ZRA Part 3 8-10-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, August 10th
Tobin hates his cat, Trade DeVante Parker?, Big Movie Not a Big Movie

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Conceivable threat. John Clayton CBS sports industry expert Jamey Eisenberg. Claiming on table to table company out we draft so register for your draft to be held at twin peaks and Davey on Sunday August 26. Festivities are restarted one and then you sorry draft or. And the commissioner's sappy team okay because you get a fifty dollar bonus cards free but space is limited so voted to give my me dot com and register now sponsored by U angling. Happens here in her eagle and by twin peaks eats drinks and C news. It's Jackson shows 67974. Detectors that's in new segment. The drunk. Does low amber Romberg segment all after the next pre season game this many weekends and don't forget to tune in the final words of you know doing against the dolphins trunk pre season game it's us doing a show. The morning after we played dolphins pre season bringing in next week to again. Texas writes in this regards in the Travis engine in regards that Kelvin Benjamin excuse me cam Newton's situation when Jimmy set low roads as though the company's Christmas party. As gains as low about talking trash about a broadcast noticed sailors and on the kind of dude like that would be a Symbian Britain's. Like how many loans they're not gonna do in right away from them out. Don't come angels run away is he moral interest at the Leslie Mann Cammie I'm gonna dude you know they're probably handled similar actually meant. Acting like here's what right now in real time and walk away TC wouldn't address did you see do you see any of speaking of that team. Do you see any of bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen. In centimeters. And just the one infamous when the viral there was one play and he was on its first drive. I was first play those for struck there was one play and remember Josh Allen if I remember correctly on the four big quarterbacks seems mayfield and Alan Rosen and the guy. Rose and as Arizona and Arnold the jets when a mayfield and and this is Josh sound awful. They trade up to get him and number nine maybe. And we really want a great there's a minute there we thought maybe we hear Josh Allen. I was I was I was I was I was all you want the other fellows who goes further tribe you don't want a one hit wonder Rosa. Rose Jersey rhetoric that is close yes you are Derosa a Jersey that is why OK so anyway. On. Josh Allen if I remember correctly is the quarterback who needs the most work released ready I dear but. A lot of people also think has the potential most upsides or take a few years okay like its going to be a big project. And yesterday Josh our own upon Antonin this one clip man. It's so bad isn't even one with a really really strong arm and that's why people think he hasn't lost its meaning. But they it's it's like the worst thing a quarterback can do. Where. He he takes the snap a light either red zone he's on maybe the twenty yard line and the pressure is high. Distortion and passports. Just running backwards. Zigzag in backwards. And and eventually gets like wrapped company does this thing were like he flings the board ball over the shoulder to try. It was as had to play as your going to see from quarterback. Lone home. It's part of why it's part of why I object to. The hold the dolphins are gonna be the worst team in the league stuff because that plagued that team twice and they're depleted jets twice he's appealing did not team now. A model audio running back went wrong way. There was it was fun it was a play fake dead alum was it wasn't so nice and now I. All balled of course that is both candidates and panic and scramble says Felicia got rid of the ball long time ago but. Clearly the running back aborted the state and that in the defensive end did had didn't want nothing to do with any of the place shaking he didn't care about the running back didn't care about the tight end. And the defense have been just aborted his responsibility and screamed up. The line to go and try to chase him down. But Allen does he beating over the football and when he did direct the football he was twisted nine ways from Sunday and just kind of look like he's gonna reverse dunk round. Burly guys but really relieved. 800000 dollars text the word hope. Hope the bills hope that Josh Allen will get better. And you put a thousand dollars right now that's courtesy of 79 it's a good summer swindle contest. Next chance to win it adds up the next hour to national contest message in batteries may apply don't text and drive. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W at best advantage BHD to Miramar. Radio dot com station there. Think David coming out with videos all week long through camp of how horrible he is clearly well overthrown balls like balls that are grown and dirt for your as the front of the wide receivers. He's he's he's not exactly every camp. