ZRA Part 3 8-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, August 21st
Romberg's visit to the White House, Tobin's upcoming Vegas trip, Chalmers IG post

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Since one listens to take your marketplace. And that's where the radius dot com ask our radio dot com says Mercer Amos and everything else he would enforce or to download the radon come out and don't miss out on your favorite ticket show which is obviously this one. And really you know that he knew any issues of the app. You can email support at radio dot com and our corporate folks we'll help you get attracted gray dot com the new home teams seven playing up and wanna portrayed DD the ticket. These Stella US PX YAM South Miami at WS advanced yet at the beach Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. The first AP top 25 poll is outs and you're Miami Hurricanes are eight the country. It is the first time aimed at the teens have started the season in the top ten in both the AP and coach's polls since 2000 and by. It's good men because came on both polls to the import ones so you know usually mime or cancel get in the top fifteen and one of them. When you go the coaches and the AP that to get. Alabama sits atop the eight people clumps and Georgia Ohio State or Wisconsin and then Ohio State at that. Florida State is nineteenth in the AP top 25. Ellis you know who the teens face weak one is twenty fits in the AP top right back. Miami Hurricanes unveiled their new uniforms for the season. Don't I'm for the season opener dominate elegy and took an eight. They are made from recycled material for environmental awareness they are supposed to motivate you to saver Rosh. Seasons he journals and we learned today that terminates in. No I love the environment facts love marine life as soon as they look crossing over in your sports highlights may violate the hurricanes uniforms the way they wore. What do you think about the arms roms and remind them. I don't my animal channel on the they join McLaren got a traditional English they're literal trash. I think they are you crash that has he been turned into huge treasure they're a little trash and he's there from what to do with the numbers but the stitching and sort of an indigenous did you tell the numbers actually like that telling them if that's the that's the one sort of innovative thing that they did otherwise are very traditional. It was a really pisses. Like what would Nike did with a Morgan this is what. The dias is doing with University of Miami this is why you ideas came inning gave a hundred something million dollar contract. With the University of Miami it was a monster deal and Miami is at the forefront of college football and athletics for a date it's. So yeah editing or they're going to be doing. Whether it's saving the environment are trying out some kind of new issue it's going to be going to the university Miami so you know the more the more news more coverage the popularity. The better I think regardless of the people into the uniforms soccer they don't I saw I saw someone our social media say. Bring back to 2001 Munis economic ball you know I'm. Although I wore them I I still was an impartial of those I thought. You know I've not even older ones were alive that's well I can elect classics electable and then went back to the retro look at a Muslim is jaguars are doing so already now what their uniforms because it's simple block lettering blocked numbering. Nothing fancy no frills no thrills just cigarette that. Yeah fast on the helmet I analog I don't care for the installed to a simple thing I like innovative. I island to a Nike always does with org and I like switching it up. I could stand that the pattern that they were putting my underlying pattern was behind the Jersey. When there was you receive Miami for a stay whatever was like. Hiding the heat on the classic I I didn't like I thought that I thought it was cool air a little national and directional old patterns on the on on the material. Like alligator skin print so I'm sorry it's all for dope both super doubt now haters. Pre season Monday Night Football occurred last night it the ravens defeated the colts played in nineteen. Lamar Jackson was seven for fifteen for 49 yards one TD your rest for our returning six yards. To Kobe percent to fourteen for 2372. Yard. It's we saw salt back a player last night and then on top of that where we you have packer play on our team. Because bills and come. Whole half of football. We looked for the Miami Dolphins who hadn't. Not kind of I would say poop the bed but finish a football game. And your all of that out of your second team guys so another problem putting a lot of stress on the fact that the ones are going to be playing the majority this game. But Derosa tome to don't sleep on sidelining picturesque ready to go come after halftime it's also worry about much here is that it runs early it's hurting in the shared a serious. I'm not going to go draft somebody kinda tell you asked him well I think there call for papers water. I don't know many years dozens of me but not point your move on from from the ten hole era a demanding attorney got and I may not be fair to him that. That is why. It should from the time to do that bridge wanna move is now though because. You who are probably going to get him and his lowest priced is the more the season goes on for the more desperate teams will