ZRA Part 3 8-20-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, August 20th

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Once you join us September 8 as a museum of discovery and science for the Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids expo. We're talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment arts and music. We live concerts by a Genevieve goings from Disney junior who Tobin is very creepy about. And Kevin de hoop lazy under another name on its plus the public see it prince cooking school be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the events. Wrinkle affair it's there will fare. She is gonna get out of that which doesn't do what imports retired me a break sponsor Barbara Goya in Nova Southeastern University the Addis you edged gives students a competitive advantage in their careers can. And in life. And in him. Because gonna go. Don't let the museum of discovery and science for kids expo and I don't have kids. You Naomi. Amber and the kids I'd have to otherwise they'd look like a total creep like you look at a Genevieve goings. Polish or in the outfit. Scottish open out at series and he doesn't seem to me when she doesn't now just crazy I've heard Nike confusing for kids as a chance to be in character. Not his she does she's she's gives you this songs for the kids let's which is therefore. Not a she sings not from eye candy now imagine that she dress. Messages is normal appropriate pretend it. Unfortunately for you. They have a cool bubble area at the museum of discovery and they got sea otters so boom they're in their home. Unity umi sea otters and some bubbles it stood does momma smelled a rat. If you go to the sing with the kiddies and you come back. Rarer and smiling ready rarely go in and you're just. Rated B a savage and his mama say so the conduct relating got you on that we have a conductor for the home. That's why his ways but not those both of how much she loves to go into you know husband has sag best hubby. Does little else antibodies you through. It hurt like big time you heard a big after nine years. Turn to to you can text into the show at 6797. Or. Adding to somewhat support Irving on all things like word. Why you guys bother trying to argued every you know she's never opt. That's correct so I keep her own. Xena and I travel we had the honor and remember on that helped. Not in never never not strike out at all. Who says at least to say that number nobody else that's reliable. Members members no wrong that's been in Iran as funny as ways to get you Lisa tell me. When I was growing up on eighteen you can't ever ever be wrong leg whenever it he would take this on some thing or app that are you about something or someone. I'm like did you ever thought it was wrong way would I be arguing. I'll. Spend my time arguing that as Iran in the mid seems silly. Maybe the other points of an opinion you may be never thought of you change your feelings that. That's the thing is I'm always a devil's advocate but it's not because I'm wrong I am always bringing it I always bring a different point of view any discussion. Thing is is I'm really not being right or wrong you learn that law school everything's great day. You can argue and yeah feels about it I'm black and white with the storm there's no break in brought his assumed right and wrong answer here think about it and he would his rate in the wrong. About it and a fellow rule you can argue either side of it she's just like. Maybe that Bill Clinton line and it depends on what the meaning of is Judith is not necessarily truth now I did not say that. But basically it's your life you know slightly out right or wrong that's like your move way slim slick roadways safer don't Bill Clinton political reference to outrun the Cleveland for Bill Clinton knows damn near thirty years ago or did that you're safe. See Bill Clinton's only not no longer controversial episode I haven't shooting on the news or Rudy Giuliani come. Read Giuliani finally built it not I don't I'm. Sure does not that says Richard why. What do these rules you keep putting on me at the stone cold stunner right as the some headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WX at best it can't be etched Ito Miramar. Radio talk. Come station her bunch of people on the tags I'm telling us that they have had that rule. In Peewee football for five to ten X. The don't lower your head don't earlier to enroll. In Peewee football so that has been at being at the youth level for many years it seemed that the NFL is actually following you football. Exactly what you guys wanted it to do so nice about the rule there you go not really got about a mound I would like dogs as it. Now I would like them to his way to the players are in the NFL. Dobson box. Somewhere at some that you're not on our side in America. Are you. It's. She's she doesn't suddenly finds a bunker and she's she's literally. Jump in the box herself and I don't. Want us. Miami Dolphins want you to Carolina and you know he's got to like your putter on the board but yeah. In an ample. Which board how important work meal on the board there were reports well I know all about this stupid mid day so bored. Under the under bored by the they showed how his glory they just deduct points is just like randomly how many points you start with what happens when points are deducted. I'm not box and all. My vision scoreboard on the mid day board there's a drag race board. It's it's labeled Tobin leery