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat your Miami Dolphins 36 Detroit Ford pre season game one and Ryan cannon all okay now is or for sex. Her 32 yards he showed a little mobility is so apparently. You can move which is good news for dolphin fans. Here's Tannen Helen how it felt to be backed. Let's use you know I think. Probably more appreciation that I normally after pre season one game you know just. And didn't make this point last year than you know of course long rehab process and if things are keen to get back to this point so I think more appreciation for her. I just every second I was out there and just enjoy it a bit more. At 100 look what he had the one yet the one pass that he overthrew him and all law which by the way. The bit between Ammann dole and Wilson knows who it is I I real I said I'll say it again I do not think the dolphins mr. obviously Andrew's here I really don't try to media. Put in play much. But but many feel are so excited about the baker mayfield. Is correct in my keys the next comic they should say was we're. Angela take a look around the league get all the starting quarterback that's how many of Omar are rookie starting quarterbacks and he did what he did he Marcel office on the field and excited of course Miami's David and Joker in the back of the end zone. Yeah I I look you know I hear you there is no overreaction all the time to stuff like that I hear you but. Like that's somebody was number one pick in the draft and he looked like he belonged yesterday it seems that teams are fine man a lot of young offensive weapons at their their quarterback cocky little dude coming out of college they're gonna some finalists. They give viewers last year rate so is all going to be fun and like it's going to be fun for them winning any games there's going to be five in the browns this year like browns went five game I was so happy. He broke my game improvement being really really good week five lately that one. One and 31 is this type exactly awesome. So huge accident they went five games this year it is just do we do we lap a ton appraisal on hue Jackson I mean he guzzlers is jobless aren't important invites the coach is here 131. I don't know I only went five games like that they you know you're you're overall record re six and 43 that soap. Awful. It be to get it overall that he went five games eating easily eating you lose an opposition panel and AME and iffy if they win five games and look like. That they have sought to build on and I think I'd be geeky can they look like they have their quarterback of the future and they can continue to build you look good. Then you'd be very excited here. What can the route forty runs a slings Amanda just I was X I was surprised only because it wasn't as I understand my browns fans will be excited after pre season game one I was shocked at how. Is that it seem like that issue he's nickname easy bigger mayfield did an. Really good is that it's really good for the NFL. If it baker made fields calms at a negates. And is good at an exciting okay the same way that it was really cool. The Shawn Watson last year even though is for a split second before he got hurt and just imagine the shot so it was a pretty big name okay coming into the draft let's hear. Not they may feel he was not make a mayfield got a big name. And baker mayfield comes out and is exciting right away that's very good thing and a Johnny Mandela and out yeah. Exactly yeah exactly yeah very big and not the biggest guy in the world. He can have a whole different campaign talking about you don't need to be the biggest strongest or fastest quarterback to play in the NFL and do I get the NFL can do a lot of things bigger man field. Kenny stills and Albert Wilson took any during the National Anthem Robert Quinn stood and raised his fist that. He was doing when he was with the rams last season as well be out issued a statement. There's been no change in the NFL's policy regarding the National Anthem the anthem with a pin continue to be played before every game at all players in non player personnel on field. At that time are expected to stand during the presentation of the flag in the performance of the anthem personnel. Who do not wish to do so can choose to remain in the locker we remain committed to working with the players to identify solutions. And to continue making progress on important social issues affecting our communities. Contact her neck on it mr. Graham tweed it tagged Kenny stills and Albert Wilson and he said my brother Kenny stills continued his protest of systematic oppression tonight. By taking any Albert Wilson joins him in protest stays strong Brett. Can he still is now just kind of support each did you guys see that John Carlo. Parmesan or Giuliano. Hit his home run last night yet eighties it's it you know he's he hit a home run in three straight teams he came off the Grand Slam earlier in the week and then the last night he hit the hardest home run ever recorded in the history of baseball and also it's three straight games that he is homered