Greek freak and we get ready. For Tobin. Palate and the bird. No. Oh. And. So daunting is celebrate the fourth of July in the city at sunrise joyous outdoors BB anti senator live music kids activities food trucks fireworks. Yeah like music grand funk railroad's. Gates open at 430 marketing initiatives re all actually surgery sometime point shenanigans. Sunrise FL dot gov for details call 9547474600. CN sunrise on July 4 with. And 790 and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Robert and filter. Don't podcasts coming soon. To C. Podcast near polling itself. And you're itself. That maybe I applaud this freedom might I would been here Robert and filtered would be our companies and buy outs. It's extra work in their man. Yeah. Emirates extra rights and we Texans 67 as a rule called like oh the big booty a little Debbie. 'cause she got takes. To you know that's what it's called old dad beat Ole. Waldman. And I don't that's. Owens is Ambrose it's all her fans and not one back shot on Friday up. To people upset of the dominant can actually sit I was gonna show you on home run every at bat from Ryan. Right he did gain on phone resort on tape in the jokes on the apple don't let the following it's going to be down more callers better. Merits. UCL World Cup continues today out examines watch and Argentina ask you to camp. When Japan plays that you see this is less than Lester tank in a couple days ago. When Japan. And Japan was it they'd be called B a right now with the climate hobby it's. And Japan plays in the game ends okay. The Japanese fans. They go round and clean up the garbage. I guess this and that's the best this Canadians would be very similar are good people cynical. People those people. What woes what's Senegal. The fans that did know maybe they also did but the Japanese yeah absolutely as Japanese answer I don't know about Senegal fans and maybe they did. But the Japanese fans absolutely dead. And I mean I mean I've seen those videos where they show the differences in the United States and Japan and and you know they show how clean. Subway stations on. And the back the public bathrooms and how does everyone is so. Thick armor rye and mindful of their neighbor you know. And it's an aunt and schools in Japan where the kids soul Coke board each other and clean up. After each other that's where it all comes from her and. And talk a lot of responsibility at a very early and yeah always taught to clean up after themselves across the UN DUP I believe it's school they serve themselves and clean up after themselves linked to very self sufficient kinda. And so so there is not just picking up back themselves up as a I mean listen I'll be honest when you're in the right into the wrong thing I exploit the wrong thing. But it if I matter a dolphin game or hurricane game and I have chicken tenders on that. I'll leave the trailer and usually. Yes well zoos. My galleries Campbell purse you always sort of what me and I wasn't raised like that and you'll see here my mom was like very very strict about us not out. I'm literary and I remember I went I wanna assure England with my mom and and it girlfriend in my and we are in middle school in my earth LX router com. And my mom went back and made her picking up the horrified that she had been. You know raised in that manner just courier come out what about the audience has can't put overly they're oh my god I always throw in my time. Really those people are getting paid enough to pick up after you pick yourself. I'll try to do it because insane hate you pick up after he. The army minimal wage pick up after yourself let's ridiculous yeah I I Liu cannot make enough I lead our communities. And regular season I don't know what word you were in stadiums do you know what you're getting pay even people who walk around picking up trash talk tear you want to know. All right I gotta circle we know he had a cell battery or else that some some been privileged entitled bleak I just don't think about it's I don't I don't like I am yeah. But I might not that person but I like the Japanese are doing their because they're not only clean about themselves. There lightening up after walking down the little I don't know if there and they're picking up just what ever they see now. It's really cool. It cults and apparently via the to remove her panties with the problem what it ever gets it done right. The talk about America's. Yakuza like a set. Hope the Japanese mafia hit you could lose a nursing the videos because of the hotel tonight you don't like and there are Sanger Harris at the with a cloth in the ninth on the table and Uggla pumps are ashamed I'm an offer myself. My pinky. For you. For nothing in my garbage. Let's sort headlines its own. It's got what you XY and south I can tell you sat XP HD show. Yeah are you of the movie the official box of licorice you always at the end of the feeder road and take allies as well yeah like you're right I evidently commissioners wouldn't you like me again. Things are all bids snubs and second of all. And get out here with black licorice Augusta I know I'm not limited to nine. And I don't I eased by the human being that at least that serial killers you'd black let me know what goes up there it's his duties and a black licorice and Yeager Meissner that is disgusting. Lack