ZRA Part 3 7-11-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, July 11th
Lou Ferrigno & Ariel Helwani interviews, Roms' gender reveal party

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Can Clinton change who who. Then. Com point seven points and Mike Ryan and members of the shipping container and say wait you'll grow that watch the soccer game at 2 PM. It will be growing as independently owned brewery in order to win would arts district get there. But might get its groove this afternoon brought to buy and set in nineteen FM one a four point three HD two. The ticket to Texas shows 6797. Or. OJ Simpson got jail for stealing items at gunpoint that he believes still belong to him boy yeah of course meaning you do at gunpoint was just stop. Now incidentally belonged to him but even if it did to start stop let's say did belong to him still it's a distilled since it's a stick up. It can't do that it'll be right to steal items at gunpoint some yeah. And politics residents as well how about he doesn't give her stuff in the first place I ain't outta be ready girlfriend. You never given a girlfriend stuff that was I didn't meet. Usually that's you know clearly work like I give your girlfriend stuff that's so that's LB relations of the work. Allegedly I mean he may not I'm sure he's arguing that he didn't actually. Give the stuff to her with the intention effort keeping anti mean that the funds you know again there's arguments probably could remain on your time this. Does it right scuttle about ESPN only said anything about grace and Allen yesterday nothing about the heat's like what. Would expect grace and Allen. Is a very. Known player he was a very polarizing collegiate player for several years. And no one on the heat's summer league team is nationally. Recognized. No. Grace now and is a nationally recognized lately. You think people are tuning in there watching sports center on the show on some early action and and we give it a rap about Duncan Robinson they should all okay down here weren't interested was doing backs down here are more interested. It would expect a resounding no baby Souza breakdown more Walt junior mandate morality expects. Anyway. All I've got to mention on the whole slew of written up incredible Hulk my. No I think he's right at all you're kidding me yet he's you right now I don't go to. Golly why would somebody have looper and snowing here and I don't know length morrow and not us Robert go into the don't check yeah I don't remember to be I don't remember no debate with people what he'd be here you wanna get out. That the happy hearing him yet he legally deaf. Yeah go go there are AG deadly once you ready he's still here are going to drug studio loop written as their original goal I'm not. These are not clues letting your in the Romberg run around the building. No original gravel walk he's here. And let's see left and unless Coleman it's the slowest tough Russia earlier funding for a really tell you what you guys remember aloof for no foe where is as the incredible Hulk short memory for. I don't know really how many times did he win the Olympia Lake Powell thing. Bodybuilder dude it's about he's okay and the most famous body builders to ever math reason even got those girls to begin with at. You can't find anyone who you say hey Lou Frey you know what are you know him as. Everyone says incredible. I'll know there's a lot of people who know him from his by about a brittle and you know them and I never saw the original. What do swords and all you know Schwarzenegger from being a world each idol idea body scanner or yeah seeing you know action hero. Well wells by. You certainly know him as a incredibly famous bodybuilder mats incredible Hulk and the fact that robbery not back get a feeling it now he's gone slim just walk. Ball wacky and it's easy garner still you have written out. That's pretty cool. If he's not Browner building innocence mega budget had little you left your seat once the entire show with spiraling so straight at that that doesn't ever get up in the studio there in the south and comfortable. And it's very odd we should talk about that a all the rest let's get up during breaks we walk around on. You stretch your legs or any real blood flow you've been sit in the same seat and it 5:15 this morning yet haven't moved 100 no no water. No bathroom. In a new coffee. Weird but I'm good no problem. This story headlines you're c'mon. Stella UK XY AM South Miami and go US at that Saddam BHD to Miramar. Radio. Come station. Always look for snow and ice tablet is also let you know it's the end he's happy. Like he's out of Sony's inevitably was that chart Thai queasy comic con going on super calling us. I usually go and summer he's lunar landing this year solid on this earth so do you actually here for as incredible mental attitude. I'm I'm like I'm one from six the midnight dude I'm I'm super familiar big are you kidding me. Before I I'm not a fan I'm not a fan of anything and I'm a fan out of that like I grew up. In love with the incredible I had the incredible hold all in my longer than. Like throughout Saint Louis signature Hewitt podium and say hello regions on the Indians