ZRA Part 3 7-17-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, July 17th

O.J. up for parole, Goran leaves Dion Waiters angry voicemail, Prank caller Bill.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Thousand bucks or rights. Go anywhere. I must say that I wanted to get all. I'm pretty sure I'm watching it on Thursday hoping he does get brutal. Right what's the latest the latest on him was. He's got busted for breaking into somebody's house and house Arnold is a hotel and other memorabilia sold at what he believed was his body was actually is memorabilia. We're but he like hell it was like gunpoint and no weapons and he he stole and. Yes he wasn't his anymore right it was his memorabilia that yeah. Inmate can turn and Hayes at one point them. But it wasn't his now he'll always be memorabilia my geeky camped he's not all there he he's our little crew being. Well now. Well do that that seems like at the stretch when you've been. Convicted assassin in strongly suspected of a brutal multiple brutal murder any duke and I don't. That's year. But he's beat that I take his or did little kick. Kind of feels like now he's see he's he's in jail for that it kind of feels like although although you know he gets out now on what he'd been in jail for. Only like ten years. Of ten years that OJ is being in prison. From this memorabilia nonsense. Way not that long and I think something like. And it is something like that for low while now man. You can name extinct the only in the 2008 years now they call nine years yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. There was thirteen years the day after he was acquitted. For the murders of his ex wife and Ronald Goldman and he was sentenced to 33 years in prison but her role was eligible after nine which is why his speed he's. Ali is on October in an amazing. But Britain trying to rob back you're moan memorabilia granite youth 33 years there office a year or acting on paper. Muscle Santa feels that he's serving another loud here had gone for crimes that you are neck and I don't do the doubled. 33 years trying to take rector memorabilia. But still. She does what for taxes she could give damage she could given them thirty preceding him bury her. It's still applaud that I find amazing. 33 years but use you must get out to non apparently that's like. There's only thirty degrees and you know after want fought Malia eat yours early but like. Aren't years it's. Poor short of that sentence I hold on right now it's a chance to another thousand dollars now's our training camp board raised. Tex in the word. Dye ace. Dye ace to 72881. Dice like you know the how he seek money back in the day all right. Tex in the word dikes to 72881. And you 1000 bucks right now you can win it through the middle of August so listen every morning. 7 AM and dating -- and a couple times again in the afternoon got a chance once called bows are shrinking war days. But you are right now is dice sorry text at the seven to anyone message Derrick may apply don't Texan drive. Spells are training camp boarding is on and sent an idea that someone a four point three HD to the ticket. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to show Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlights desk he. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. Here's us are convicted of kidnapping. One reason that. Sentencing was as happy as it was OK I signed Clark what do you tell rightly accountants and depends on the stage that's probably what they did here because he. He did not allow them totally. These headlines right T ninety dot com are you hiring during over three million diseases that years indeed dot com for Gary bush next job opening and the world's number one job sites. Indeed it dot com. That's where by the Dodgers losing on Sunday retail marvelous. We hit multiple home runs are all on Friday denied him watch Saturday and Sunday Friday he hit two home runs and AG Ramos gave it up which which really it shape the whole series immediately if Vijay Ramos doesn't blow that save on Friday with a four games of 500 for the first time since the beginning of the year so it feels like get something going to keep in some momentum heading from heading into the all star break no matter the all star break. And you beat the this team the best record in the National League. And adding your 1629. Coming into that game the Dodgers there also and if if AJ gets that same on Friday nights instead Indiana a couple of wild pitches of you got a couple guys that are on base you know walking at a base hits and and weeks that's up steps up there and an absolute. Bomb OK to center field no doubt about it and 64 that's a ball game and wants and getting swept Saturday and then Sunday it if if AJ can save that game. You know who knows maybe. Maybe a wind of winning series I don't know maybe take Saturday or Sunday but instead you went in and swept and that's. That's a double whammy for the Marlins solid because. It really screw