ZRA Part 3 7-13-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, July 13th
Billy Corben Interview, Big Movie/Not A Big Movie, Kawhi to the Raptors?

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It is only one way elicited to get on your Smart device or computer that's at the radio dot com app. Or at radio dot com that's more extreme isn't everything else you looking for. Let's go download the radio dot com that now don't mr. David ticket shell rit dot com. You on the same set in nineteen FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Polls say no in this comparison of Brian her locker and Zach Thomas. There is. Did it there is there is one difference between the two of them that's in Breyer locker favorites not a small thing. It is brighter locker is a two time defense split here. And Zach Thomas course did not win that war that's not a small thing iiroc is a two time defensive player of the year he wanted and no one time to meet one time defense play the ammo and a rookie year I eat he has won defensive player of the year one time. Zach Thomas never wind is still of course did win one. But Breyer lockers been defensive player of the year Zach Thomas was never but look at all pro teams are I brought her locker. Four time first team all row one time second team all bro that's Adam Carroll Robles who cares embryonic spiral okay you're a little bro. Prior lockers a four time first team all pro one time second team all pro. Zach Thomas is a five time first time first team all pro Ana who time second team all. Cover that had like 22% more tackles than Brian Urlacher or Oscar big deal. I got a big deal 17100 plus tackles for a thirteen hour time there too big deal. You know so. An annual gay you know if you go on a pro football reference. They show you based on based on a player's career who receipt who is player. Who is of similar quality and shake OK and guys that Zach Thomas lines up with. Reiner locker hall of fame Mike Singletary called fame Jack Lambert whole team Jack ham all of fame. Sam mills I don't know that is Brooks what Mo Brooks did by Connie hall of fame Derrick Thomas hall of fame Ricky Jackson Hole fame I don't know Isaiah Robertson has but he's not all in all those guys were the same career similar careers act on its there. All in the whole thing man. And Zach Thomas we know consideration. And got a wee bit on the he's been on the he's been up for voting four times apparently that's that a boy his career ended. And 08 so the first night it on the Dallas fourteen so 1456 and five years she's been on about I guess four or five years and yeah. And Emmys night in Lopes is made it even passengers know we're going to you know he's never going to. I don't know to take someone I mean they have aisle to take someone from down here to make a case for him. You know that that happens a lot you got the writer who will make case for the guy who we covered for very long time in front of the committee there as long as the dolphins remain. Unreal tournament and I don't know who's gonna make a case for a what is now. Also what not a word. Your element makes the prop. Lego on relevant error relevant government. Don't know what this means ago I don't know this means you know the pro football reference a day you know they'd they dual oh values of player proximate valuable player. And that I don't know the formula goes into it by Zach Thomas for his career based on approximate value. Sack Thomas for his careers ranked a 115 all time Brian our locker is rated a 118 all time. So basin river formula pro football reference comes up with Zach Thomas is rated as a better player for his career than Brian locker. Hunger and sends me ma'am I don't know. Our season had by its here. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best at that beached. Leo dot com station. The man with the golden arm is back Wayne Ellington and has agreed to your return to near Miami Heat on a one year deal worth six point 27 million dollars. Say go a very specific charter. Merry go all right it's a sign of things to come parents say I think things could start to get done Morsi. There's a reason why they signed him yesterday could be because those things are out to have been. You know Dwyane Wade you'd figure that dominoes fall at some point soon a lawyer I think we all think that Dwyane Wade is waiting for Carmelo Anthony. And and you know they would they would essentially signed together. Well see the seat trades happened yesterday in the league so you know maybe got yet seconds third tier dominoes that are sort of all. And maybe that's where the heat now can make the most. Somehow Toronto has now slid into the race for colliding has no favorites. DeMar DeRozan. Deleted all of dozens Graham post yesterday's of people are regulating that he got treated. And that it's on the lower he's being treated. And it's because while I normally do on out while it's due out though why not pay BO Canada while letter. Well what I mean Havier pitching him on being the biggest thing entire country who are too good pitch I visited bits out easily hitch come here. Screw is are being the second best in LA he will be aiding in our country. How it's weird Rachel Nichols weed out yesterday DeMar DeRozan has completely wiped is in ceramic counts. And offshore betting site now as the raptors as the favorites to trade for why latter thing arsenic