ZRA Part 3 6-22-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 22nd
Flub Friday, Big Movie Not a Big Movie, Old action stars

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Did not flub at all. Who's the who's not a flow. What not come home school. And other World Cup news Brazilian and Switzerland tied the England being England's that's a big one. Please tell you any tips hits yeah and attempt to shoot a remixed put to do to. Yeah port Portugal Saudi radiate Arabia in the Siena Jose sharks in the Super Bowl McNabb puke in the huddle. Yeah yeah men now. Willie beamer also. There was a white glare flip the baton and earns a spot that we probably would get the same reaction today I agree I know I think black is black artist there is. Now my day two counts of residential burglary do you think he's gonna jump divisions. It's the west conferences conference Soria I dated early staff put Kleenex in her hands of time. Because her palms of Saudi that's that's terrible it was an X on rhetoric. It was an I can't handle him. And also a Gregg to Arial Arial apparently to Cleveland Cavaliers have inquired. About LeBron James. What did San Jose ever had any intent to release a statement on the traded on again I doubt they god I wonder if that was always San Antonio's intention they've really gave San Antonio operation as a transit. And gay is the second most legally head likely moments plural. Now it's it's bloated and and by the way deal was that the deal was never that fast he wasn't that content that's. It was fast. Break the record that for for years to come and really. Look up owner now looking up and has been fortunate to. Send that care. No I wanna see and. As of now. Thank you and I think it's over the bottom line is serious sunrise Jonas outdoors obedience he said ever live music kids activities food trucks body works. Yeah online music including grand funk railroad gates open at 430 parking and admission is free it all back you be searched all right snow shenanigans on trying to. We'll start off and on trying to. Sunrise FL dot gov for details or call 9547474600. Sunrise. July 4 they answer an idea FM one of four point 362. Tickets. Arie coming out blog it's Friday a case you know we got to find out what the big movies on what the not big movies are I saw ocean's day yesterday saw Matt name. My life presented back remain out. And snore you didn't want help quite a while would you sit in the background that's my guess in the I tell you some and so I got my seats you know I always I always reserve the scene where you sit in the theater sick for instance you have your pick of the litter reaper sit in the movie theater where are you sure go to spot. Well I mean you always in the middle of course all right but it depends on what high level. Ask your question okay like last and yesterday afternoon we saw oceans eight OK and oceans in the afternoon movies and opera couple weeks not. People in the theater so listen what a smaller Theres a background. Well it already routes so big tobacco route no big deal. Otherwise it is a really big Peter does he superhero movie you know as we a lot of people all wanna try and sit in the middle you know wanna try and see you know couple. Normally sit. A roller to behind the handicap access for a could hit middle road big game at Yale it's like a row or two behind that aren't right but but in the middle. So yesterday. We get to the theater is up to this handicap access approaches have been walking area not walking ten packs so that you could pull the wheelchair. Next to the you know person to with who's not a legal wheelchairs there and that big walking space know with the person who is does not need a wheelchair. Sits in the regular seat and is all its space next regular seat. So their friend who's in a wheelchair can sit right next in in the wheelchair. That's what that's spaces for you really dumb sometimes and a. Is sounder here. Still what you XY and south I tell you sat six H yeah. Our government to movies and personal with her before I haven't either but common sense man that's how it is at a lot of sporting Arenas is well yeah. Yeah I was over sporting currency are OK I ranked. So so we get to Peter yesterday about the tickets like our advance or reserve my seat is not a lot of seats that are taken obviously not you know it's a mentally afternoon it's Thursday it's ocean heats up. So biting you in the background our rights like in the mid. We get there okay. Walking in my seats sitting right next to our seats is another couple. Now. He's hired him feeder to pick a slightly Annika does show occupied. Yeah it's such a you got into higher beater to pick your seats they understand you wanna sit in the middle everybody wants to sit in the middle. Pick a seat for you did what at sea over. To sit too. We next T know why don't sit in the back because when I looked up when I see the film in the light coming through the window you can see the dust particles in it freaks me the hell out like