the whole weekend was that game on Friday night but. Eight you promise has not been as good as yours was last year. And now we always to blow and say so in out as the mean there aren't couple games they came on the teams tied and without his cobble blown saves this year. But the problem is. Should trade Asian routes as like a light hit Jones I do like Asia Ramos batted an irreplaceable position okay. And they're always teams in the trade deadlines approaching and the first deadline and the non wavered deadlines and what thirteen days from now fourteen days from now you know. Some relief help fur. Teams that are in contention that always looking for it and usually hefty price so that's why allegation Ramos more to absolutely train you to find another radio drama it's the same they found major problems at the trade it's easy Shaq OK you could find that guy. By. If it AG's not had a good year and he's not having a very good year that that's it obviously hurts the trade values that's that's tough man mayors also John Carlos threw me go to make. You have but. I mean I can't be the problem. Like what he would do there and it happens all the time. Impressions working America wants change in Alaska and Alaska was rumored to fears go Ricky Nolasco was was stands boy and they traded him to ready to Dodgers at the time and I mean that's out goes the stands ended up buying the period of Warren's brother. I don't know his. Blood is Oki is out. So he has killed in Russia. Currency on the filly snipers at 7:10 PM from callers on the hill for the this. According to you this Sports Illustrated article and I pulled up handle Las Vegas criminal defense attorney named Daniel hill who is interviewed for the article he predicts that Simpson will get released by now he says quote he's kind of person gets. Paroled and quote apparently Simpson has no yeah I mean before. Well he hasn't had it's completely discretionary that there are things that the board takes into consideration under Nevada law. Eight you know all sorts of things employment history aids gender I mean damning you name it they kind of take it into consideration and I guess is a point system they were points and since you went through. Every factor and he thinks now at this point Simpson terms. Turns seven air he is seven India Italy he just turned seven. He's he's seven. People point magazine of that aides to be retired and it you know of course that takes into a tiger criminal history white. You know how much of a threat they consider you moving forward and also there's been any disciplinary action while he's been incarcerated and apparently eat there has not and they haven't had any issues with ams so. At this point for seven year old has been locked up for nine years has had no issues and present and apparently don't watch and think some positive things in prison in terms of a vocational training and I think he's an and that kind of stuff. Then it did this criminal defense attorney Nevada. At least theorizes that he will get out. Can Cuban guy until the prisons improved play he what is already raised with rumors it plainly is who beat our latest move. Why do you think that he hasn't played with a is who he just he's apparently soiled himself before and that's how he's earned the. They would his blue. But member of the start of the documentary the thirty for thirty were OJ is in the rule hearing that. And they're like you know Jim any prior history of crimes and now me you know and it doesn't nonexistent you don't have yet on you weren't once arrested for the it's like. Don't look at. It's like it's so it's so sad. Mobile I guess you think convicted now I nobody does it never pretended like you know whether Lee. What's a little. Lately. I know today. Everything. Pairings had encouraging low key peaceful behavior and yeah this has been a model. Since so he would come as so if he would be really if you act he Bolivia would still be he's out. You know he would still be monitor are people going to be pissed I mean I I don't know I think he's gonna come live back down here though that the as the courts are all he'd he'd he'd have a conditional release so eat anyway is English regularly with parole officers obtained. Permission to travel on a state he's in Nevada. Now and submit to periodic searches and all like assets and no he would have apparition at. To leave Nevada so. We'll see how that goes apparently will be broadcast live on ESPN which I think is insane and then in the island dozens others are going to be ten and I element to it I mean a thing as early and watch as well down into. I'm hot rumor get all arms and I adding that's fascinating to watch. They're Jackson reports that deadbeat Jeep says declined an invitation from Jorge Mossad joined his group and I love the show and LB year reportedly welcomed the idea of them or him mosque in Jeter joining forces Jeter is bringing in 2.5 million of his own money where it's at. By the way is it is is nothing compared to the one point two