and been three straight days since Mike fires. Like that sweet to throw the ball it don't call stands head it's not a coincidence happen the same time because Sean call is clearly don't murder Mike fires so he cranks out 121 point seven mile an hour home run right. He's gonna come and the Marlins park and what is going to be either reaction when John Carlo takes. And the main Australia always get big ovation for small John Paulson the percent become the babble getting big. Ovation and rightfully so that's that this right is it later this month twice our hair yes. Point second and their music is ideally like defense yeah did you feel you think that do you think that the Marlins fan is going to after he had storm run do you think that they're going to appreciate him. Or do you think that they're just gonna go nuts on the Marlins that publicly for the next couple days after that by saying yeah you guys had to get rid of the sky above. Late that night either way is iris under for the Marlins. More and celebrate him and also be angry if he plays well here I would think that the walls and apparently a resume and Ellis have gotten no reaction McCain again and not stand MBP. That with the MVP this year but they weren't here means it stands to even knows got a mop and like those guys would sins and different since a once in a generation that player this thousand Christine he coaches. Ozuna is like as a stand and because as power. And zen and the fact he's built like. Or god uneasy sense she is. I understand but his knowledge because sailors talked about this league so it caused and didn't really register with fans down here. I understand it right is the big player and I got a huge deal he has all the accolades by forty mile fuel what's the ballpark articles then you're sixth inning coming up. Right hey I amid some that the consequences see your team right. And I understand how pitcher being bring people out to it's all part hit it's really hitters off its earlier in the same way like hit her dies it's if you're on a good team. But if you're on a terrible team seems like that's not the case. For people brought us the cubs game to see Sosa and people going out to see Mark McGwire back in the day. They're they're not they're not doing that and more like from a coming out to sea Trout serve those kind of guys and armor on the game's kind of changed throughout since career because there was a point when there was a big power dip and he was one of the rare guys who could still hit a lot of home runs now. And it's I don't know what do you have won but even when everybody is thirsting for a power hitter. The malls had one and nobody does it click and the Marlins. I don't mean they are and here's where they were in the while before his face got bashed anybody would want a VP you know who's going later either. Ray but I mean I I do you think of the Marlins were bush John Carlo would've. Would have resonated and they way got you're not like Jose Fernandez did because it was jerseys for an aunt does this story that resonated with so many people in South Florida. Bites he would still resonate like a star player does like the face of a franchise does people would be would have been. Much more attached to him an excited about how the Marlins and guys I would just yet here amber Miami heat's teased the big news is on their Twitter and answer am paid this. Let's hope it's not the schedule because scandal comes out today. And it that's all they've got for big news he'd learned that going to be very it's definitely that bothered to UT it's. On Twitter and it's Graham eighty assigning. They're out there that's actually did great every baby weighed resigning yeah that's big news about the waiters slimmest your rising as something to do with. With. Maybe you know uniforms are core changes our callers or you know something like that's the great unveiling something to do at Miami by ace. Nothing is doing and investors this year and how popular was that they are capitalized and doing another one of those yet they have to exist or does this big news moniker I think that be okay you don't want to you talk an elitist. At the arena it. It better not be as scheduled can't be mad but yet dividends on the direction of the initial thought is big news the schedule coming out as you gotta make dollar nights. Like to change her make that the big news but maybe it's white meat is wade is resigning 'cause that's what it's about time that it finally happens right. Let's go I don't know I get resigning as CRE we knew we talk about us. OK I mean you'd think let's go buy it and I've emigrated that was the big Marist. The PGA championship continues today with round two on this look at the PGA championship leaderboard is sponsored by Edwin watts golf shops home of the ninety day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Serving golfers around the country since 1968. After day one and Gary Woodland leads the he. He is none of that hole as is his 28 appearance in a major Al west finished. In the top ten the loser