particles looks so why I don't sit back there just washed straight. That is the minute I get down Herman a look promising dust particles from a prominent stuffy and sneeze in this whole movie I don't wanna sit here. So while moderates and I'm on the my breath the whole time as as as I sit down with. My wife. Pool feed approach. To leave next to someone. Very strange you really got a question people like that. Parents will do big movie not a big movie coming up in a few minutes Imbruglia here. Well my computer just started working again guys I've got to give you an update since I started Matt date starting at 5:30 this morning. Is sort where Greg and engineering excellence Treo because it stopped working at 5:20 this morning of course we go on air by thirty it's now eight a outcome. And right leaders are working so now. Big win or 790. The NBA draft was last night. Phoenix had the first neck. Yeah under Eaton was taken out of the University of Arizona here's what it sound like. Robert is given a B minus didn't love the tech notre gangs and I'm writes it doesn't have a cool name now. And Robert doesn't know what his motto it's like exactly like so many appraisers are Romberg strap analysis and like I like Columbia to Toronto when. Like dull when Dell call order right he he came out he was he was doing what Condit forever. He was rock and we'll conduct forever black Panthers style and yeah Jarret Jack I believe on the inside of his coat had rocked the votes present his way into that. Love what do ends anecdote that aligning her more around and no animals not only got mushrooms here you see an apparent. We weren't. I don't remember come only hands but what good does that movie you are you guys are incessantly quoting movies he's not your old bank due. I am remembering being very good but I don't and don't remember the movie at all I mean I you know you get the seemed defeats our right to you know a bit but it. Well it took the guy. Mush is. Yes I'm now old immigrant or governance and had all my guys are gonna guess a Blu-ray is on round tomatoes in the only just merely an -- segment on it its third marine was not worrying about it c'mon move it for Sacramento 82 had the second or Jesus picked. Of the that we unit amount. Came out 92 that was before tiger became sweeter. There was shoes mountains but there are tired and they're only spending minutes I mean they they came on a big eyebrows like Marian Robinson is still fall a strong. Faults and I'm Lisa called girls fine to that backwards congress fine it's fine. And that's to find top of the line you know ice ice like kernels is fine. And she fought. Others called bad you bring that back now she legacy she's high to bring back she's she's fine. Marvin badly this third went to with the second pick in the draft to sack from and I know. Lou good Don checked. Drafted by Atlanta than it did Dallas sees a course from Slovenia hits mother went by yep attempting to tell us she's fought. Jerry Jackson junior was the fourth pick remembered as great young and ethnic Catholics just about to Dallas ninety. Mental minks and Lee is like look at conscientious stamina from Slovenia came this past here I think they're playing Croatia. And like does he have any clue about Dallas does he know what Dallas Texas and just. He wants to hit Jennifer Aniston and Mozilla thing that was like super old that he wanted to do you want sabaya tiger. Penal and it it to it like Kris came out when foreigners tend to be much more knowledgeable about the world than Americans tend to be about the world's. There's a reason why do you several months ago united I need the best and that's the reason why. And he'll left Cooper sitting got out there or is that who has the best you might learn that that's all you so much you don't want to lead this country. Sorrows of the other please all the time I noticed you get your senior. We mean an American you know wineries here and you are now you. No the best the best country I I'd. I know every country thinks that there the past. And it's I don't know man has always includes an elderly man you know from now on the we're the best and worst. I don't. Think that. What was and it backed the NBA draft that they keep trying to tell you guys about the the suns they ended up trading away that 2000 when he won. First pick for first rounder pick that they got from Miami and that Goran Dragic steel that is now the 76ers pack so he cancer. I'm upset about not even though that he really had no talk about it all right everyone settled down. Money walker of the fortunately eat teens pick in the draft or he's on the errors in Miami went to San Antonio and he's in a pit spot lies replacement. Down Pat Riley spoke after the draft even though he didn't make any moves in the strap there were multi reports that the keeper trying to make moves may have been to the first round they obviously were not able to get that done there's the collecting her or however they may justice Winslow. Available on the trade by