ZRA Part 3 7-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, July 12th

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This an everyday and saying it they've corners ticket window it's your chance of winning tickets in upcoming games concert or another great event Courtis mining. At a court escort dot com and sponsored by Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines. Apologize the folks grab in trouble on the radio dot com map we area with Celia. And down on I mean just from from our end three of us here there is very little. That we can do about it Bo we oh we've we continue to to urge others Obama's. You would do something about it is that that. You know so. We hear you keep complain about it complains fine keep complainant let us know he'd complain about it that's that we need to do that so that weekend continued to try and get on top of its because. Feel bad about that we feel bad about that and we know a lot of people like you listen on the don't work VO we like they listen like that. So please keep telling us that you are having trouble with it. Just fewer yeah I'd just won in oh that's we we do hear you okay you're not screaming it in two you know black Kohl and president are unhappy about it as well. You know relay your messages. Or higher ups Nazis it's it's disappointing so but. I. I I'm I'm hoping people we're we're trying to get it fixed but there's only so much that that us here in the room can do about it B keep telling us that is good thank you tell us when Duke's trying. To do something about it let's get some headlines here. These Stella UAE XY AM South Miami at WS advanced yet and beached Ito Miramar plea deal. Comes station. Yeah that's that's my serious voice was a big difference to eat my serious voice and and the rest show those. You know that on talk about something serious there now my serious voice like announced. People are reading and an island thirty yesterday or that Romberg a clean. Mean military. Overall lead I'm really person on the show however those are in the morning Clemens is our camera and I own mourning and none of you I shower in the morning I'm the only person who does. So it means I shower holds up from time to time myself holds up mom Mike cleanliness holds up some real some justice annual ready or don't show. Cool then that person I welcome place when that said that as many birdies Pena is the same hoodie. You know scene mean to seem pretty we're different pretty all the time. So I don't know you've seen me if you've seen me in the same body then it's just so happened that you've seen me on those states like today I'm wearing a completely diverted and we're SX. But the thing is it's it's absolutely freezing in this building most of the female DJs in the building. Her up on stations a walk around them like huge row sit coat since stopped. Has all the I don't know why this building is obsolete while pride as we work so absurdly early in the morning so it's just really really cold. It was aboard Atlantis. And meet Turkey's done on an. Not meet him her he's done. Oh. Marlins beat the bird is 54 in a lot cops sting gold ice early in the marlin in the twelfth ears and a sound public. Castro. That headline and all of these headlines are sponsored by air Italy roundtrip flights start from just 394. Dollars from Miami to Milan. But you do I usually for water bucks and you cannot fly to Michigan for under 500 US AS on the air Italy oh it's such a big deal what you gonna take its highly. Did you directional Miami a law. I'm trying to get a good price or tickets to go to Pearl Jam on the I'm having trouble finding them Tom looked like good deal I don't a couple of months. Anita Anita good for good take it sounds they are you you that you wish you're not travel with the Clark O'Reilly had a great deal of phenomenal doom our. Castor had two RBIs in Australia struck out seven and six innings giving up just two runs daily ops also Australia also drew a bases loaded walk earning his third career RBI just a boring the facilitator has picked teen on the year. Let's decent honest attendants. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday with a list of ten. Yesterday's attendance was 5265. Point doubtful boy. We want to send member of the big trouble in little China looting. She looks I don't arousal in big trouble on Saturday Johnny salons that movie the kid. The pin and you for all or sell any other so they get married well then I just have my hair how down guys like I just how can you guys and not say how. It's clipped a home. You have among normally a good look on the list is Assad held on nine I can't I can't do worry has more or Disney Dora out everyday he hasn't let you post and he uses it doesn't move joy to Dow. Used to sometimes post the pictures of her in the video that aren't so flattering. When she was in the job she leaves UNC and she's full blossom into her supermodel doing like we're most roar is boring. If you don't have a full make up team yeah man was it. Joy looks absolutely phenomenal all no issue let you guys Angie looks phenomenal so I'm I'm like there's a common we're like the factor here. You as a timid out look I get ugly you're making me like I'm. I'm definitely I'll defend at John and Al. I'd already