beast techsters. I'm Robbie on the today and wild card apparently I've been given the wild card portion of the scoreboard that you know I'm an official scoreboard category. And it's it's a picture now of a box. And it says amber box. I mean this is genetic it's official now you boxed in. Anyways Miami Dolphins they lost in Carolina Panthers 37 to twenty in their second pre season game. Any stilled and Tony lit bit or both they're both expected to return to practice this week from injury they were not available and I am. They were hearing from. The latest and greatest Dovonte Parker what's going on there of them affect he's got the broken middle finger they have they come out with a projection of week one. Both him and Kenny are sitting there late is Kenny tutoring him like what's going on he's definitely and he just said you know forget it. Get them office man. Do that much it's. Misery in a mangled words. Some TLC my one on your faces great on McMillan he had a another rough outing battle dilemma he faces just on the catch tight ends. I it Aggies and he's optimistic. He said that he could adopt told us trending the right direction at eight OT looks very raw now telethon and this is face notes miserable on the silence. And. In June. The good life taker Lee also clearly trashy admitted as much he said he live like cornyn put traps in the second preceding game. Or he lost the starting gate last week do you about a McCain and so ease now playing like traps against the second and third. Now give us an assist that has nothing to do physical mound Mike I think this is the whole mental problem I don't know he lost his job he got demoted publicly and then now he goes out there and only keep soaring about his. Getting his starting job back but he's not going about it the right way clearly you know like. Now it's just total mind games we screwed himself over in his head before even it's on the football field. I've seen it happen multiple times just sat ministers this kid's gonna believe in gonna go some more ice he's really there is over. If he if he does get out of his funk you know I mean I if I think a lot of what he's doing Marino's just. Kill himself mentally. Now it's like c'mon dude calm down relax go back to the thing that made you the football player that you are read now with the Miami Dolphins go back to your fundamentals about the so that helped you get to where your every now. This agreement because is he you know you have the sorrow and job doing in there he's this losing out to do his Achilles doesn't work. And some do and the tire and they're part of that guy he apparently him some run to practice and then they moved out there. Moved up McCain was adamant that they were able to go there right. Toughness and if they're resorting to putting players or positions that they don't play. Over you. In trouble. Some consumers are shaded the dolphins defensive line on its com. I don't know lid of the gun mounted under adult display. Where Carolina ran a re a guy who's McCaffery split. Against the dolphins he wrote there was the selling so well and perhaps Iran the guy. One thought it was going to be along right to your second play from a line of scrimmage being up a power O play in the also in the running back takes for what 71 yards and it was just like that. To too many art is they would have to play before. Where when he would got another sack. I don't know if you guys saw that player or not but you know. Big camp showed his size his strength and his ability to scramble and avoid just getting taken down by one and which is what Quinn and ultimately how anonymous should have been assigned it should have been a sack tackle for loss the play before an Elvis on the run a power work. McCain comes down in the box and you Armani and the line of scrimmage can't see over top of the offensive linemen and all of a sudden little McCaffery. Scoop straight through pulling guard power play block perfectly by the Carolina Panthers and some one yards later his. In the and so. I get. Had Ndamukong Suh obviously it would be helpful and that situation. But I don't violate this move by Ndamukong Suh bill little bit Blake keep the domain name up you my name on your mouth we is it's not like the dolphins cut sued because they thought he sought or got rid of him. Just because he elegant and you adult is just didn't retain embassy sodium Spencer he's worse our rights. And they weren't that one piece away it wasn't as they weren't happy with the dom it's still some really nobody late in dammit can sued now going in seat gain. What we have here down here you're really gets a little a necessary. Well here's the thing I'm not play Ndamukong Suh would be getting double team by the garden attack. And he would have to stay on the double team because it's almost impossible to block Ndamukong one on one. So both the garden attack or have to stay on that down down linemen that's in front of them. Where is due to its gonna free up that linebacker to make that tackle in the hole whereas on this play. South Carolina Panthers double teamed the the three technique which would have been Ndamukong. And then the tackle bounces up and seals off that linebacker that's in sight and that's where your mass support comes. He said it earlier this morning and Tobin you went on a little adopt a consumer and you sat. Diet you were expressing your frustration for the dolphins not being able to build a team around and -- can say to me is that deal I'm position