ZRA Part 3 8-9-18

Zaslow & Amber
Thursday, August 9th
Dolphins fans hate Tannehill?, Tobin is Putin?, Expectations for opening preseason game

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Face it nice to get invited to our fourth annual fantasy football draft party NFL analyst John Clayton and CBS sports fantasy expert Jane Lee Eisenberg. They're gonna be helping out on Sunday August 26 at twin peaks in Davie. Festivities start at 1 PM via a live broadcast and got you're dressed sort of 4 PM. And John and Jamie they're going to go from table to table and they're gonna give you advice and help you out you make your picks if he wants. Now that we managers league commissioners get a fifty dollar bonus card you sign your team up due to drought there. It's free but space is limited so go register now. At its again Miami dot com to sponsored by Yang Ling tat it's an eagle and by twin peaks eats drinks. And scenic views RX. Get dolphins and Bucs tonight's I imagine goal talk a lot about that tomorrow you look at see Ryan tanning health for the first time since 2016. I got a guy who does understand how Tamils good enough to play just once series needs to have the three full quarters what does he donned. Deserved just playing one series he's been starting quarterback for four years for me at 4000 plus yards the last time there played maybe I resent your reps he just needs to. Get out there and kick the tires a little bit to make sure the wheels okay we turn a scramble. Dalton and talk about ten LAQ street bomb tore yamana. Some home now. I'm including dolphins and talk about. Glowingly. Can't like. The bullets can't answer you don't think about that mr. Yeah I mean I didn't you can't say anything bad can go beyond can't wait yeah I just outside cam wake gotten. Ever when the bomb I mean most people like Kenny stills but then once in awhile people talk about Seattle and we dropped touchdown. I think like Kenny. I think they like Keiko took Daniels got in kneeling thing McKinney still studio lot digital went to that right. I think the Keiko things pretty cool with a lot of people here now know not he has got detractors now for shall flee solely operates ways he's a little middle linebacker that was kind of overpowered an oversized and you get you get past that I can't wait university you know let this camera number one for shore under present. This is second is probably were sergeants. So I don't really popular the other like the back feels defensive backs yeah shot Jones ready pops status which is in power saving our es he's he's done anything yet that he gets points where what do people really do a lot of people tell accident talking about that might be my first. First dolphins Jersey advise our pitchers because they think it's gonna be together they can hang their hat on he's going to be here for awhile. No one can't wait without question. I can't believe some of the pictures or pull a Kim likely when I was a bouncer party. I'm sooner going through social media and I'm just like you know keeping up see what the dolphins are going on and they're putting couple pictures of cam wake kind of stretching or getting ready for practice. And like that this dude is like forty your soul. He's got McDonald's straws going down as forms as Stein is laces all left from one playoff appearance this like. This completely thirteen years in the CFL now is like on its like ten years and install it it's a pleasure Angeles. 25 years she's married forty years old and then my buddies like wool Weis he looked like that Wellesley duty sauce and but the guy probably hasn't had a can of Coke. Or or cheeseburger O'Donnell when he years. Our political. Always a Coke what are we didn't taste would even taste like pop. It was a proper pompous like the general term for Coca-Cola you ready probably hasn't had cheeseburger forever that went the next also bun pick somebody does have a cheeseburger if you beef may be you know geez what she wouldn't even tastes good like ward tastes like what to go to. We looked like don't go heavy on the meat in the usually if they do we meet they'll have glamorous and talk and we don't talk already re like we're gonna five guys Manning and the auto I don't. Cheeseburger I don't miss it at all and I I tell them. It didn't meet meet in high school for her for years and then I remembered the first time right meet again why it's and acting Carriker. Drew Bennett never had a McDonald's hamburger or his life we ought to play the the patriots we went to this McDonald's spot in like downtown Providence area. A teachers get a quarter pounder please cities like Tokyo court opponent wildly cheese singles has product man that was really good I looked in my C you've been deprived men grown up in that tree hug in San Francisco let's get a big Mac or whopper. Don't I could I tell you I haven't had released decades early years yet at McDonald's breakfast the other day. But I haven't I haven't had different than a big mackerel right Ivan how box or lunch or dinner meal I didn't. Walk