either way apparently held a news conference press conference after the draft. He talked about the taxes situation. Aggressive Summers are free agent Summers are room Summers. Are Summers when you know you have either cap space or. Tax base and to be able to really pursue somebody. It worked against tax we all we all know it you know what the the accounting situation is thus. Aren't very limited the summer I understand the answers rationed there's. The second time in three years were talking no. Draft it's no draft picks and and this time around for the second time thirty years. Now he's in no draft picks by its no free agency Atlanta had 31 round picks how come he couldn't figure something out with those guys. Bombing at Atlanta's made trades over the last couple of years I mean it's it's only Atlanta just did some in my opinion trade to get rid of one of their picks at an. I would say that because it because he play the mall owner with severe oh you mean why couldn't he trying get most Dixon Atlanta have a three. In a secluded little hawks don't want what these aren't all current calling anybody wants Europe and. Pat Riley. Discussed the has on Whiteside situation and then throughout this reality. I've been through this for fifty years so this is so. Cycle in the walking into my house and Chris yelling and screaming at me and I don't structure for two weeks then we get together and we carry on for another four years. So big deal. In two weeks of the wife. She. Says freedom does it comes in the boy's Brazilian I'll be back in two weeks like that on analysts what's a movie goodfellas. When what's his name walks back up on the porch and she comes a scream what the mother in law. Is is. On the back and only years of laughing slapping you right back and caught and he leaves for insulting. And Orion center we are having gone. Braly Edison run. I was marriage Manny signing of never building BI. I got a body and an older guy and he dated we dated and married a young girl a bomb like. During the time that he was dating her just took off. And went to the islands whose boat for a month and and like just left to with a bunch of money when he got Omega says she was mattered more but weird. And a month and a half Jew says you know and I'm out peace be back about a month. I'll tell you as a parent is a better I'll tell you critical thirty years younger. Eagles seen last night where Greece now on okay everyone hates Greece now on he's he's so duke okay. And grace and Allen was selected to when he first overall last night by the Utah Jazz with which really is is where he belongs and and right after being selected. He was greeted buying a huge. Hug and welcome from Donovan Mitchell which is pretty cool. That's pretty neat I mean imagine year year and they played against each other Blanche OK and college. Can you imagine that you grace and Allen and and the best player on the on the team who is is going to be a superstar in this league and adding to it. Andy comes in gives MA a a huge hog at that that's pretty neat scene I was. The last Pat Riley also discussed possible player movement. There and it has been a lot of discussion with a lot of teens about a lot of players. I just feel that there's a restaurant that does a restlessness on the part of teams and also there's a reluctance. To do things and you'll teams that. You know there was a high expectation level we even higher than ours that and a tennis season didn't end up well for them and they have. They have very good players. Maybe an all star players. There's been some contemplation but it's pretty hard to pull the trigger on that kind of thing. And I ranked them on board with a it's really has appealed that suspension it's pitching match up chain known though is on the hill against John Gray 8:40 PM first met. Leno goes so did you hear the whole situation Jews once and you know there's an Hispanic right there for three games you salt and over driver right you know allegedly. He grabbed a graphical allegedly. I was female. Chairman. No mean as some she says she alleged that he reached over and yes grabbed her private area. And held his hand their for regret seconds he claims that he was not even sitting next to turn it over and that she's pierced about to be in the. A long arms a degree from the backseat. We want to come looking artist so does the person who say acts are even having this confuses claiming it was his buddy he is just sit. It is a man whose company you keep. Third there there's there's rumors that that NFL actually isn't suspending him. Ford the actual allegation telling them that there is suspending him because he knew all the allegation and he did not inform the NFL before an allegation became public and that's really what is suspensions about. Is what the rumor at. So basically what I'm saying is this Tampa's gonna go for treatment agreements these. Not because of who to back up court and doing their back. My peers but he probably my beer to buddy that was in mass Cincinnati