and handle. I'm trembling yet I usually don't win out through I'm so excited are now. Slipped when he gets it every inning gave live on the spring and just it just think our god want to simulate a deficit down your name on TV show up for a long time and money here. Stories I'm not queens yet sweet skin decree of greens are really doing is that they use now loop current training grunting it claims is Xenia residents. I'm glad that this is that this is a 100% true story so Cyrus and oh by the way Lou for nose and only in it happened is that this this is a model line to the last thing I'd probably cried watching. Was when the incredible died falling out of your partner and crack and crack the cement lines in Iraq I remember I was I was very shocking as a child do I put that on May be no I'm 85 years ago and I sort of crime against Jacques in its stupor sumo world but. I was like tearing up because I must have polygamous to flashback because. I was I was like are broken when incredible Hulk there was a no win no he's not dying and on the plane yeah. Now's the end of the series and so accurate mountains made my day this is meant that. Sam why you know an incredible like in the movies in the more bowl it in the marvel movies. Well Robert this. And and view it won't soon I. Mean yeah I'll tell you do okay and you do. What they saw all of us as pleasure to have you only got time for us. Our rights. And easier for comic con Reich is coming and going on. If Darryl young artists through the car there it's super and Tonya Scott Hebert on done threatening competency and the super con is the one down here. Well Lou for no of course you know that we all know incredible Hulk not Romberg here who's a former professional football player he's huge and yours and him know that I say offering no he's down August what. Got about the seat on the mind and it's hard to answer runner on the feasibility can actually save the last the last show I I actually crying on when I watched. Was at fault when your. Falling out of the airplane to just put it in like five years ago again to just see it again I don't take what you VHS. And I started teared up again miles and oh my god I can't believe I'm here and up watch him a split the right he's outta steam because the put the king Donna could that at an air show we put them back to film the revenge of the hole put up with the parents are right. Who do want to the show ocean than Vancouver. Like the way this film that former foreign to us that there. The song and everything was just like to hear the song going from any medical or adult critical look right now no it was awesome it was dramatic for a child I remember also watching as a child had cripple his debt what you're just lion and it's meant to all aha village. For a child that can get through this UT officials back into Super Tuesday that like the good guys didn't die. You know there was it a lot different back then TV says it isn't that didn't. Well the idea that efficiently find one plus you know prophylactic thing about apply the Paducah and there are. Cadel pancreatic cancer of American parents on that. So tell us. Florida super con you're here you're gonna be there making appearances tells lead. And support ratio and tomorrow you have to be at the continental fortify official who were part of our through their priority at this and you know you have like 10 o'clock in the morning of the rupiah at peace. To be over 6000 people. Great show how my patient might post is we have so if you we have Cuban navy at the professional photo op at these kids a chance that they have a good arms between family of 43 generations. It's great for kids because nothing to do to a set of you know a lot of the greatness who with the celebrities. You do you do these Q and a.'s ad that these super con conventions what's what what's the question you get asked muscle. The Burmeister to count the path of hope about the episode about the make up how filming and now how to effect if realized that explicitly advocate for a personal funds back to the typical courts and answers or to act with. You had cameos in some of the and that the marble incredible Hulk films right you get and some of them present before it's too for the home. And which ones have you had cameos it was at the incredible all the wrong with that order. Givers to. The woman in north and the world that are better than I walk out with bill Standley. Okay at school this to analyze it magnified because no one knows economics now blossomed yeah I still an old so let's medical experience that all those using it to come back in the already don't. You made my whole life this person was Stanley because when I was yell at the kid Mike Levitt used children to be the comic book for its own or who always want that was stay in the so your comic book fan. You don't yet or should stay for the whole column. What was that was that one of your favorites and I the first issue of fighting men have affairs to issue a hole because for a trade from Boston McAfee. Patrick felt only good about it or the person in power that double right now in my hair figure to a trade off the developer agreed by up body for the benefit