persons are in high school or when it's my son's. Until I saw eating meat to begin with and high school it's the thing at food poisoning from a locker. To conduct for an Manning can't back nicely seemed to wipers too chicken sandwiches to French Fries to drinks. And then I was like at the and a night like after drinking all Eldred for bad. But I need it and smell good to me anymore. Italy and a when I run my fiance is this kind of dates and meanwhile on this dump it to be safe Devin no sir you don't need to. Right now you and 1000 dollars a sought ideas Thursday morning all got to do is text in the ward dollar. To 7288100. Dollar that's your chance of 1000 dollars right now courtesy of 79 units in its summer swindle contest. And it shares of its the next hour to national contest. Message in Paris may apply don't text and drive. Please tell you EXYAM. South Miami at WS at best at them BHD to Miramar. BO dot com station. So Tobin found declared that I was referring to widget which is one of the all time worst. On all the on air flops. Okay. This what is the Olympics you know two or three Summers ago I forget portal was just remain mile then it did this is as bad as it gets do you feel bad for this guy. All right this why is ms. Lewis Michael Phelps winning another gold medal but the broadcast right or wrong. Phelps. With a goal. We must dimension locked his name seminary times it's. Why is he finally going to see energy final on the thirteenth metal he's really gonna do it's dead in the hole so I am and the I'm just hearing and many of those. Around wringing. Okay. Michael Phelps won that's so bad. It's so I would sell and so bad. You leave the Booth after that rightly you're done. I think you pull your microphone Nazi undo your earpiece kind of pull everything out yum Obama's grab bag and go home. Now till they got mad at amber okay couple segments ago so he decides if he decides. Think he can dish it out he can't take yeah. Don't son. And I think yeah everything unplug the long trip. I am not an amber biggest television McClellan after an amateur I always make any ever and Tillman says oh I don't slob. When I'm doing reading headlines. During the 9 o'clock hour and then I revealed it's because he records them and Juniata so we. Mad meaning they need to do is Medicaid so. Does the whole way you look at error so you can speak the truth. Knows it could you have no accountability so then Tobin looked over its land and apparently it's two of them had been plotting for when this moment was gonna calm. And two and Tobin says a slim all right slam send me send me the ball and on that ball to don't send me the bomb okay. And and slim sends him all Walt what now I I've heard the clip bullies Evers like her mouth it's our rights. Bit it's not only gonna play it. I don't think we should play it the reason I don't think that we should play is because Everett about Mir Ali bold number I don't really got a good read there. If you if brother of the late. Yeah people about it and I go why is fun and joke. All of its rough though it's it's a rough. I say this I don't really bad mood right now because they received a text during this show. From a friend of mine is a cop in Sarasota where I'm from worries on a house that a card wrecked into my house there. So I did a very bad news that Daryn my house that's where this all comes from its public factory. Pistol and meet. A dink oil view. In fact. UN after me because you made at the position of football called a marine backer and somehow blame that on my writing my backers sounds like it. An important position even promised my undergraduate that it might be in the Booth like you know plotting and scheming social. We don't have to play the bomb you. Have hit a bomb that we'll back you're a I. I don't I'm not scared scared that's why we have the bomb I terrorism it is rough. And just don't we have it it's. Like prudent I don't alive. Still though there are right. And the doomsday machine you are and. Yes you ought to meet me I don't bomb. They don't you people make them for yourself get potato and you can't signature bond I would laugh at that. Because it's radio we're not saving the world or destroy an. I. I'm not either nature or something Navarro got here trying to protect anything. It's a radio and you're here trying to take out. More innocent Rio hosts or a reward your daughter just over here it is it's yeah. And yeah. It's expect it you take out the only woman on the south yeah I'm sexist yup that's what it is seems like not a matter ganging up against along lady. You meet women. Ever ever gets to watch whatever every have been any women die though so this re a writer but it's I'm sexist. In eight women. You in Britain all those stories all the good stuff that happened and I before. The sexist Bible he's holding onto an emirates is being careful easel and onto its ridiculous god we can't do it allows people would wait for this other way to run a black man the last woman had produced floor she's now co hosts who have come to Allard issue lender