one that you can really build a team around. Mean Jacksonville defense. Wondering if they have to Jim did you Lester an extra I'm not to that point I mean I am genuinely asking light hitting it it's so ridiculous it's the dolphins with his salary. Credit plates the other pieces around it's him in order to boom really you know really make I opera it's. I just think that. You have to get right in the gen wars a lot of those regions of they have on the line the not non melanoma were drafted. They're all bought and paid for all the old guys are dropped to the linebackers the corners. The safeties those guys are are drafted by. You for the most part in Jacksonville a lot of those guys are out there I mean DC got Tommy Lee can do it forever that's why they drafted Tim and Brian this year from from UF mean. Well you don't have that monster salaries go on airline and in other that I. There's a boy and he says he makes Amy and dom consuming the yes moment. Boo promotes a more and and and what's his name from the bills when you prepare all of us is making a lot of money meant a whole defense has meant so much damn money it's crazy that's way. We portals based who had particular leader on offer today. You know and I don't like Michael junior. He so's on bonuses and generous to deter for Teddy Bridgewater. We can only 1% now harper out they do now a 100% they do but again he also backed that up by saying it. You can't do anything great out of its two probably portals KG can bring clients and possibly handle it sucks. This sucks man. Going into the season you can't route like I ski at all. I don't care nobody is like der der there precedent. Traber tortoise and cost six million dollars Blake has what 161516. Of too much. No no guff it's too much Thomas what I said no no ish jets' offense it was way too much because the only Achilles heel on medal team I would even as him. I would I would. For any team that has a question a quarterback I would jump at getting to divert water right now for what's gonna happen as one quarterback's gonna terrors ACL. And did the jets are to be able to flee issue I would jump on this now dole as a glut of quarterbacks how adult of the jets won't trade him to the dolphins. No way no way an album do products. The dolphins and the jets doing a deal together it's sort of back. Can't help it down and we. Don't forget also Teddy Teddy is a little bit injury. Any accent I'm just gonna get confused no pain or untrustworthy. Forget you know Teddy Teddy is doing well ray now with a a series of fifteen plays that he doesn't have a whole. Game ahead of Sammy doesn't have and again these these look decent the last couple weeks. But once you start Gordon game planning and the possibility of getting lit up on a 67 yard gain or semi play game. That's why he didn't do well in Minnesota he started out doing pretty decent and then all of a sudden Joyner from the rams almost have as head off. So that's Indian scrambling situation in any blew out as will the year before. Yeah but. You know it was a Cody Kessler who those together and that opponent Denver last year Tina Tina case Tina. I look at those two computers for some reason. You know they have the fortunate that they had a serviceable knowledge it was good for them but I think if they I think Bridgewater was the guy before marvelous career was there. And I and I know I don't Lucas got that campaigned on here yeah I see him just about every day talking about how good Teddy Bridgewater looks and you'd be I guess I I was pressed to be down here I almost understand it more if you the dolphins going to do it could you have ten hilly here. This is very very. He's very very very loyal to a guy who knows his system and you're out of debris and hold forgot to neighbors probably do the jaguars that was close. Put Kessler that's like a confused got you. The Marlins beat the nationals twelve to one uranium had appealed his suspension. So he was able to throw his first career complete game meant. Eat that rates in Mourinho. Leaned given Inger LSU fans this week. He told them that their stadium and their fans are loud he's just out Allah you're making friends blanket and Ernie happy well and finally in Nevada brothel offer Tiger Woods is 35% discount for services to help get him back on track contract. I think they mean when a major. Case prepare meals and second and went like he's Rick Perry's go to Philly your back on track. Shouldn't get involved with the brothels like Billy the I. Sort of behavior is what I Tiger Woods off track to begin at which it isn't it. There's a greater bridges you know Tiger Woods is had a parade of ladies following him with the gallery as he goes from hole hole I B arts and yet his girlfriends. His then girlfriend now yeah. It'll be in the lineup when he came off the nose a little bit aggressors I. I heard you know she can easily look at that tiger is you're gonna lose a little rain now. Soon. Does it mean a Brooks kept his lady in the get a tiger would you like it they hunt each other after and people also put out that's. Maybe she was just admiring his club. People are saying you ala Tiger Woods around here nearly a that's not a bit thinking it is both had a off Tiger Woods is girlfriend is the manager his restaurant. Jupiter Yelp. What do Tiger Woods registry Arnold lookalike of very normal girl not a lookalike and lost almost lookalike. Nine idol. I like the effect that he keeps the normal looking girl at home but. Yet the freaks in the streets. In on me. Our 790 text club is gone season get all your breaking sports update some push notifications from all of our shows and hosts on our new leak fixed radio dot com asked. So download it now make sure you turn on notification in the settings. Pretty dot com your new home for everything AM 79 Ian FM a one over three C two ticket. Mercury and is on a tax plan about. 