be on the user and not look like Kurt Russell from big trouble China you look like corals are renting congress as your neck it's bigger than mine and I was in and a pro football where. Yet you're doing about that did. Could it mean. Listen wait a little surgery a no match for small cars or get surgery. Is surgery to do next to a I'm next to hawk is Abby is ridiculous. And laser surgery of the fine but it has nothing it has dual and all the way has our name my and my weight is fine right now and even even when I met my scariest. I it's still there I can't think about. Number in sermon common they're classy is so mean on loom you people are evil to separate from a team and. Glad I don't have any and a smile yeah sites are all some. And you wonder our guys I want time to do full make up of our anybody locks and the nice amber six hitter for the hall ever heard of brush. I know mile walking in here I had. Absolutely no idea I did not think anybody was seeing at Cameron a guy named Chad. I need our client. Client should offer us president Mike hill. Said the team has the last play. Way to treat players but multiple years on their contracts that Israel need to go there on the board it's like 31 outline. Yeah judge Susan Raymond slowly. I I remains optimistic. Very giggles that I've bunny. On the student Armenian and the line. Speller remains optimistic regarding his son's future with the heat he says that he's been in touch with the sonic hanging out they've been texting they've been going at once together. And that is looking forward to having a healthy has signed at the start of the season. Spoke also says that he loves the internal growth this team is had a and that getting players back 100% healthy is going to be like getting some new players. Aren't. Look he's. OK so he's gonna wind up. Taken the bright side there but I AI I think it's quite possible that it's that the more on that amounts that the I think there's still a move a move teammate for the heats it is a Carmelo Anthony AMA BMA Carmelo Anthony's a precursor to. Another kind of move you know I don't know but I I I think that I think they're still moves to be made. And by the way the crowd and one of the Marlins in essar meat we thought it was the case more mentioned it earlier. Eight it is it is the lowest attendance ever at Marlins game and wants. Park but mark. We do is an honest attendance. Slowed images are and so did we do know where he did a woman and I is arousal bringing up by Simon I forgot to do it. Don's mentioning that I got confirmation that it was the lowest that I had us by Iran mine are doing what shall late night shows and on talk show word the celebrities read that this is that people send in. Jimmy Kimmel doesn't mean tweets mean tweets via. When he doesn't mean please are you an does he have a I mean I'm so distracted and attacks sign our house very frustrating. If you go to unearth. An Auburn. A guard there on junior. In the bunch of strangers and receipts of strangers. Who are saying that you look ugly which is not shrink so who. You kind of cleanup photo but I wasn't in the ever played not horrendous is that I let I nobody I don't ends up I don't worry guys citizen since I have now under retreated at. And deleted the tags in it. They now have a 92 down at some. In new home looking on are doing now you're getting a lot of reassurance yeah I'll. Did it they really did see you know it's what I Roland do work in it by 30 in the morning and beat Iowa. Like I can you can be sorry and people start taxing in that amber does not look so he's now and I don't believe it. In some now with snow and doing it just as you told until and is not gonna mean mud spied someone put a nice and media right here runs under that picture someone wrote. It this is the that you guys are talking about this morning amber you look beautiful so they're out highly efficient present there are you gotta you gotta gotta nice one like this ice all yell ugly. Mean. Is kind of a ball and you know Barack but I tell you something I tell you something here so what does amber did because I'm on I'm on I'm on my my picture here aren't listening to connect no teeth and sat out this 79 didn't miss listen to what Amber's. Our listen what amber did hear you wanna talk about be insensitive she removed to attack from the I just I just like a notice from from my. Counts. She removed to attack which company I'm not a lot to do deadly mine up and of course and we even you'll. On put you back here it's here you can do when you do on their amber I'm I'm put you back on news ago. I just don't feel it's all right to amber wait until you back here. Barack. Would jointly 3000 dollars an answer Graham who of the early 200000 followers now on and cigarettes he does do you believe you people aren't you can't put up about angles anymore. At 30 in the morning you back gambrel morning at tobacco amount we know I don't want to be back on now I'm I'm. I'm tagging it again. Throw some doesn't complements her way okay c'mon. Why did not realize is writing that they still hit it. Playing. Angry it's it's really haven't heard you guys complement not to coddle like Arie your ugly. I argued until they get accept it and still give the high compliment and still had its