get and it just know that. In I don't know how much home how willing will be to do business with the dolphins do that in the same division but. Posed the dolphins jaguars are being brought to anybody who's unsure about what they've invested than I would definitely it's a different order. Andrew Luck was pressured apparently on seven of fifteen drop backs last I'll always taxed twice. The books aren't. I do feel yet to do better. And that figure the colts O line. Well there when you're talking about into law will Suggs is a really good elite defender and and he is going to be coming off the agent and that's exactly. I'll just come from behind it was a blind sighted but the Suggs didn't exactly you know crucify him it was one of those things where he was almost tripping and falling as he was hitting into and so was in our. You're listening so as to kind of easy on him it's pre season and that's what it off losing yet where exactly what to look yeah. So was trying to injure her yeah no it's pre season. Right I I think that that's the scenario yacht but you know come September. They're going to be China cut his body and half so you know kudos to Andrew Luck for sitting in there and take a shot and feeling excited me actually think he was quoted after the game saying he didn't feel it. Which is good until it's also on the fact that you're going out there and you're excited Meehan drones going in your ability to take a little bit of quarterback sack without feeling any pain there's any via the give it. Who is melodies that still he hopes he helps a guy up that just killed a cigarette and a all right good drama follows news that you'd do attract it start out of the Fuller a little more are going to move the votes don't. The Miami Marlins open up a two game series against the New York Yankee is set starts tonight first hicks 7:10 PM from Marlins park. Pablo Lopez's on the hill for the fish against a knock out. You as fired up about the matchup every every the world's he would choose fining him. Every one of the models get jitters finding them. All all I wanna know is that is it's gonna be Marlins five tonight are now. Are going to be. I'm mark technically. Are good or evil going to be seen as odd is this ballparks and full of yankees fans are they going to be chanting for Derek Jeter. I'm upset Jeter judge. Stanton. Edge of these are reportedly were really position is is he still heard thanks John Carlos it'll be weird. Sitcom back and glamour on its park. I imagine Anatolia there was always weird. Economist how -- a little bit you could see some of the familiar faces but at this point I'm there really is no familiar faces for John Carlo right everybody's basically knew anyway so. Are you probably sit item has buoyed Don Mattingly who I imagine he never really had that could've relation where regardless of I wanna pay it right there was an illegal hole. Rift between these two and all of us I think the Brit came out that everything was cool. No rift was Barry Bonds over and they like each other malicious sponsor him yeah I only only only image as anything towards mass of these is there. Here's a guy he's there he's nice dude. Makes a lot of questions reasons and it's no hitters. He does open. It does address not. Miami Dolphins cornerback Tony Leavitt says he's feeling closer himself as he continues to rehab from a torn Achilles from last C then he also had a setback with the injury in practice. My favorite is number it's getting it's important about it partner so not only has. The coaching staff and the players want to answer but the local media room that isn't there anymore either all let's reset. For stronger. Two years your. Adrian Peterson resigned with the Washington Redskins. It's Abbott's brief comment themed on her freshman pacts. Through and it effort to prove that he's not overpaid Jon Gruden decided to hosed down Tom Cruise and say that the movie star was actually the one who was over it. The -- we're about jobs Don Curtis said I'm not making a hundred million just say you know why I never thought Tom Cruise never got his movies or any yet but he's making claim money. There's a lot of things that I don't understand no disrespect to conquer your guy sir he's a great actor but you know what. You just go by your life as hard as you can you try to find something you love. And you do the best you panic I never got into coaching for the money I got into coaching because I wanted to be a quarterback coach. What salary cap has become what free agency has become it's amazing. Look. Was at her physical back taking an ounce on personnel worries. Whose ass about it could you were wondering if Jon Gruden is going to be able to have relate to today's football. Because he makes a lot of money. And so Peter there was as a mother his salary measly gruden what does he make him a million bucks and they are able Lotta minor he would've left and she has can't take it why would you leave that. But the thing that's funny is like you know and as silly and read his chartered that he brings he bring more of the table and Tom Cruise. Loses out thinks. Do like blithely unaware of all the sports worldwide. Briefings brought more joy and entertainment of people Tom Cruise or. Jon Gruden. I don't know a whole psychology thing McNamee Kabul people crazy I don't give a try velocity blood Todd if I. I mean yeah art and you're talking or sports droughts obviously John Curtin resonate