22 lady. What about Justine now are you cry every time you bring me I. Look she's children's characters don't you why despite strange issue should not only means Genevieve going Genevieve. Judge and be going to going sutures so last comic have sing generally comics so make sure not to run ups. Again. Did your pornographic image. As you say that you only like her in the conductor outfit as it is a fifth the idea of being on a train. With the lady conductor. Know like that has nothing to do with it it's just do you like be you like the woman to have control of it's not a thing about the it's all you have a conductor fetish which is in this particular situation she is an attractive conductor on most Soledad is that the idea of being like all alone on a train in that tan a proxy. Conductor Elaine is. Given the news and who's driving train. I get where you're going to beards is alone as green and on the. I'm doctrinaire. I noticed on his right I don't know I don't know how slow that although she is the conductor of the ticket taker or whatever the hell this is I guess I knew the other guy drives the the train. Is there about. And Ohio I can I consider that the notre how does she do then if she doesn't drive she dances may hinge does she ducked under the train but there's also engineers on trains ray maybe there and see engineer I don't know. You'd she beeped the horn. Media. She pulls this drive the trigger she's a woman. And demonstrate new dishes doing the song with the kids. She's the star of the bed she does there we can I borrow so government. Among them idea I'm not say around there are a little mites. Roots. I'm surprised a. You. And. So we talk a lot of dolphins this morning. We talked a lot about the second pre season game but since we did it earlier I wanna get back into a little Romberg dolphins porn. One of the other most theory infuriating things about that second pre season game. Was the dolphins continued. To grow well shorts of the third down marker. They loved to. Not convert on third down because there are showing they were dry and really really short passes and it seems like that the coaches were doing that because they're worried about you know getting hit. They're trying to protect him help but at this point I thought we felt pretty good about the O line coming off a game one and at what point do you trust your old line and give just like. You know have more time back wolf that's pencil point that's Ryan that's his internal clock going off and I'm sure the coaches are stressing to him. And you know he's he's been playing the game long time now you have that internal clock as a quarterback were cycle Kate. Two seconds got it all so I think he's going through his aggressions and the problem is is the wide receivers are getting opened his first and second progression are getting open. So he has nothing to do other than a throat was checked out which is going to be his last resort which usually does line up short of the first down marker so. AC not giving his receivers enough time to get open because it's a happy now. No. I don't think that's the case at all I just think that is required receivers are gonna cover you know if you're looking at. As studs are now Kenney and and apparently the Monty might be one of the studs but but those guys are playing great. And half was wide receiving cores sitting on the bench also that little fellas in the ones like two team grant so far as five people late scheme and I'm not I'll say look like he's losing game or the average I'm sure generate his physically limited. Yeah I'm sure that that those ideas to get those dudes quick passes me I know he was gonna obviously what those guys being out Wilson was going to be a big target. And clearly you saw on the game he really was split is just a matter of he was never pass the first down marker that's. That's the problem on your turn down as when you're not. In a position to go and capitalize and gained yardage and get another series in because you're there for three progression. As the line of scrimmage are gonna to rely on him too and try to get the first down so there was it was it wasn't it was a bad outing by any means by the by the dolphins offense I thought. When game time to crunch time and you're down near the red zone. And all of a sudden your talk golds she jump outsized you get a delay game penalty. You know it's it it's just continuous stupid errors that shouldn't be dictating. The killing of your drive it's either you go in there it doesn't happen because you are there to about. Pull. Somebody didn't Decatur proper block it not from something stupid is jumping off sides or holding the just. That's that's what's gonna kill you especially in game. The dolphins are good enough right now to go ahead and do that during game and overcome that's the whole problem with the Miami Dolphins a lot of other teams are good enough overcome a holding call. Or something that's gonna pull you back to the first and fifteen are you jump outside after big play. There's 'cause if you look at the way that the dolphins on field. It was impressive