nice teams has agreed to a two year deal with the rockets so doesn't mean the rockets no longer one Carmelo. Or don't think Melo Boehner. The thing with Carmelo OK I don't think there's a small thing in and I didn't. I didn't take note of this until yesterday where. I need your beautiful Justin Bieber brother beautiful. I don't take notice until yesterday where Mike Tim Tony when he was in New York when he was coaching Carmelo Anthony in New York where he can toner. And Tori actually sit on the record. That's. That that he hated. Coaching Carmel I. It was an act. Little to gain an image that the depart turn on you mellow he's on record talking about Mikey he hated he was miserable. Coaching. Carmelo Anthony so Chris can be up there and deploring the rockets all he wants. I mean probably doesn't want a coat. To eat you look you did end up winning coach of the year Dan Tony he sure I mean he was he was right they are or you know well. Carmona I was gonna go back and and coach and labor for Purdue and Tony who is on record teeny needed. Coaching this guy. And dental sir isn't going anywhere because seems origins on just one NDP and you see what he's done for James Harden the last two years coaching James Harden and Houston. The way that he's he's helped his game and all the triple doubles in that whole deal and and the rockets were worried game away from go to the NBA puzzling dental he's entrenched as the coach Houston Rockets coney worked for Carmelo Anthony in your number sixteen. And Carmelo is gonna go and play Oprah got on record is set I hate you. I hated coaching your New York I don't know I and I move I I looked past that oh a little bit too too fast that's a big to go to me. But if it was a big deal why would they even be entertaining mess because I mean they could have. As simple and them crisp well you know why were you listening to secret under head coach on. I don't know O'Meara to adjourn wrinkle and for sure it just seems strange that the rocket because the rockets reportedly were very serious about entertaining bassinet and I'd really it seems like it's more Carmelo is call Carmelo is choosing between these two teams and and these indicate the rockets both want him at least a top stories Brad and you're right why would the rockets. Be so confident that they want him when their coats. You would think very clearly doesn't. I think as the players on the league especially especially a player is high profile as Chris all. And he got the sort players who wants some pin like their what they want is coming before the coach thing. I think. So I I I'm I'm able pastoral too quick as my in my initial impressions are produced in a Miami. But a bigger role in Miami apparently end. Yeah yeah Miami saying they'd start him he's insane it would not. And not always mattered to him before and younger mattered to him this year. With the plunder. What else is interesting here that I mentioned being World Cup. Your World Cup is France in Croatia that's when it comes down to you for the entire. Or more to everyone adds we won't. Well a lot of people did have France right question even though they were the youngest team. Free us brands response to be one of the favorites going into those are found in Croatia was a separate his praise should be England. 21 yesterday over an extra time. Call for Croatia and your friends when a war right leg getting them adding and won't collection rather have a one of the biggest ever what is what is the whole when a war they just do everything I have friends go Croatia appeared only in history. All about Croatia and not a fan Napoleon OK fellow there was his racquet she I'm not that's not like the son of god he be different from some of the sun god you know. Yeah I'm about Croatia okay draws and Petra midyear that he was unbelievable the engineering and a Russian city. Well I don't yeah that America's the only country who has never won a war even on all. Do we all of as we don't every one of the wars we come out on top not really case. We earliest. Him. Over Croatia. Via. You know these are if they don't there's like the center of the city and all the struggle watts. Now did they also filled the streets come off of it sick man you're gonna top that ping and looked out yeah. Yeah love it there and sign and is griddle and I worry believe easing off for that things don't also signed a new world traveler now imminent or better and every year for Ehrlich muck and good for you different cities. And come out of the world traveler from 30000. Meters. France they haven't done. Got aids. Gloom Marion. And he yells amber though that that would be I would be had by and. It's. I had him from an inheritance. It's gonna make it all you're breaking sports updates and push medications from all our shows and hosts on the new radio dot com map. Maybe it's a downloads now make you turn on notification in the settings it's radio dot com. You're new home for everything games 79 in FM one a four point 38 speed two tickets. So which one you guys gonna wrap our show at the town hall meeting today 2 PM city commissioner's town hall meeting today. You got it I can't show my face in the community either you are so ugly. Rubber so you then you do it do you show today to piano. But the voting