on sexist he let you. Insects arsonist well and I think we owe it to the people the person before that you read the headlines I wrote she's on fox. But on sexist. And a. You know yeah. Well we're still fundamental way. Of life. And what it's up for the chair and and you lifted us. Credit as have you done this winter and people accountable to their it's really lets you know the same person on sexist because obviously Al savant. Credit for joys career. Did you know you credit her career. It's fine you enjoy how to think about. College. Is it. Todd Ohio a man that you think you made the woman you can keep lashing out but you know this is if the sexist. And you think of sabotage and you. The as far as its share. Fox. Bought and says you matter headlines or her. That's us. My writing the changed. Robert should play all right and everybody knows overtime. You know from the spared from 29 to 31. Writing really declines. I'm not gonna play you are older I'm not gonna play you can tease the people but so you know people used to play a analysts aren't gluten. And I touched upon. Let's season headlines will always side and I should I don't know I should. Be allowed pressure on this side are important Obama. But just remember I tread lightly. The Eagles scare me. You. The Miami Dolphins the commercial breaks would dictate otherwise open up pre season play tonight. Hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a crowd again now they're tonight's. Kick off from hard rock stadium is set for 7 PM. Aside and not gone allows those are always go to US is yes it was going amok on. As I don't edit in me did you go to the warm. Do they have the fourth one musher here or how to better go usher was employed here here and then gone gone her Politico. Knew the last question may be in first and second year growth but there were kind of back to back minister's first and third. McKeon ask me wanna go to this one I thought our season doesn't do much from handing them out. In this so let's look at the 72 club tickets that never several more to live. To join it live is alone and I couldn't get yeah I'm sure but now I I I like. I don't wanna sit in a sweet OK Leslie sweet you know I had I won its Leila club level now. I'd be outside. Miami Marlins with the AC in the Oprah lost the St. Louis Cardinals 71 and comfortable couches in the interest in the Fisher off tonight. Jeetz told reporters that they'd love to keep real you tell a long term. All right so he's the one of the best all around catchers in baseball we'd best. The Miami heat's will open up. Tillman wrote their season but that's dramatically incorrect it's actually it's c.s and he chose to Portuguese got its finger on the bond narrowed against the Orlando Magic on October 17. And then they will play the Washington Wizards on October 18. The entire schedule its release on pressing. Because we got a bomb I I kept campaigning for this for sure grow. As you know sure grow as a routine business on British Columbia really yet he's almost routine truck yet it's called meetings rise around putting stroke. Well it's stationers so you left your to go do. We play for the BC lions by. He he started putting company in its a really good protein as well he was there yelling so you don't downtown Vancouver stock by Fisher goes mean protein. But but meanwhile keen Jernigan and your further listeners in August and we were trying to get a nice little campaign slogan for sure go. You know we make fun assure go because he looks like Osama bin Laden's one of the sounds like twin so we were like OK here's the deal we got it for you put it on the shirt it's done. Mean put team. It's a bomb. That was going to be his slogan. I tried it it's the ball. And have a picture shirk its fuel afford to wait and here I I'm surprised it wasn't for that he'd invite out and rise up and then. The NCAA an outright awards for its member of the big Latin family there to college basketball yesterday he hasn't moving quite a bit. Allowing. Undrafted players to reenter school and allowing elite prospects to hire agents. What are you breaking down back there because they did not do anything wrong and she's. Oh yeah and Adnan call eight she is still hung up on its. Plymouth new enemy might but drink it right by him and I. I speak back buying it you are so consumed. With what everyone else is doing in thinking between Mitsui that money I hold the ducks exerted so there's so you could see dunks and back there. When he thinks something improper comes out of my mouth. You're constantly aware whatever else is thinking that you would be to us having zero trust issues on the script. Hence any big Ron. What Scioscia. Miami Hurricanes. Linebacker. Michael. I actually told me how to say his name nicknames drink. Or you can never flub what do make. He's locking them in butts beat Miami Herald is reporting. That it's not serious idea of course. Your hurricanes got a three million dollar donation towards the indoor practice up. Ali bombed all three year old that hurricanes and carols so for