and I took. Yes pride is trying to mount a squalid backed up by yeah. You know I think. I can remember Tutsis percent Thomas quoted a bit so he's he's in Tampa right. But good the finger is a hundred losing is because of their opponents they have to see the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. They're the played the Super Bowl champs and they have to turn around and played the Pittsburgh Steelers bills and probably settle. But what they've been winds of Jamison was steady game fighting trainers sir it would it would again and senator towns and mining law is and there's a sponsor like three Pro Bowl quarterbacks in the Super Bowl champion. As well Israel's without wincing your plan rapa Spurrier breeze and you know we don't once or for the rest. This world soccer tournament update is brought to you by Miller Lite originally appeared only 96 calories great taste less filling you celebrate responsibly. Croatia defeated Argentina will bats three now. Free and stop Peru one million years what some Blake. At La. Since it brought gun. Not soccer balls done our drew even in Australia no delicate honestly. And I don't like soccer but I love soccer call hello starter all Metallica album bush spoke like we ought yen. I go in the studio and it's all soccer for the most part like the whole football coverage in American sports coverage is like an anomaly. So I wanted to be in studios in its all of your like bad ass soccer analysis people and tell me more like with what I answered during drought it's all accidents like awesome essence is none too difficult mentally it's a meddling. So it's just you want you know the and it's I don't know. And a right in the Alex scotsman that are in their two's volatile soccer legends are coaches former coaches. Former announcers like bad ass. Got to ask accents and I listen to them while we're prepped and get ready for a lot of college football games and and you know it's the calls are like it'll be really really cool. Ramona so boring is reporting of the lakers returned to wave spurs when they attempted to engage in trade talks about Hawaii. He reportedly quote unquote shut the door on them. One doesn't did you see John beads role Dion straighten. On Twitter after he was trapped and don't compare herself from eighteen to meet either dot dot dot I played tee to sneak but defense in all caps RD two. Ali are you can call to a call it's it right right not a 'cause he's got address it rates now you I guess now. That's a great girl. I gamer to know why he's here and thanks out gonna go out there like a college student. Where there are a lot of spoiler last night during a drop. On to smother. Because I'm seeing that downloads destroyed the NBA's note. Tipping drastic and I'll that you know what happened before the draft almighty god does and it was the best for the draft all good with your degree when he says he sent out yet weighed before she works both know I'm talking about that happened but here's what he's 88. He set up predictions hours before it ever does is essentially the. Here's what happened civic there's this other covered boat is on the desk right. And just is the jobs a southerly are loads we'll see you later a man and he goes often two's Bhuj chamber. And so immediately is the drop sides. Picks again test by shams. Stein. It's awards like the this. Ongoing wrote. And the way he did it he didn't say exactly like source. Such and such is taking Suggs says he'd be like. Highly likely. Are highly unlikely that the conduct its won't get picked by Atlanta here. He just reverse it or be like Sharon Jackson junior getting little they are the members grizzlies lays during and laser ring in on him so he would. Go well. Like they're dialed in on this kind of fixated on this guy they won't let this guy get past salt just troll the entire night it was really about which saw bill nobody tells closed shut up and especially did you know its core. The core as young punks who thought there was an agreement and they didn't go upon the gentlemanly agreement that was first put out there by the India. We'll begin a week and started next. Say this Saturday seven I did say in our sister station the shark. And coming to grow a business improvement district presented coconut grove street scene with briefed fully plugged in sets from out of Mayo Bonnie may be dreamers we are shutting the streets down and turn the roads and all ages. Street party. It's bonds by shell lumber and hardware guaranteed low prices more than nine years his shell lumber dot com and the semester growth. From and 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket our rights in the NBA draft last night a world cup of course going on. And it's the weekend okay yeah it is the weekend starts and another and everybody in the world and it's rarely gets off at 9 am our everyone has done a nine. So now thirty minutes we all have the weekend together. When you so that this morning by getting up at 9 AM for the week and so awesome he got