and that's the eight the vote is what are you like better soccer ball but I gotta gotta like the movement. Serena. Out. Boca and life. Beatty back on the before they must deal all like on deck and they're trying to they're trying to create this soccer village at freedom park. And the no Reese golf courses the one that wool I guess supper even though you know reverend yuppie more up in arms over this Norris golf course moment in my whole life never about it the last couple days. And one's it's also become very popular and that's going to be. This could be up for votes in the town hall to get that on the ballot in November for actual voting whether or not able. I guess Terry down and build this soccer village. For the MLS team for beckoned to Beckham's team that is taken place at 2 PM today so you go check that out but in the midst of all that's. We have a little wit we have some peeks we have Twitter beef that we are just oh alerted to early this morning you know took place two nights ago we've Twitter beef here. Where. Billy Corbin he's like watchdog. For. City of Miami fights all the crop of politicians. He's trying to stick up her for the little guy. And he is he he's taken up a flame thrower. The Miami herald's Greg Cody. He made it very personal very fast there's got to be something behind that writes. Like I mean you think he's I don't know Heidi after somebody's livelihood and personal diminish our entire career and an anybody who is a sports journalists telling them that there a water boy a is a I am Bobby's first row at a sports journalist. I mean you look we also curry tried to trade Marino of those 25 years ago well let's get over this that personal log time ago. And and Billy caught right road Greg Cody was a cheerleader drains Greg put it was a cheerleader for a let me sleep really Bruno waivers like I assume it's going on oh that's retirement treatment well now that was strangest year ago. Bill accord rates Greg Cody was a cheerleader for the Marlins park boondoggle. He's not a serious or objective journalist who knows or cares anything about politics now right it's not so bad. And that is also bad that's his opinion OK is on to bat. Now Albion. Let me in urine he got out a little bit on a limb making an assumption I know somebody doesn't care or are about politics or has no opinion about politics or knows my guy about politics right I mean if you don't know them personally. I doubt he knows. That outbreak coatings and year what is strange is that he. Is it he's using it is the insult that Cody doesn't involve himself. In politics as an objective journalists which is sort of the exact opposite of what your sponsors and at that's an attack. It or not spoil ads on here he carries water for local sports team owners because his livelihood depends upon accessed. He's just an extension on their PR apparatus that that that's big insult. Huge insult to us in Dallas at two big insult. All right and by the way we've reached out to bits edited to Billy and I guess I don't know how he's too big for us apparently I don't know art engineering I was sleeping. It's 88. Absent English as a whole deal are still asleep at 8:30 AM a cigarette or any of tightest come a lot of creative types a lot of artists a lot of filmmakers a lot of people who were like I had they work late night talk miner we don't need to be awake. Wake up wouldn't you wait right now about announcement. So Greg Cody. Then respond because he's got class back. I mean is this really is like Drake and Andrew is it push a team who is Draco and after which he which ones what's on the and I don't know. I never heard of Byzantine port her entire interagency. I just don't like wearing it sounds time wall it did this is very similar so Greg Cody had to clap back and Billy Corbin. We laughed and asked and Greg Cody responded with William Cohen. AKA Billy Corbin. That's real low blow YY yeah in the you know these egos that really Gorman called Billy Gordon okay and it seems to know a lot about someone he has never met. And obviously doesn't read very carefully. So I guess I guess Cody saying there that that that he is not a water boy for the only reason is that journalists that are of today's objective of and then Cody continues careers suggestion now he's got to go for the low blow right here go to tap. And he writes Chris suggestion less time sesame. More time Macon films people actually see all. It's completely fair because the U documentary is extremely popular so that's that's a very. I think cowboys learned to yeah that's that's that's is referenced it very often there and now I don't know that people like movie broke I'm not sure about that Bly I think Hensley. Two of the top five documentaries ever weird yeah I I didn't think Cody all pace here okay okay that Billy was up and trust on the new one of these guys coming out. This from a good restaurants are what you atrocity to give me no. Oca and I don't remember Clinton roms long enough to just finally trust or not. The move now. And this and this all started this'll be based on some and that Crespo press program. He he he. Started something about debating Greg Cody I don't know I spoke display all out and I spent Billy Corbin got very riled up over and made it very personal