ZRA Part 3 7-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, July 14th

Tobin's tropical shirt, Danny Wood Interview, Shoutouts!


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Eight times a somewhat mega job fair sponsored by. Tuesday pretended to. He had thirty companies an immediate ten pins on jobs more than 15100 jobs mom free parking and admission for more details you just log on to. Job news USA. Dot com. All right it's. The ending it's a robbery in a few minutes here. We got areas something Fiat. We've got it suspects. Aren't doing the undercover working dinner on census bureau's boldness the it will get here a humanistic poll throughout the room who they're human to talk about all the above strip town you. My father and take a poll and yet you're right you know usually do you do that or I say someone on the show is suspects. Okay are you worried that it's you. And even he would do that here just because this yes you suspect OK you suspect that there and and gets you in a few minutes. Gets or how Danny he noted some block performance week any color wants to deliver a heat down here. I he he probably wants he'll be a bragging is while corn Hayward Celtics battled deals and that pretty good year and sporting wrote so far this year. We got pay word yep to get the patriots a horse. You'll have to India who'll let him do a little bit of gloating I suppose. Let's sort headlines differ school. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WSS best speech. Here's what's trending now from a concierge remains headlights desk he. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. These lines are right you racy c.s now ITC's party would be incest crest in new grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza joining the original topped with pepperoni on the am limited bus say despite dollars and changes CC's prices may vary. Miami Marlins return to action to 98 against the Dodgers danced really goes up against Brandon McCarthy burst its Marlins park 7:10 PM. Mayweather Macgregor at world tour hit New York City last night sooner and started two hours away. McGregor locked out with the white mink coat no shirt on Floyd came out draped in the Irish flag. Connor came out wrapping biggie Appel flats. Lloyd does himself with the racial stuff which he knew most common Bull Connor said he isn't racist. He said he's not really down to what you say he's not races because he's half black from the waist down mine and he's got some girls are. Suing him who's in the audience and many yes many dance spurred apparently for black women who understand. Lawyers came out teeth through baggage dollars a Connor. He had his bodyguards surround Connor block on he shadow box. That crowd reportedly couldn't hear anything that they were saying at all easy mistakes were so terrible and draw and said that Dana White was open. My. When. So pretty much how Wentz they have another presser to do in London. These back to back to back to backs and in going across the pond or not feel very confident about how this next one's gonna play out. Does anyone takes it what 56 hours ahead of us writes at times this is an eastern schedule also tonight I'm gonna do vessels set in their time O'Connell I have a little trouble time what they were throughout his latest and so. I'm wondering how soared Dana white's cheeks are arena from smiling for seven to archery. I don't think I've seen that guy not smile and the last three days he's just. I come do you think each is counting the dollars and his head like he's the Pentagon and there and then literally. Literally TMZ caught up with Chris byers she said that his help this great and that the next move for him is quote unquote basketball and stuff here. At Tim's he has such a job mentally it's those sleazy than it is tough I'll Google badger and the stupidest much. They could you Brian Vickers Chris Chris you LeBron was on the ball they are Christians like you should only be good. It's it's it's it's so we easily. It is possible as will my my. I am sure you weren't right now but I am the only guy is commented on which you got going on me. Wiesel or are you wearing that is the most of the rest Diane enough. Certainly yeah it's parents all thought it looks like you've shot it and it looks at snorted and able before and I mean they're sold. Two kilos yes shouldn't let your name out Manning is just a with a billion saint medallion had no way you look you look like Manolo. So little or is that. Unquote. Is the red because since he's back you similar. And I thought okay oh million dollars or 38 hours. All these folks. Ninety dollars this year no Nolan this year back I geared T ninety dollars you originally are now you have two bags of cocaine bottom. OK well why it is. Guerra lights worry free points led the heater to the clippers and summer league 9184. Bam lot about you is on out the second straight game. Out same for the don't think you're gonna go through a whole show somebody commenting on the shirt did you Hillary isn't for you are right chuckles you you sit tight. According to loads in Ramona sell more than X depositary talks were Carmelo Anthony at least for now all. Reportedly the knicks have agreed to make daddy Kane's former GM Scott hayride new jam and a nexus everything. People think LeBron who is scouting Alonso ball at some early because he was so those were bronze at the lakers rumors are he not answer finally and most importantly before we get her friend Inger. Did well. Don't lock up all right yesterday not getting it. There aren't very nice. They're nice. I it's are now as Danny Danny wood New Kids On