would courage. But no yes I always clean up after myself I I don't I can't I don't. Lucy pictured the purpose of the theater it was a alone. Went to a AMC. Guesses. As to have you watched a movie with the ominous. So we do have AMC's on the property it's cold alma. Michael and charming so it's it's the kids' names have remained a productive we have mr. AMC come over for Thanksgiving. Get all the new releases we creed do. CDC decree to trailer answer oh. And crap man. You don't want it in the trailer crap and crap on what am I so did not stop and grab. I mean does C does this round or Alter pot that the taint what did you say I guess on his iPad and Taylor it's about delicate. Ipads and all Michael B Jordan we've had on the show before we had him on a couple of years ago and that was before I was there yeah. And it and he of course starred in the last three seasons of Friday Night Lights Michael B Jordan and and I you know a big deal now he's their eyes or it can't lose and why is it clear I sports can lose we have Michael B Jordan was on season one of the wider. Okay now is like his starting was really young. He played eight a pretty pivotal role in season one slaughter of the goddesses. You know he's not play is probably clay Davis OK congressman clay davis' so on our rights. Michael B Jordan plays and only you know he's had a prayer for very long time but as recently as last year now he's become a model that is super simply is this I realize favorite character on television and you remembered and he just show you would dig wirelessly means hello Michael Michael B Jordan he was originally on the wire season one and and he was in seasons 45 and six of Friday Night Lights and after that he got really big. Persons as the UV rays and Mets and bitter people not on now I have I'd chalk all talk cover Coleman's OK I like those on another old I stuffed the concessions yes sometimes. Wanna go to movies man like I don't go to movies but it. If you go to a movie and you don't have anything we'd like any food any candy I never had cancer so when I yeah I never candy otherwise you going you say they are or what else. Eating candy even if the wife wants remembering some the other mailman. Melt combined at the door he does then what journalism you chop on a much in the movie. Usually with an animal Richard DT. And how did you lose and we chew. Do you weird I wanted to shoot every review armor notable deployment there so pop art I mean that is the point. The court on her Shrek just cut the hole in the bottom of the bag Pritchard him popcorn and relax I'm sometimes I'll talk to cover all men's okay. I allowed Bob butter finger bites breaks a love butter finger all butter and a bites or other more of Reese's pieces as it. New this every week you've been president everything we know they don't get cancer every time ago but if I do you can't. See it actually does is one reason I have probably haven't been to the movies and I don't have six years. And one of the reasons I don't ever go to the movie is is because. Maybe it's been or are. The right there is that under the previous is because I'm always you know trying to watch what I eat and I got a new theme aren't I cannot. And self control I don't I know self control and the pop aren't going zero. Zero point zero pot porn chocolate game out or pizza. So I don't drink so not my thing I do eggs fish agreed to go to what I'm there. A hundred fisheries. To adopt such about the rose candy hurricane season play off. Gross candy the breads. They she is all delicious beautiful African awesome man what are they called Swedish fish in the I bought a giant bed a mirror is gonna might have a exotic candy. For credible man. I like what he raps so how are we might miss the old days yeah our right snow has remove it didn't matter some caps discussed a year discussed necessarily represent American snow Catholic school chocolate flights and they have the white sprinkles on them anything or sprinkles slowly seeing you know Blake's now look I think obstacles at the chocolate. Today is the NBA draft Phoenix as the number one pick followed by Sacramento Atlanta Memphis Dallas. The magic the bulls the cavs. Knicks and the 76 Ers. You only get in the top ten and only the whole lottery well because that would be a long segment. Now wrong Robert told us that the jury's still out on the country and Roberts are NBA draft primer and Eric's mother I would I was told lyrically I'm going to have to that are in the early teens and I'm Barbara Olson stirring the heat and Don church yet so there. Odds are not Ampex related to another gonna get to make such crap now hiring ex. I wanted to fourth made on the top ten that would be the highest pick in yet the U recent history anyway Italy since since the seventies. You see Memphis wants to trade the number four overall pick if it means that they can also. Get rid of Chandler Parsons contract he's got two years in fifteen million dollars remaining on the contract will be amazing to keep some out and involved not spoken he'd give the grizzlies to get that number four overall pay and they'll they'll take Parsons due to contract with that you know but. Can he give the grizzlies make this deal happen skull. The Marlins plus the giants six to five and Brent Andersen though he continues to break. The