billion the team is reportedly going to be sold for a and yet Jeter wants control of both the business and baseball operation. I experience it a bald play man by Jeter really is amazing these to be a picture of Jesus pockets inside out via and gold deadbeat jeetz. And Kelly handouts. He's got out of the pockets the bond is out to be more as an Harris palms up like just like this sort of palms nobody's hands should be out like he's fast and very handout he wants money. These guys handout is asking for your money. Or can be like a guy that we know John improve who I called the scooper because the guy. It finds a way to scoop everything in life and he's actually so good that he's the double scooper soy used to send him the raisin bran logo for cereal with the beat of the summit the two scoops serve so you guys should be he is spending the scoops. As he scooping everything he's not paying ratings are scooping Eric. I like the idea with a handout. And it's going to look caption coming from his mouth any saying gimme all your money so I could run everything. Speaking of which John Burgess got back from a three repatriation in Europe which you can pay a dime port because as part of -- report sort -- that's amazingly why you bring your friends on blast now what is what is happening there and just got a picture of what king's face as he's been on vacation for a month and I have to he's been in Hawaii and I think the camera as he said any county say the only angle. Easy. Get togethers T cell and he's got up out Rihanna are going to step on the other Steve knows it his teeth is teeth are closed. On all the polish on them but he's his chin is actually in his wine cup how jealous are you how much weight as he put back on the house you know like you brought up not me. But. Ali's sister is faces bigger uses his his chin again. And as other chin and then the one behind not one it's hanging in his why he's he's puts you back on yeah all that and I would RS and then some because Hawaiian pizza is it's almost like a hundred pounds or something new to the weight loss konduz last year he founded AA he's ease that it challenge pending on there. How jealous or use that Johnny is a father and my paper to this and that yet I hear you money or EA EAU paper although. Now I pay firmament keeping a road trip I'm very fired her because it was my retirement fine red. She married you because you're and a pal. About just who's opening up on the podium today had to help everybody out. Sway you don't sway your grandmother not father on everybody get back on the boat all to care I don't worry about it. When he took what do you think they said okay when you sort their daughters cannon married. Gets cornered. Did you actually ask for late do you ask the follow us human and they don't remember a story now that were in Jacksonville for the have Thanksgiving and I'm getting ready to make a nice Thanksgiving be serving but he. And Emily and her mom what to grow she started to pick things up so I had little sit down with with Richard her father he and he told me was are you sure. Mike no take backs like you can't give her back because she's expensive number of all this other stuff. All jokes aside they want to know the door and he goes well. We are waiting to black hole that's raw AT and Emily and I uses. And neither did a mom although that has been doing were I don't know that that's that's terrible yeah that's Terrell he does and how does that happen that's him. That's a swing guru and she was mad. Mad that you and car cried for an hour now yeah that's that's the appropriate response Tuesday as rough and. Server what that did apparently it was distract you from her dad's advice which it sounds like. On an emotional sounds like he tried to your words of wisdom says there are little people would gentleman sometimes you know every thing they say. Our there's more than I hate load easier and there's more than just off false and sometimes you know talking about says here's how do smell funny though the multiples. Do you. There. There's every ports. There's a belief growing. Amongst people bids on our honesty and and will be willing to trade his no trade clause the Tim does it giants are showing be most interested him currently. And Kaye gives Buster Posey. Teams prize a hat like that that we'll alternate brand jeans right upper tangent on answer Graham keep posted a photo it. American Airlines Arena you're under a ton agree memories I'd mastered today. NASDAQ AAA. Even pose another picture of him on a bow to Miami's skyline in the background he wrote for all of those anything to do with meaning wearing and today I just wanna say. You wrote thank you and all caps. So I'll take it. Now three years too late. And that's saying that when he codec hell yeah here you are on. Grilled. As always much when he comes back next your love is always a bit of its repercussions for the things I said Boone whose group to keep. You'd see he called old. You're the only person in May be the