The Block they are there in the middle there to war right now he is going to be here him and his pals will be here on Sunday at hard rock live. As a 7 PM yup Paula Abdul young boys to men and he's with us here in the Iran fuel on downs is convenience stores gas line. Truly sets beyond convenience dep now Danny. Oh lead to wanna talk about you guys and that's what they in the middle of the Evers all always good talking to the morning to one Georgia when he gloating that. First about Gordon Hayward us here Miami we're the losers balsam was the big winners don't do any gloating. I'm not really I mean let's wait and see how at all and the people of the Celtic could definitely going to be better but let's see what else they do in. Com could either still good. What got you the very very respectful take. Coming out of Boston there are no gloating just a wait and see approach said he off. I don't wanna blow my and I live in Miami you know. Its rights they've been either Gooden it better for it. I think it's better for the NBA on goal is not about it honestly you know. Yeah. I was six I believe this the first annoyed that you own a few months and especially since Amber's dame back so it enemy wanna seasons you also but I but I wanted to do as well people don't know out there. Danny IDs mother passed away how many years ago Danny. On 1999. Okay of breast cancer and Danny had since sort today a foundation member Betty foundation where. Helps raise money awareness and all that deal helps out women who law or going through breast cancer. And and Danny unbeknownst to meet and had reached out to amber. And provided her with with a lot of stuff that that helped around to answering your eyes out policy thank you as well. Yet Olson and I am I couldn't be more years painful for her uneasy like remember Betty did for me and then remember may send me a whole package bumper when I was getting my double mastectomy that little stuff that. Read that really held Dinkins really prepare a breast cancer patients and I know they do that for chemo patients as well in an in your organization has incredible work. Well thank you I mean it's just one of things like get to do out here on the road in life I raffle off Guam for four tickets to each show calm before the tour started in. Com we've raised. I think over about 75000. Dollars just thought of that so we just continue to do than to try to help patients on the patient's everyday. People. You know come through an arm recovering Norah that they're in the middle of treatment and and it you know one of the ways like can give back. If people wanna donate where can they go. Just got to remember ability dot com. And and of course for prefer new kids tore okaying go to and KO TBE. Dot com and you can check out the got a new EP thankful is out there are so so it is the show on Sunday okay what would you want awaits you guys playing tonight somewhere where you where you anyway tune out. Where you were playing in Atlanta tonight we played Charlotte last night. A so on Sunday there they're here their Hollywood at the hard rock live. And is is there anything different that you guys are doing this time around compared to what we saw you couple. A couple of years ago like what what's the main theme with the toward this year. What does this show a little bit of a throwback we kind of go back. Our early albums and kind of run through the middle part of the show on troop from. The beginning up until our new EP by. That the hard rock can be a little different will be a little. Smaller place they really wanted to should come in play there are so. Everyone agreed for me it's great to buy get to get on the books about the show and drive home and so. I'm very happy that we're ending it in in Polly. Did not get a yes the last show that's more correct. We Arab journalists and the buzz going on right away like it's it's party time in let's get a drag on time at the progress update any to ask you definitely out of there late August together backstage or whatever that. Want to meet you once not an easy and you have better things did did you got a few hours via power into Sunday night hangout area. And we've had we've if four times we've done five in Morocco and I don't want what we did teach those and are trying to work out every day in the morning. So it's it's not that it's been a long tour is this it's been a little bit of a grinding that time. Some sort of world news on Sunday that could you afford show and how much you that in these days. More than you. You have to these intelligence. I don't I don't live to be so light but heavy weight Maryland this thing and shape then I'll be held the and we. Asks people that you work out Gazeta bigs doesn't really. Cameras or should I get exercise just how much every wasn't acting out every time they go in them. Prelude to live right. Any technical problems got a bit with the advice of my own question. Finally ends are really is. Analysts do you have any problems going on onstage at the boys to men and guys any candles serenade going on. On we we have we've we brought them back on stage and still leave their home town. To promote our affiliate like them back in the middle art shows that but this. This tour it's not when you see this show it's not really. Not really meant for that are our show just kind of lead to Stewart doesn't stop even when we change though. Amber I don't know if you know that your you do in the thing again we got cameras in the dressing room. You have yet it did any explains amber what that is got a dollar. It's a quick change can we go down we go underneath the state to change in