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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, August 11th

Dion n Kyrie, Gus Frerotte Interview, Shoutouts & Fact Nugget


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One with life organic tequila lesion responsibly and tickets go on sale this morning at ten hands on two hours from now. Unity in my dot com you can pick up your tickets out of that Larry gout attacks in the show on the course brings normal he attacks line 67974. Bryant channels and I'll surgery because he's scared I find at a sub mr. excuse. Team first dedication. I'll self awareness from band now well her. And a total lack of someone less often brown needed just forget that these guys are real people could fan is kind of one being selfish. None. Not a whole lot of self awareness is taken through team going to the oldest. Forget your life in your held them under whatever decisions you wanna make for your own body and yourself. Is that you need him though only need to get on a surgery get another for us but he is delay in the tightly delaying the inevitable and he is kind of selfish. Was it actually. I don't know it Saturday it's your job glee you got you back on the football field and to delay we're just speculating that he's scared by the way but I was disease that eventually there at your browser was a. All right text the word ride ride to 72881. This your final chance on our show. To win a thousand bucks text and ride it to seven to 81 message that rates maple I don't Texan drive it's bows are training camp four days. On am 798 at the moral four point three HD two's the ticket. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD true Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air permit. Headlights desk he. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge meant dot com. And fifteen minutes from now and talk to former dolphins quarterback Gus Frerotte to its former teammate of yours right Agassi was. Boulders baca and in Saint Louis and then I think gussy I guess in at a certain couple games there's Poulter got. Basically pelted and broke a few ribs so employee was the sort of the whole year here in woes at 05. I believe it was 2005. And he was good he was good puddles that it's weird the amount of dolphins quarterbacks we have of getting in Saint Louis we ended up getting Trent Green pack. After he got what decapitated here basically for the most part in the meeting the needs suffer few scrambling shots and it is boy you'll remember hitting those against king was against Kansas City he. The committed dirty block Trent green is a dirty play from Trent Green and was. And that and on that play and he'd he'd knock himself out if I remember correctly parks took a knee and head. It was dirty play electric and he had knocked down and yet that and it is is dolphins Korea we had gussy we have tramps. Trying to think of anybody else came through the Balkans right it's all are so many number eighteen since Marino in more than one and she she. Yes of Gus Frerotte is gonna join us in about fifteen minutes from now he what is he was quarterback nick Stevens first year here yet and he hit it good here the Iraqi man we get a get a strong strong arm and that team won nine games that year they were over 500. And and it was it was controversial when it saved in dumped him for. COLT. You know they had the opportunity Cold War breeze brought in Culpepper. And tallest I mean look it's easy to second guess that one Gus brought career journeyman at that point in Culpepper is. You know available after have a really nice green Minnesota's reason Michael that was available but he was available one. Yes so Gus brought was quarterback careful whenever he was he was good he was good day the dolphins owner offered. On their free standing outside the club I think were a mansion back in the day and Meehan McCain he and twenty something other people walk in a mansion. No questions asked Bryant was Brian brat was that give him Bryant death everywhere ago. All of a sudden Culpepper there was buddy trying to get in and they're trying to charge Culpepper fifty bucks in parts of ARRIS. Oh he's like man I don't think opening of that giant pearl diamond ice Iran Iraq and I infamous and that can really compare you don't know I am on palm family what they showed he's the cornerback for the dolphins shuttle has to do books ahead oh no as Bryant was rhyme with thirty people has crazy mean through like forty touchdowns one or call upper. And. These headlines are brought to you by Firestone complete auto pairing out Firestone complete auto care get semi dollars in my mail in rebate on the Bridgestone visa prepaid card when you buy instead of four eligible Bridgestone tires what every dry dry up Firestone. Miami Dolphins beat the Atlanta Falcons yesterday when he treated when he and the dolphins first pre season game quarterback David they all eight of seventeen per hundred need to support Hillary. As a boy was on my animals. You guys you like him. I knew touchdowns. You like touchdown ideally touchdowns he had come in doses had down's. It stops