indoor practice facility they'll actually be the Robert Benicio family feel up. I'm the Jonas I don't it was three million dollars he's the co-founder and CEO. No women's only the guy that donated the three mil is a little upset the Specter we keep on at the Rondo is he doesn't appreciate I would say he and I am not find that amusing at all. Full PGA championship starts today Tiger Woods tees off in just over an hour and 9:23. AM. The underground Douglas do. Dustin Johnson we are about Paulina Gretzky earlier will really we're talking about Wayne it's her husband telling us husbands tees off that 153. Name where Izzo always buddy Ed's always other ways again as reds don't look real boys were wrong Douglas Moore and not outside take it and don't run don't. And so much better I am pretty sure they and a change name is people up. Like they should donation but we get a better and there. Thanks Texan attacks liner down on dope and dollar and I know not know or not senate there's a couple. As one revealing its soak them enjoy it is here Tony didn't speak. Dole well suited it was it was a shoot out a deal it's seven shenanigans love new listeners. And they do returning and and please keep opening and he does isn't and you beat Olympic star. Since Joyce departure and and the stark in Austin. Yeah. And it did on our way. Parents. And just outlines are there you go let's get back the dolphins dolphins pre season and tonight's. What you got next. That's fun has gone. Reagan sports updates and I got to do is download new radio dot com map yet. He also go to radio dot com new home for everything and seven idea in FM 104.3. HD student ticket. You Texans say 067974. Tale is a bomb has not been edited Chad Henne just stupid saying things like that just. Home. You know me I'm not exactly humongous. Ranked male fan but I I do agree that guy. Campbell you can play ball and I think that if you putting a couple different wide receivers and problem. Where you have guys like complete key positions on the football field I think that's gonna help them out quite a bit in this whole tight end project. That's what I need to see I need to seek a second go and get a couple catches tonight. He's currently at this and we know it's not but if he's currently this is number five on the debt sort of tied and you assume is gonna play quite a bit and tonight he's currently is on a five or anathema and I don't what I and that but right now he's listed at five. He is a lot tonight rights. Not topics are gonna commit to know what is your user second round pick right. A second Arthur Michigan or does it go by where you listen. Yeah yeah I don't know that's our hour now. And any case ladies that he sees being believe bullies mask on and right routes open and you're you're trying to work your packages and I think Adam is a very. Like of a better term he's a package you know he has certain things that he wants to accomplish throughout the game. And his card is massive when it comes all the projects got going on and now you have. In other guys it's going to be all over the football field playing every position possible you have and the Dolan who's going to be probably creating a bunch have a comment field as well so. I know it's going to be very defensive. Positive game for these guys. Balls are supposed to play WC Rick McMillan tonight's wreck on mitnick on what was was the was the opening kick off the pre season last year that it hurts don't trust him but nobody's nobody's getting the past and I the only IC getting the passes may be Frankie. It's it would that's the only person on that team is he getting it immediately camp can't wait yet again it won't played in our brain can't get much of my guess I don't care so probably wanna go and take over the Helm tonight if camp sits down. So I think I think the only two guys that you're really. Tennessee with a hat and in New Jersey on is is going to be Franken cam other than that you know everybody meets what get a series what does these new rules we're gonna start to see. The people it's all of these you know nailed it the the the referee Lorena had things going to be is going to be from things we just asked her promoter on because my I know the steady timely implement a new rule. The rush for ease our little excited about it the one now they can I caddie players and what not rush to take it. At the guy is even playing a certain way their whole lives to be able to immediately adjust and that's just aren't out of war and these were new rules implemented I mean I think overall. You have to try to implement these rules to make became safer in the long run because that's becoming a big PR problem for the game. But the guys who are currently playing the game. When those rules go into effect artist severe disadvantage the guys or Ben coming up playing at the guys are at high school now don't have time to just play the time to get to the pro levels Adobe haven't changed our whole style of play in the plot to be able change in the future football changed. But these current