guy sure it's become an Austin. And a lot of fun going on CDs usually the cameras don't vote on the two sides of the state. Those people on the area no its happening aren't there yet near what U yeah changing wow that's pretty cool because I don't know crazy yeah. It but that's really glad that that's that's quote for multiple reasons it's cool because when we get get to see you sir it was there is also cool because. Eager to see how I mean those changes and sir you only have seconds to actually change or don't even understand how performers do that during a concert. He we have a kind of setup we could say we could take as much time do what I mean you don't wanna take a lot of time because. You want to show to keep going and did you know the people slowed not stopped so. We haven't you have plenty of time to change. How how those guys it boys amenity and a decent dudes like what you think he's gonna tell you are not you know he he did not. I would lose to us honestly to what we yeah yeah I really didn't talk. Back employed before and then do that you know they they got a few clowns in my act group and he's. Boy commandos there are friends so big you know we've toward this the second time we've torque with some sort of bit the reason we're torn with them again we we all get along really good really appreciate. What about pollen has yet what a volatile. What was done very sweet OK there you go there God's idea to dance onstage where there. It well it's it is an expensive video screens so mom. In program I'm. I would be have to figure that out like how much per share of that car. It's I have to anyway you know those new kids on the blocking go to NK OTB dot com you can check out you know hiding get tickets for the show on Sunday which I think his. Is a single seats available and it's very close it's being sold out. On I saw I saw some video of you guys Danny where you played at Fenway Park that's the hometown obviously opened Boston a few days ago and crazy the anywhere. I mean obviously you guys are big deal on balls and that's what you guys from you guys we're the we're the biggest I mean the biggest biggest pop act. Late eighties you guys were such a monster but that is kind of crazy. Where someone tell is a teenaged Danny would back in the mid and late eighties hey guess what in thirty years from now. You're gonna be playing the same group guys here you'd be plan sold out Fenway Park but there's nobody who believe that that's really crazy right Danny. Back nine it was not not the only route reunited in 2008. It was. Bought it never came up so. And it's beyond anything. A kid from Dorchester. Massachusetts could ever even dream of and this is our segment our second time playing in Fenway. Gold though you know just unbelievable 35000 people. And we we you know at one point in the show we broke out on the infield which you are exposed to told not to go on the entry field. And we did it anyway and we did a couple songs on the infield. Moses is. Here and we'll look dugout you're on top of the dugout and kind of black. What is the most I was a cyst on my buddies and in the business what is the most epic venue that you ever done were you actually stood there on stage. And your your your take him back SW element you had a moment where you're just like dammit man and this is this is this is what it's all about. That the plan I mean there's certainly is food five guys from Boston announced that it doesn't get any better than I mean you couldn't. I mean we didn't play there they didn't do content in the first time around Russia. Late eighties and early ninety's so he just couldn't come up with a better place actually you know. To play for a sudden it was unbelievable I had a few emotional moment scooped up as part. In the show where we you know Donna gets up onstage and you mentioned some of the people that we know that he mentioned my mom and you know Baird you know she never bought plate Fenway hopefully you are outfitted. Known gonna trumpet. And you still got to isolate your family when its brother Tori a daddy got you kids. Item might that I got my kid is cute dog on the bus we're all Roland together yeah over Leach still. There. Don't filled week. Did you see it's it's been it's it went viral over the last like 24 hours missiles and Good Morning America this morning about Donny and their Donnie wall with a 2000 dollar Waffle House tip did you see that. Yeah. A man in and we we but until the wall while few times together and like I tip 200 books countless. When he's. Yeah I didn't make removed from the Oakland. I mean I can tell you this and I've been that would dated a boy and a I can tell you he may not know and but I had to go low Kiki peek at bill Wendy's paid sport and and Danny is an act as a room look easier now he's an excellent temper OK I had but this Donnie Wahlberg. Get out there we. 2000 dollars below zero yards and then yeah tell me and comes Donny is settled down diet Danny's good tipper as well. Well you know he got a TV show on CBS or in the eighth seed in the blue blood so he got to. Blue blood money to expand to see the Clark the other tours and is likely them. She's ran out alive yeah she had no idea who is from his family to console the other guys have that Stanley and Jo-Jo have little kids they you know. From white pages for the non. So they've been out there to. Anything I'm missing here that we need to make sure we let people know about Danny of course again Danny a New Kids On The Block they got EP thankful to be checked out of course and he doesn't forget your dating. Not I'm not there we have crews coming up in October