that's that's. Amazing though if you grow up as a kid and your reading incredible comics power and and and empower and that you get to be incredible. That's about it cultural currency yeah what was it like when you try outs for the role of on incredible while too. Rain for the next conservative or mr. Olympia it was socially to win they have to screen tests subsequent to forthright after the well was I knew that par was marred. And overly critical group that I could look what it's about it's matter of fact they were shooting a hook with which you can you put into attention on the big guys haven't too. He's in fifth at park. Who had to reshoot the part that with effort this week or the next day. A marvelous and look at the Mayo queen dies white guys we may cup favorites of what we're doing here and the rest is history. It wasn't like them the first Sunday you saw yourself on on the TV show and and I mean like island well. I was excited I know and that of actor. Time and quickly you know prosecuted by the camera market percolating and everything's total came completely and quickly so right at the very quickly broke. With the show hit the I mean I couldn't. Cover my face that we could heart. Became huge piece of terror to its feet nationality in the world. Yeah everyone everyone knows like I mentioned to amber I'm like elephant no you don't incredible he easier in in in in the studio and she's like he's he's an Olympic he's a bodybuilder Lego world a world class he agrees yeah like I I and I know ivory snow from incredible Hulk so so is is that the role did you get recognized most for incredible Hulk still even today. Oh yeah and that's general forty film of the fight different TV series. I can make paying gone with the wind film I completely of Butler but everybody yeah so look we have the hope I don't want to lover because of factors have to level Christian. Yes exactly so I mean Robert you're. He's so I've sinners mylan brought. I need so many celebrities he's never been our I'd been in Hollywood I do and ghastly world quietness and government DM to. John open loves currently amounts of snobbery I get a photo with a man at the end to our priorities are not the first but it's not a Marlins park close right. Now out Ari Ari and a very going to be on the mound for eagle on front amount. Aren't ML wanted to do when you're on America via practically could you throw the ball. Which elevated yet a member of the council should have the catcher's Mitt. Spicy you're planning on being on the mound. Yes good good for you gotta throw that in return the minute yes you got it around and now RT are you big sports fan. But there you should be used to it please put the plea for four productivity potential booby traveling and so applicable high school. Drive through for sure toughness to want to talk about that are open a bit of in my life. So why am I within one of their regular to have people on the field of which are an offensive tackle right to serve he was he was a senator was sent via there. If if it is the very high risk of gain. And you know. It took the pin was directly couldn't do that for us to privacy. Telephone again floaters who were on how to win at about the approach to put on the show opens tomorrow what are approximate the current 45 I would be the 1 o'clock tomorrow on or today. Thursday Friday senators and. Tired talking about incredible like whenever I ask you about it Milan it. Electric you're good minutes. Also am a robbery got any us to look for no man decision isn't just a photo manages the Garrett. I just some interest in getting a photo with I'm I'm I'm super I'm telling you right now I'd never been it's our stroke before the may get an idea no such a huge outbreak on the committee election this and I'm gonna call via amateur to school with a with a for not Miami are you related to anybody that lives down here that us but that attended school at the University of Miami where questions of its with apartments. I'm wondering if that's her son did you know do you know her son maybe your nephew might want to you receive Miami because Arnold to many foreign journalists and their little book the browser and if applicable. To. I was just some duties to say yeah claiming it yeah. I marched on forever no plea for USC and he thought the new TV series course or one of the beat them should Obama. Apple didn't fall far from the tree product you TV shows that you're coming undone cameos inning got coming up bigger show corp profits are thought you present to fit that the body protest movement from a guy the couple weeks mocha Edwards. Can I ask you fair because when I got an to the weightlifting to bodybuilding. I was a huge huge story needs gotta love Dorian Yates who was short after you left the game that you basically. Thought was the next torch bearer for four bought it over. Well after me how bullying me my opinion are doing and mom and then you have Roger Coleman. Why Tacoma took of beyond everybody's expectations there mammoth right. You could become put into almost on a mosque the monster Canadian that was like six foot 76 foot six huge humongous Derek he died he passed away yes. Movement Garcia Schumacher