trip. Sir I know. Like receiver. Led Miami in receiving. It to catches per 116 yards hit a 99 yard touchdown. Put some great moves you know dusted his DB spun around. Accelerated. He's one of the guys are gonna look for an X rays and all right this string fellow he's he's a guy we now know his name he had the biggest play of the game can he do it again next week and things a lot of you'll realize this is it when you put a young guy in the game like that especially a guy that. I don't even know he was drunk he was drafted right uses a free agent and he's trying to make a name from self and and all of a sudden what. That does that creates more opportunity for you not only. On the football field and in the game but also in practice so now the wide receiver coach is give a little bit appraise the voice our liken them you know the veterans are wanna hang with them a little bit kicked them that's why they were so excited. And then all of a sudden now he's getting a couple more opportunities now you've probably seen him on a couple special teams may do on the starting special teams may be one of the punt returns are you might fill in for a guy because he's a bigger body wide receiver. And you're gonna see him now a little bit more so. As those opportunities keep coming he gets more and more game tape it's gonna come earlier in the game all the scouts are still watching and and that's how a guy basically makes another NFL roster from doing so quick he really showed up last night gradually extended it from this family too is kinda cool. Stealing to begin trying to make the team. And the very first pre season game you catch in 99 yard. Catch and run touchdown Mike. You'd best fields also did they were there actually made you lose clearly meant to death the whole. The Miami Dolphins are more like a college football team the way that they are acting you know like they're they're really all of our usual you don't really shocking to me that I never knew this this year is different date they have. 99 players I believer whatever the amount is and that goes directly to 53 there's no two or three different cuts and they changed to this I didn't know about that now you have the ability to go in and let your starters relax for the most of the pre season and and you get those other guys playing the majority of the pre season which is nice. But again you know you're going from the 99 direct Radenovic 53 a lot of guys disappear. Didn't make it out okay from from watching the broadcast last night and it was a lot of there's a lot of Nat Moore a lot of Bob greasy drinking games that are out there that everyone may I didn't watch the game I've I've into the game so I didn't. Here at the television broadcast analyst at Brighton has but it wasn't drinking arias that guy acting is that white guy that the dolphins the under after wide receiver and of course. He'll goats that oh us Welker kind of player on the it's always bought. Second round take a break one McMillan left the game with a knee injuries some reports are saying that it's an ACL hair out Andes would not confirm those reports here's gates I don't. We'll ask. Here's our home. Why don't you possibly as young team we Williams loves especially. It's. Off to see him doing the color number not at all having. People always think of what Americans there was go to the head coach you don't find out on Greece's economy about a people are shocked. The zone goes a guy goes on the football field the trainer checks amount goes immediately to the position coach this guy's down. Position goes goes ahead guy on the on the headset is Downey's on for the night article except. And that's Archos like you'll find out after the game what the prognosis is whatever happened and legged it doesn't go into detail. With the head men Edmonds got a coach football games so I always find it pretty funny that that people like the dead man going into this and ended halftime score coming out of the halftime has like the whole update of what's going on now it's just a guy's injuries outlets it. Tax or writes in I don't know this is brought up a wise are projected starting middle linebacker point special teams and pre season game. He's he's trying to get NFL reps manned by it's the way it works we did talk about April a lot earlier but yes god. For sortie embassies in middle linebackers in the NFL while he doesn't need to play special teams sometimes you do need the leadership of got to learn to special teams reps got it I understand that but this is a rookie. This is at the beginning of a football game he needs to get NFL wraps. And it's a total fluke that the poor Fella and a blow his ACL possibly. On his first NFL play by you by contacting another guy. They rushing upon he tried to block the punt obviously with a guy beside him. And they just Canada. Ketchum legs together and then just little bit of a side door open as a fluke it is what it is I understand the frustration of your possible starting middle linebacker going ahead blown as they steal home first pre season game but. No stranger things have happened I didn't know if violent game. I've no issue