a bunch of texting can that you were saying that during a 5:30 AM segment of course we get it. But people listen Dresser and a segment here that's also work. AM to two. Now Mac had at bank. Top ranked Frankel. Parity shorts still weren't nearly a noxious and I get in and out organized trying to that Friday's schedule Orioles a 9 am and the weekend riots it's the bomb connect. So it's the weekend this year is upon us that means all in all around their Sanyo was as a month I got an out and now I got to know what the big movies are and what the not been. That's right on television you want to everyone and remind us how this works. We'll list off some movies that are they're coming out. You tell us and I think it's a big movie or not having and all right now I did see a movie yesterday in an icon of the week and started early. Honest to don't ask me out ocean's eight I saw that yes say the pain that it was okay. All right what he got for us today or stuff. Jurassic world full and kingdoms okay all right this movie out today now it's an. Action adventurer scifi kinda deal all right. It's PG thirteen. Yes and intense sequences. Of science fiction violence apparel apparel. Now I get this Chris Pratt. Got a dummy be perfectly honest abuse try to rescue dinosaurs. One of these dogs can alert our right to get rid of the dinosaurs. Now Pratt yeah uncovers a conspiracy in this when he sounds like somebody thinks they can news. These dinosaurs to take over the long been a great plan and it controls on dinosaurs had always work out that'll come off for a the tomato meter has 53%. And we Zedillo's very average of course he is 65%. So people like it all right elegant mourn the critics deal. I think is always going to be fun OK not great but won some big movie here. Next up. He gets the death across town wow OK you know about this movie is he gets after across town on a little bit. Came out today it's a comedy alright shameless. Hot mess easy she wakes up hung over as path of the kids call that hung over idea. And then she finds out her ex boyfriend is celebrating his engagement to her ex best friend. At some blue she party across town night that night. Now she's desperate and rage and Sheehan walks at a frenetic quests across Los Angeles in trying to break up the party. And she wants to fulfill her destiny forced to lay all our being hung over ball I catch you know I don't know picked the wrong right drinker also in this movie is Haley jewel Oz and you remember him he's in this movie he was acute care and six cents not cute anymore now looks excellent. I hurt. The tomato meter has this 53%. So average audience scored 19%. The audience hates it I never even heard this movie before some gone not a big movie. Come on up next up. Super fly them. Super fly to line is you know last week it's an action adventure a little bit of mystery suspense riddler. The violence language strong sexuality. Nudity drug contents. All the things that you like Romberg. And now it's a remake by director acts he's director of bunch of music videos and Drake Rihanna. The start this movie is Michael Kenneth Williams you know that is you recognize that name Michael Kenneth Williams he's a more from the wire. An iconic television character his own war from the wire Robert just found out about the wire last week are right obsessive clay Davis. Love please do this let's play Davis sank should. And noon. That's right. He's had Cecil clay Davis she does and we czars Omar tomato meter 51%. Rotten tomatoes audience gives it sixty threes is OK okay. I'll go not a big movie night and stand out to me I'm not so into it I don't know I'd rather listen to play Davis duke shot from. Yet time blow morning Tilden won more here we go god the Gotti. Came out last week it's drama it's rated all our strong violence and Scott were out probably call pervasive language pack. Now Dottie. It follows an infamous crime boss called John Gotti. And his rise. East China and the head of the Gambino crime namely in New York City you heard this guy. Well I mean he still he stole Rick Ross's name okay so there could be an issue there you know copyright stuff. John Travolta as the store. He is a Scientology's level owed TV deal that means psychology. Operating. Threaten five. That's the psychology up all the the Roman numeral B it's really impressive. I'm totally money you have to pay to get CO TVA level inside politics I'm totally kidding I have no idea what any that nonsense means it's its complete gibberish okay. Tomato meter is giving Gotti. 