it was nice you know first series six plays second series during some really nice things getting chunks of yardage that the Miami Dolphins normally don't kit. And when you're getting chunks of yardage. Your bravado gets a little bit your confidence gets up and all of a sudden you get near the red zone and an off outside. Holding call and you start going backwards. And that's what it's like oh no not this again that's when the mentality of only going to be able to put it in the end zone starts creeping into the back here minding guys are doubting their ability and the Mets on the search rolling analyst Sonya the kicker from Kamal. If the autos is fine. I think to get crazy about the offers us going touchdowns this one's little Nadia but. The defense definitely having I think the concerns are there because I don't know where that gets picks personnel wise over time it feels like there's genuine a holes there. It's so strange because all we heard at a training camp as a defense looked great the offense looked awful in its first year breezy it's isn't season game and I daily see the opposite. I mean not that the offense looks great but that the offense. Looks better will Burke while the focus on sent. Meat that was a spinning going into the second pre season game one of the guys' ability. Two to take hold and you could see that what you start adding things in Imus say this right away. Defensive guys are Smart offense cuts Hamas and because empire cinema dolphins guy you sure but they generally are not as right there intellectual capacity for football game. It's like what way am I gonna go either right or left. Mike and you know that's basically. Even brighter on need to be as part they need all the way more athletic and we are like that's for sure do that more athletes are on the defense side of the football. The bigger and faster and stronger guys were always on side of the defense side of the football. Were the more intellectual ones were the ones that think through and have a process of the way that we're gonna act. So the defense is a little bit more reactionary witch. Takes in breathless schism in their speed and are able to adjust in Q complicate things for the defense side of the football especially this early in a defense is. My ten year. That then it's it's it's it's very confusing for them and are not able to go and handle it the whole relying on the speed and reaction. Kind of gets Disco mob related and that's why you see McCain going to be in the line of scrimmage on that makes everyone your. Right now he's not Smart to Europe to fit in and his like his garment defense of on the scrimmage on the analyze skirmishes post Gordon. Rush that see gap and how that outside contained he doesn't need to be on the outside contain at that point time. He's you have to fill back in under the on our on on top site inside the box new experiences and discouraging others because they talked about all week. Energy that came out flat and the just kit you get hit with the hay maker like that right that John it's like hand. Are geared up now on why I like the fact that it was was on a slow bleed. I would rather take a 71 yard run and a possible gap mr. Simon. Correct bat than having a team just. Road greed due for seminary plays up that opened on the football field a I'll take the breaking seven New York on any day of the week that's pixel that's okay look you went over here and UN here that's it let's give it let's get it corrected. You can't fix kick your ass whooped for eight minutes on a drive like past that's a problem so I would rather take the big home run. Plus fifty yard running play against you than anything else yes or no more on the go look in the upper I did seek out I don't. We gonna get in this broadcast again because I can't I can I'm I'm gonna be able to watch this is the good looking mad birdie to look and he's got a good look and beard. I don't see any around it. Since Enron now more. So you just can't determine when a Feller as handsome as an odd thing I don't feel like I never hear. Chris Collins worth on a broadcast say. As the Republican Matt Birk. There would not one of them pretty boy Matt Birk. It meets Italy that amount refinery for W anybody about it or is a pretty boy he's over it doesn't really grow beard. That was Greg Olson's the man reborn weather and a pretty accurate you know Mary Curtis. Texture rates and why didn't they tardy is shaky all. And that has been acting great haven't been targeting their directly to an. Mean that's the problem near their unleashing them. They're gonna hold the secret weapon you'll why we why we drew realistically why would you be holding him back to this point especially when you do need right on time. I know he's I know he's out there. You know struggling like crazy in the running. I know that one of the plays I don't think it was him though that blew the block. I was one of the tight ends and ended up blowing a block he got dish dragged him you know rye and almost got sacked but mom. I did I just think that they haven't figured out a way to to get him open it I don't think that the threat deep is this enough yet for ranked ten delta. Make those defensive backs kind of fade away and not double down ultimately on on a tight and that's crossing over the middle. So you know and and it seems like linebackers are now the opposing linebackers like you're going as one of the best I'm actually with with with equally last week so. You know it's it's kind of tough