it whatsoever it it's a really easy second guess wisely on special teams starting middle linebacker look he's a rookie he's never stepped on natural feel for. Let's up pretend like he you know he's in a spot worries Ariel Zach Thomas you know why Zach Thomas out there protect upon time in a pre season game. You know he eased ever played before. And most importantly for me. It's such a violent game any of these guys can get hurt. On every or any single play EU can't protect it so much in that sport. It's different you know say in basketball if we're in a pre season game the games of blowouts and you know wise Hassan Whiteside out there in the fourth quarter of final pre season game I like that that's an easy that. You should question that's the second gastric there that's see that would seem to be stupid okay. But this is the seat preceding game it's the beginning of the preceding game with a rookie who's never done school law. In the NFL and it is a violent game or guys get hurt or can get hurt on. Any plight I got no problem within its sought to hindsight second guessed why is Rick on the gnome and special teams is Michael. As it don't play football and it's super dangerous and Dalton's corny really bad break. Dion Waiters parties up in Philly. He had some interesting comments regarding high eerie Irving do we wanna hear those common adjacent courtesy. Of hip hop since 1987. Billion. There's a lot of talks. Calorie news trades have. Hey you we do. You told history that we never had I don't know why people. So evident right. How would how in the it's. There's no way. How can move into the I myself down. Having snowmobile and learn about it. Movie pillars. This president and it's. A big and it was. That's. A broad enough I have this thing. It's. Do every day. We get by everyday OK he then that is doable so why who's built them. Jose I don't know I. No itself and then you don't then we devoted again. Have you talked retirees. It's easy to lose that's really want him to places won't play well it's. Remote via Chandler. There we go through this site. Did you give me translator for the first records that are residing in his confidence Powell in his comments extends waiting on bass that's not bass mopping that he needed that confidence is arrive in light because of all the stuff that he's been through and. Yes Aaron the wild that's impressive there's also an alpha down here but that doesn't mean you can't come down there and they Cambodia together. You have saying there's an elf there and sticky situation out there and was no reason generally these injuries and is Antarctica Tyreke is this a sticky situation there but I think what he's implying is obviously carrying you know to him and he guys here that would be traded away for hammonds and he's just kind of try to Seattle bank and he says he's just over under the hot. These that they never had a problem with each other and he has no idea where the reports are came from the moment Perry never had a problem each other. And that he's always had a company that people use I guess it Braylon. On Dion for having you know although it was so much confidence and he comes off like he has too much confidence. Especially back then and he said that that's that's not a basketball thing not only thing and he needed he's always needed that sense competence to survive. Did you see that. Steve McManaman from ESPN in Cleveland up there. Said he spoke with James Jones this is and good movement in general and as JJA. And that JJ said that there in this year's post season that curry Irving when days at a time in the playoffs with out talking to an ever dream the first sudden reeling now days without talking about once so he's been that. Inquiry about all. I don't. But you sense not just do you still. With the player had genuine sentiment non cancer and now ladies and an office sees you tired Mozy inner meanings you know and totally different role now. The rules there are not surprised. It right that Karrie wants out damn. Yeah I love that lamp Saddam scenic common. Pictures are agreeing with me. What is he saying that English OY I. I initial diamond and Deion translator apparently heard. Of the big deal is what he said was he can come down here and we buggy and Johnny can now. I understood very little. And arrogance I owners do you situation I'd otherwise I Anderson these tasty he fears the situation dusty situation room. In which a boy you busted out now was it LA well we sec ran off there sat down and and Sam's town. Zach Randolph as a blank it's a weird and yeah exactly and that's a weird one might be its set of intent to sell when had a he had so much we apparently on them that there was no other way to compete for personal consumption. Other than does. Distribution that's I don't know who's running from the police number one because apparently when the police showed up. The crowd disperse and ridiculous and Larry tenth this that was one of them and they got them and the cops said he just he. It's so much wheat on some dates lazy yearly supply. He's gonna argue ran into the license I'm assuming tenant to sell. Out there as