more with mean personally giants I wouldn't I would agree any longer. You grew up in the Tampa area dad and hello lingering but Tom Cruise probably resonates more internationally Har cry. And it is cool. Isn't movie star ever no rings. True good point I usually don't assume was the quiet letters to friend was hired as a player development coach by the Toronto Raptors that's removed. Trying to make him like Toronto now. He needs to put you in paint now with a future. You can go their sole mission ever and you look like a loser. Got to have going mesh like kilowatt why once you get hang out whoever wants and he's just a kind of weird nude moon. There is big news that he camp. It's heats have the that he announced they're young again then he'd have announced have agreed to a deal with win jar house stokes. If not David and doing my. Don't feel like named junior league MVP in 2016. In. And he was previously would be heat during that 20152016. Season. Josh Richards and weeded out Stokley common back explanation point explanation point happy place. Mind blown and unity. What. You call explanation point. And you did let me sin going or exclamation. Points as an opinion that I. Did you know that happens guys OK and then run in the sun out for five days. We you hear you talk I think he's pitching not used to talk in so much it's no results of the mine now aren't strong yet. Should she knows that sound. The deflection sound exchange studies is Christine. There is Evers Evers on election jacked after hosting the show because muscle. All the idea to do we get them working with you people your point now more like trying to biggest users in. There is this Matt Barnes is now hosing down Mario Chalmers. We talk about that actually what I was gonna talk about finally with this with this Jack McMullen story next. But we can do both of those things out of robbers entered to that story very well I don't think so we weren't a he's he's not actually I should probably just say this for another sort of discuss amount we really shouldn't does that Jack McMullen. She is a in a great NBA reporter and she sat down with the likes of Kevin Love. Paul Pierce and Chris Bosh. To discuss dealing with mental illness calls here assert DeMar DeRozan. Motor was in my view another piece but Paul Pierce is the one on this one starter is a DOS app comment and scientists and media as well I think is a five morally to talk about is it because a female reporter is it because it's a mental health that you need. They say you're not going to be the person spot you are on our plane amid higher gridlock on how much more how much more attention do you need. Trivial she wanna dive into new. Arguably can't surge you you wanna have a headache you like what you wanna do a bill as early. But what is he wanted to know man I let me years. Failure. We insulting Chris Bosh for streaming out through a word and people suffering from depression. So I did Aaron you lost them. I like it slim and let you buy them faster pace budge. Is once again partnering with the locals and weather authority team achieved certified meteorologist Teddy Davis. Former director of the National Hurricane Center in hurricane specialist Max Mayfield. And heard in specialist Bryan Norcross to keep you up to date on all the latest storm news this season. Our storm coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protecting you with PDT impact windows and doors giving you up to date this hurricane season and 719 app and one a 438 CT to take it a radio dot com station. In text into the show at 67974. Techsters are reminding us that Robert Rees was Telus White House stories. Another accelerates and you're such a cave man Romberg mental health issues is a serious story another text or rates and Romberg really is an un frozen cave man. After just hearing the stories off air about what went down in the White House when the Miami Hurricanes national championship team went and visited the White House. I would say yet you're you're in fact indeed in a cave man like you guys are all and dumb cave men and now. Pretty up. Rouge and new meat heads to the Max yeah. We are for me at so tell us about something that would be maybe one of the mark PG versions of the White House why. He threw the White House exposing yourself left and right is probably not exactly the best in the world because. He did not naming any name not naming any names. Sounds like an English. You're walking. Bomb and a but there's cameras everywhere like it's a White House to everywhere and he's ever. But if you wanna go and just put your junk out. Indeed you do that apparently Nam. You can't actually probably do that but apparently you guys were doing that and instead of maybe. You know. Taking a role toilet paper or elect and now in or something like that personally stealing from the White House. You don't need to take the whole dispenser off the wall like you don't need to remove and tear out and seal on it. Another one please maybe they don't have camera system after I imagine everywhere else they have cameras so you're walking through that White House and you're exposing yourself. And you don't it toppled by security must not have been a weapon of mass destruction. My guess they must not have sounded a security threat. He shooters are not exactly. A fun couple bats as the President Bush has bush and pro post on the I. He probably relate. You'd think that the White House then