now or Wal-Mart got its colors are. Liberty dollars is sitting just behind them wetlands just pass timely actually is in the round yesterday. Tiger Woods he's even he opened his round with a bogey and then double bogey. So the beginning of the PG Jimmy Jeb didn't go so well for tiger negatives settled down after acts he's even par. And continuing on today so there your PGA championship update the Miami Marlins are back in action against the near mats. Thank AMIS two days 7:10 PM first pitch uranium is on the hill for the best against Zach Wheeler. Else is interesting and had my. Andy under Hopkins. They announced they are not day. And and that relationships that. I was I was concerned but now we knew we got the bottom of it okay. They're knotts earned dating and up finally Tobin. A survey concludes that pet owners are happier. Wealthier and more fits than non pet owners. A school or Erica. A dumb dog. It's all a low. What do you have all talk among modeled. What kind of insular of of Obama's. You've got cats. Domains and I have never. Ever seen your cats at her. This command it is and talk about this can do I need to call animal control this cat he sits bastard. We had him before we had is that he's just follow us around. And he lives outside the entire it's not a horrible and instead he and so until he wants food is that you're an indoor outdoor cat. Currently on the nobody gets eaten but he yes there are terrible person he had apparently it's a dissipates and you're got a little close to its American now and it lets your can really tell I can't adjust or that. Early at 0% apparently you're not as happy or going to be as wealthy or fits. As. People who actually look at how I have put on a lot of ways is rigor of the animals seem. Heavier scenes some of those people who is your eating on your lazy that's surplus and it added machines and those people who put the cat on the leash. We receive notice I mean those people ill. The cat only tell there aren't there walk in a cast their ill I like it is a man that that's a sickness. Hasn't why hasn't taken the cat around like who value why hasn't that become more of the thing because they don't listen because I'm sorry to lose cat cat Steele is not archer observers Smart but they aren't yet or not is domesticated I suppose as dogs and not sense they also at all. It's just steal or not. Not in the dominant thing either like it the minute you try to restrain a cattle at a homeless hungry lose their mind. You're on an alpha over cat and a pack animals in the same way. The dynamics are a bit different thousand most of them don't want there indoor cats eat exercise and Paul went out. Coming. Up next in Miami herald's suggested betrayed the dolphins may be on the rise and next. Com very gullible that Kilgore Florio. The soared over to a mature of course I guess doesn't act Kilgore Florio on Friday morning. After the way they played last night I think they deserve a little bit Kilgore music salt dissolved it's a life was good yesterday. The group yeah nicely nicely nicely done last night big fellas now we feel like there was any pressure on sand hill. By every little item of the opens on is good but who cares except the first thing that's very concerned. And yet you know that the Buccaneers they got that good defensive line Pierre Paul McCoy who there was no one at that game last night. And adding go liberals considering most the week Wallace considering on how to balance didn't go out. Now if so look like there's nobody out there yeah all third precedes I I may go the third 13 one is here that's in a couple weeks that's that's a fun one to go to if you're going to go to a pre season game was up before you go to cut. That light fun eligible because that's in Montana noble planes the second half that's the name of the starters will play after halftime adjustments. So that's that's the game to go to pregnancy that's. I don't know if you saw this yesterday now we mentioned the Monte Clark early in the show and the reason we mentioned him was because we were all legitimately. Asking if he played last night's. Now that none of us can remember we did was I don't remember just not know beaten it's like how do we know be lady is certainly not and early wasn't mentioned to. Not just notice let's put out a notice notice if he had played eight teen wide receivers last night were credited for the dolphins but not total. Eighteen ashes are what receivers eighteen pass catchers were horror did it last night site includes running backs tight ends you don't mean. Eighteen guys were targeted. Winds or more credit with talk on the Miami Dolphins orphans it's not a single one of them was called them onto Parker so literally. I I I don't know if he'd trust let me be late I I was asking a serious question. And amber did a little bit of no research. And appears that he did that he yet he was active last night he was an active player last night's. But obviously not involved. Though not targeted not the gun attach it's not nothing nothing to reports. And