and it was just under which reviewed this guy hit your peak how much reinvention peak by six. What do you Romberg. Power it for sixty or more. Probably wouldn't have you. Found that. Yeah. It. Lives and money in Auburn really goods immediately very yeah you have realized that you ought to break ground and ethnic totally ago. Next great thing. Wendell. Seven AFC. Then get a chance take all the money you. The 6000 dollar summer Sunoco and actually stands seven IT FM one a four point three HD to the ticket radio dot com. Station that talk probably you'll see with aerial Gilani in a couple minutes here yes BA's top. And it may reporter out there. Those cool proliferating and make some time that was not planned I mean it is randomly said Tony minutes ago hey you know guess as well Luke Renault is write down all credible. But I thought it was twenty minute warning you beavis about two minutes of warning us just a few minutes ago well. But but to be fair a couple weeks ago. You ask a man who did you grow up watching T your who want TV you'd like to talk to girls are I don't watch TV but I wanna get into it. I would love to talk to the incredible Hulk and and now wait a minute is that he death. He would not work well on radio we should mention you decent people or boys are sore and asking why why it sounded depth he's legalese and seized up yet so law and it's also EEE it was more and headphones and here. Because he's probably reading pilots. He may return Amber's computers Wellesley gutsy TSX apparently be able to see who now moves well you know. Johnny you fool. Yet that was that was fun that was nice and to stop by here does really well so it will be boy enjoyed that. On this past Saturday night though we spent a lot of time specially couple days spent a lot of time talking and you'll see two point six. Which course saw Daniel Cormier become heavyweight champion saw hand become just the second fighter in USC history to hold two belts at one time the first two would do it with the heavyweight championship. And those steps might tell substantial right Steve image that she dug up at three years that was a record in pretty big upset right. I mean it was a Leggett and Hugo's exit theological outfit that did you get the win I think it's the when he got the win that there but it was like whoa welcome that was incredible. Let's go right fuels and thousands convenience stores gas actually steps beyond convenient aerial want EESP and he's he's the premier. Anime. Reporter writer out there. Aerial things a lot for joining us again and I should mention here are my eight month out here drummer and he told me that you did it ends up continuing your streak. Of it's hump and and any reporter and writer out there is that correct. But it could that they have warned that so. In our own in a row. So don't you know full on of them own the company won't let you go out there. The canyons and the center for community it's a reporter who he's not in the area really stuck it to me because last time I questioned why he had won it what what streak stopped so far. Yet you stuck it to me one and again. I don't wanna put this photo and I doubt they are Portland but I spoke to go to both the this is well it is. To let you know when when people come to both the only problem is is that although it didn't celebrated it on on the on the spot on the third or Newton ma. Great very good L wanna do less and of course area on the bad guy dimensional sunny and trust and a new ups or drops today on ESPN plus. How big of you continue what we're just a matter how big of an upset if an upset at all was it that Daniel Cormier beat Steve they mutates this past Saturday night. On a pillow didn't we didn't live up I found. We are going to but it almost felt that the middle of the Obama op. Why are you I'm include both core news or limited credit default on about one on it and he spotted a body. The people who built it that we would going to organize who have been in the northern hadn't waited he would not give it. Who grew by an opportunity. Corporate waited on the most popular at this you can have fought a good argument I don't belong. I AMOCO would he be put out but I do you want it. They he was the number one contender in the heavyweight division Dillon read what you but they have the great debate bit but because the friend in a lot is who the champion. They need you wanted to find out those that were long overdue and for anyone who would bunker you don't let you know if you keep killing himself the 825 make the light heavyweight limit. Have you Leo Laporte called for the ball what power forward very quick. What side he ended up weighing in. I'm a couple pounds more that he they'd ever was worried about that but we start Saturday to how strong he is yet at UH so. Now I I I I Billy people so we stepped in front recruit people that he is about popular in the world and. And now clearly we know a Brock Lesnar Daniel Cormier fight. Is on the rise in bull why doesn't. Why are we talking about steeped in its rich who who had the ball for three years while we talk about a rematch. World. You know that's okay would that are out because you didn't say why are we