history of the country is ever actually you know crow ate so I'm hitters repercussion for the things you sat 8 o'clock OU. But I'm not an out of this by due to food you eat. Miami Herald your brain that he'd do not leave teams up with any serious and -- the return to beat the we see her pretty Dwyane when he Dwyane Wade Estee high heat back right and it's Dion Waiters then brain wave big Twitter love that's. Over the weekend they hands. We made called him the. And said that he wants one of those Dion Waiters shirts when they're made that says but on yourself than doubled down. Rent and Dion Waiters responded to a bunch of snow people on Twitter asking him if he waited. Welcome wade county back in and if there is room for wade county and waiters island and Dion Waiters said absolutely. He said that would be bucket list for hand he called Dwyane Wade. The goat it's. Degree of waiters is wrote back design yen but. I its first. It's pulls the co removed. I ate first. Now knew it. Now own romantic I think I think. He learned a lesson last year I really do you know like I think anybody give anybody that opportunity go and make a lot of money you think progress is always greener and also knew he did you not too happy now on same waiters would tell him there's rumba I eat first. Waiters tells a two way all they wanted to Iran know that waiter says yes there's room but I eat first. You see happening that would take some Kong on nets. ID and any else. Very important stuff by an ACC media day at camp a camp is very important Mark Richt changed that we use is damaged or ever saw us. He was asked this in a hot dog is a sandwich and it led to a whole conversation apparently about how he eats sandwiches he drew a diagram of how to eat a sandwich. In ten by C has a ten by eight system that's him on how to eat is a much. And that his philosophy to jail it's where you cut that. Could this thing like that and at this by war. Okay this is the right to him in our prices may have little bit bigger. Quite threes right here. That's a good bye that's. Just like the delay of the this is determined to turn sideways and you take bites for CO one. To three and it probably four ounces. In this file. Then you if you repeat the process that's its embrace it. Convince. It is it is very announcing if you if you see the diagram. He diagonal cuts the sandwich. So that we you appointee corners and you just mid forty corners corners. And then in the middle we talk about taleo that meet all achieves. To budget problems assembly budget process is. So. Roger Federer won his eighth street Wimbledon title he made history type Billick shipment as well. So I think now what do I told you guys that. Think this morning. That school junior got ranked. And Tony Ayala. Was RB I heard ads was army happily it normally is now now we don't we don't condone or condemn. OK I was on her behalf where we reference don't. No it's not but it was a prank it was a prank it buy it might hold did that happen is that something you'd be sitting here. Mired in heard it hasn't heard a lot of OK let's finally yeah I know and businesses wherever and like radio. You only. News. Court your boy. But I haven't. I thought you were coming over to watch her on team that that shelf today. Because I. And I love that song and I got an. Q. Ice-T. Pain Lincoln. Are you correcting we're doing. During the group fitness on the pitch you wondered. Why am I. This man and put him to lose the clear speaks base in things you'll. Freezing Russia. In any league knicks then put it fat dot. On third and doubled them. And believe me. Not be. Given you lately he's BS convenience store you live in its edible are. Being. Sales fees sat on the peeps who backs. Is there anything about my game you being back. Being back at. You mean amber at work at the news. Inning. Anxious three point. Yeah. Rock or are you. At Pratt aren't I now know that I went out on your little. You're nothing without that. Remember that we knew her with both USX. Wing dual screen. Us. That I sent up. We re. You went for back to its right now from monster jam audience I. PM PDT center caught fire right now and a contest like 78653407. I need. The show is always Pitt and six. 620 months even that much Jim dot com for more info right now disable the fort pack of tickets for the 1 PM show on Saturday August 5. So Bronson down on. Couple posts on NC grandma kind of thinking Miami yeah. England Miami did you see the Miami Heat flirted back. Really a lead and see that's all yeah a series of flirting with Miami and the heat on. And I knew that and handing you what my values and it's like amazing memories in this building as using this came bay and. And so we're and the pressure on an imposing a picture of just American Airlines Arena before and I like I had and yet he he posted you know he goes I think that it was under the poster it was under the post of AAA or he's had a meeting memory and the heat's. In Graham posted back to championship trophies. Much ease