out what the. No I don't know I don't know what it is but I know that you have a we'd card where you're allowed to Wear and by an ounce from each to still maybe once a week Costco and it's a couple different distillery just at a news conference yet I think you can only have it for your own consumption and are totally Zach Graham is trying to sell wheat and a lot cents guys in the ambient to just make whose two year deal for Tony I -- I got a lot of money as a non talk taxable money I don't know that. PGA championship we are Florida Dave brought to you by Edwin watts golf shops and home of the ninety day 100% guarantee you after round one Kevin K Isner is sitting at the top of your leader board he tees off and about thirty minutes from now get things going floor Bjorn Roloson shares the lead with Kestner at four under. It's you and you'll be kicking things off today later this morning. I talked to former dolphins quarterback Gus brought. Saying let's see. Isaac Boyd John planes coming down here. Get fans football camp the third annual and John Levine John clay and fancy football camp special guest CBS sports. Jamie guys target Saturday night August 6 at sport kings at gulfstream park six. One registered to get mining dot com again and on the mean accident attorneys 807 or 73 that's 800. 7473733. Spots like Palm Beach Harley the always on one drastic but energy fuel like free Turkey and by champion four by four. More details on attending for free go to the ticket Miami dot com the dolphins are for free circuit and that for free you can stay and hang around for the fight for it to you should he's apps leasing and hang out for the fight that we planned a bunch of places courts so your order and answers. And avoiding ports do you get the assay for free area charge user charger now I don't know about anyone charging two it looks like I mean I think we're going to be good earth and sandwiched by that's for sure. Asked for. As court after the dolphins back in 05 a long career in the NFL he joins this year on the Rhine fuels and answers convenience stores gas on truly steps beyond convenience. Does the morning we appreciate you joining us here firstly as we know you're in Saint Louis for a couple years the same time as our value Brett Romberg. Did did he block well for you in the games you appeared to ever the EU gets touched up to do your job in front. He never lived through man he was really cute little wall there. Did you read that line like nobody you know go about this room but it Brentwood and a great teammate and you know do you a lot of fun to play it would have been. It's good times and couldn't lose the snaps at you when you're back in shotguns. Exactly where I wanted to. Write a shotgun snaps on the ducks are there. It was perfect yeah you need the media never miss so. I would not point to Canada community of most David Bell probably yeah right now. Is there you go man. Let me get let's get some thoughts here on on what's going on we know you got some important stuff going on that they Yuri you're involved in custom pool gets that the second year by you know you form a club here the dolphins. You want your better years in long at felker came as a starter for the Miami Dolphins here but. They got it quarterback situation where it's handled goes down. Jay Cutler he's gonna be the new quarterback the team probably gonna debut next week pre season week number two. I'll tell us about what you think about Jay Cutler is someone who likely still follows Lee notes on about quarterbacks obviously give us some thoughts here on on what you think the dolphins and get an object. While they're gonna get a got a controlling and obviously. And I think if you said he would have to be in great shape critically. He put the quarterback position which was kind of finding here. You know he's got he's going to be I don't mean no problem oh he's got to commend the leadership about their. And you know he can make some place that you just you know it's going to be able to go back through look at his career and say. In my got to make the correct play at the correct time and not make more plays were little political play that happened. I think that's the issue that. And I would just love for him to go out. Improved it that he can do the right things on their plate and not make the big mistakes. That took it upon sometimes. Yeah definitely I got a question about right tale situation with his neat deal like that obviously the first time around to go and do the stem cell thing and do the intense physical therapy. Vs electing for surgery but again this time around same situation. It seems like he's like he's hesitant and didn't get Disney opened up a little bit do you. Do you know if it's a dot might be the case and if he might be scared of surgery or what might be the reasoning behind going the same route once again. And I want to also might also take you back on on Brett question like did you ever have a scenario like that where you're deciding between surgery or rehab. Yeah I am I didn't have a situation in my career or a place like the first time where I get that landed on my