in home but I and it's you and Izod and the jump yesterday and Rachel neighbor we know money situation what kind of money situation this trial. Almost ready to trick it's tricky. If we're reloaded DeMar DeRozan he's been making a big deal out of DeMar DeRozan wiping his Twitter count dozens ram account doesn't have anything. Raptors anymore in all seriousness. In less he was being treated why would you I don't know. Now he wait his account I as I understand he wiped his insert an account completely when there are showing on the job so wasn't like he just wait it raptor stuff. So why would you do that I beat by a girlfriend I mean there's all sorts of reasons that you do that theoretically pray. I just I just as any on that always seems late. It seems like maybe there are some viability this idea that he's being Drayton. I mean I guess. I guess the reason the raptors would do it okayed by had called the reason raptors to do I guess. You know you would say. Luck will trade for Kauai let this group that we have right now even though LeBron just left the conference. And the biggest obstacle for the raptors last servers is in getting past LeBron I mean he just had the best record in the Eastern Conference. And are LeBron is now golf OK so when you wanna run that back and see what it's like to be enough to base LeBron. But made it figured hey look. This current group DeRozan Lowery now and shoot us. It's not good enough. So let's give it go for this year why letter to. If we can't keep on if he decides to leave. OK we think the previous group was good enough anyway so little Casey is well to a game of the season yes so nobody can't be number one and then gets swept in the second round and gobs deep deep job like. This man let's do it going after. I was under the radar and expect that I did not they came out of nowhere Yasser why. I was really impressive margin rose in March DeRozan man that it be a good deal for the spurs I suppose because. DeMar DeRozan has three more years left under contract he makes almost 28 million dollars a season. So they would have a nice player who committed to them or several years. By not I wouldn't be about trade and I mean I would be a bad deal really rather tame my bank I mean I think Toronto is one of those places that. I don't know it's the American players dream of playing in Toronto summit you guys are so great attitudes is great already but that's my point is it's such a great city. I think it's one of those places that you get there. And you know guys are gonna like it once they're there and they're gonna realize how cool it is to be a big fish in a puncher in an entire country and try does it a really cool place to live from what I understand. It's did seeing admitted seems tailor dominoes any on this week and that's really cool man. And like get ahead of ourselves that's really cool thing. It. This oral supplement tournament update is brought to you by Miller lights the original white beard only 96 calories great taste less filling these celebrate responsibly instead of giving you a world soccer. Terming it a day and going to give you a local. Soccer update. After several hours of public discourse during yesterday's town hall meeting. Miami city commissioners deferred a decision to let that development of B moss comes soccer complex needs more payments on hold until Wednesday and so on Wednesdays they will vote. For the vote sent it to see they're putting it on the November ballot. Handsome back Gomes spoke extensively yesterday the town hall meeting here hit us so I now. On the on an owner of a team. In a city like Miami a city that you guys who loves the dual. This time around me when I was eleven years old. And say this is exactly why would've done I would have laughed because don't own that was important to me well us. Playing football becoming a professional football and as a young lads and there's a lot of young go around in the played the gang no yeah I love. There's a real achievements and we are trying to create something for the city of Miami. A global entity at global school we don't bring in a global school in the one of the most. Interest income in this city for vibrant it starts in cities in the wells rights. That's city to say it back on he's about what that city. Miami. Overseas segments. You talked Billy and about fewer minutes. Yeah I do wanna talk to a core wanna fight know how that went down into audible taught them a partial new tone and my home for you minister normally break at thirteen points and. Oslo it's actually not a dollar pre I which seems to me and every. Marlins begin a three game series against the Phillies a diet Arlen part Jenny nano gets us there and this is it to set for 710 via. Will this be the weekend at the mall ones did under the 5000. Paid attendance mark well this speed at age 5200. On Wednesday will this be the weekend. Things happen on a weekend I would have not weekend at Billy it would be way more likely app on Wednesday the big story mostly. In the big story of big story as a Isiah Thomas agrees to a one year two million dollar deal with the Denver Nuggets. Brooklyn nets have traded away Jeremy Lin he is now in Atlanta hot. To bring his dreads them. Those reds November anywhere on once you bring in the red zone around. Dreaded play let's get our know he had two reds. Into her own get a full head of dread dread the yet a full