my headache less. These are my own right play is important though simpler back at Ali gets I think it's nice I think is nice as well. Being Tobin is. An insane man not god delaying of the fact that a LeBron clearly wants to be back in he you know there's thousands of. Who drool if LeBron. Is saying that he had great memories in Miami. I miss that place I really wanna come back and I love you'll and. That's all I'm here greeting him at during a line it's fun yeah. He's an old so I'm okay there's nothing to boo hoo and actually it instead. He's senator Paul if he cared about the fans here he would play when the cows were down here he doesn't act as fans that he's in a published fare with Dan Gilbert and want to make him feel that. Unwillingly you may what do you make of the I did the heat flirted back where he had viewed image of the Iraqis don't need you. We don't need you sir I'm only be happy news and Libyan use of my feelings or get hurt in in some fashion knots would I know I can never be hurt. Whit somebody amassing a Dan Gilbert emotions like that twos actually may get out and not about me he doesn't he doesn't need to come back you leave and go to the lakers he can do whatever he wants but go ahead and messy mess with the Dan Gilbert now the legacy of the golden girl you've never been with your floor with all real that is UD or the old girl. Regular with the old girl now or them. Yeah it's ever heat and place this is a sucker you know you don't you don't know how relationships war. This is how relationships or I can do that and it's unhealthy and any third crystal ball and I'm aware of the manipulation sort kick it hurts. I know that that's what's going on I like. But that's not true actually you can know what's going on and it can still hurt. Is he doesn't get your hopes up that he's gone back and he's not in seriousness. That think the consensus here is that the bronze going to lead not Miami but that he's going to leave. Now it's different people. Just 53 guys. But it basket and you know baseball all it's probably loved every baseball is a lot more guys than on a basketball team now and I'll I'm actually only I'm. By at least what has always together so maybe top of their basketball but in basketball. I don't you know is not talk to guys and team. Around each other it's again a lot. Not a moment too where. Hi rear. When he doesn't have a moment alone LeBron at some points to spew like. They'll run you leave. I'm sure I'm. Doubly for sending you honestly I don't believe for a second and we didn't know he was leaving before he left I mean I think all that nonsense. Those guys have personal relationships and those guys talk off the court a lot about possible players in particular personal relationships because of how few guy. US are piling on the court. Would you want to ask here's the thing when your deal it affects your infection life when you're dealing with an offseason and you've been around somebody for six months straight 24/7 like he's there's have been there wanna get dollar from each other what. On the season starts he earnings season like yellow bus he began eating in my view we've got this I can't that's our closer Eric there actually legitimately front off the court and yeah I think you're asking Matt. Did not ask. UN ask. Any year really you're going to want you heard Johnny here's something you viewer in Ellie really good friends with somebody and your team and asked in those dues if you're playing with a professionally in Beirut even. I imagine one night you're getting feted during you know anybody in your have a cocktail or two in a sit around and then you're shooting the breeze I imagine that the commerce issue might come up. No we should say but it's got to come up with one of his boys like it's not gonna come up with one of his. I teammates now I don't think I think you come up with two long years of listening coterie Carmelo I think. Chris Henry and hammer proud equal off the court. I think it we should say though that I do you know from from then from the reporters on the inside too we don't so much respect on the show but from those reporters are on the cavs organization. They're saying that LeBron. The goal is shoots day it Gilbert. You know makes him happy that I need them O'Brien is there they are theorizing that LeBron is doing this to make Gilbert John. And that LeBron actually wants to stay for his entire career weekly. But still wasn't only make him his puppet ultimately is that it's gonna go down is that what's happening as a player ever foresee herself. App player. One player forces and owners sent home. No way he writes little or no way. And a husband kind of player is being Gilbert to sell the team I mean housing unity and I air force I mean I know that you guys have him. The Tobin has and secretly selling the team. Two maverick Carter Saddam LeBron can owned the team while he's playing on the team may indeed she is that harder would be no play it electors since shell company through