and I don't by the way I I don't think all of us and mistrust entry all okay thank Albert Wilson and Danny Danny Amendola gonna wind up being very good additions I I don't think they gonna miss landry's best and especially. If they wanna throw the ball this tight end at all OK he's huge in eighty catches yesterday it was targeted a couple times although I don't know this seems to secure just sixty. But he was targeted a couple times yesterday so between those three guys I think you're gonna more than make up for what you lose jobs Landry was not as five yard passes. I am what what it gets to a point if it's gonna get to all points work pay you like all these. Plays that we have to Monte Parker there may Kenny stills. Isaiah. I'm just okay what the fact that lenders gun because I think. Both the team and Landry needed a new start I think we thirty saw the Landry dolphin show we already know what we were we're gonna get. It was a multiple years of dink and dunk passes. And yards after catch and what I think we're over we saw what that gives you gives the dolphins we saw the mediocrity with dolphins finished the season with. One playoff appearance and it was over before it started so are we aware you know what's going on what we're gonna get with that. A mom looking for something new motor for something a little different little bit more exciting. It seems like the positions that they have these guys playing along with that young Wilson kid too. Apparently can play all over the football field in the developing a whole different package system form and the pay that's going to be interesting and they're playing like yes yes so a and then now implementing the new tight end. I although we went to Penn State I'm I'm I'm happy about them making a little bit of an efforts couldn't they be give some of those short passes in the linebacker area over to the tight end. So the Miami Herald that was suggests yes say that's if if this keeps up in training camp pre season. But the dolphins could try and flip Dovonte barker cornerback Al. But they could try and trick is always really or in the market for corner back help. You know I know Tony let that was helped off the field the other day in in. In camp you know he missed all of last season when no one. Quarterback position is taken by zeevi and how order ending Iran's pleased that the the other ones up for grabs between Tankersley in the other guy I was naymick tire at any member's name. On the other spot is is seemingly embody McCain despite seemingly up for grabs and and he made. Used to Bonzi barker as trade bait again quarterback I got to be awesome yet but what do you get for don't want to Parker. Because you know giving a quarterback worth anything for Dovonte Parker. I don't know what again for him. Yeah I think his reputation at this point times travel throughout the NFL I've. I really do. Isn't it isn't funny thing any NFL you have years to do it detects very dead at this point I'd trade on the market for a couple bags carried us you have it was only to be done. As some do it loses one of the top guys. But the point is that gonna give you starting caliber. Depends on the depth and announced you know if you're somebody has happens have a lot of guys in the secondary and they lose though you know you need us the things to line up for your right. Yeah and it's an -- you out on unseat the dolphins are in the market for quarterback and it would probably solved you know yesterday that they they they probably need a little bit help. At that spot will host. Corner of Seattle right now it doesn't come to camp yet or hasn't shown up there there's there's somebody out there that Earl closes if Parker yet that that's who it is rights got you yet. Although I will say this you know all not a quarterback or talking DB's here make a Fitzpatrick and the usual place when he was in the game writes. Safety is such you know CDs not it is not 88 it it's not a premium position okay. And it's not usually a position that you'd draft high OK okay and first round hi first round pick Dalton slocum in the middle first round. But if you do get. A really good safety. It's so much of one position to have a really good player. In her element you can use and like different packaging as well or if there's a colossal culture of have to put some real sent. The FD if you got a safety who's you know a ball hawk and he's all over the fields. And he can hit in late people out ads off one position to have a guy who's he really like cattle playmaker. At that position we don't know that from from Ed Reed you know haven't haven't a guy who can make plays at that position even though it's not a premium position in the NFL. That's a fund position to have a guy who can make plays for you and make a Fitzpatrick was everywhere it seemed when he was in the game he was ever I. Seems legacies like he might have Troy Polamalu style of football where. He'll put him down on the box them in a lot of scrimmage and make him scream off the edge to going on a blitz package or if you