grounds keeper your street for five and RBIs the Marlins are off day they start a series with the Rockies on Friday. You wanna hear a little bit Deval old white guy old white reliever mark Lance and he's a reliever for the San Cisco giants. Yesterday morning in response the bean ball or stake in place Monday and Tuesday night with the Marlins and giants he. EU can't get too happy when you do something good. You have my perspective loosens its he just was disrespect game now. I'm all for being excited and and being happy get a base hit there. There's nothing wrong with that. We're pulled the bat out too long and flipped the bat in the ground person continue to job. And to me it looked like you look at history. That's shown it's not even you know be happy so riveted team didn't do it right but to. Other anybody's face. Charlotte giving away pit bull all heads on July 29 Lincoln wired I can tell and appeared to Miami. Fanned order light dislike blonde completely different. Variety diagonally at all but I mean why why any given what people. Why not stealing players. While Warren Durham PG accountable and that's who did their duty decal public to know why. But they're even running marlins' players we don't arrest. Also importer one. That looks a lot like Chris wrote ESCO but he import from similar if I was Chris Cody Ed gurus wondering given that 100 I. On that that's kind of near I would do posters career at their returning a lot of room. And just tell people look at the government ought to telegraph the Portugal beat moron had Berlusconi was standing outside the gates when they're out what they're given out does not an importer is what that name. They're given how the semi kid bubble it's Chris Cody to stand in the air. And Mike offering to autograph people would think it's him or doesn't it the biggest guy walk outside look let its limits what they do. I don't know when I'll hit it look up please. Let its our show is probably listening to us right now okay X again rip their shell. That's clearly a debt they have to do her percent is half Chris Cody hang out. In front of one of the gates July 15 okay that's cool look I'm giving you great idea right guys I know you're listening all right that's cool yearly a bit they have to do is have Chris Cody. Hang it outside one of the gates when they're given way to Bobble heads any is offering to autograph the ball that he liked that's a home run bit. You gotta do you welcome. Portugal beat Morocco won millions or here's what it sounds like site. There's just no room until probably the idea. Denying it. Over the you're might not Saudi Arabia one mills Spain defeated I ring and that one no 8 AM. About eleven minutes ago Denmark and Australia Kate document I turn on the TV that all that do. 11 AM France in Peru and it to BM Argentina takes on Croatia. If you didn't live like. Any athlete today is your knowledge so the obvious answer. Yes he could live the life of any athlete is yeah is an obviously Arnold out yet stealing as he's he's he's. Be your most famous athlete in the world and he's the highest paid athletes in the entirely on LeBron he's Auburn being. Exceptionally attractive on the front and icing on her when our rob Brady Tom Brady not because there are Mary can. They're too I think they're too like especially with. With that you know America with football I think in particular American football like that's not gonna miss crush friendly carriers just like Christiane is your girl for you have a girlfriend who he just had a child with Chris Sharon model also has multiple children that he's use a Sergei for a I have are re I don't think he's adopted any of these kids I think are all to go for the the heiress surrogate. He used to irrigate he's had multiple kids in the past spreading his seed no no he would be doing the opposite of that essentially he wanted children didn't want to be married or just didn't even. Apparently have a child with somebody at the time to keep. Used to Sergei for minors like an egg donor IC was used and he wasn't he was at. He's got a rain may not take metal and making no he didn't care about like they are living in the middle top absolutely. From what I understand he had an egg donor and had some kids yell amen to enjoy asked them all different world and he'd just had a baby I believe Billick his. You know announce series. Believe think MA NS up in the suck but oh well out of this sex or writes an amber he got to put a couple of NASA shall not bumper I mean higher missile thought out stunt on the and I do appreciate. Instead Graham followers. Know that needs three segments that Tom. Is spectacular. Yeah I am you bet look up what's happening with Mr. Big a lot of tight. AKA Kemp Jordan can bring tears to open season moves. Illustrate. And it's also practice against not NBA players. So it was. Are you excited about the fact that he says he's been playing pickup games with Dion Waiters and he says Dion has an unbelievable ceiling to him that he looks at group rates. He's been working out really hard earned welcomed the comeback fun yet he did it Chris everybody uses Sergei first heads. I believe I am on trying to tablet that up and you have IC just confirms what you think is widely believed that he is a stared at for his three oldest children two of whom are twins. His