knee. They had a bone bruise from a little fevers they simply wouldn't do micro fracture surgery. I just wasn't into that and I ended up just getting it clean data in this season and have a bill some pain. All year. For me I had some friends who went through that surgery it was kinda new. And I really wanna put myself in out of nowhere that was gonna lead me so and that's important to some infection from it. He may be gone that route now it sends you know I'm sure doctors to say whether. If you. A full surgery that gonna get him back faster rookies and rehabilitation which impacts Auster. I don't know maybe maybe you should look here there if he did disabling it and is it the same data that you're that. Yeah maybe if nativist and so did work week stint so NATO would be good for. When your retire and you with a Google. The so we import all go to a gust front joining us here you know the dolphins kind of a bomber last night their second round pick Greek one make no when he was likely to be their starting middle linebacker this year. Highly touted out of Ohio State and very first play that he's on the field punt coverage. The very first time the offense is on the field the dolphins they punt he comes out there for punt coverage key he hurt his knee we don't have an official word buddy. It it's not a good situation and people think he could be ACL that's obviously bad. But some fans gusts are upset that he was even on the field for a special teams situation. Considering he's going to be a starting linebacker or what do you make of that situation there because. I I gotta tell you like I never played football but I certainly know it guy can get hurt on any single play it's such a violence. Well that that doesn't make any sense to me because you're you're right guy give her any play. Boring McCain character all the time in practice when nobody even around them. So if you know it's just sickening replica play you what appealed to a culture of acute what is excited he wanted to be on the field and help the team anyway candidate the other pros you can do it and they're on the football field because there's always somebody waiting in the wings so. That doesn't make any sense to me because it would be part of the team he wanted to beat. A leader ensure that he can play at all positions and usually the rookies and young guys and young defense orders over one draw on those special needs. So we have Boomer Esiason a little while to come out menu being a veteran quarterback and I imagine you might have the same. Scenarios boomer talking about if if if they opened up just about every former football players brain they would find signs of CT EDB shot if if if if there wasn't signs of CT he in his own so I know right now you got a big campaign going on and you put a lot of time and effort. Into into and out then actually monitors. Eat your mental health right. Yeah we created our company is so cold RC 21 next were named after the Greek referral comedy. We are fortunate to have the support of his family. And his foundation by the clinic foundation. Struck reached it live up to his legacy. On a political Manning had a great quote that any time we have an opportunity to make a difference in this world. And you don't then you're wasting your time order. And that's what we kind of developed with are up more than help people we want to. People you know the brain is the greatest system ever developed in the world anything else than it's ever been made created is what's created by somebody spring. The brain the most misunderstood organ in the body. And we wanted to create an app that you couldn't help you understand and monitor your brain. And with our rapper Perot and it takes about six minutes to play the game. And there you go out and you'll be able to them monitor and to bring performance profile. As you play the game and I would say it's like that in your baseline in your pocket. And it's it's an. You know we've taken fifty years of clinically validated in Europe scientific tests and we partnered with. University of Texas and Arlington. And we. Wrapped all around human performance because human performance. Is it is kind of what we all strive to be we wanna BP performers no matter what we do well on the radio. By the desk if we're playing professional football in Fort Drum and a trainer for flying a plane whatever it is we would be at our peak. And so we treated just cool to be at your peak that you could monitor yourself some of the things you're doing in your life they can help you make better decisions. Now what's the commenting connections echoes from Pennsylvania. Well yeah we're in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wrote will tell Coke corner copilot. And we are now friends with the vertical many junior he's one of our ambassadors. And you know we've we've kind of partnered with the Kremlin and below where recovered from we'd love what they've been about you know photo slide to Nicaragua I think took. Deliver aid to two of the devastated country and when his plane crashed and then that's what we will we wanna you know. The number one cause of death