need. That's smaller linebacker that go out and cover they could put him down in that linebacker spot in nickel and then he also play in the back of the backfield so. It's that it looks like the dolphins have a real nice plan for him and hopefully he stays healthy forest river as the season. You Texans show is 67974. Is as low as a dealer rumored trade Whiteside and James Johnson to the cavaliers I don't know anything about that. And I really don't I don't think I don't think there's anything to talk we talk we talk about yes we assert Tristan and Korver rose just one of those things were that's a rumor. Yeah I I I don't know anything about it and and I I don't think there's anything. You know why because I think you have too much information about weighed resigning today I think that's what your whole problem is it's like you get that information. And you don't want to divulge it to anybody. Even your coworkers and you're just sitting there saying you know what I've had this information for awhile. If he does have an information he's playing very coy and they'll tell you that that conversation ended even come up until attacks or texted yeah don't just. Yet council what do what else could it be like they're not gonna say they get the couple different teachers that are coming out with in the store like I can't do it. AME it could be an adult I hate. Maybe all I may have got the bottom of the I may have gotten the unknowns you know I ain't my thing I might I might now OK I might now. May be the heat's. Finally doing the right thing okay. And with the schedule and now get out of here so maybe they are also announcing that it's time with 41 in the rafters notes. Talk about like big news right along that I do a fantastic news out of action here on the day of the NBA is definitely yes you can tell you also which I think and do it I'm. Hanging a dudes Jersey. And are what this world leaders to our leaders removed does is supported us alarm when that. All of the good news Glen Rice lastly would be 23 years ago. Don't really even paying on those three super. Tony don't. At times it's time it is and it's time to time like that's targeted actions does does mention all my god you know mere personal I don't remember all I. Results. And see it's okay an of Eric Reed he he's holding all of these ceremonies all the Jersey retirement ceremonies. He's all the ball is Eric Reed okay. It went when the time comes I wanna be EMC and our rights I wanna be on the courts. I want and Seattle think all right it. I'm aware what are you gonna we're all. At least air show us on seat time in its talks on Dell's. Penguins failed to maybe even I don't know. We can get loans yet maybe it came to hammer out the white clubs I'll Wear a tuxedo. Okay owner and C agrees a beatle Paul all right enough. We're both things Obama is a hall. So called guest emcee responsibilities as a hard he's he's he's a hog oh. No I wanna do it's I think that could be it's that good it's finally time because let's let's be honest here number four when should be in raptors should. It should. I think this is a personal thing. It is it's personal the personal and that engineering at the anybody else arguing this anybody else arguing that. Law suits. He loves it. And it will be but Steve Matthews 41. That's right dishonest on the forty one's. Named after Glen Rice and. Earth. To tell you like CNB. It's all part of a statistic given right if you put on 41. And your wife here is that it's Dave it's a give and do. I'm going to do. Yeah. And Italy Iraq upon this particular bands out there that are naming songs at the Glen Rice not many. That is you know that is a fact not Manning. It's these things slow slow Stefan to step into the bed. And his crew balloons. Straight blue and yellow strip around the top. I wouldn't I would I would I would only US ID when Glenn registered against and that's not I'd I'd be shocked at these socks on I'd be sure alternate. Just like Glen Rice since. A short of the Jersey for you to be sure to watch your shirt on that sort of kids to the left. Can't thank him. I think that's the news. Not even remotely that there's. She jury Vienna sausage with a Afro coming towards that bit bombings on anywhere which game you think they should do it this year raise a number of which team meeting is doing. And his opening night too much that's all month right does is that the other Nabil addicts or it's right. Now now in Indy you know it doesn't matter maybe it's the lakers obviously made lakers that is abroad and of course Glen Rice won a title at the lakers legal acres I'm playing my wedding and I. That night. Maybe maybe also to show LeBron this is what could have been if you never left your girl would you go to the Jersey ceremony over cameras running. Yes oh yes oh mark you know much wedding. No one did and we can't be pitching and are still up there up up up up up. It's so this is a quick listen let's say you're Smart device a computer that's at radio dot com more with the radio dot com that that's war stream is that's