guys about is going to be amounts. A lot of people came from the Carol tree of coaching. Most lawyers out there have been taught how to tackle the way that they're trying to teach the kids today had attack site shoulder tackling head upfield as opposed a bearing your face obviously you don't meet any talk about this every I don't out of the guys are tackling more adding guys trying to hit China not wrapping up and driving through you know it's it's one of those things but. But again not only do defense of players. I have the possibility of getting flagged by all offensive. Ball and right running backs who Clinton and held it down I put their helmet down tried to initiate contact and I are gonna reflect as well that's so would always just around the football your shoulders improbable down to get to the line of scrimmage so you don't smoke it's more watching a game OK and running back. You know picks up 89 you authorized killer gets an extra couple yards on the ground because you Barry's head at the end. And then they throw that flag did ya pal guy that's gonna be so ridiculously offensive lineman with the holding call on a big run but they're running back who gave a big hit who tries to get excited about giving it. At the end gets up and a Troy yellow flag enemies like I just did all that work in delivered a blow in on getting flagged for no comment about that I'd. Stand trying to get trying to make the game safer but there than there are certain aspects where I think we got to step agonizing game it's very violent there's only so much we be doing that completely neutering the game. And giving guys who have the football penalties. For you know I I guess unnecessary roughness essentially what is it. Giving guys who have the football penalties. For doing things that have been legal for ever and I'm not talking about. You know be in the simple on where you grab the guy's face mask and from down yet do stuff like that I understand has dangerous OK I if you got the full all you can't bury your clique you know against very clean the guy and Friday at AI that the things like that. We're talking common sense issues but. So that has been legal for ever okay and now the ball hit the ball carrier. If you don't why did and flags. Were freezer Gagarin referees who worked through the kinks to look at that twist they're going to be. Yes really hard Obama's well I really like this transitional period but you have to do to your football you have to. Otherwise your sport is going to wane in popularity throughout time it is I mean they're seeing the effects very strongly already so you've got to do something. For the long term hope that the name. DC it is you know we talked a bit about this yesterday the until we receive a for the browns is Antonio Calloway. Who what is so a site infer possession of marijuana and driving would they suspended license more came out yet details now came out about it which was the police who searched the car and and he let them search the car. Not sure why did eat the police who searched the car they found bullets in the console and gun parts and gun parts and then and did you read the officers' accounts. Given dollars in illegal Ray. Ozzie I don't believe that was as I don't believe that was opponents in Florida. There is we have Florida we thought of yet from what I understand he did and I have a permit but also wasn't the fire and it wasn't it was an imminent tactical literary and I don't know lead I was so. You could understandably so as a said that he'd eat he became very nervous because. He's finding bid the bullets in the caller and parts of the gun but he couldn't find it gone. And the big guy and his and I guess whoever was in the call and it's their outside. Of the car keys in the caller. He can't find a gun he's worried that the guy was on the outside you know him a hole in the wall that he's got to go auntie can't find it got in the Clark. Annie said it was it was scarcely he was really nervous so that they didn't escalate into something really terror. I'm wondering what parts is it did you mean he didn't clip or maybe like a site her red daughter surprised sooner yet clip and is but I don't I don't my permit carries it was a cold hammer legally is it reciprocity real odd to have multiple different states sir your your your just reciprocity desolate I know my my concealed permit is is reciprocity throw like the rest of the country I think it's like. Twenty something different states about the carrying because of because I want to Florida writes I don't know what the situation is in Ohio but. But I know that a guys are allowed to carry. What's up toward license. That's my understanding that it just it's the driving without with a suspended license and of course the possession of marijuana over the two illegal things that he was doing in the state of Ohio. Which is problematic. Now I don't know what the circumstances were and getting pulled over course pop but it just. And then Friday play it said that he it was a 3 in the morning and that he failed