and disability globally is to bring the entry. And go over a hundred million people a year in the United States alone. At some titans brain incident whether it's a GP each stroke you name it concussion just the list goes on and on. And our tools let you Marty your bring. You know if you look back to whatever but it was sort of a bit older. Well a watch it told you how many steps cheap Tokyo. Britain bright remember this super bright are you recruited put their quality of water my steps and calories almost went well now we look at the same way as the group for the first time that an app that come out. You could monitor your brain performance and keep track of where you are and what you're going to ruin your life. We got to Augusta for audio us former dolphin quarterback if I remember correctly you miss some time of the dolphins because of a concussion he suffered tourney game. Do you do you know how many concussion he suffered drug greater. Written down completely in about three. Separate but other than that playing football for 25 years straight and sure. Quite a quite a bit more than that. But really endured my current political forward changer for a reason and you know is something that you have to watch an error here for quite dark and in the room. And you know at the player I enjoy it became he gave me everything I my family went through with me and my son is still clinically Mary. Enemy can take her to our chest and since you know it is so great way to be proactive in March yourself lucrative because when you take a lot of the other. Single point has she taken before the season starts you never take it into laughter. With our test we going to be its self assessment tool what you'd be able marching you're going to perform to any time you want. Wherever you wherever you are and you can put it on any mobile device you can just go to. We're burlap dot com and download it. Doesn't I imagine you've done so much reassures probably a lot more than the average football players ever done in. And when you see these numbers come out is it shocking to you and is it shocking to you when you hear about the players that are at the rookie symposium where the combo lines and are asking them you know regardless. Of all this information that's out basically 99.9 percent of these kids are still electing to play football and on how the kid with the jets whose. At I penalty would dying on the on the football field right now alas. Sweet he's an eloquent did you shake her stuff like that as I imagine the numbers and in the research that you guys who have developed or come across this pretty alarming. Yeah like I you know every year is about a million. Plus people you know that have some type of brain injury and the football small part of that to 16100 people play here you know so on people get her own time and actually it's the greatest. That you know through Utah you know people make a big deal valued football poetry capital. Can talk like all the time that the number one for you. You know you can follow spike in the play bicycle helmets are so important. You know but it happens ever but it across what people love the game for all people love playing the game Opel greatest game I've believed that the it was a very different. And I think I'd stay in my whole life playing it in and there are things that go with it in you have to be Smart about it and you know. Britain united lots of friends to who have taken big hits and give a big hit it and it ended that's what makes agreement came on on Iowa from the standpoint that it. You know when I played the game. I've played quarterback and I got to do a lot of at a nursing what you would do an at and centers he returned to and their ability and opportunity do that a called play political and also and so you the general there in you to do something that nobody. Not many people in the world you to do so it was very doable to me and I would pick a record. Or what when smarts are concerned will Wear his what is how Brett here rink as far as guys who. You know world we're snap in the football T where it would definitely not a physical space. So I had to be relatively intelligent analysts see wanna listen water centers that you lined up that you played behind there. Well I tell you what I play with too Smart senators and I would. In the open at its spread but it did play with Matt Burke all alone in the business that you daddy he's a Harvard Brett no offense they'll Miami. But. Yet for that was right up there you know what you what you complain at the center and you don't have to worry about collection calls and all that junk you can just concentrate on what. The second series human those kind of guys you up to play with. And they control that line of scrimmage and and they understand there almost in your head before this meant the cold with change protection than some and that Lautenberg is exactly right to make it in the league. You can't just be a physical spokesman. You have to understand every every I don't know what's cool little bit you concede that you can make the right calls that you put your team in the right position and