where you could take us anywhere if you are having trouble we want you to get that six a please bog them. Email support. Radio dot com Thomas said about them bottom that's rated dot com new home and am 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Aren't. So about ten minutes Weytman being the weekend so congrats to everyone for getting through your Friday. That's how works. It's very exciting. And loves houses is hadn't worked great out does allow not now. And now it does she wish some good luck most people on the weekends off since Friday and their work day. Well it's almost the weekend for him to. Are exciting. Have you seen that story coming out of Wake Forest author assistant coach to know Ali you know what I I should mention that here I I meant to bring down emperor did you see this amber now because it has a local tied to the as a talk about yet this. One of the assistant basketball coaches at Wake Forest is being charged with third degree. Let's. To give it to get you gonna do you mean OK so here's the situation. This is the basketball coaches of the New York right he's awake forces is the bus or coach is names you know Joan Easley is UCF. He was that you CSU is that a couple of places he was a UCF he just got there in May right so he's there with Manning Manning's head coach. And he was in net new York and apparently what happened is the Boca names and others Dario. Yet this was this was last Sunday. The spoken native sand or salvo who's like a marketing guru like. And Internet marketing guru kind of young guy 35 years old goes up to visit his sister for her wedding goes outside after his little tanked up looking for and who over card to get back home at around 1:32 o'clock in the morning. And he's knocking on Jameel jones' coach is window right so he's knocking on the window trying to get into the car taken its new driver Jill Jones has a little ticked off. Opens the doors starts kind of walked in the guy back to the curb. Getting a little aggressive swings on the dude knocks him out guy falls back it's a set on the pavement dies. Third degree assault as what he's being charged with him but that's all it means heart when the I had a friend back home in Canada that did like a nerd kid like Italian kid nerd kid that was trying to look cool. And from a some little mafia guys that are back home and it would never heard of fly in his life and they kind of made him go ahead swing on this one guys one on this one kid. Kid fell back it has had on the corner one of the planters died he did eight years in jail for murder you know eight years. Us states are at an imperiling Camden I can absolutely happen TO. Under a situation. That early met matter what your intention was at that's about situation it's. One thing that every every dude should have that thought in his dad went there and woman before you get into an altercation women aren't strong enough that there's some big deal it's really a man thing I mean that's this does not give her auditors and then and women do you fight back Nina you push somebody down they hit their head wrong they diet. They become incapacitated for life. You I mean. Roof yeah he's just he's just pled not guilty yesterday I guess the interim yesterday's pled guilty not guilty to the charges but. My god man yeah as a Boca guy who who died now. That's a lousy story are it's wearily sat I mean you die Sammy on your sister's wedding may I mean yeah. Yeah that's one down her. Are likely set leg we said we're about ten minutes. It would be in the weekend and it's Friday so now he you know eighty year old waiting with. Bated breaths he got big plans this weekend amend you're trying to figure out you know what's all wanna try and make some time. I guess find out. With the big movies are. And what the topic movies are. So what kind of spark. Bio it says once tried to keep up. But did use some movies that are in the coming out this weekend are recently been released you tell whether it's a big movie crowd. Yes yes let's do it let's 01 off. Black Klansman. On into this movie all right came out today black Klansman. It's a comedy but it's rate nor. Scott language throughout the film it's not a silent films it's there's language all throughout the film also got some are racial epithets. And it's got some violent material plus some sexual references it's a Spike Lee joint. Now the movie stars David Washington. DC detective who goes undercover as a black. Klansman. Movie also source high low rent he plays detective David Zimmerman. Not ports where to me okay preside I don't get at least from the first couple's Star Wars Ruiz. Adding to strong Jewish vibe from Kyle written that's just me now our rights right now I also like this movie fifteen years ago when Dave Chappelle wrote it in one of this gets. But regardless. Black Klansman. Tomato meter run tomatoes 98%. All the audience score 86%. This movie looks great. I'm usually a big stand spike Lee's movies. I'm going as a big movie right here. I thought I saw this when Dave Chappelle bit of a few years