head of dreads. Yes. Charles Oakley was arrested in Las Vegas are committing or attempting to commit. Allegedly fraudulent act any gaming establishment he reportedly pulled back a hundred dollar check after he realized that he was going to lose a little later. Okay dealers that they are given money is not there no take backs. Marion. Searches for soccer Warren increased by a 113%. During the World Cup porn hub reveals. Does in some of those are women realizing. What soccer players like. I mean I'm all around you you guys know solos nude and I'm always sound you guys it's the them soccer players that Italy's listening out there ornament her Dresser. Players or women to Wear a guy and yes so I'm guessing that might have been a Lola Russell Warren of searches on. My criminal and are some. In yet now many scenarios. Giving a nervous you're on your phone Romberg you look at a sub we shouldn't be look at new wanna make street only posts and FaceBook Twitter some like they ever get nervous now. All that I am Beasley move Merv Beasley did that from The Herald and camera lethal more on how you do that August and mean ask can be easily. And casting couch wink on Twitter. Trying to put a dolphin headline. That's true were you searching porn on Twitter yet to be actually searching no no no and only he was an easy he copied and pasted and thought he was copying pasting something else. But he copied and pasted the link to a warning just watching. I've done the whole feasts on like a text grouper some in my gut I paced it's something that. I had no relevance to what I was talking in my that's not what I wanted to paste. Right but and I don't ever born right never born and it's you never Warner. The Mormon yes BZX and we talked on how about how how out the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on the Internet. Where you mean to paste it on. In the what's it must be that he click on the link. That says share on Twitter that's on the get. As they are like on a video and it says thank would you like to share this on Twitter to get his tweet was like here's my a piece on the dolphins updated depth chart at all. Julie had to copy feasible yeah that's old news to us why is he copying pasting course link anyway it's good for ham. You screwed up you'll dep turned yeah I hope he goes in depth. Did you lose followers on Twitter. It I get I missed my spots and outside. What happened. Twitter scrubbed on the box from Twitter. And certainly lost followers were not everybody immunity of some bots following Milos always rallied all of us are smaller sitting here. Well willing Dolly's non gaining followers not drinking a star and some sort of look at your collar town of any loss of human arms though there. Nobody it's still exactly where you work and you know lose a single one room. Only the Russians all me I keep track to a man very popular in Russia. Nam did. And finally Blair Burnett. Told Maddon to remove him from their game due to his rating analyzing that that he's been rated it eighty sat well liked it. You like him being. I don't know now it's game rating LA get. Better than 87. Me out of here it game and do not give you my version although it doesn't look like Packers hardly union. And as more like that that. I in the else and that's Obama. I will talk to Gregory's mortal enemy Billy Corbin next. You hear accordingly I don't. Syria is. They're 79 tackle its call on both. Lisa we don't bring in sports updates push notifications Molly favorite shows and has at dusk. Radio dot com that's where you wanna go you want to get live radio dot com at get it now mean she'd turn on the notification in the settings. Regular coming home for everything in 79 FM one a four point three HD to the tickets they had delayed. The year. The decision on whether or not to put the back Hamas deal. On the ballot in November they've delayed that decision to next week Wednesday Wednesday morning next week the city commissioners they're gonna decide. Yet that whole scene there at. So I get a town hall meeting at City Hall there in Miami yesterday so no real resolution yet but IE I'd like to hear from someone who was there excellence. Let's get Billy Corbin on the line here for a moment he's on the right fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line truly sense beyond convenience. Billy what do you think the percentage is the percentage was of people there yesterday at the town hall who were four. And against the proposal. Actually push through a solid 6050. And I caught. I was going to be on like he was definitely a few or English others or are you sure were people who support. On maintaining the Mel read a golf club great and bite at the look he shouldn't open and elects. Need my misconception is that like come on Europe pro soccer and soccer a court you'll. People not all people. Who were wearing orange shirt and and and we're getting this plan actually wrote soccer and wanna see. MLS stadiums here in Miami Heat is don't wanna see it. On that site in and with its proposal. What what what are we expecting or or better yet what was the biggest reason that dating come to a decision. Last night was just because the whole thing took too long yesterday. An Iraq that just expecting before Colette and PM and wrap up in typical by any government. Style it was kind of like that should tell jokes get pretty testify in front of congress not collapse