talking about him or go to the weird thing about the brought to which it was. You know I'm fired I have other issues rather that you know the fact is for bush at all that ought to get all of our spot that you that there are a people who work. Very quickly clarity about the sport there's wanna keep thank he had the sport intact although when I don't really mind. Boy it was a little bit disappointed with the late literally suspected that there are HH one or two in law you just swept under the rug right now about JP that you like they didn't show my camera and we like that and I beat people belittle or that data that you have brought it. It's and you know he's he's referring to evidence derogatory way if they deserved deserve the problem where there are so. If you wonder why not if it immediately but well that's because the the booklet for both the U infinitely better on paper you'd be early indications are that the it'd be great on paper beer and what people. I think that to because there was no real rivalry there but look what brought great. Table all so he beta and have the best relationship what do you see Brad says. But the crichton badly out and it's a great guy fire but all. So you know they tend not to get those people opportunities. You know they they tend to move on it they can have political I went and hope we predict they keep back in federal court. So so where does that take some credibility away then from the USC that instead of going after the the you know instead of it in the most deserving fighters the guys who who've earned the best opportunity. And certainly stated mission to mean he'd probably deserves a rematch. Does it loosened credibility for UFC dad's like yeah like you said this guy's been swept under the rug and forgotten about because it's a bigger payday out there. You know I don't know the credibility because the other but it is going on the what are. It didn't want like we leave and don't forget that the spore was just the short term and spoke with a bunch of quote unquote martial artists don't get it he was that a battle climate. But what we're not talking about you know 1920 baseball or anything like that those that there is Dirk despite. Out of the pulpit that is the fight game. And that rule is not call that a record be broken in order to make the most amount of money pot will be yeah he is the reason why I brought. Who you know practically had a lot of fight in Tibetan and although he did beat our current though stripped from him because he has department about the way. We'd like he's just standing there in on the birth took getting tough doesn't he that he took about the draw they eat that dark with a point. John jones' bid is it out part of a very very out. Well on throughout the about it had a bit to the throughout my big issue bubble but it would as of this moment. Awkward and but it's fighter get so that's what. A that the tension built fulfill. And I despite that a little bit strange there will point the celebrated it is sign up should be mood like literally like as of this moment so you cannot buy quality got bite to eat that month. And what kind of let that it'll be hitting up people of the Internet is that we don't doubt that O'Connor you know through the ball hit the book. If ruled applied to different people we do that but I that he is we're talking about it at the that it is fighter for repeat the F word like bringing in there is celebrating you know. That's when it was a local attorney. Yet is that so desperation on Dana's part to try to go ahead and get that attractiveness to back to the sport when there's been a little little lawless and in the big time fight. Dana has always loved brought. Might be he would he would knock on the order you know if there are buried here occur com or are they want. So I don't want they desperation. Approximately gigantic trolley the sky and RTY. On the water into blood and air he's a little bit unhinged. And the probe already cut out the word is it and I. So like they did that this is very few people that quaint or equally been able. On the net that the that the words and while that and I don't let the people the wrong way. But what you consider the alternative yet they are very very talented and deserving fighters. Who should be in in part right now by Canaccord Internet. And I would not bad if I I would not you know complained of those guys got out to be is there certainly is there a bit. But the UST it only been a business. And you know we were dispatched over the wire two years that it you know if you try to get help shots they merit if you can believe it you'll back away you're gonna have our side. If I can speak up to the side because culture he does that guy is gonna get it. And that is until about education about. So the suspensions are upheld could we possibly see a Lesnar McGregor. Car basically fighting in the same night and I hope you don't let wherever you are greater on and on and DeSoto definitely causes and everything but most analysts to massive draws would not be Dana's wagering that. What you don't anything about the possible but not both. Bitter about those kinds of drugs you know collect those at the very