to you see on camera also would also answering anymore also had a driving infraction on top of that. He's in camp man a rookie and campus 3 AM. Early dawn man. If your credit is subtly that the topic is bull behind you rendered ran your tag they do all time and she traffic to Heinz actually there are you I pull it up it shows them right there that you're driving the suspend a blaze that Blaylock. He's out at 3 AM encampment a rookie. On. Domain Florida foreground hey hey hey freaking real Puerto relaxed. And there's no need to mention that's who went to a meat eaters so let's model that I got Iraq right. I think when kids is just or just dumb. Don't feed dom was a whole point yesterday and you won't it be that he has in life to do so wins nobody else has it Niro yeah. Got it yesterday 3 o'clock in the morning because I don't use up every morning I thought it was just I got. You know driving while black pulled over on the side of the road in the afternoon may be coming from practice or going to practice go on the facility if he just had his car delivered I'm thinking OK he just has car delivered and and now he's driving it from the facility to where every saying her hotel. He easily every every morning right around and it's suspended license and go home and it's like it is a car pulled up your hand and slap you went even Gordon Brown's pick. I'd drop in the draft because of off field concerns. Stupid pass. I don't claim that anymore. That bothers me man I thought it was me big time he had to win. That terrible job. They does a Jonas when he was talking about. Although no it has happened is that after the winter things apes. Oh week in advance this absence yet has happened a few ball yet does that make 45 days ago. And winter thing was taped at least a week in advance when and onto a shooting the Lander is concerned though it. A rook is doing opening an account receivers that was what managers do and it's a wide receivers this case. That's not data's business faces. Room. Blossom man Rondo to worry about it contagious. Thing and we got down like that that. I've played a lot of dumb rookies OK number one I could go with Reggie Williams in Jacksonville more on first round draft pick. From the university wash clothes so bad phenomenal talent was CNN Washington do you guys really don't like him. He might have been a freshman. But I don't I don't I had nothing to do that nugget. Bomb from a town ridiculous pursuit is a long list of wide receivers at the Jacksonville Jaguars gonna put to bed on draft. Bridging the same way higher than a hundred hippies every single day. Acting a fool not being responsible. He reminds me of what's going on not to say that the want to partner is drug but I'm just saying it's a similar situation your high level talent. You can basically go up to get the ball anywhere you have the opportunity. And the ability to be put on this pedestal and be the face of franchise man. In years is not dedicate your just. Open the bed every day you would just rather just keep living that high school I just got an. And we would instantly footballs is not for you this guy. And he cool we talked about this before though it's gotta be it does have to be heart I would imagine if you are person he's so physically gifted that that is the thing. That you that you feel meant to do in life because you have that athletic ability that than virtually nobody else has who do you ever Nolan. And you do make it simple leaked but you don't really enjoy it that's not literally if you wanna live you wanna just be able. You know I don't I don't ladies all day long and works a menial job and maybe that would make you happier maybe don't wanna have to. Deal is showing up in your living is very strict allay that these NFL guys have to live it's not for everyone play with that. Dollar of that money. Ends with you or athletic ability. How long was in the league Tobin has to be really hard to go anywhere after Jackson of the even play out is his rookie deal Reggie Williams yeah. But he was comic after what thirty or maybe gone that a curse is and they had him than they had metadata Jones can write many MM almighty god Mattie was cool. I must say it was and bloody was cool and Blackmon right. A moment god doesn't it was so yeah. What about like. What about the Jimmy Smiths and men who is always in the series that was evident it'll pick up every morning bellies and we restarted his limo for every morning to bring in a practice. That hot mess before Jimmy. It's so hard for all of us understand because in any of us were blessed without athletic ability amino decently we would be sick and so. Be so happy to play professional sports but it not for every line is not does is always is one of the lungs. Tell those kids till you're blue in the face that that look this is the path that you're heading on. Try to turn it around a little bit meant you're in the summer on the play fail tests now three times regularly tested twice a year I mean he's already in the program are you in the program. Don't smoke