fixed an extra game the next year how the referee. Early game here's the thing I this is what I didn't understand your own human the national tidbits about that because the White House was so offended by your behavior. So after this like Iraq after this guy was was pullout disrespect dean what is the White House and again you know we're talking but the White House were. Much were Chanel Karl tonight on now White House Michael a lot of bats that was. But having a guy come in and and do what he did and then turn around. During the next season. When we ended up playing against Pittsburgh. And it was Heinz Field a couple of times he'll just opened up it was the first game and they unveiled massive American flag and we ended up holding. And basically went from n.'s own end zone sideline to sideline. And as the anthem is about to start. Dublin I start having a conversation. And then this. Guy that sounds like his name is walking in English. Looks at me and says how some respect. Don't talk during the anthem that and I say hold on a minute didn't like three months ago you just have your deal out everywhere. You all kinds of things what it all over the place is in that seek as a Canadian I think Somalia as you know I give him. Our time about being immigrants well. On noon there's so I I was gonna get into the deck make months are they really don't know how to Segway from from then I shot that I think are cool. People kids are gonna Kevin Love we're gonna make it straight now Chris Bosh because he's a little bit more relevant down here adding Kevin Love mimics that instead it took the money tell me about the amount. Arts. Aren't so. Mario Chalmers puts out this sweet picture. It says maternity shop with Mario Chalmers and and of his wife fiance significant other or maybe a mile what does. He's the outputs you know. With a casually a seven and a half months along move can't wait. And so he's sitting shirtless. Hours standing shirtless with his artistic shot chairman if you wanna censor it. And bad. Barnes early posing and that's supposed to be a maternity shop at yet he certainly it's not used to me is in much of an iron hand means yeah and or not and migrated much are losing good shape in good shape dude. An excellent chance. His. Say that his chest isn't the most town and let me see as an amateur boxer and the hosts code in the world I mean is now. Here's a look at his albums are. Not out across retina to talk to Ecstasy. That's true he does have a tactic now a packed the most sound in the world. And Matt Barnes decides to rumble bang goes congrats bro I see your carry in the bill Fuller. You accused him of the manner in due course through via the JK and there and some laughing emerges to that's it always makes a better. Men man's. Did Mario Chalmers respondents I have not seen that but Mario Chalmers picture the comets are getting a lot of lakes. Beckett over 12100 lights on his answer Rampage. Just getting roasted that is. As royal children like Iran are rue du. I took the we segued from that now into this Jack McMullen soaring. Since Jack McMullen said downwind Kevin Love Paul Pierce response may be DeMar DeRozan and because it's a five part series we don't have it all yet but the part that's been released is Kevin Love Paul Pierce Chris Bosh. For them to raise an awareness about the mental illness and mental health. And she spoke to each of them about their own personal struggles. With mental health. Chris Bosh spoke about his time coming to Miami. In times for him that we're very difficult is that I was coming from Toronto a benign situation. I figured already people are going understand why when. And they are gonna like me. That's all I care about that people like me. I go there and smiling and everyone is scowling Sammy the whole LeBron decision had everybody so Matt I don't know why but I got so many stray bullets. Being around it. Then we loss in the 2011 and beat analysts' Dallas he's talking about and people were dogging me I started to get pretty better. The enduring image of game six that clinching. Win for the underdog mavericks it was a distraught bosh stumbling sealock Berman tears videos and crying went viral and he is. Vilified for being quoted quotes soft. Bosh said about that all those people who made fun of me for breaking down they didn't understand I put my relates into that. I was getting it from all sides and then we lose I express my feelings. And then they made fun of beef for that I was too honest I just couldn't went. Mean he's one of the most honest seven's you cut down there but. Not. But we're about is that he is that he was surprised by I mean. The way those guys came out it was pretty immediate. The united hate everybody had towards. I do think we look back on the decision now and I think everybody realizes that it silly that everybody got so amount about the decision. Rates and making they'd done this decision. And so I'm very I think grace I think most you'll still look at it as LeBron whose biggest PR mistake of all time I don't think that these people look at 800 or so that the speed horse Ingrid I think well I agree I don't know not act like I think we've that we realize now that LeBron the brilliant businessman pat every move he made uses it now seems to make a whole lot of sense and he just keeps skin. Get richer and he's getting successful like he has done it again if he's got more low key each time he's left he has