bellies on a New Orleans to console well plot to open my attitude that's the only element that is. Awesome listen man a look at bode C news on needs to be a lot of fun really really look at photos we really good time man. The only time during early. Man who got early Johnson yeah. Before this show that's why an award Dave and everyone's invited if anyone will want become Maryland you know just. You know guys ought to come to show. Awesome. Great great job to any look at policies on the man. Are you feel traumatized semen that's Danny wood right there are New Kids On The Block to their ego and a member of the the change would have. Yeah I went on the man hundreds of dollars to change my flight now all that and had votes because from from home it's a hand on election night. Animal babysitting ventures gonna cost you in dogs sitting in points and all of us the another couple on the books are gonna make a difference seriously did you settle its senior Allen Nittany still it's narrow as they asked for Nash just out on talent and Tony it's it's more relatable stories that you could do a lot of people are really nice time to a really. I was thinking I was thinking okay since I'm going under in this massive favor my brother and my sister in law may be peavy or maybe they can help me with the change inflate it cost. But then I just real eyes brotherhood boo -- money brother hey I I may relay for here's the prods his boss here's the problem I'm going up because Brad Malone Palin emerges in a sister in laws moms and hospital. Someone take care of the kids and I just realize when Danny just said he definitely not. Tonight was enough weight that. Then I guess they were supposed to go to the concert only candidate I know my brother and my sister in law how he got more seats in Atlanta they throws money at like six months ago tell me it's a little numb for like Christmas or repairs in the so as they watched of Ireland and are now I remember it was a big deal sit out they haven't amiss because this family emergency and then I'm gonna ask them to pay for miso I don't have to mess yeah try emergence yeah. Well we had allegedly your boyfriend there to baby sit everybody and you. I despise Obama. You are my nephew and I eased later into another by all means this thing yeah that's right you do it. Robbery and. Robbery suspect. Next I am and. The eagle has seen six annual attempt gonna celebrity poker classic Seminole hard rock hotel August 70 when 101000 dollars and other prizes. Proceeds benefit coal mines clubhouse. It's a home away from home for the families of children Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital take one live and silent auction. Do enjoy Viet he partied corrode Japanese restaurant before the turning kids going. And received courtesy of the ticket money dot com for more info all the turn in order make a donation please visit conine poker classic dot org. Not matter amber anymore game makes me feel better you sir Arnold and Danny and. Exuded six annual while we were just alone together for a few minutes on and it's gray and you didn't see a single word to igniting Bristol I think we're so if you did okay well if I don't I'm not I think Iran Neitzel Robert in the high in grammar wrong as when I am I pro Jim what can you Kennedy we're all went off the rails was when I said you shut down prices Qaeda that's iPods. I've it really has pearls and doesn't come down here at bats that music I got a big concert said about to her at all we are all horribly awry that's not a big concerts that's the concert I've -- that's iPod any gusty you know busy work shrimp for ten years do you know about them the butkus and that is really want to know how to do it. The real reason why he's achieved in the low levels of fame that he's. That's why your Miami's a radio personality or from also highly alert to things all the cocaine on the brakes with asserts clearly. And shake and I guarantee enables gonna pull out of the front pocket I tell you real quick for its why Robert suspect. And we don't shout say oh you're not a game in Minnesota and zero quick for its Romberg being suspect which he has. One of the things that I that I noticed which was we that I thought was funny in Mike and the mad dog 3230 left Cyprus all sue got his and K he's one of the guys the hawk who. About Mike and amenities they were referencing might amount doctors to got. Wool suit got you know they talk to different personality isn't thirty for thirty them soon as claims he came up the idea for youngest against it from them boasting you don't let you know where that's yes see that's claims that he went to them with the idea for 3230 that he want to be like producer make money course. And that ESP and told him. That are I don't know who all think about it and then the next thing he news they were making a Mike and the mad dog thirty for thirty without due. Similar situation normalize one of the former football play receivers he Miami actually did a bunch of like videotaping a documentary work for the U any kinds of the record and so. Is that price YO and complains about it her insulin back given brink where a guy I used to be running back at University of Miami mild. So does it make his own version mall yeah yeah yeah he's been reloaded are summing it did. On so so yes this you got is in a couples like he's one of the guys whose whose talk into the camera about Mike and mad at these great it was really funny. But one of the things that I notice and which was which was really funny did you watch adult yeah okay. The very first show. The did you together because they were both crucial