that part of that LeBron wouldn't truly actually honestly weren't exactly Ponzi scheme has yet know how does it or explain how it's. Aussie had a nor are he's gonna Dan Gilbert here's what you can do you can either sell the team and make money is worth the most vital we are. Or I leave you lose a lawyer value and you get nothing of the steam. Why would actually lose. Lot on lead they wouldn't want no solid now earlier runner how much they wind up mind you that's the problem. And it blew it not enough urge you would lose that much because first of all you'd still have well I mean in in this city area it's not carrying out. An outlaws with a billion dollars you have kind of carving who's already who's already reportedly say if LeBron leaves a rude to ask for trade. Yet that's fine he's going to ask for a tree and always happier talking about the DN Gilbert having the gun to his head here. Ding Gilbert's franchise of LeBron will be eats I mean he he can still have and the bad times that much yet I did it. Now LeBron has increased its value exponentially but that doesn't mean that when O'Brien walks away it loses all. Who loses a lot it. It loses some but I don't think it loses is much easier and I don't I. Think it would be as different as LeBron going out replacing and making the increase of an organization. I happen as drastically as it would if you had gone a little less Cleveland would be much more are you a little there it's like second to last little adults. When he was gone oh yes yes that's a misnomer about Cleveland they have a phony spans Nolan goes Indians games when the Brohm wasn't in Cleveland worst attendance. Brown's attendants sucks soft ball he has fan base or running Cleveland such good fans baloney just stands no one goes those promising. Dan Gilbert pay for the Cleveland Cavaliers and I know that brother in law. And I know you think he did when you buy them. Or bronze or ulcers say like maybe within last ten years he tech's pressure brunt of a point in the MBA clippers owner. Was forced to set. By the NBA the NBA yet there's no god in his single winners of the players got together gathered some record playing yum animated differences and not those owners Hornaday they were to get sellouts like video NBA pushed him out. Then let the league pushed him out such a bad look the leak yellow told gods played Rangel told transplant. Play next. Peso last December and yet tens of thousands of music fans come out for a lot of beaches saw a bunch national acts perform well. Tickets that's when he seventeen retired music festival December 2 and third they go on sale this Friday the 21 at 10 AM and not announcing. A needy bands yet we'll do that be able August. We deathly ties we bigger and better. That's promise it discounted tickets for a limited time beginning July 20 per cent to Miami dot com. When they're gonna pay full price no I don't wore this Friday 10 AM that's retired when he seventeen. Remain 79 in FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Hi techs are rights and wants no we're doing an action hour today for lazy lab guitar or not. Now spoken. The editor no one's sure. You volunteer know I am absolutely not. Absolutely not someone also taxing and Romberg how is the beast experience last Friday of course. That was the suit and the need beard and a Romberg. Unexpectedly. Was the suits that was Ellis west it was news it was quite twist or Romberg became a suits him was big time. Team player I mean good on him was big time team player and company man. And winds up filling in and doing lebed towards local hour and the beast did the show them that's news show called the suit. And the need beard so rob protects the rights and how was the beast experience last Friday. Result lament some. You're she answered it to started out pretty good. Know all the sudden we kind of got into a little bit about. Off and she started off fair were. I made the mistake of asking beast a much UA. And conversation died senate basket how how much any law argue how much you lost could ask him how much you losses like I might and I mean it was like it was a good girl suddenly her girls. And we usually do out here how much Iran what do you mean memoir of his secret that he's obese. In line handsets. Is sensitive subject for people certainly passed to a certain point. Yeah I'll 75 pounds I mean I professional athlete and you were a year like this. You know heavy O line men and so you know you were supposed to because you were an O line man and and your weight was you know like a good thing yeah. PC help you John yelling you're a BC was not every jobs right I feel like. You were you were never appease Nawaz in a brief scene coming back rows you Romberg. I was a group peace can you most I ever was 11% body so what's important what support you reject toll is is it not possible for football player to BOB slate no matter how big these authentic earnest folks of some immoral be guided ultra cut but I was never oratory or. Somebody lively as