but it's also a different thing there's not. Quite the same. As not it is it's not quite the same thing is it was talent that was his first decision that was the big wine. And now guys leave teams and they go to other teams and super teams Foreman frankly they did before and into the we sort of credit. LeBron was starting that movement whether that's correct or not to deal. And I think now all these years removed from it 89 years removed from it were in a different space who were a little bit more used to it. And he's not the only one making that kind of decision and I don't know if that would be receives now. With the same level of anger it would be bright Cleveland fans of course Cleveland fans. Would be furious but I'm talking Nash Anthony outside Oakley. Beat that's what I think was unfair seem like Cleveland fans are so upset but the rest of the nation giving a bleep about. LeBron announcing on TV berth is announcing in the paper vs reading some article vs ratings some. BS a letter that he didn't pay and about coming home I mean all of that is is so well received now just even little Blake the decision has people were jealous of the decision. Yeah actually hated the decision itself or the medium edit to the sprint presented by. There doesn't latitude that in want this to be the market where is 100% that's realize it was a 100% jealousy it was ends. What an actual issue with the decision or the presentation of the decision it was Shearer. Jealous and Miami and the persecution complex new persecution complex. Cosmic kind of amber. Why do you generally I think I generally do think that canes fans in particular have a persecution complex and but I do think during those years the heat or actually being persecuted tomatoes and I. The last person six or seven text messages on the start machine I concurred with a lot of the techsters sit. Well mental health is just being was scared of love actually has mental illness Chris Bosh has mental softness bosh is a bitch. Siena is probably panic attack Chris Bosh is upset because people were making fun of him crying like to be bliss is very easy to say when you've never been in a situation. Kevin Love DiMarco situation he's our guy is here when you haven't been in response shears in that spot which none of us up. By with guys like Kevin Love DeMar DeRozan these guys who are coming out who feel like they're in position to clearly I'm not soft I'm in the leaping NBA I you know I am one of the best and I'm. Telling you that I suffer from depression took a little upset yes yes and DeMar DeRozan and eat it to my love had a panic attack in the middle blocker amount halftime where he couldn't. Catching breath and he almost died. That's that's real that's real adamant. And things like having people see you crying and having worked out it doesn't fix that's it there it there's more to it than not DeMar DeRozan has a as a quote that I saw where I met people like you because you switch city or having them. You know see you cry at the topic it's all of it got asked. Active the article wasn't comparing its. Tim I don't know these and it read this series I don't think that they were trying to compare rates to. The same thing as clinical depression I think they're just saying that there's this idea that if the dude cry ways. That he stopped when you're talking about dudes. Who clearly have worked unbelievably hard and been very tough to get where they are in their lives and if you show any emotion and suddenly your socked. Which is a bit ridiculous when the weight of the entire world is on him and that moment and he loses and he says it's here and were vilifying him foray. Blake he's mentally weak when by the way none of us have been in that situation. I didn't see it just slows and I scout his hand down his pants calling Chris Bosh soft when Joe Schmo has accomplished 11 trillion the what Chris Bosh has his label what the never got kind of public pressure. And you're there if there are four players who made fun of him to really it's not just Joseph blow on his couch sitting in front occurs partially there are getting made fun of by plenty of people who had plenty of Basque what credentials as well. Not just just the family they're taking taking hits from everybody everybody took shots Miami Heat and Chris. God that's true about her body was the guy that we're trying to adding that something that they're trying to change by bringing awareness to some of the stock but do you think it would have like I don't feel like. Kevin Love was made fun of for this mental health thing nobody it's because it's you're also talking about a very different era Wentworth in were more aware of mental health but over in 2000. To the tee then a means you're willing to discuss it back in 2010 of these guys we have these profile guy and these high profile guys. A decade ago we did have these high profile athletes coming out and saying hey. I struggled with depression I struggle with anxiety I have panic attacks on clinically depressed. We didn't have gotten men didn't feel. Comfortable enough to be open about acts. Some sort and I took Hollywood is ridiculous and that's what their trying to rise above and that's what guys like. Kevin loves to be credited for I don't think that we should vilify anybody or make fun of anybody for a string it takes for these guys even pronounce Avis. Look at nine that it takes strength but I think Kevin Love did have a big