fourth child a daughter was just born to his girlfriend now. And they are still together so it is it is believed that he had read children. The real answer is now writes good for him. A spring ball aren't any else. And who announces entrusting them while working out she'd he's like I'm known for awhile. So the church a common Margaret. Hello mr. unity slip of my sister's. Friend's sister in my reroute the summer Arnold oh. And. Good for her. SPN is reporting that the cast of no desire to trade Kevin Love no matter what happens Sean B we'll sit. Let her Wilson. James tells a Miami Herald that the indoor football facility should be ready for use by football camp is he here on August tell you we're. How kind our rights. And we'll settle down. Any else. And Janus Winston. Is preparing to be suspended at all we're instead Davis. Reportedly unhappy assault and drug that's. Electable patent something so stupid right c'mon it's exit 67 guys that vortex or writes or any reason for heat fans watch the NBA draft tonight I'll tell you why next. And Saturdays and our sister station the shark and coconut grove business improvement district said that it goes streets team Korea fully. At least for now folks to land a funny name dreamers. And so on the streets downturn and grow internally to speak Marty. On my cell number and hardware guaranteed low prices more than nine years visit shell lumber dot com. And by the semester covenant growth. Answer Manson and nine in FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. It detects in the show's 67 ninths import tax rates are there any reason for heat and to watch the draft tonight. The drafts at 7 o'clock there's a lot of hype around strapped cut it is it it it looks to be a deep draft. Lot of good players going to be selected in the lottery and you wall so could have a lot of traits and that that's I would tell you as a reason to watch yes. You are without a draft pick tonight's OK and you know they're not. Look at a quiet second round pick me want to bind their way into the second round that's that's totally possible but that's why you watch and you're at your watch him because it is you want to see if either aid he'd make a trade like. It's of the you don't plug its tight they got their draft war room the same thing everyone else's tonight to right. There on the phone in the making calls or don't stuff so what you're watching deceived the heat are involved in any trades and also watching deceived. What trades the other teams are making 'cause you know the domino effect could it. Then involve the heat's so this money on the line eight in tonight's draft. That could potentially. Affect. Heats. I can only imagine the idea. I don't imagine when you're going into the draft to one of the kids is going to get drafted. And this really no definitive like dizzy on dreams and number one appears to Phoenix but after that. You really don't now it no one seems to have a good pulse. Of where. What player is gonna wind up getting selected if you're one of these guys you wanted to kids is invited to the green room okay. Man I'd be so nervous just about right. What are the live for the next five years marriage doesn't if I had to lift its very experienced it's got to be so strange thing dropped and they're gonna or someone else gonna pick where I'm going to live. For the next five years that he's like Robert Hogan look eating get drafted sorry the. She not why we're sitting with. Hey man told members of the team is going into the draft. But going into the draft. It thought you were going to be drafted so goaded the draft did you think about that oh it's like wow I wonder where I'm gonna have to live for the next heed our source. Definitely they had a place like please don't wanna live there. Like that you just Levin and McCain both. Really anywhere backup north. Tell the truth. Pretty early afternoon sitting there is miles per hour is known figured it up. I'd once he got over that at. I give them the only place that I really wanted to go up north was either going to be in my hometown merely Detroit Lions. That was the only place I was considering you're going up north or the Denver Broncos don't want to go it sucked when needing drafted as a so. Your piece if you had your choice. Where he Coolio wanted to tee and not based on teams based on city of living it's based on weddings right right it better choice league where you'll. Actually didn't realize all sound like there wasn't I didn't wanna stay. Are always like into doing like different things that are wanna do something different I don't wanna like stay status quo and stale kind of so I'll. I always want something different so I wanted to go to Denver I still yet to have gone to Denver I've never been to Denver. So I've I've always wanted to go there and checked out seat things dom I always wanted to play for the Broncos. On the Steelers was actually my favorite team. But I didn't want to play there Nam because. Because the other. Yeah I remember seeing bubbles game for as a reprieve and through their helmets and Sima. The cold cold cold or the frozen tundra your credit wanted to do that place either so is is is anyone. Is anyone interest it is anyone. Interested in whether or not lead Angelo ball is going to get drafted and I. These now do you keep track of