to to go ahead and be one of the best my back is only with a with a rookie tight end. Where me tumble he had a holding penalty mean during the game socialism. Yet exactly he was hit twelve. Last year which is the third notes to Amman next and Apollo line he's a good for one week. He's been he's been a big problem with penalties and apparently got a problem is not cracked. I just don't like the way that he's. He's the policies were in his house right but he he needs to understand that. Down there in crunch time. You don't have any margin for error when you get down there it's like. When it comes to real games in those extra three or four points that you could possibly make on a touchdown. Reason I say forza was because picture point it is the fact that. It's going to beat teams it's that's what's going to be the difference maker when it comes to winning your football game is at the end of the game. When you talk about a possible missed extra point or fuel that miss. That's all it is man march of prayer in the NFL as three or four points that it do it goes and a polish them where. I'm sure there are given this year but if he doesn't get it right at tackle and move Americans aren't Ariza attack. And they're gonna either write to the wheels fall off in May be trading him if he doesn't pan out how to you there's no other player rate now but I can see. The zoo's newest rookie that a car is good but he also he was saying much then was Sammons been with a good left tackle on a good center. Telling them what to do just about every place that was the whole situation then. I'm now that one of the guys is gone by the whereupon I sobbed. Brandon Albert in Atlanta. When house or last week we disarm and others yellows and out of Illinois and hotel I think it was Olympic amateur persons being super rich added I instead just like I wanted to say be. But I didn't mr. Bloch and that would. Two away from him so rich use or senator. But now that he's on the outside and now he has to scan on the football field from the linebacker box on out to the to the sideline. It complicates things can only wanna talk him off at some guys being bright he has to not only know his job now. But he also us and no one blitzes are coming how to help line ten hill especially with a blind side how to lend abort. Grabbing that defensive end in May be getting a linebacker defensive back that's looping inside on the C gap with a B gap between him and the guard. You know taken the shortest. Path of to the quarterback away from Ryan get mad extra millisecond to go red for you to it. There was a lot of things at that left tackle position that's the reason why they get paid the big bucks man being inside being protected by a garden center. Makes things a little bit easier there. Its. Own. Okay I'm. 7 AM biggest invites you. To our fourth annual fantasy football draft party with the NFL analyst John Clayton and CBS sports fan as he expert Jamey Eisenberg. Ed Sunday August 26 at twin peaks and Davey. Festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcast followed by John in Jamie Dylan mayor saying it for you. Space is limited so register now at the ticket Miami dot com. There are no more spots to draft your leap if that's been filled up things you guys beating so common learn a thing or two from John and Jamie. Sponsored by Yingli tap into your inner eagle and I twin peaks eats drinks and scenic views. No flood the liners today. Near on dome. Are pros perfect that's. As a few of our. I have to celebrate bump on the rare occasion that they come. You definitely his jinx yourself I totally there stagnant and it does this opulent and say now not gonna happen. It is yeah. Did you just sort of Qatar did you guys get the email no permit he's ninety years anniversary. But he taught me if I'm the Google now says yes ma'am. I don't have my Mickey Mouse notifications are not. Marty in an email from Mickey Mouse. Disney. Let me know. Ninety years not to have a little old old mouse was a lower take the president ninety dollars admission is that a 190 probably not know. You want to do for you the celebration of nine years of Mickey Mouse. A lot of nothing let the Mickey Mel shorts on YouTube. Goes in this hula Mickey's he's a little more heads to home. Little Kirby. Isn't finalized he'll like it hurt announce the green like every night that her what's her cartoon form they take all the cartoons mimic and warns residents who water knowing Japan may. I don't know much like the anti porn not like the 3-D stuff that's actually really good I'm talking about what the actual Khartoum morning to see me humans to have managed that it's funny when his little urban amending well he's you. Chooses is it's meant to see those two leveled the spice hundreds of Flintstones. And the Sunnis Disney's characters and doing it on the amounts what channels that. Disney Channel what actors earn a primer what are you talking about and are you talking when you go on these porn sites was a member. And he's talking about some of spear porn hub category parent if you retirement television channel now not. If I read about cable Atlanta called Comcast. Don't call Comcast. Horrible. Sues CBS. CBS. Polled some coaches anonymously. Obviously coaches are notorious for not being honest but when you do it anonymously and apparently aimed. They will deuce and talk it. So they polled the coaches in college football anonymously. And asked them. Who are the most overrated coach or who is the most