you know that's what our towards the buyout is limited resource if you know your limited resource. What you want success every day and make it better and that's what we turn to peoples but you understand what you're limited resources. And crew on that and let's make you better person to protect. It is all. About Horford and snap in the full blown this so. Wrong. There. Robert all the way I think Matt Burton agree with me. Today you know Matt Matt Birk doesn't go. I have five birds and that was slaughtered birds birds before there I'm a little bit of a dart thrower yeah I'll I'll. I'll lay out Brett there's a few quick start with Brett. He's in the bull's eye every time I think nine out of ten. Sounds excellent. Does give that give out the give up the heat and then again we're burlap dot com yes. Good every go to Roberta Web.Com. Download and play the games. And you know read it some way that you can understand here you break almost like a never before in you know it's something that we wanna start. Everybody can understand what the hearts Dylan. Well you know with the blood pressure is all those types of things. Now let me give a look into the grain and real little you understand where you are in your life could security unique profile and we don't compare you to anybody else and so just go to record oil dot com. I'm sort of playing games in and understand where you earn your life. Great job guys keep up the good work we we enjoyed talking man. Primarily proceed guys enjoyed Brett he's financial. The great cost and it would. And I saw me hi guys thanks man that's or dolphins' quarterback there Gus brought it was a who's doing good work and excellent thanks a gutsy an act of final what level of idiot I am there ego. Since I'm not drive and I can make you pretty goofy. You need him to prove him talking about yeah. Jimmy has proved to protect crappy TV that. Usher and we're going to have former Panthers Panthers linebacker John B and on Panthers and can't I can't can't there's an opinion parent volunteers on my. My my ankles and that's how glad to work out for big and flat out from either my column or is. It's. Okay. Glad. Glad the West Hollywood hotel and got her transformation. That is like yeah. And he likes to fish. And skill that is like 230. Onto ready. It Lincoln. Lap 38 toss right on to tell his thirty also went on to. Rain break you definitely see this what is. It you've got to practice tax burden. And it's public source is a pleasure to present the memorial family birthplace babies love defense. It is on Friday September 15 from seven to 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science downtown for a large rail. Spectator and as a new parents can enjoy an evening filled activities but about latest products and they're growing families exclusive discounts. It's sponsored by eight in the air conditioning official sponsor historic photos Asian. Experts say it's a more info log onto the ticket Miami dot com things Gus brought. For joining us there. How many concussions are on paper did use did you have you been ideas on. I never left anywhere I never admitted anything zero how many do you think that you had to calm. From my guess is like broad. A retirement home. It's her. I'm arm the last one I think I got was it was against Green Bay I remember I wanna commit a linebacker and dissed. Bone and I just for about three seconds I don't know where was that there pakistanis knew I had to turn and walk the other way. So remember turning and walking the other way and and he all the so much the lights for the super seuss' writer and concentrate on anything. And and you just you know you get to Beckman huddle just listen for Matt Ryan's voice Mozilla is fine the voice on the voice scary. Scary man is what it is and I yes. Nudity and numerous mining uniforms you'll find here yet you like Alec they look like they look like old school jerseys meant to look like throwback salute I love that stuff simple. Simple just eventually is actually what they are thinking of war that color like before Chanel number ninety kiddies I was like really old eating because America's vote. Q3. The badgers are geared up the firemen nights they're really what they went for George technically right is is that the first is that the making their the first night game is October. Adding adding it's George second inning as it is sort I think so advocates of Thursday night again. And black women night right I think that's like talking to managers yet does not. I. We it's really important gonna get to before we get out a year and shout outs. Wondered if you got Shia. That is important iron chip out Iowa's coach wrote shout out must do it. Shot I don't know what the Napa last week and obviously the food in San Fran is hot fire him and I mean how fire. Doug and tie oh yeah baby who went to a Thai restaurant after one of vineyards it was. There's really really nice come out of anybody's ever in this one it's actually up in Napa because we sit down and Alamo. This was a map it actually was named. After the family name so you know it's Tim Ryan owned and operated plays. It's called I