the water out of the way and run the other you know it. It can be kind of like that on the net that. On any doubt what would beat you is that they differ these important votes not only because so many issues Scott and get remembered. School it was all done. In iron behind the scenes with mayor Francis or. Our city manager Billy Gonzales is and the attorney auditorium and get this result and very chic very secretive. We believe you're dropping little drips and drabs. All our information and that ultimately. Not a lot of information I mean what they were voting on facility in commissioner Ken Russell was quite clear about that nobody knows what. Were doing here and he knows what we're voting on the RI and the materials we do have or not. Our situation is not acceptable so now. The real back to work you'll didn't that XX. YE's. Are are really going to be about the back the mosque group trying to spread the wealth. I actually. You know the lack of better term buy the votes. The three commissioners to. At the moment are go were Ken Russell. Willie court actually be commissioner in the district where they'll reach out located. On at any rate it though there was ITE re. Knows they need to copy we get into you know bill that makes them not meeting and and and try to beat. Get those guys on their side which I'm sure they'll look at at least one of them all we need. Offer now that no need for a slightly wrong. Ratify any contract. The current reform wrong here but a lot of these golf courses in south for the year Boehner I've heard a row the build more Cranium are you know Indian creek him look gore slick all these are all very prone courses. It almost seems like this was like a toy that the child was playing with and all of a sudden left them alone to go play with another toward them but all of a sudden we want that toy again in the case becomes adjusted back immature worded these people come from better such big fans of the mill Reese Corson and if I'm wrong in this has a giant backing behind it let me know. I heard it had been tried backing but he is be public or utilities he boldly publicly owned golf course in the speedy. All of Miami on and still don't have a police. In eight gulf state you know it cult. A community is they actually end and end. Yet because we're too played as we were our charity organization. Help kids and give to scholarships. To play out there really is pretty ideal of equality cult following you know arm I don't think they eat and try and pick. On a percentage of of the seas up population. April Cannata giant. Percentage of the city's population I would be impacted by this deal like you know for the stadium on a really to a re a very tight group. Our own people are some of whom were local most of coomer are not obviously. On the table with incredible about it they're adding. Well he's got a PR careless about the soccer ball. Partly have a dog in this fight. You know but I will tell you that the business and government stopped yesterday. In the city of Miami. Police chief was bigger city manager was they're all the commissioners that Nader being brutally beaten them. Are cops there every stop. It is a billionaire want to speak Yemen that be par for the course that pun intended. In our government is that. We never have timer money. For public train he shouldn't or hopelessness or affordable housing or you'll all right are important issues that affect nearly a 100%. Out of the city but there deflected a billionaire want the speedy and ever stop and ball a bit this government focuses on that I really shameful up article that. Or it's typical Miami where they just wanna get a picture with David Beckham more than wanna be in hot is pleased to be seen. Well they got back to get market and for crying out loud. But is typical Miami because you uber you reference diets a lot of these discussions of course to happened behind closed doors and that there's some shady dealings and of course. We know that was the case of the Marlins park right. I also lived in South Florida or starring Stephen Rossum trying to get public funding and and and it not working out amending paying for the remodeling of his stadium buy it. Those are really my only experience is a stadiums have been living in South Florida is this something that's exclusive to South Florida is it. In fact that and other places. These sorts of discussions are had in the public because that seems hard for me to believe that I'm being honest with DO. That this sort of thing doesn't happen everywhere when you're talking about billionaires building new stadiums. Oh it happens everywhere tapping into Central Florida Tampa right now he gets the older happened to look at a country it could be MO. Our professional. Organizations. They become in the school court cracked the week of the year multi millionaire or billionaire owners the we get thermal. And they were public money you know putting it at how equal states. On they beat by threatening to move routine more threatening you know. All sorts of things I'm not not due to Poehler were like you're a national championship broke World Cup team. Are they pretty par for the course I mean there are billions and billions of public. On inducted because that term but art burn fat on the NFL stadiums in Major League Baseball are parked that means that this is not. Unfortunately unique to South Florida it could