that we knew we want. To be examined the ball sounds 'cause I'll beans and then cutting to write I write a note there's anything going on right now. Heard from them for so long I think no wait no that was not an on how you were away last week you're in the news a lot yet when using a lot of her not to spank. No no they weren't you spoke Britain Spain and limited node only an amusing essays and Lithuania and it's it's no they when there's a lot last week. And I mean he he's not getting drafted and two more things he has. And I must be your dreams on an interview getting the Angelo ball in his draft firm after he does he get drafted. Until well. It causes a huge mistake. Do you have. A second round neck. Okay lakers traded for a second round pick yes Selig to wonder what that means that the lakers trade for a second round pick yesterday so they can rapidly Angela ball. Traded a second round pick last. You think you think LeBron one's Angela Bol on his team. No but I I'm I'm I'm wondering how can I play Jersey tributary to try to make your team the most attractive possible bit to get. Poulter from. Ron all I don't think that LeBron is going to play with lines a ball I think if LeBron goes there they're going to get rid once the ball right but but for forever now we've heard the bar balls saying you know my son. Will sign his next contract. Were never all three of my boys can play together. And he's also been telling everyone who's willing to listen in the lakers they should draft we Angelo ball. And he's going to get drafted the lakers should draft him and all you need is good at it and how this was last week all he is Alonso. Jello and LeBron that's championship okay. And and the lakers is it to second round picks they traded for one of them last night. It to the center of excellence 39 overall. And 47 overall. It's how would what he did they traded for Zoran Dragic. In the in the in. That crazy. I think like any changes and that I will I will be keeping an eye usually I'm not dug into the second round of the draft. I only speak even 92 round of the draft tonight because I wanna I wanna make shortly Angel ball doesn't attract XTB does get trapped it we know that that is sort. If he gets drafted. Just so we can talk about it here. To talk about we need to know idyllic Heatley attacks note no everyone's gonna to attack that. That distort it legal ball gets wrapped it inexplicably. Because I have yet to find including one gap right now. I've yet to fine in the last six months when people start compiling. Mock drafts and all the rankings I have yet to find a single mock draft. That has him getting draft. If he's. From basketball perspective he's the weakest of the ball sun's race is not what we've always turn I just need a little easier on the teen Murti quit whatever is on the little one this is the little Obama's post because he's a big idea obviously Alonso ball. What's what's good and and youngest ones it's hop fly I think it's a lion. But who's obviously Dracula are now I think he's the one who the Marcelo is at least I Alonso Jolo the brought in and we all know what he's. Well it's an Emerson though idealistic part of that is if they dude Jeff Angelo it's kind of signal it opened it and get LeBron. 100. How bold ball signs there our analysts don't you think you're gonna LeBron like Atlanta LeBron I don't I would tend to agree wit that doesn't like you you think they know by now if LeBron is coming and coming into good indication what I mean. I don't know if he's if he is coming I don't think they would know if he's not come does that make sense adding I don't know LeBron is coming. I think they don't think they're up in the air they don't know that doesn't mean that he's not. The lakers used drab to everything will help you whether it's a weathered a pick that you think you'll be able to trade away during whatever moves LeBron when she MA. Or whether it's somebody who you think we'll play well look for with the pricing what do you do as you just take the best pick eaten yet not spies. To try to help. What ever situation your points here running Timothy forward hands the ball it is not that he's not your aspect. And if you're in the ideal LeBron is set on going to LA the reason you think that they would know he's commenting is because they got to make who's not like with the heat because. There wasn't really any repercussions of LeBron and become like Digisette salary cap space. So this finally but imagine do lakers you wanna set it up to be the biggest super team you can possible. And so you wanna make pooled bank trade and free of even more cap space to maybe give Paul George and while. Sprout projected easily second round pick Americans. Voted against it will get drafted. Mu second. Project is a late second round pick his brows last time I even had two guys drafted in the same trap caution. Google a German. Your Shane Larkin was trapped it was anyone else traffic from that they'll go arrogant seem EC champion. Numerals drafted a year mean not a member Kenny Conte the tank dodging to drafted. Every school of Wii remote and player draft the sure it reminds all my my guess is that the canes will have multiple players drafted tonight's. Record I can't remember the last time that happened. It never. If ever. At McCain's had two match it's