hope. Of anybody there pin there. They do everything you name like this Iraq's they do they knew the cut tires out of control you can do whatever enemy you're putting your pet tonight. I've got that there but like everybody in the restaurant is part of the family. So whatever the server part of the family the dads like the part of the payment to get the chef whose threat. He was awesome he came back to the table we found other drew obviously was was in the restaurants so my but he Drew Bennett was there and he's like a local celebrity kind of guys so federal payments of what's up everybody. You know I ask is what what were allergic to that'll be home mommy and came out of the kitchen sick she was in their two. The cocaine into the table pickle was just all over Muslim live Islamic wanted to give the massage you kind of think to. That you'll hosted. Give bigamist drugs there hump majority pirates and Dodgers went out Irish government cannot Tyrus drug now an audition and out. Well the boots on the one song to compute the delivery guy actually he's in and out all the time so my guy hung song he was there on Don came in and out. Hung on posed the leg back and forth saying what's up everybody it's and a shout out to my boys Christian and and Christian and he does struck nuts. I'm out here and truck cuts at all and that is. Chris since chuck Mets. That I do look real early on the back of trucks. I think we might be like advertising form I don't know what's going on that's a good direction we got drug Mets saw him Christians got like unbelievable truck Mets going on they're really cool us just you know pair mom. Tom but debt. Also leads this. Into something else the fact that it. She Limbaugh. No really. Sold to. For the T on man. An external nosedived shouts approximate drone nerds to. Nerds located and haven't heard on Biscayne boulevard. In new purchases. Repairs. All the way to customize drones drone nerds as all your drone needs under one room. Did and today it's right. And drew owners dot com and of course Robert stack nugget year coach Ron Paul Eaton chase perfection award winning votes on Rama Rama that is not just east but. Character you can put a camera on that drone near root cause of the back in my truck. And take a picture of the realistic truck next if they get stolen like my tailgate did you can actually have an insurer. That's the big thing and talk about when you get actually insure your truck greats. That's a fact smug know the fact is is that if you are a bicycle guy and you like motors. Bicycles. I mean you can actually have biker balls installed on the back here by a well and ensure votes relieved so you've got. Christians truck nuts and you've got biker balls. Ensure couple. That. A do you expect. It was a great idea about but it. He's so grounded himself. I noticed excellence and Obama seventh grader and is that if you really want a funny story adolescent crowd by its mocha and there you go Uggla. And it's. Anyway. We'll run what did you just marvelous I needed my theory guys and Russia time and text are speaking at a cross and upon rules. He's got pairs like note on the cleaning go probably my opponent Tesla well market not rule out. Segment isolation. On Israel and doing all step up and that is true that is sure there is no truth any of pets actually. None amount. Good because I am here I'll what will it actually jewelry no no more limited and they'll have a good vacation trip placing bets and people living in sent. All about that's. Placing bets in the urine hubby while watching young children together and dear old is this the best part is how quickly once once it happens in and in Paris next week. The best and I'm not so apparent the best part is going to be how quickly and we. When she gets the ring how quickly search thing about our. Hunt and how we're gonna make fun of her for being wrong. For me. Noisy affairs we go to big weapons are so. Businesses for millions stay out. Yeah edged urged time because again. I'd imagine yeah as long as on. I imagine how gonna go down is I am. Going to you go to see you brands and going do landed Nissan going to have an excellent vacation in the south of France and I'm back on a plane I'm gonna come back here. And then I'm gonna see you guys and. Things that aren't there times inaccurate. Knives could be really bad idea I ever put the ring and my news because I mean I devour it and I'm. It creates a sticky yen late did it keep out in that would have moved to choking hazard did. It gets a B and only because I'm really hungry and are up to my ability to do so on coltart told him he knows better than ever proposed new and Hungary. Terabyte. What congrats amber dole can grabs the way things happening. Yeah now. And as societal pressure. Do your speech that nonsense it could be could be any age and who knows any kind of monster you know. And it. Now I know you got me pregnant as well. It was quite a free at the Pentagon simply are good friends in France and have a good time Bogut in the other and speaking of friends. So the manager says hello by the way. Let's put up a. And it limits our show. Next.