happen here a lot more that it happened anyplace else but that that Miami. So is this this sort of par for the course and sort of how these business dealings go for better or worse. Then what is the solution and if in fact you do one Miami to have an MLS team if if somebody does believe that that analysts would do well here that this is a good market for what is the solution at this is sort of how the stadium dealings work no matter where the stadium a spur post. Solution is better government. That's the solution to almost every. Bit. Ill let up presently. We need better government we need people who. I do not have opera perks. More warped priorities and perverse incentives you know who actually. Represented the best interest that their constituency and not be you know fraction of one per cent of their rich. Campaign donors I mean that that. We need people actually care about community and and do things for their constituents and not for. Of billionaires I mean it's already beat the MLS. Shouldn't I think what has BS speaker stated that. Yesterday when she said why don't they buy. A piece of property and build the stadium on it just like Joseph Robbie. I like it you know back in the that the ninety armed COM I mean I think act ultimately the solution YouTube. New 10 it'll open a business or open an office. He caught a real hurt you call the opera and billionaire co layer like L table kind of anti attacked. How could mean how how well we're a billionaire on we. I I want an office battle all the major out of coal city manager of the city attorney and act but they didn't. Give me I call real right look at drive around her. Say oh I ought to keep the property that would work for me. And I by the would be back there and that that they hear that there's a real and the title. Obviously it comes from you know from people with this kind of power well. Rail arguably the that the sports businesses is such unique business so I. As as I understand it based on your tweets you're you're against this particular location right with the Murray's golf course so where would you are you against. You aghast against the CDM billing project generally or is there some other low he sent. That you think would be more appropriate. Well I'm not a real or either you are so critical that the people who were actually enter it know opening this thing. Would slide up a location that suitable for a that the neighbors. Are are are happy west. I'm I'd like Doral location I mean all of the oval in the loaded. All right well it Doral location. Made the most spent all eight geographically. In terms of the demographic market and the interest in. I in this sport is soccer and it was so way out wet you know what it and I 95 all of the it true that it was a west problem on the and adding to all that he ideas to the doubt they are that would be. I Yelp mobile I get the extent though the worst so far the problem but I understand it MLS is built at opal. Over the location. And they bought too far from the action you know they wanted to further east Morin. In the city of Miami the middle of the city of Miami and what they're well they're trying to keep peace deal here in 99 year lease. Witty below. On a straight up and edit. The way he's being he. By the Air France the torrent which is so unfortunate that he was to restore percent. I knew what next generation of my leadership and it just being crap they occur later. Billy you find out according mosques and David Beckett back a mall or being dishonest somewhere in their proposal. But of course they're being secretive. In their proposal RI I I don't know they're being I don't they're being disingenuous. To great teams have looked error. Some of their you projection and they are. Michael and I by pie in the sky lied. On here are some of it is. It's a little bit of circuit again par for the course with these were well they are. On it and sports stadium type of plot tech schemes Cilic he technically now with the shock at the best deal just kept Lorie or Stephen Ross thought Il or idiot I think he have a port deal. The American Airlines Arena that would tax peers voted on it. The ballot like which we still see full back in the late ninety. You go out yet been dealt with building yet. On the ballot or not if you're for you voted no and you're against it you bode well. Tricky this seat full person in my we eat how we need these sweetheart American Airlines. Arena lease that began par for the course they're trying to get that deal but their side the problem is that people who are supposed to negotiate. On behalf of the city of Miami. There are listening but important people later it would recommend not managers Beckman bot that. Beat the eternity. It's whitbeck and are there at least nobody on the other side are people would hire. In Egypt or an attorney that you didn't trust or Q you represented. The best interest. The other side you were you know out of you were our contract negotiations so that's really actually the problem that we're that we're dealing god we're dealing with here. Let me ask you this why are the government officials on the same side as Akamai mosques in the scenario or as in in terms of all these stadium deals as it because. They believe that it's the stadium deals and dubbed generating. Revenue city I don't know why you know I. Nobody believes that it there's no evidence. On bad and they had at