probably happen if it now they've had two guys draft. But it sells a long time. A lot of walker looks like he's gonna need Kabila. As projected don't look right now is projected number seventeen overalls and just outside the lottery but when you projections have him going in the top fourteen. And the lottery pick every goal. I. We'll call this a updates on ticket abroad by Miller Light you originally appeared only 96 calories great taste less feeling please. Celebrate. Responsibly. To Australia and Denmark are tied at one their level their level a gold piece. In the 42 minutes. World Cup action underway. Plus we got today when the two other games today. An early in Argentina. At 2 PM right Argentina and Croatia. Is at 2 PM what's though what's the middle game but the world cop France and Carew okay that's elevenths of France in Peru after this one. And then got Argentina and Croatia. Aren't very good what does France who in their first game and all Argentina. Day eighty they Giroux and draw their first game. What does France two in their first game as France is obviously one of the one of the better teams I don't remember what France did a few days ago every one of the favorites like Germany was there forward Jermareo worked there is friends is always good yeah our friends want. France okay to see your Francis three points. Self France won their opening game and you know and people. Complain that we don't do more World Cup coverage. This. Well who we we don't do the World Cup coverage AB has who or knock out pretend that we know about something that we know we don't no doubt that's a really even myself I I I just. Limit it myself I I look I like soccer a lot I'm really like the World Cup but I'll have entire momma very novice fan OK even though I'd like a whole lot. So I watch most every game of this World Cup and ice didn't you know rights to it's it's not we're not knowledgeable enough about soccer tournament bloody Americans a lot of new opens and the that they know what they're talking about two are gonna sit here pretends most of now Ron counts giving out our. I pray the big problem it's a zoo red card yellow card blues. And also sacked the matter is the last year. Also the fact of the matter is. You don't. We we talk about the things that are audience wants a year and got a pretty good pulse of what the audience in South Florida wants to hear about. And wall soccer is obviously the world's sports and certainly here because we have. Huge Hispanic population in this sort cubs are very popular here and that's really the approach the best in the country but not necessarily based on our Lizzie it's okay and so we we we know the things that most people wanna hear about. And today you know sitting and talking about World Cup for her for who had two hours three hours now if you don't hear. Is craze in that we vote is not in US without all these decades of trying to catch up ice and figured out it's just strange and fully its greatest. Keep getting I keep getting you know wax poetic by the so called soccer experts at on on on you know we just don't have the athletes and we don't. Weezer has spore which though yeah it's it's like a city. You don't is that our best athletes are good enough to compete on the. World stage are Niekro playing soccer and does say and I like are you just Iceland that has a population of 101000. Somehow had the athletes to put together to get a World Cup team and we don't. They're all playing football there all in American football. Look if soccer was the number one sport in this country. And what that would mean would be. Kids would grow up playing soccer first before football. Before basketball. We would without question beat the top soccer country type top soccer team. I mean top soccer team that we certainly be competing on the Reynolds we wanted to I don't see a lot of 65 people out there on the soccer field for the other countries. Like it's not like he's old and dying about every little. The best soccer player the world's 57. Edit ginger. I understand which is imagine imagine how good our teams be if you know it instead of sending our best basketball players. You know to play basketball on their kids and our best football players went for only kids that they were playing soccer instead. We don't want you guys were six foot 36 foot four bigger stronger and faster. And they'd be out there we need dominating soccer but our best players. Soccer's most popular sport the world's spotless when every other country every kid grows up once play soccer first is not like that including an hour our kids were doing that. We beat the best soccer we be the best. We won the battle at least we'd be in the conversation with the best you zombies here and you're told me just gets the World Cup we need the best athletes to get there. There is a very proper all the sports that we have our population in the World Cup before without our about tablets blankets are entered and got. I followers you compete with the other countries whose best athletes are playing soccer yeah you kind of need your best athletes playing soccer. I got exactly are you guys out there at the top 1% 1% 1% album. Any not freedom many man. But barely any it's a gym underground somewhere on and waits. To defend the United States not making the World Cup. OK I