with Greg Cody and Greg Cody got very upset we. So they may have to buy I don't know. In a play. But they aren't bigger fight at least several tornadoes or did they do let us give her show or a bit on the show about talking about guys fighting other guys in the industry so you're telling me that this possibly could go down with a great Cody Billy Corbin months that's very personal. As this is a very old Greg. 88. On. A. This is you'll meaning. I don't implicate the talking about public eighty. Reject all your your frustration. At the listeners making fun of you on me OK that Jack and she's she's is a military issues I girls in deflects she just pop pop pop pop pop pop. No not a Texan wrote I play there's a billion and complex scene insulting me and numbers like in the matrix rate now bending Baddeley was for you guys know it's X eroded Angela Graham murder she wrote. A home now. I like that. Senate because people think that you don't look at that picture I think it's. And they're wrong. And Robert Robert looks fat I I I can't defended you look terribly sad that picture but I would have as originally thought now now let's let people about her arms. You know they've seen the original photo Tyson could get an army the army does because illegally are not a danger that we took with a offering now. Whichever ones Evelyn awesome bomber for eating Toby and and their boss on Hambrecht and she looks like she's never heard of hair brush or shower com. Loom apparently amber clean that picture a little bit to make Robert look less. And she crop I turned to crop the velocity he really I asked me to crop that the more opposed to that island EC Asians against Eric let's. Yen and late. Vision of they're gonna snickering look terrible. To miss a record deal a terrible Alitalia. And we all look awful obvious he's opposed a picture mission opposes it but it's cool 'cause we're Whitley freight nine yell just jealous that you're with conferred no yesterday. How about that. I. Had a. Don't be too bad though rumba beat is it lake and realistically you don't look like that I don't know I don't feel that I'm K okay. I was once cynnex than the for a no aren't. Ball enough pictures amber brother and I looked bigger than Lou Frey also I'm really okay yeah that's kind of the old discussion here's you'll be regular then it's incredible snow at all to do it to me when I was a kid and you're gonna be bigger than the free not a good idea okay whatever now it is. Reality sent the to the chest on that bad boy Johnson married and I got a black tea on the you can see the turkeys are done chess is a high and I'm taken in there. So all man amid a power phase or not to let him look it's all. My power into a tree. Now you're doing now. And in your smoking in an impending. Aha your ball and that's not why. The debate and on the weekends it eating like you know believe because your ball and pay a lot of pizza broke and a return Ottawa last summer the plan. Turkey sticks out about 320 grams of sodium into an amateur sticks. All part of a plan. So apparently that when they were in New York Carmelo Anthony gave the knicks an ultimatum. That it's either him or Dan Tony and anti quit. Is restrained now is saying now they're saying apparently their relationships much better these days and a nice to pass I. I mean there relationship is much better if you're. Connell Anthony you're probably remembering hey like to a wanna go back to that is he likely hasn't changed or how we coach. You heat working with somebody and not have a problem with amounts I don't work I mean you think you could I really don't enjoy working with this person and then years later you see jamming your like are is nothing personal but you might not wanna work with app personnel and not an army works well in other parts and he's gonna he. I think it's a we determined I I would listen I would think so except for the fact most would choose the rockets. I pray it I think that we can safely say that most people at his point his career which use the rockets because they've waited way better shot. Added title than he did this upcoming season. And then. On top of that you're hearing these reports from who who was it was it it was money is the end guys ray who said that they would be shocked that actually shocked if he saw from the New York Times now OK Marc Stein and there was somebody else who I also heard IN on one of the radio programs on the low post or something who said that the rockets. How mellow. Is are you done deal. So I I don't now given that was -- that was a while ago that you are hearing that stop that was like yesterday so. I don't know pretty changed my gains may be that was before he had the conversation with the rockets ray realized they were going to happen and a bench role and he might happen starting raw I don't know it's it's very interesting. I do wonder if this I mean does that so the signing of and is means nothing to you in terms of the rockets not only they'd assign him to two years seem petition is non not currently. Not really. Do you think it's still bring in you with Don not moving you're gonna be your company yeah. And they also they lost a couple of guys that positions they've they've couple spots to fails again not yet. DC this