0%. Works how is it impossible something how is that even possible there must be some conspiracy there I heard them discussing that on the other arts and actually to be in the audience or. Tomato meter gives it 0%. The audience score is 61%. Have had a. That makes sense doesn't make any sons are some that there's something and with that but the critics did with the smoothing. Or something they all got together and decided not day you know tell read easier it was happening. It's very strange. I mean the headline from my entertainment weekly's review it starts out saying it's not a good movie. That's the opening headline how this one from New York Post the opening headline your New York Post I'd rather wake up next to a severed horse said than ever watch Scotty again. What hurts me. 0%. I I'd listen this may surprise you but I gotta go not a big movie. Terrible. And that rate debt. Is big movie not a big moment. You brought to mind. Yeah digital light years and only 96 calories great taste less filling. We celebrate responsibly. Once the movies yesterday when the previews that I Saul was for the new Mission Impossible movie and still. It's called fallout Miller Tom Cruise Julia yeah looks great I've only seen. I've seen I think the real emission apostle has seen the first one I've seen the second one and I've seen what I think is the third one it's lethal Seymour Hoffman which unlike a lot OK so in love the first one. Elect the second one and off the third one like a lot and I think they're two more there's another one. An editing this. Aren't we haven't start peering postmark from chartered. Yeah idea yet he's a starter he is no longer among current and yes he is now an Angel and so. It's great okay but more and Tom Cruise man in the preview ladies' tees kick ass looks awesome super. 'cause the other guy movies Henry Cabell who of course plays to a man he'd be looks Tom Cruise is great all congress'. Only houses in. Guess. That. It's 56. Years old saw that movie that I saw what Tom crew is pretty recent claim America was a bear. Merrick with the piling yet where is a pilot whose name I'm doing crazy he's he's a bead. Run across this Rick and he that movie was actually really good. And I was a first Tom Cruise movie eighteen. Along. 56. Years old men in the years Tom Cruise going to be sixty okay. She's still gonna be big action here 06 years old running a stop them you know those whose own stunts to. He deserves it and it just gets all the machine Mosul so that's all his stuff I'd ever there was one of those movies made his Mission Impossible or even what they had to stop filming or they are totally different because that you broke ankles like that sir you also struck so to the senate plans planes taking off. And he was on the side of a giant plane and I don't talk to you he doesn't have to. It doesn't after apparently is an argument with a lot of news with the movie making has a lot decently be pointed to last stop on. Mom I've been I've been. Caught in the trap of the YouTube as of late the last couple nights and I've spent my last couple nights watching YouTube clips so polite funny parts from movies in my about a sports movies. And I stumble across tropic thunder and I probably spent two and a half hours last night watching all kinds of topics deleted scenes. Commentary. Interviews with Tom Cruise about his character on tropic thunder and it was awesome Tom Cruise in tropic thunder is the greatest acting. John of his career unbelievable because when the movie ends and I don't know until the credits roll that that was Tom Cruise clearly ease an amazing job in my mind you know I need a massacre when they are doing great actor little insight on. They were doing right through the reading has been Stiller called couples like payment to read the script forming news radio report. He goes in their toxic music I play one of the characters and sellers like which when you play and he knows I want the guy that runs the agency. And is it what you wanna duty goes I just want fat hands. And I wanna be bald and wanna dance you'll want. He goes I wanna dance I want fat chance was what I want backhand he goes. Oh showed you so they do that they do to read and it was funny and then all of a sudden he had his first make up. Assortment or whatever that's called. And he shows up on certain pence to alert loses his mind because he's just search dancing. These sorts moving to new music he's a beast he's a medal in the movie is DMX that he dance has no Psycho Ludacris I don't know it and boom. And who dares. It's remarkable role and I guess all the co stars that are that like if you watch if you watch Matthew McConaughey in one of the scenes where he's yelling. At the terrorists over the phone. Matthew McConaughey he's faced they had to go to a different angle because McConaughey was losing his mind especially when Tom Cruise started dance I had no idea was Tom Cruise until the credits rolled up crazy. No idea. Easy so pretty do a Mission Impossible Wii's at six years old and it's still fly mana I don't know. You want and what aces at what point action hero a point does the actor gets ready for some believe he's gonna take on something he's probably going to be like the guy that helps another no way he'd be there even on to restoring in the films are zero or Jack creature worries about us via Jack creature NC analysts most prepared. Are there any of the old action heroes me it will be in the eastern rite masons