well. Biggest paper view point. Which means they get a cut of the paper use the depended if you don't the more money they make that a lot of but it is he still get paper viewpoint that the that the towards subject without. All back to today. If you if you wanna put that behind and out is the more popular you are particular drug you're at what point he yet. It beat it wanna put that I would use babble. You know being like great brought in Connor is Europe would be I would spread about don't need to start the deck like that both the directed at my choke on their own. So you know why why double down and put that quite a more. A new episode of very on the bag guy aerial hole on each else on and drops today on ESPN plus. I think you know look Brock Lesnar certainly going to be training fur for a USC fight. Yeah as men on WB TV and forever who knows when and how he's gonna wind up returning. But I gotta tell you he steps in his first fight back and how many years and taken on the heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is an extremely experienced fighter. I think rock legends in big trouble aerial. We'll tell you display reminds me of tomorrow it will fight that happened he borrowed saw what he darkly here go to my if they were there for the greater because. For that fight in terms of you know. They were the point of view. That was the biggest fight that he popped we have a Google would be used by idiot thought they have. For Daniel Cormier is the biggest fight that he what we have developed that he used by the department have I would be app movie shock. It brought let there be an equally elated that Daniel is is 39 but he would like hitting its stride right now I think he's one of the greatest that beat even the top two or three. An and order beneath that. And you're gonna have brought but they're who by the way what proper restraint but what is special that they need to and how are they. National champion Oliveira in all that but he course is that but is better data behind them and look beyond it. He would over the most complete ever make butterball plant that are thought it was always that you know what it hit. Cormier love that it. Quote it at an incredible chance. And Cormier is a phenomenal two time Olympian you know rapper so look where approximately ten by city catch him sure but again I would be shocked that. Bird bird for Daniel like that play again. Don't don't bud he but he gets that it got a bit of but he can't even a big heavyweight like it out better Boca if those particular matchup but there. If you look on benefit if the ballot beta you know that do you happy about that either they get the most money in a book would be viewed by our. Finally aerial again area on the bag I knew episode drops say on ESPN plus. How would difference how has the relationship from maybe several years ago to today. How is the relationship evolves between Dana White and Vince McMahon. You know yeah if you go back Dave Byrd that it is it being awaited occur hat he's always been. Rather complimentary event you know wanting picked up by it would been either one of my time in Haiti could go on he has not done that and I have I ever really. Quite a brain here are and it really hurt disparagement by the he had a heart out of respect for it. It has won immediate artificially low voter. If he can do whatever may put it off is what the Bob after the world. But they. He's one of those guys who for the most part. Out of respect those who came formatting or greater attention approachable I didn't pan. Well look look look at that again. They used to for whatever reason I have this really great relationship Rick of the proper selective sharing all the time he's going back in order. And at this notion they're promoting his appearance but it is but the appellate body with a lot throughout this week. That they didn't spar row which they both the rest of it is the it is so. A ball about I don't know if it is is it ever being dotted quote should it aberration I. An auto pilot were both bombs on I'm like that there was some you know issues but for the most part. I would thought but it is what he did a white edit any territory category. Aerial smoked meat put in want to shape thirty Grand Prix are super six and which one are you go home with with the smoke and that put ten. While there that the real trip Elaine respond very underrated routine go to orange gene look what's happened the walk away from the right side chip which is all it like that short they appear that they like a secret to what don't. I've always been. Twenty. And then all of those the spoke meat and all it's you try to get me fired here and I would have been it equip all of it I think I'll that it from the rat. Okay I'll I don't know ESPN plus new episode today area on the bag guy aero money in shell sign great talking again Arial thanks a lot man. Thank you guys are very very nighter they'll point again to to go back to it's two Cormier and less I mean. Eat eat eat is less or no chants are right in that fight. And odds came up I think yesterday in 82 days ago for that fights. And I mean Kwame is a massive paper might have sixty and listeners plus 200 very big