least now where well here you'll need to call up. Private partnerships and contracts to look at and they go. None of these things transform. Our trans formative or a specific if you creating sort of legitimate economic. Stimulant the only reason it is money. I believe has you know. When your apple by the star power. Even back when most famous men in the world when you how important not to every successful. And well established. Are you might and he it is spanned who's spent a lot spread a lot of wealth around. This community particularly among the politician and has built his it is terribly scorching was built back out on a lot of government. Contract you know I mean it is just. This this is how the ball. He needed people got to and that yesterday at a pretty appalling. I remote most importantly billion wool wrap it up but this we appreciate you spending a lot of time of those here this morning. Have you started making. More films are people wanna watch and must not obsessive Gregory. I dare you like I never think about a great Cody. My idol I was that has. With a tweet and I responded in the most honestly popcorn I think. Rick is that part of the problem you know like beat when we saw it and years ago now when the might herald are endorsed the Marlins park Il. I'm that would be in pretty profound failure or what do. The important institutions in this community are newspaper which is supposed to do their part to get in objectively out of like evil and represent their own constituent. Moral the reader and the taxpayers while Florida. And their sports Pete Carroll and the editorial board at herald were were basically you know an extension of the PR apparatus that. The Marlins ownership how he is making it very often simple and obvious sin. Accurate observation. And and I beat you noted that with a two out may 2009 very that it try to beat people is that I think that. That would be a significant. I moment in the history of the credibility of that people read it can match him by Andy without you know without the important local journalist in The Herald carpet at. We've seen it on the downward. I like you know it would it would be after eight it is celebrated and fortunately. I hear they're they're full throated endorsement. The Marlins are you look at that includes making everybody in the sports because they get everybody. On the editorial board is. It may endorse the Marlins park deal what else you know do you need to know. About that to know that there was just curious breach of trust with their with their boat blog readership and then obviously. You know up and I'm sure they regret. But did you and quickly make eye contact yesterday. I don't that no one can look straight at at his shirt now actually he turned it don't always goes very fluorescent and callable. Equitable duller than not they usually just funny if you look like you just cut the speech. Where Joey collected from the white girl look like in orbit. Like. He did people are we're gonna be given the background you know we can't. And we got like all dressed up to it on all you know ought not. On television. Sitting behind I'd eat it back on what but Cody was in his is usual sort of Florida that year which I which I much. Are an excellent job Billy Santa trouble all right. Hi there you know Billy Corbin right there. Explaining a little bit of what's going on what went on yesterday at the town hall meeting there yesterday. And did it look to go to you'll jab a great company to. I. Solo on. As rough South Florida banner out so there's nothing personal between him Ingrid toady you know just because another Harold Harrell sounds like yet. I'm Simon I'm a bit surprised about how are met and spoke there'll not personal but could look at some. Isn't it it's personal view it's personal view we. He's sports journalists that he's carrying the use of water. Were to meet if someone says on and someone else's pocket I wouldn't like it either I understand. Our it people accuse a people do accuse you of that some of course that heat can you imagine when you were the water boy for the heat's. I don't know. Yen and unsure about what I like it now of course understand. The time everyone's been waiting for is here well I like it doesn't get Waltz the weekend weakened as one about 25 minutes doesn't. And militia no big movies not big movies it. Seamless to our house a place to be the final soccer tournament that's this Sunday 9:30 AM get there Bud Light is the official beer 12018 fifa World Cup be your friends goals. Safe place are now is looking at northwest 36 street need third avenue and to rally watch the game and giant screen. Lots of entertainment and prizes and the chance to win tickets to see around Madrid. Or Barcelona play it's all spots like Cleveland clinic and rip it energy drink real energy for real people. Thanks Billy for joining us there Billy Corbin joined us. And canceled and the Steve mission took place us at the town hall had some kind of resolution one way or the other at least for the time being com Wednesday when they decide what they're going to do moving forward whether or not be able will be. Put on the ballot in November or it just dots okay on Wednesday Sobel C. But right now as the weekend is fast approaching everyone's weekend starts in about seventeen minutes from now it's very exciting. We will all wheel gets what everyone's been waiting for