to the round. People wanted their own show. And eventually program director isn't ladies calls up says hey what do you have to drive excited. We were its own so. They were forced to work together. Okay and neither of them knew each other from a hole the wall so it was the is that why you don't so the very first show there Dylan do Emeril what happened very for shell. Refreshment they walk into the studio. And you got to figure out who's gonna sit guys who was gonna sit. Indy quote how torture. Sea ice in about. Are there might about how they made whole thing. On the shelf you'd think with this cheer of course does yeah that's another thing with her like he's you know the tears he loves that I was at match are now. Well yeah and it's in that area knows that he's got a charity amber had this very thing date they have. They both wanna sit in the power chair so Mike got there early so we could steal the power chair of the big deal to him. And and Chris has seen its share with you know who sought. To the controller how torture fees everything okay. Now is on. It was a real funny do you it was a big deal and a chair finger. How big update you on the Concord powered carrier these seeing Michael reference you Toby in the controller sporting a nice guy and I chairman I drove the show and ready to go through. The weekend's show that I did and I thought it felt so we're it was so here and I don't -- I always wanted to Smyth quite a running this war its troops got an IC nice irons I was Lucy and it now you know losing even you'll end angle is called to ran Allen who sits in the power chair. I love that why that is sometimes rides out a resume its oats super idea it was it was so radio only. This Romberg here merits. He is suspect. And hammered those armed and erased my enemy what's going I don't know okay arable wanna SARS when emerald under so. I know he I now it's is that there's some type of problem going on today. With and we would let art show local Alley you know dance onto local hour for the month of July economy that there's a pro yeah. They're so it takes murder case. And then. Than any. And we had a permanently is basically the same interview the three times so far this I don't know what's going on their eye on as an analyst on. But. Let god is on occasion okay Levitt Karzai during a local oh yeah and they've been playing best of lab it's hard for the local hour this week OK because danced and danced off little louder this month he's going to be back next month to and it's we think he had that there's there's no problem now don't get that impression there's no problem. But. Today for whatever I don't know the problem is and you know we were asked to stay until ten and through local hour. Amber's got a plane to catch I have a meeting at 930 I can't do and an amber can't do it either OK with the bad. Don't worry about it my dad and I chuckle because there are a lot of rumors we know in my meeting. We assume no end in some Mira substance it's only an element OK don't eventually carried. Many means anyone they you'll sit up. Dollar General word. So anyway so I don't sell. They need someone I guess I I don't I don't know why don't blame decimal auditorium on clock but I can't do without help I'm always won't help. I can't do its neck and it can't do it she's wont help to so do you know. Who's to win the nine to ten hour comedies to bolt is twofold and one company man suits. And Brett Romberg. Is Stefan and an extra hour today I had to do this show can't gets better see you think you better than Robert beat us. He's white hat into my head. We had Romberg ever agreed to do an extra hour of the show duties out Dow at 9 AM bright bright guy and Matt actually not team player. Company meets Jimmy is he amber okay rumble. He's wrong for me into Portland or even more shocking that Romberg agreed to doing it or that our loss got the nerve to ask Romberg to do it because it's well known as building a bosses are scared Robert neither they. They don't scan nothing they are scared of him but he adds that question is neither the most shocking part is co host. East. These Ron. Indeed weird kind of no its case it does what is it. The cost of all that what kids ask that this Al our roots and has Allen it's the pedal and it. Coalition called the royal blow ski and on from nine or ten the year ago that showed nailing down like he does in the office in an all right with mass Gruntal suits couple suits to a nine to ten right here mean. And I need beer and that's right kids. You know the Dow and I were doing it when your agreed to dairy. No no yeah and I think they rolled into excellent year did the bosses say oh you did did they imply the U. I go mixture tomorrow. Pulled a fast one on the rom dog runs and eight iron from 910. There's been running for Broadway. But did George does don't you. Full don't go. Audio systems are Arizona but overall this year. All the other public comment though. What tell us when you're meeting here somebody's got to meet bearded. Germany later. And it needs be turned to get your message. Still hasn't even or just plain under the knee was. You're just pulled Peter. So yeah never seen it appears the preceding eager to do for America. Please give us an Amish and he near this busy doesn't use electricity to this city right around April inalienable right yeah. Isn't he slides around or somebody safe bulldogs take on arms and intrigues you know pocket dolls still going to be in the cut she's right. I've you're gonna be in Iraq do you cars between Jordan jumped from. How much do it. And he's yeah. On the champions like today. I don't know what