or exactly who I am the am and he's an only started doing that rule within like the last. Eighteen years 1015 years now Tom Cruise been doing this role for very long time. He's almost sixty years old looks awesome okay almost sixty years old Brazilian Neeson. We am Neeson is I mean Intel and look at boldly Neeson is my guess is we knees and sat and Harrison Ford is really do this anymore I mean I know he played you know I know he reprise on solo in. You know and so important and Robert Downey junior who played the guys that don't think this controls on who can Robert does not old man. Robert Downey's Oldman playing like a superhero. The superhero when I don't know he Robert Downey is old man really knees by the way 66. Hole and all Roland Roland Albany's blamed on us out of the I would just owns W for its 55 years old. Retief forfeited by your little kid isn't tipped it. In action here early just roll and is playing like eight annie's Plano up. A guy who's in the CIA and not a prone to laughter it's a totally believable he wanted to be like Tom crude. Just roll and it is clear it's wholly believable as well as is shopping offer of helicopters are. Doing it anymore you don't action just came out and another action movie yeah I'm chief Ted beefed up. He's doing like you know him die hard stuff yeah. Let's talk about jumping all the planes you know they get getting its you know a serious fights there's a big Hollywood pushed me all that's memo bad ass. It's got a member Robert Downey junior play an Iron Man like he's fighting in iron and soon. It be eight years old finance. You know. Tom Cruise almost sixty and still jumping out of planes I find believable. As well I'm not confined to believe Boyne. He's not almost sixty yet what about the Taliban has settled down you almost towards him means up. I live pretty anonymous or no you're not almost four I Hamels sport bumpers mid at its bowl let the next Mission Impossible movie he will likely be six your merry go home. The I was gonna say Rambo on he is he didn't yet he's along with the public old the last 3M O movie came out Salome was wrong they just amount wanna know a while ago it was a while ago but he was probably Elin wants out it was within the last ten years last Rambo movie king announced the leaders probably pretty ill figure this alone is seven. Right Sloan is in his seventies. And held rocky came out he knew he had to Ben 25 I was 4040. Some years less from those 2 dozen yes so am and how old was alone in that you've probably sixty. So we sixty the last Randall and anyone. Who is six. On Connery did it for very very long time. And horses and later the individual fight scenes or likely Troy appealed karate one arm block command through the right cross. And they're in slow motion is unbelievable analysis Denzel Washington tax or not. I'd still works still aren't noticing. I don't know but Denzel is not too little rule worries jumping off the plane stopped you know latest lesson we Denzel did he hit man completely believable. And you know he's completely everything slows down is able to see things before it happens kind of slows Valerie walks in what the Russian market is trying to choose on broker non at least they're gonna breakfast with more on what are upon new Rambo coming out lamenting what's meant new rhetoric as. Stallone will be you know. I'd never seen Rambo and. Mu. You had to live through something. A definition. Here's the scene and Rambo the last one on the ball he's got a moderate at the made sued airspace and usually huge. The time. You have the nutrition and good to have the know written. Osama pretty good it's bad to get the number of. Like it. All right that sits at the end of our show show's over for today and Friday. Everyone's on non weekend now to three day weekend for everyone what a surge says Arianna are we out of Ireland. Military today no looked an in car the best I'm tired show coming up not on the way about back as well we're done here. That shows over for the week it's gone that. Does that mean other starting to take their 8000 days of vacation that they take turns I'm not gonna talk. Now that like to know. Turned into a few. But that is calypso new. Chills over lowest on the. Jim McCauley that you gotta give you got to get the point to Toby need outlets are salary gonna for fifteen years economic stopped again did appoint you get your arms crossed Ileana got to eat out. I'm a two over and hit the button until you check out but don't. But go home. This is one of those things we got to stay on the air because of personal and work and. All I remember when they did god tell us a couple of years ago and got it from rural we used to show up every day. And every day they'd be like oh my leg as he needs. Sandal that I am today goes love does does the next 800 days off. My packet on the spot and Connecticut mom bomb shook to the your pack it up in not pointing any given employ a completely undone. And the week and. Secret. About. Have a goal. You know.