and that of course that is of one of the big movies and and one of the not in movies. Bahrain so. It's it's really easy right slim clearly we we know how this goes you're gonna you gonna give me a couple movies here and comments they have their big movies or nothing movies right sounds good men are what are you got your first skyscraper. All skyscraper. You know about this movie are right. Al today. You know today it's an action adventure flick look so ridiculous it's PG thirteen. It's got some sequences of gun violence present stand for pretty god awful. And it's got some brief strong language okay there imovie this cast of those paychecks the movie stars. Though rock all right of course it does now this time around he's fighting a building okay. NASA spoiler alerts. He wins. Now the only time he doesn't win is when he takes on stone cold Steve Austin right c'mon so we we all know the end game here the movie looks fantastic. To make a meter off fantastic. Tomato meter hazards currently get 51% of average okay global audience more audiences are heated up. 81% how eaten I mean it. Sense I'll so skyscraper. Upon further review his fake leg and it. He's Haney he jumps. From one building to another it's amazing that is not. Physically possible grade and then somehow Rao was shattered window and it pains and then some switches PX at least hang. And then gives the skyscraper the people's elbow and anywhere else. Skyscraper has been moving it is not. Sorry to bother you. While it's from. Just me oh that's the name of the movie okay sorry to bother you in July to policy myself out. July 13 that's when it came out that's today OK it's it's a comedy our rights rain north now and take your kids. Got so that pervasive language. Got some strong sexual contents. It's got that graphic nudity so was her show got a drug use. Especially graphic Nicole qualities of our shell. Here's the plot sorry to bother you a black telemarketer discovers a magical keyed a professional success talks like a white guy. Actually my secret successes while. Movie stars would heat stand field he's in that show Atlanta use also knew we'd get out. He's in the sunk in place by lady who entered taken Steve grows virginity in forty or virgin forty year old virgin else mattered Pearl Jam concert by the way. Movie also stars of meaning and yeah it's trio also SARS Terry crews OK he's got those pacs like those pets amber. That the pecs and that's our rights Nixon gentlemen. The tomato meter for sorry to bother you 96%. That's extremely high audience scores good as well 77%. I think his movies to understand and he looks funny sort of body that's a big movie right there yeah that's right. Ozzy got. The first birds are the first purging came out last week OK it's a hard movie. It's rated all it's got strong disturbing violence. All throughout the film and it's got pervasive language and some sexuality and drug use. Now here's the plot of the movie to push the crime rate below 1%. The new founding fathers of America is side to make a sociological. Experiment if you will. That vents aggression for what are. In the year. In one isolated community bowl and the violence of oppressors meets the rage of the marginalized. You falling. Now all of a sudden. To chaos ensued in the chaos ensues across the nation now the movie stars Marisa Tomei. Amounts that all right you don't talk about Marisa Tomei is. Lebanon backs are turning at a bank and bring back. Tomato meter has the first burst at 54%. Average movie Ortiz scored 36% original purge 36%. I'm not into these purge movies okay. To me it's not a movie side into. Yeah tableau more laws yet all right. And I leave no Trace leave no Trace this week in radical voice it's a drama it's PG it's got smacked the medical material throughout the movie okay. Here's applaud the movie. Will and his teenage daughter they've lived all the grid for years in the forests of Portland or again. There idyllic life shattered. And they both put it to social services. Not to clash in what they're new surroundings they settle on a harrowing journey back to their homelands. You like that. The movie stars Ben Foster. He played that ain't Steve teenage art school student in the HBO show Six Feet Under mad annoying character. That that probably were to trader jets. Yeah. To maybe a 100%. Give 100 hours stop the audience or 93%. I don't know what about this movie sounded interesting to anyone even have a movie make it's not a big movie. Sorry. And that rate there is big movie not a big movie I am on the movies this weekend I am the. You would shock never RI IT. You should announce on the show win when you're not going to the movies on we know that. Like that would be news site taken my family see the first birch. You love moving now we're gonna see halt oaks Pennsylvania sports. One now Adam Sandler. Let's go to make a mess he's right up or rally. Yeah you please Dracula what do you mean you're taking your family. Yeah world go on an outing but the Dow closed every week out that we did we like Adam Sandler. Don't see it we love it kids love that movie. Movies have always had Larry it's. Ultimately it's my Alex and seek. You gotta get I need get a rush out here's indices moving its maybe tickle map. Videos an ounce enemy and are moving now that's a weekend tournament. Those become a glass so there. Buddy. We'll look at. All. A charge she now next.