they think that your comment from that world where wheat is our Carmen the job and where it's a positive thing is how I'd you just in the week you more as an old lineman and yet we're not a professional athlete I think you would. Feel here's here's the thing I'm always intrigued to find out when I see big people or people letter like rather rather large at what point. You realize that holy smokes a bit. When I he's just he's he's talked about it on the air he said he was always looked up I don't listen so was he really assembly of I don't think he was happy. About me asking about that I wanted I was like I want and what were you small ever reuse Kinnear I imagine he was probably chubby your kid. But at what point did it kind of get out of hand and articulate conversation was like high school or something like that results had to come season's terrain on the air in them. I it is kind of an odd place to take the conversation maiden at what I heard this and you get a touchdown of the Sunni you guys started McCain's op came up when you days jumped into a conversation. Per second anyways about the linebackers and I thought those is going to be good as it's been really became spoke on our between Easton Romberg do you guys you know a whole lot of McCain spoke ball. I've not Robertson actually enjoy the czar bees more than eight banks. And then nine had to bring up the way. A doing a recall the plus an Israeli was this morning gold junior that's the show that's on before us the gold junior show and and that to offer some last target and so the prank caller who gets those that shows we we do not condone nor condemn. The prank calls a lot of times they make references to us now this one is not a reference to us correct Tobin. No no reference to now what do you reference doesn't. Know. Helping a guy I don't believe this home is about us at all as you're trying to make it about us that on the getting into the house I like it better when it's about us I still on very very south senator. I do want to I don't hear rebellious. Everybody in New York Roddy Europe's first class Michael junior it's going on. Well. He was going on. And it was going on check this out I got some rewriting. And here. Independent got a guy. All right. Oh man. Men have some screening process we have there. Well Billy junior segment I heard it live and he said that those are the kinds of calls that he expected the to get a lot more often when he took that job with the sport at 6 AM hour which is when his show is on. And that he was actually surprised how many legitimate calls they get between four to six of people who actually won at fox sports and our coherent and and are actually engaged with this Allen and so he was talking about how. He dig a whole lot less prank calls and they expect it to an obvious everyone on a slippery there vetting process parity has been. And good party in New York Roddy Europe's first class Michael Jeter it's going on. And it was going on check this out I got some rewriting. And here. It's funny because I. So overran them. All right hey it's the vertical is color or not that grandmas we get it we get it. Holmes and gold accuse him Bernie post on this supportive of the morning movies look at it it's. All right. Yeah yeah that I right there it's not black not this time. That's where all right our anyway all the answers sixers are writing and that that you were obese Romberg and that was going on center. A New Orleans remembers and is not a 21. Dollars annually is overweight 21% or MA hands is overweight O eases some posted eve more than 24%. To be. I guess medically Texas say you're obese. No harm monster out of touch over point we were definitely overweight you are significantly overweight when you find me 300 honor that's not. Well if you had not been a professional football player I think you would have been maybe more sensitive about it. Why would you like turner rounds clearly we're. Do you mean well I was 230 in high school quality we know because look at eminently well let's drill is what I'm now. Don't know exactly tournament over 300 pounds and it was a Motley. Italy's hovered around into Marco. But there's there are guys on your on your team's guys you played with I imagined you wanna go north. Yes that's my actual what you are they had to carry that on the way you know you it is so it was like actually work for you to be had I guess. We define system every Friday every Thomas 330 dollars if you were over it. Yeah I'm around thirty dollars for the town and there's guys that would sit there sitting saunas the morning of the night before we were over 330. Notre thirty dollars for recount your over your required weight also coincidence that I was requires only 330 come from though likewise a three or thirty dollars the Max apparently at all times the natural to be fine. Bird bird. Added weight. The abuses that bank camera around and oh. And again here the sound of someone who doesn't like bishop. All right. I'll let resides and acts.