underdog. And and that's not surprised I don't it's easy 88860. Just all enemies forty pounds heavier. Hand it's a big problem for brought class and that's the. The tactics that but it also coming off a suspension but I remember the of the mark and put him back pfc 200 he was. It is so ridiculous how slather it NPD's he was. And cigarette OK so let's analysts say he stayed on the heavyweight champ of the world and he's doing awful now but supposedly he's going to be doing it clean. The notion. And let's get back on that's like him sauce you'll. Exemption plan. Exemption. Where. Yeah. They join seven in my grind the members of the certificates. PM is on the game starts Wakefield brings an independently on crab brewery. In the heart of the win would so when would arts district get there with Mike and his crew this afternoon. And that's brought to buy games and nineteen FM one a four point 382. Ticket. Rights that's that's a fun little. Final hour of the show surprising final hour of the show we did put up a photo of all this wind Lou for it now. We tried to. Crop roms because slim that one of those pictures retook the bad angle and we all of bad run and I'm sorry well looks like he's 500 pounds or reason in this picture. And let militarily in delivers instant he never looked for that that's I guess it's better that in reality you look good compared to the picture when you look terror we miss your playing days -- more of them not photogenic but I'm not that a long time ago but no matter where. Ingle Clinton's slim did that did you know service at the ankle yet brutal brutal picture that you wanted to see our Romberg tech that's the Coopers and an example emeritus. Spitting venom. Odds a mosquito real camera little. Rattlesnake it was a really. I don't rattlesnake bite from a digital little bit when Clifford there was in studio was Romberg product some bodybuilder. Who you can remember the name of the moment for meth again you guys. I don't like earnings on grass and I went out. Any big deal people died Conrad I think his name was Arnold lighting dude like 6768375. Pounds like. She kept sneaking a circle like that answer unless we played earlier and Gordon Hayward you have Gordon Hayward yesterday in Boston Celtics. Bullard. And he did a gender reveal he and his wife they have two little girls. And he'd eat clearly desperately wanted. A little. Okay at any. They added we hope we. Eight. Me. What you're right. It won't. Oh. Well this it it it might sound similar situation is a little bit similar to. Our pal the wrong dog here because it is it was not too long ago where he did age gender reveal video. With his wife and two little girls and he desperately wanted a boy. Yet ready guys. I know yeah. I. He's he's is that you get hooked and as I got everybody's fate or home. Her dad is pretty. Good about it. Other girls who are you home gradually each unit like. Any news or get ready got another mr. comment. This is yeah. No doubt that the first striking similar between two was the shriek. It is tracking from little girls and those videos a case that's who you have that common enough. And and then we also went to her kids asking yeah conservative and a third man. You do. He's gonna make me feel less to have tunnel that all three you guys are happy today go to Gordon Hayward daddy is always happy and Romberg. Alone a and relievers. Yeah and I. Hang another little girl and I. I'll. We reduced the natural we will yeah. Boy immediately funnier and oh yeah. Canada at the maybe. Billions through you with two with a fake emotion trying to pay you which you a better job to try to put on the good face. Why he he did not do his job are. Well the birdies you're just. Now you case yes he bogeys CDs and you are right dearly yup that's the percentages over 80% you'd get another of the same sex at the end you know low for a third term. That's her daddy. Always happy. The percentages are very high I don't think it's. Immediately gets worse or better that matter what are you wanna say. But as he goes up north coast of remind you when you were not perform well you know Jerry I sentinel that the third will be the same genders the first him. Yeah so there you go you and Gordon it would you got some opening comment until you always said. It was disappointed. Meets cellular meets him cheese balls over us I know there's a fourth one and that's a girl 20 and I hope they're twins. I don't give twin girls in essence of you know triplets. I idol I don't somehow that that that baby in her belly turns into triplets I don't have five girls were all starting for UConn. I you've got like some some Ronald Reagan's I got there's a slight I. Billy bunny are usually really to be great if you had five girls starting for you on a barely paid beyond the really amassed wealth I believe your LeBron or else we'll see how the entire starting spot I had a pretty awesome for you they can all be the start and by the of the same age. Pumpkin and a little maybe they're all within four year maybe so you know when triplets on the man. Maybe it gobbled older sisters were retention material back. Possible. You're wishing him to dumb kids. And you and let me touch and acts.