situation this year that needed explanation like why I was there this meeting where you were called out. Why was there this in this mysterious. Disappearance and. Who of the year even not to say the real reason and I I guarantee you know we did back in Romberg nobody did I do not like nobody has the trust reckoned Robert I don't know they've come up. I don't get makes it easier but a duty opens a window to watch people who relies have a that the with but I do think that. The brush back with the Bosch and over necessarily talking about the same thing like Ron saying he skis but. But also the. He you don't like a Jack McMullen even interviewed bosh it sounds like. Recipes at the feel like 80 Lhasa or not is the way to relate to us like okay I this experience I just where I was under an unbelievable amount of pressure and so I cried and everybody made fun and I cried a really really low moment. And everybody made sodomy when you really think that's kind of absurd because it was sort of reasonable that I did because I was under. An excruciating turn around a lot and he's a lot of. He's her for revealing one time that the players are crying in the locker in the reports that it was LeBron crying in there in the locker room. Late yes L Ron self doubt try and no that's not looked upon favorably that they're coach what that out of the press conference. That's not that's not something I think in professional sports that your that players want. Revealed you know I think that that's what Chris Bosh is trying to change say interest rush is saying like. Hey this is stupid like we do good things happen like this and people cry and it is not that big a deal and of course is happens to us CO. And went out and optional illness because they're crying I don't know monster is claiming on mental illness and the SPX. Think you guys are jumping Jack conclusion based on its Pete's. The mental fortitude and mental strength glee kids in the peace for reasons and we'll see now I think you're confusing mental illness and mental strength and those are two different things there's there's an implication there that mental illness that is mental weakness would not a lot. The d.s is talking about having that in the NBA more be more attention being put on lately it's not all those people who suffer with. You know depression and and being and being saddled the NBA wants to help records that commercial want to do hope they want people they wanted to know inside people's minds it to be trained almost like a muscle. It's it's you know but I I do think that was Chris slate. I think part of the reason is the kickback was so bad it was just a tag on him I think it was an entire team and what are represented. In the comic mollen peace bosh does say. That. One day he woke up and his hands were shaking and he was super nervous. And he kept saying to himself what the hell's going on what's wrong with me so it was B revenue and like they had a sports psychologist work with them from Toronto when he's in Toronto. And it says that he had it he like had anxiety. I mean with how things are different for you is trying to do exactly what it Brohm Burton bit of a caveman mentality is working again with Romberg like the traditional. Sports guy where that's kind of where we used to be and these these athletes today are trying to get to gorilla like hey. These problems that you guys suffer from out there like we UT yeah. You know even though word the richest and word the most successful and were the most famous. Well that doesn't necessarily mean that we also don't have anxiety we don't have depression I think they're trying to bring awareness to it. So to help other people like hey we talk about it will help inspire people who don't have a voice and who can't talk about it DeMar DeRozan has a quote. People say what are you depressed about it biting thing you want. I wish everyone in the world was so rich that they would realize money is never. Ands or will we need Brian. Is is people people confuse that if you're in that situation. Where you are a wealthy person and you make a lot of money your very successful you're very famous adding people think. All of those people are perfect and so they wouldn't suffer from any of these ailments that regular people suffer from. And of course really the end of the day they're human and they suffer from. On in feast while Kevin Love and I am full support of DeMar DeRozan. Mental health. Well status popularity whatever might be I just don't feel. That this was an interview for Chris Bosh to partake in at all like. Because you lose because you go to a new city because you're worried about people liking you and you develop a little bit of anxiety. I don't figure that that is considered mental illness to this level of guys falling out passing on the locker room haven't hyperventilating. Panic attacks guys having to leave and totally. Abort their life because they're going through something really really serious. Probably got word about you can elect or his crime after losing a basketball game it equals the same thing doesn't Wear the seven and so much more same amount away. I need my son is dying and you get all your reading scores updates and push notifications from all our shows and hosts are nearly 63 dot com map. To download it now make sure you turn on notification in the settings redone economy new home for everything I am 719 ask someone else port three HD to the