exchange we mentioned this yesterday Al a mention real quick here this exchange that. Heat general Andrew Andy Ellsberg had with cavaliers general manager Colby Altman when LeBron. Chose the lakers. Last week that India Ellsberg call those those are really classy move the saw one dimensional but this was really nice where India also how does this come out. When deals birds they they asked they asked this story that it came from it's based around. Hi Lou is gonna sit down Luke Walton okay and also talked about how Erik Spoelstra. Talked to Luke Walton announce talking about how. It's so it's about. How organizations handled when LeBron left them you know and and once an organization so and the Ellsberg was asked about it when LeBron lefty now and Andy Ellsberg said that last week when LeBron left Cleveland to go to the lakers that the next day he holed the cavaliers general manager. As says quote I called in and said well did the sun come up this morning he said yes we came up and I sit while it's one lecture notes and pumped tomorrow to. And pretty classy move by Andy Ellis are very scary. That's all what's also interesting about that is the it this disclose it in the Ellsberg apparently UN LeBron James signed back with Cleveland. He'd gotten his car he couldn't sleeping I was having a heart attack they got his car he drew about the coast of Florida. He jolt age old up and passed west palm that he was sure I usually in Miami so it's so dry right as it is just so sad statement sleepiness it's got to omni at apparently such eye test painted I was having a heart attack at city was lying in his bed that night that LeBron left handling sleeper hunters line is bad couldn't sleep he -- so I was so angry and emotional as having chest pains I was line that I thought I was had a heart attack at it and he's not helping to begin so all I mean maybe that's a reason why he also thought that. But he was having chest pains me hell we all know stress can affect your health and give your heart attack and we Altidore has it would America Blair so yeah he got up when he he drove. Passed West Palm Beach at you know 4 in the morning. Because couldn't sleep so weighing. Reynolds got a cool move only have a Jeremy I get your your facing losing. Possibly the greatest player of our generation. And you are you're the guy that is supposed to be holding onto my I can understand. They Israeli must not seen it coming at all I mean they just got super blinds us and this is completely blind sided and it's. I think the cavs have have an advantage there because it cows I think you've seen this coming up there to be labs is L but it by. They they outnumber juicy coming so they do you have an opportunity a little bit are prepared he should have been market because I think we could for I think we can. Criticize he's not spot for not. Being a little more prepared for not realizing the apps on our ability is there a lot of signed yet and will now I'm back yeah. And. It's placed into the final world soccer's serie a match on Sunday and started 9:30 AM present my Bud Light official beer of the 2018 fifa World Cup dear friends goals. City blazed arouse located northwest 36 street and 83 avenue in Doral watching him on a giant screen. He played entertainment and tonne of prizes including the chance when tickets serum Madrid. Or Barcelona play. It's all sponsor by Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for. Real people DC this before talk about Twitter beast today okay Greg Cody Billy Corbin or court Twitter beef. Very personal did you see this Twitter beef also wouldn't last couple days Mike Epps and heaven hearts. Receipt at EA now dormant with about Bo would they don't like each other apparently had to be used to be friends but they don't like each other apparently is very personal. And it's whether or not I can spot and might gaps does not think. Relish that yet I'll buy outs as. About that. I see Mike Epps like this shows you ideally are the Nixon picked me at least he's either coming here soon or he was just a year he picked millennium is not kept our current. Yes the outing against Sony at all I I I couldn't I couldn't alienating funny in my guest has done. I'm I I always been Friday night or that somebody like a stand like I I've. I don't think Mike Epps is fine normal almost like becoming hard to know that make America. You don't get his comedy hello I was just getting it he's expertise in. And economic kids a bee don't I just on the I'm not a big Kevin archive. Net now some of the movies say he's funny you know he's he's in Jumanji you next time on doing great and others funny with the rocker and having yet responding. And I simply hugged it Echemandu movie it really is still longing so I Jack black's attitude that's really surprising a bit out of hand it's so good that so who's funny and founder. And no old all right that's not even a good joke you just made okay exit has nothing to do it tropic thunder. It's does that seem act what do you think years and pop says image what would it would be years Jordan here tonight we you. It's about a we image. Sorry about it we you. I'm news mama and I I've thought it was the same type of movie same backdrops and playing talk million the art. Along with you first