she said it would thank you picked judge did you ever have a did you go to these you know. Unlike. Okay good job. Benefited our gift card voter shall Newton say of the week yet let's say we get started since. Formal day Sharpton. That's right the legendary Brazilian steakhouse located on first street and South Beach between on the Washington could join them pretty special. We can Brazilian brunch every Saturday and Sunday what better way to spend your weekend that folder shout it's fifty dollar gift call and say you know. You get reservations fogel dot com it's FO GOO dot com call number five right now on the contests line 786 by 340790. Caller number fine event. And we're gonna say yup that we can. And hockey Cameron's studio amber has a catch point. Mary Cutera I didn't not to yeah mine and I did not I apologize last segment and and I gave her a hug about. You did do that sadistic to give the finger issue walked out of the studio don't really answer that why is that true it's possible that he turned your back that's possible I turn my back as he did me dirty south that's that's possible that was crazy though like imagine that he gets the point of the Mike Mike our Mike and the mad yet so it's success and you just not talking between segments. Yet they when I I told lumbering that they went months. Without talking a they wouldn't eat they would even talk to each other on the year there. They're not having a conversation they're speaking. Related you know yet legally. It happens and her four hours so like economy that they were giggling and laughing with another and then now man wouldn't look at each other during the show a long show there and officials are five and a half hours media in the world one to 630 for a while only hike. Yeah. Long time not so that's a long time not to look at each other men men that men were reference causes after the brunt of doing it by itself. Yeah doubled and he's collision in. Why how well six hours amid a daughter collars and Ronnie talked callers whole show few more you know. Terrible I can do mama so much. Well maybe one day you'll not be able to sit the power to work or not this is not how used since the parts here and that the needed you know that your. Give him give him they give him the wrote robbery and beast the bronze dog and the need beard from ninth 10 this morning. Unbelievable and Abe Lincoln need beard was phenomenal as well yeah you told that and I said yeah. Give the Abe Lincoln hat and coat yet. It is also new to me guitar so quickly Z dot don't take into the theater don't take any no harm no. Arnie gets a shot that's his own shot out this morning only on our hands it was shout outs. You know my spare time. But decided take a little bit of a hobby I was I don't know this or not but I was a little bit of a bad Mitt economists who were back in the day actually play for the high school team. Plea for the grade school team. Singles champ mind you I was much of a doubles player I'd like to share and so wanna give a little bit of a shout out to my noon. Badminton team I don't know your interest in seeing has put not talk. We work to shuttle cock courted like nobody else tell its calls shall cut is that really what it's called Tobin. Did is subject. By the way our team is the leader he you know he's out of your kid's basketball team come to talk about Michelle cup team. And what's really crazy in the as. We're like a bunch of different sides guys like I'm a big dude there's another dude in the front that light candles. A lot of the front court when he plays in the doubles and it's crazy because. You don't usually have two big guys playing a double stink so many you know and shut ultimate do. Johnny swallows whole wide load I can't get at a year we do we just can't can't hide it and he's so blatant. Ami Kenya Kenya to be a little or some old just a little thing can. Our Richard Cummings is a partner okay all right. All right I've had enough don't do doubles are sold those rural cued up the pieces all over the top it's so over the top okay. You got any other shout outs you know and any Mandela like you know you know you can't have a badminton team in the nation under Tom our rights we got nomination may clog their loss right way when Mary is right behind us. No yeah it's complete unless you got an agent on the team over he's just giving the finger behind your back about that. Just give you think your beard didn't have been different if leaflets to give you the figure there is still so if you get rid Canadians feel the power threat powershares saudis and ready. That's why is here to run in here right when I get obvious that the power chair. He's the only try to Asian and I know tomorrow and say it was that big. Of a look at the rights and has his name's fatter it's I don't approve of the segments. When talking about it so it's still the opposite of subtle used to be subtle it's the opposite of subtle you know every team has ever coached though. Coach Leach can Wang Palkot I would give a shout out our new coach can't leave him Wang aren't. Very good national cutting out aren't yup small bet that that that by the way it. The name of the what is the playing surface is that the right. But that now notable good and bad days and no the bigger they hit the I had made Woodward's book throws me for loop all the time is the feathers right. But then why does it tip have to be picked I don't. At that. That's how you that's how we and the wind apparently that's how we in the I'm all callers you can make that thing X mouse. But you gotta make you paint. What Chamberlain still. The Sudanese beard from nine to ten.