ago. Yeah I mean you just repeating the joke I made him. Here we go listen to it and Meredith. Yes he Morton was a prop comic. Ruth he won great stuff ban people understood that took notice when. All right so what's the next Hillary next up meg. All right now Megan comes out today all right it's it's a horror sci fiction type movie okay PG thirteen. Some apparel to its. Some bloody images language throughout I guess that's about. An international undersea observation programs and attacked by a massive creature. Previously thought to be extinct and allies disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench the Pacific Ocean with the crew trapped inside now time's running out. And expert deep sea rescue diver Jason state. He is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanography per against the wishes of his daughter to save the crew. From this unstoppable threat eight prehistoric 75 foot long shark known as dear amber what. The man go let dawn now boards now he needs it's on page Kennedy is in this right you know that is Jim what show weeds CNET weeds now. All he played that we dealer you turn. He drove impressive that can't be court siege on the turn he Joba Prius that movie because it was good for sneaking up on mother efforts. Rights are now a movie also stars Rainn Wilson. He plays the shock. The tomato meter is giving it 50%. The audience score 61 so the audience thinks it's all rights. I'm known not a big movie all right I it's Billy has seen this movie before wham when it was called deep blue sea. Aren't. Current finally Mission Impossible fall out are hikes this movie came out a couple weeks ago. It's an action adventure type of flick. It's PG thirteen. It's got some violence. So intense sequences of acts whole lot of minutes and if we do this big movie not a big movie every week you re not cover this movie that came out a few weeks ago now. Barca now. And it's got some brief strong language written great stuff banned Morrison and all series is now. This is like the sixth Mission Impossible movie I news via the missions it's a look entirely possible. Like the whole impossible thing becoming a tough sell at that make it. Now Tom Cruise. And yes to appeal his face off in this one too. Is it on the base peel off thing. It's not enough for me OK I know you learn a mask it's a tag like usual weird voice or some that are right. The face a mobile think it sold at this point. Lots. It's made a meters giving it 97%. Paul trial. The audience score 92%. He's a very high marks and this is all very appealing to me. This is a big movie for me there's a colossal flop as big movie. Like in your profession if you've done something wants going hang out the side of a belly of a plane why would you go do it again did you feel like you cheated death before and the first two or three times you've done it like why would you continually try to keep doing it over and over and over. Seeing how he does these stunts he does all that it not all of nobody does a lot of stunts himself. And they show I saw this clip BS and they show the stunt Torre Jones saw one building onto the other. And rakes his ankle and they do a closeup of showing the ankle. It's it's it's called. The rock doesn't do his own stunts he's the rock into your decision is somebody Hannity figures to upper. The rocker Tom Cruise undone the rock rock. Once we Jackie Chan. Member that was the thing we're Jackie Chan was such a massive saw when Jackie chant god here's like not only is this guy the number one action hero in Japan. He does all of his own stunts that was asleep and down. That was the gimmick which Jackie Chan was he does all of his own stunts. Tom Cruise thinks his jacket check out an easy project. And I think it did so you do the run up the wall thing that's Jackie Chan. Regardless to the movie. Also Michael Adams is in America and trying to not pay attention or statements of coffee bread great stuff. Especially good when European my joke goes that habit. I'm unemployment down there and his move could easily again it's Friday and Freddie are hot Atlanta. We have to give it. Where Ali. You got to get it while about to get and Mark Reynolds Google work out in the ambush south and we're going to small up over here Gwinnett police shot and. This you figure toy shopping rubio. Now justice at the hotel and are you ready jealous and doing well and there's missiles top secret. The may have been the subject is time that I was trying to fly out to New York to surprise my best friend yeah. Very similar kept writing me on air about what I was doing that weekend and genre of brush it off because I knew she was listening. So so Lewis surprise party you don't see dirt dirty dirty in got a trainer Allen Jamal Anderson remember good dirty surprise party. It's a big reunion it's it's a giant bet on somebody begins Donnie will get surprised Marty the freak. Parents. Chipper Jones. Good one. Big boy is now cast your big boy Marty stone mountain Blair and going out and hang out. And it's. But it's art show next.