thing on revenues the efforts are marker slogan is really credit for you need to afford it these BS. A word we were colossal error Nazis you elected senator that you area soared on TV nowadays that you can't justify it there's no justifying it this isn't one of those things are monitoring now been asking a question don't know is the us where we always you are telling it to dump via. Everything you know down here as I guess were saying they can only use it after 10 PM okay if you're on it beyond. A broadcast. Television you couldn't use it on and hear him. Well well I don't know that that's not true the the rules are are similar in radio. Where it's I believe it's after 10 PM as well rely on on radio yes the rules a little bit different when he gets to a certain hour. Well good thing for us or radio Doug comment doesn't work either so you're not gonna get it either way you can you can save on the air in curse on there. You can dump that even personally and. So yes someone Mike Mike Epps a couple days ago he posted a picture. All on instant mammoth imposing next Eddie Murphy. And someone commented on the neat picture Eddie Murphy is funnier than Kevin Hart's dale. Like when Eddie Murphy today is funny and kept art as who the hell knows Eddie Murphy is funny anymore now to sort it Eddie Murphy is funny thing Kevin Hart's dale. And Mike gaps replied to that. Everybody is okay. So so Kevin Hart wrote this whole long diatribe. About how might get Slade you're obsessed with me on designer out of prom with you on this. It is a bank maybe might askew it's going after yet it is a thing yet it feels a little late. It's not like I say to you and your withdrawals he is he's yeah he's six suspects and today I really can't get into these people who are just such haters because they're just jealous of success. That's what he sent. That's pretty sane. Kevin are wrote all I can say is your sad individually talk. BS behind us. I've been reached out you like a man tried to get the bottom of your bitterness. When you realize my success has nothing to do with you or your journey unlike you wanna see you win actually stand champ. On prayed for the data you'll realize so many of us entertainers have a crabs in a barrel mentality you the biggest crab I know. I'll continue deciding continue to make history it's easy comedy the highest level. It that makes you sick and so be a hand you throw up market because this next year and about to have will be my best mr. bitter. While you worry about is grown little man please known understand. That all I'm wary about a success has sent catch up. Boom and chaotic had to up. I'll give us that was OK until we had him without resigned my exit out bag that's selling might yeah. Dagger in price tag usually at the end of a ran a pretty good read there was pretty good you could really have a logical. Would you call that being in a desert tribe bird to a tribe would you call yeah just a disorder dis country. Mix between dissertation on this attract any right you can have a long one of those that actually say something nice but at the end you're gonna let him with a hash tag of catch up. That's cold blooded. This is short for you know at this tree. That's about short sport so he broke activists broke they were marble February so Carrie I'm animated OK and like I did okay. The emotional trauma to Millard was different and I watched Eddie Murphy speaking of Eddie Murphy who is likely not very funny anymore OK so we know overseer here for many American matter back in the lesson we saw many Murphy. Was like two years ago when they had that. Ed big reunion answer and it lied and Eddie Murphy was they are what's on that any Miller became and it went out there and he he he he spoke for like. Ten seconds and was wildly unfunny. It was such a massive disappointment that they got Eddie Murphy back on the satellite stage he did nothing interesting or remotely funny. But I happen a couple nights ago to be watching Eddie Murphy role. Eddie Murphy raw was on television. Holds up so well. Still so phony. Was less than rumor that was really funny was it life. Well the last movie daddy was in was that movie what they onset. But it wasn't a comedic role he was it was legit serious role was a cold does that the women they were like a group and what's that called. A real dream girls CHE a big role and that was not comedy. Less funny movie I mean life like as a very funny movie very funny movie. It's gonna the last 1 though am I'm on mourns their holds up well. Without you you're my lords as a post or respond on very good very funny movies more Lawrence as the storm. Awful like I was Europe while awful are awful. Big mama's house all apple has the report terrible movies. As though at coastal life nothing to lose is a good movie real talk. Coming to America. Harlem nights life. Cumulative trio of funny or movies are there. At the same actor has saw an actor that he's gonna come out trio of you do Nash or did those artists as best ones many got to throw Beverly Hills cop in their Corzine even forty hours although maybe one look at as more and action flick I don't know but not a penalty does have a couple lines and so did bellas cop man. And of course who could forget doctor to. Love it's our show next.