ticket. We'd do one in serious segment and I think is the only segment I've done. On a serious cockpit topic in three and a half hours. And people are so upset about Bos is a fun way to start today. Someone please take the driver's seat away from amber it's been nothing but sides stories for the last four days. Who is now. I always done today is talk about making sandwiches. I Judge Judy I was Susan as I can be a lawyer. Ed Tobin is made up a law firm. And it's always done is an enemy. Have LO OP Amanda thing you know we can put monopoly of the system meant all Reuben that's his means limited liability partnership. Whatever. As a business NIC designation you know what I usually part of the system we are saying we won't be like that 'cause we're not limited. I'm not that. You LL be. Put that up there on the sun biz dot org. I meet new category. On smiling classic that you heard your year on the dot Namibia are sighing and mean. Yeah you you were visibly frustrated and we mean is started you start acting like though police are not only some gold as a Gunner for what one I was talking. So I did me at the end of the segment you're mad. No it was a matter of who these are about the the jail thing. Now on talking about the last segment but oh and I'm excited me fairer for commuting around a month yeah I don't I didn't want him reading rumors Mike when his front mixers porno you cited slam. Yeah when I got muted yet you didn't for a second I got a culture of America. I do like his idea though that slim as drunk with power. And meeting or my ex do you like you woods woods Romberg you'll like it or do all we lock it. City. Pages that he needs as does do it isn't so and you would know that if he can be had told. Yeah well. I ice early so I drive this probably shouldn't do it at all time now it's Madonna losing or just hearing brilliant piece isn't. She's just see how that was loud writes just last hearing from that you didn't you know what you did you heard. I heard now but it's it's the ten years from now but it I'm still sitting in this chair and were put put a little chilly here. Lead singer of the late great Kimbo Slice tell you you fool. That's your privilege here and putting kimbo hit that we've done a 5000 ends agree is responsible took. Greatest press coverage of all time when we both of them in here I thought I was. I was free and also becomes when we had Billy Corbin in the first time we had Donna. And then and we had the kimbo in here but I think we all bolts into the Euro wanna stay with kimbo right it was also my affair during his all time. User the golden. This sounds awesome by the way that atom is actually like. He's learning the craft is his son trained to oust Lamotte is in Long Beach, California these pennies these when he fights via submission is going to be so good. So good sitter for predator sums at 10 AM. Excited Vegas to a canal we join you in Vegas in September the. Pray for you again. Believe they send as Tony nominee John and just say I'm not join an afternoon show I can't I can handle any lets you know I'm joining your show maybe they sell world joining it. So crazy these seven midday show ever just so we are right. I mean I guess he is not is say even nicer hotels. Well I now am I and lots of top we'll say the themed hotel we might have to upgrade the hotel let's listen I'll say it three in motel eight at eight cent a somewhere. Does that to this of the New York, New York. Arrested in New York near par the Excalibur though the excel it was a minimize accidents out sad that and I'd like walking into New York, New York than the custodian this. Are they Oleg attached to. Was at the Bellagio for most pretty good go to all of them through the Bellagio or no no idols parents I win win is connected is sky bridge in all areas connected through certain sky bridges they don't like certain gun. Or hotel group's own you know how the sky persist on this is only MGM properties like mandolin. Luxor. Excalibur excerpt. The threes in the in my body as a prisoner. Stay oh no I stated Harris that first line here's casino and a lot of hookers there. It's good times. So much from wave Anderson in the senate response. Career I wouldn't turn one is serious set to get techsters complain when we don't do real sports topic or serious. Segment an and the second we do bend Texas complained were doing it. Well those titles in the ducts or is peace going to miss on Tommy's going in Vegas is just you LeRoy yeah. And HBO at like another person or no on a zoo who go talk to you Boson you knew the girl mysterious aren't in our guy. When we're gonna do slam maybe if you're a subscriber. To what. HBO gets her out you won't even pay for HBO I think the Mobil one. Further Fremont HBO. Now. Idled in 790 sending us anywhere this morning show. And he's 79 you want to ask you a morning show he's feeling just a little sorted you out bride Nancy just love it's time to do show he'll be done the clock story about us and Vegas. Sure it's gonna be a terrible time. Yeah that's the line you tell your wife. Averse that they show all the burned out tell me what really goes down in Vegas. Idol hero would barely lightly running an idea that through a series when you're gonna base for work those the bats well Roy economy payment up then the men love it's are just a. It is that I think still got his back it's due to acting Greg Cody they are both back it is today. Leavitt urged senate next.