overrated coach in college football. And Sam here's a letter said. 20% of participants said Willie Taggart. But it missed you Florida stay home when explaining why they said because usually organ for one year and he didn't. Turn the program around or do anything miraculous it was aria winning program it was a good programs or even though he's one. Diet they ages seventy and up from really tiger I don't really know why he gets all the praise that he gets. James Franklin from Penn State also receive 20% that's pretty good. Took over a dumpster fire not a model to he's overrated but. You know I'm shout out to frank when I. Inheriting mat issue over their minds must've been. Refer to terrible something that I can over rate that guy at all. Here's the direct quote about James Franklin James Franklin his coaching peers know he is full of it. Both engines that period what does that mean he gives us is I know I don't know maybe a little Aiken at the person. Kirk for rents from Iowa. Received a lot of votes. Lane Kiffin I think EO 13%. Of the votes he needed turnaround effort do. Apparently. The coaches around the NCAA do not agree anonymously. They also ask your the most underrated coach in college ball. David soft from Stanford. Talking lists. And Chris Petersen from Washington man who I don't want. Dan law and romp full. We will easily reasonably years there is also on the list it's your union anymore let's after northwestern. Most on a maybe Kyle winning Hamad you talk. While the move by reasons. And then there somatic which is why the most interesting things though is on the overeat it list is that knicks even had some votes on the ovary that list. Coaches say robbery in so here here are some of the quotes about Nixie. If you had the number pretty glass in the country every year you know also splitting like Nixon and he. Precluding that you think I say I totally don't do that I totally that's your fault. I'm not reading a liner setting city clubs today. President any luxury liners oh yeah actually at several blogs and yeah you add your pretty great today of the eighties now. Is back Nick Saban they say shows up at every single game with a better roster than the team he's blank. If you count cheating and getting the best players in the country as part of running a program and find he's the last in the cup yeah. That that's what I would consider. The best in the country is by recruiting the best players in Macau. Like saying the best rock it's like saying an NFL coaches the best coach in the week if he get 251 round picks every year. Really funny this is from Mark Richt. And what they don't do amazing images that I margaritas on nuclear on Nixon and I'm surprised Lane Kiffin wasn't once. Quoted on going nuclear exit we don't know he feels about him. There's no way like. How can they make that argument. Always juries are saying they getting the best college players. And in getting one of the best NFL rosters together this is considered overrated I come on man. The problem would be comparison to the NFL roster is in the NFL coaches or the line. Some of the good joke you are battling an idea that coach in college troubles directly recruiting all these players. Indiana felt a bit of a different system and obviously it's it's really on the how to your GM. To bring guys Danny though the coach is involved in the process to an extent. With college football. The head coach I mean that's really who gets credited with bringing everybody at eight. A good a good indicator of of really good college football coach. Is look at his coaching tree. Mike Kirby Smart. Is leading the Georgia Bulldogs to possibly national championships and Mario crystal ball is open or again. Bawling out an organ as well just look at some of the coaches that have come underneath Nick Saban and what they're doing now. But I am ready to pry my one of the most difficult people to work for. He creates success and how could you argue with success. I guess I guess what they're saying is that he's successful in recruiting but not actually coaching as a coach she's overeat at. He's such a good recruiter. But of course anybody can look good as a coat Cindy just maybe are good recruiters I think that's what are suggesting. Is as a coach as a football coach he's overrated like he'd only be doing nest. With the top top top level talent along the ice has. They get balls to bench their starting quarterback who was considered one of the best quarterbacks in the country in the middle of a national championship and start a kid. That nobody ever heard. And miscue goes out and wins the game a native who hasn't Port Sudan on the balls like I got threatened to transfer beating a black. In the national championship game. Or extort high. In the fighter who yes. You can so your telling me that he went a whole season do with. Alabama Crimson Tide never played but then all of a sudden said you either play me in the national championship game room leaving now mr. It hit that they think man this too is good but he's given credit for crucible. All the best as Mario about what butch has Mario about moral right to hear about. Well maybe he's on this ask him he's on this ice for real thoughts Mariano to one of the guys that hated Satan but it could be any further from the truth Mario really likes it. Tomorrow will be back without is that low one more day with dogs out low so sorry for in slow army but we will be back here we deal. Rate now. I think it's the shipping containers annexed.