am suggesting are you Rihanna is that a thousand tone. Are you suggesting that. Of Americans that are best athletes are capable of doing that we clearly have enough capable athletes of supposedly being good at soccer league is a different divide there. And all I keep hearing is the same or don't know we just that's like how embarrassing that it has had the better athletes like now you have good enough athletes and it woke up. There's clearly a cultural thing that they do that you and appoint them at least doing they do but the point I'm trying to make is okay. All the little and all those who grew open Portugal all right virile trying to play soccer and in this country if all the little. Iran also began when we're throwing it out it's if all the little Antonio Brown ones if they were going up and playing soccer instead of basketball or Larry to wit we we'd be we'd be the best. And really that's exactly what is going to happen because your generation and the millennial stunning gives you are one even though you deny it. Your generation is not going to let their kids play American football what's going to happen is their point and playing soccer and you're going to get some of those on the phone video athletes. King American soccer and it's all of very different 25 years and you are going to be wrong deal. You can't tell me you're Julio Jones OK aside and replace some studies going to be on the outs anyone been amazing Socrates what's a good example of Ochocinco meant to say it was ridiculous price talk her mama saw and that's for not you know trying to play Donna just said. I had a suddenly of soccer's whole life you tell me it's only a dozen of the World Cup capable player right now in. Would the senate probably lying to be perfect be doing or purple ball witty age you doing in soccer we did an American football he may be that kind of soccer athletic and that's why it needs to change. Sent a country like you're being religious does like it same. Do you think that American athletes it's any sport whatever sport just in general. American athletes all or are what would would likely be the best athletes in the world compared to every other country due to an American athletes. In general is forced athletic says. A lettuce. Country is far bigger than than most happy up there and that yes. Just if you if you think the problem is that we keep looking at what kickers do currently forests in the kickers a kick in football right now he's got a guy like me not to throw shooter Matt Bryant a map Ryan looks like. I saw as far as the post or look like he was sending their grandfather of his kids he's bald. He's very had a shape he's short he's Friday stumping he's one of the best kickers in the NFL so that's what's leading our kicking game right now in the number once sought out of Russian sport. To find me a really good kicker that's in very good shipments of Russian genachowski. Like that is tour poster kickers going to be upheld and understands that Arnold has to its soccer oh yeah. And he's doing okay they wore us down there that's the visual we have a are very good kickers. Is the Matt Bryant's is about Russian genachowski is. Though or Olindo Mare might be your your. You're closest thing to a prototypical soccer player that we have down. It isn't some of those that appalled at the summit and a part kickers did grow up playing soccer that but that's just obviously sometimes all common thing in the and they switched. Like all these other athletes but I don't know if those guys had a becoming kickers who that you would have become about soccer players by any means I mean do. We're just we're talking about a criticism generally you guessed it your best guess athletic person. In America right you don't typically grow like soccer event. Al maybe your best guess in a kid like Antonio Brown decides about his whole childhood and set a point four ball to point soccer what he would he'd be a great professional soccer like my guess is yes. I think you'd be good debt. Liu because that's all senate having the ability uses hands and other things and there's a calorie I think is a lot different. Been running around being able to kick a soccer ball be able to people out of us. Christian soccer's actually a second highest lady's sport in America. Yes that the participation trophy so dot the landscape is very image changing. However you soccer still has a long way to go here from what I understand in terms of developing players the same way that they deal or the C used let's tell us a little. The popularity of soccer is oiler among dispute as people are not letting their kids play and. All week all week watchdog and there's three drills all down the field kick the ball in the goal. We invite any notes that fixed. In the third one Olympic gold medals and sharks. The ball from the other person and I get the ball score. So it's combining really the first do drills so it's really two drills put together. We we can't button okay athletes are in our society our population. Could ascend to the World Cup. By text or right of sexism in Louisiana and you brought a big ask nickel and focus on the movie. On him ignorance. Or bring in a food movie theater that the single rest now bring a big kick off when you finally got that. I know you like particles. Lebed's art show next.