weed a month before the season and don't smoke it among before training camp we'd sell born dummy. Gotta get there again got somewhat against it but like so guys Leo we zone board got. I just don't. Yelling hey you're willing to give millions of dollars. Not smoke weeks and audio smoke marijuana all year long trailer can you can smoke in the NF LA's canceled all year round. You fail at right EU failure drug test the one you get every six months he failed because you're borderline a moron you know when it's coming and now your put the programs and I are susceptible who really do exactly to test positive Greta yeah. Talent in the NFL community anyway yeah it really eat or are really have an issue I mean I think some people are a lot more reliant on that we realize it's not that I just I think marijuana is. Addictive Blake and other drug but I do think some people IA can be addictive intern. Clearly done if he announced. You know. And terms of being a ritual being got value test Elaine we ever thought it not missing any time yet you have to pay a fine in your in the program now you're susceptible to drug tests randomly. All year long general matter I don't care where your rat. You can be in the Bahamas GB wherever they'll have a guy come in. And now and now you're more likely to fail again and then what you fail again then your sturdy gains and that's when it really means some serious money yeah just in Italy and fears. He's just. My oh my god that. The body of Kelly didn't fail a drug test we should say is that's where it started with a story didn't fail a drug test any claims about marijuana was his innocence car. But I just you have no business being street at 3 o'clock the morning during camp no business as a rookie. What it got pretty good it is a good look. That's what you want this'll be on the next episode or not agreed this'll be on Tuesday night. You've got to get done and you get snack at 1030 at night before you go to bed fool guys don't get to knock. Running out some yells who's not here to rate like it was in a person NASCAR. I use a friend exactly well that's the problem is that your friends can be a very bad influence on you you know like your friends not in training camp Madieu pro is under arrest and dress are gonna keep a real. Oh. Most of them addressing them. Recipes there's only one way to its domestic you're Smart device or computer that's the radio dot com apple or radio dot com atlas and isn't. Something else to look forward to it that's on the move. Don't miss anymore shall now be in trouble we don't sunny all we want you to get that big story took you know I support. Radio dot com and Russell. Make them think to fortieth Fred dot com new home of names at an idea them 104.3 HD two ticket. I should correct something because they said that Charlie didn't fail a drug test image here he was found with possession of marijuana or some of that practice issue quit. He did. Failed drug test the farmland which I didn't forgotten about this year it has been horrible and I'm here I mentioned has steered this series earlier octaves it's got. Off the the other shooters could make it that's for Columbine they handed in a diluted sample it is the same thing as a sales or he's thirty in the program. Look and now he gets caught in possession of marijuana you have to smoke weed it's very end and can't keep it on its own board you have it easy actually secret. But up that is of the Brown's fault that you've been dealing with to a judge Gordon like it dummies. You knew that this got all this up Bynum was right. The sport already cinnamon the British or what are it and he's it's either talented guy. Should we got a lot higher in the draft later hue Jackson and again they'll deal this on hard knocks on Tuesday because they're always a week behind right. But there's there's truth to what Tobin a sing where. Eat like you know some agility on a confiscated OK and that it would be something that I would say but if you're the browns you can't do because. You you have to know when you were trusting so you can't get that mad. If you're in school and of course what do you do but it's not here to clamor or suspend or something like that. He'd feel just call and give Olson Jewish humor received Florida and that when he does something immediately you're training camp really get mad so you're you're dummy. You get to edit. So and there's there's truth to what you say in their man. You directional school but you Jackson. Acting surprise you Jackson says this is surprising and other. At least I admitted that we've had no issues with him he's been very sexist obviously the red flag is up he has been. I've been deliberately and there has been on your watch Byrd amendment like come on man. Hue Jackson got Todd haley's China it's a pretty much sabotage him already know what's going on there. I don't know that it was a very tense moment in the show board slate. There in this meeting room and a lot lately as a history of being very difficult or had ensured John Daly he smells blood in the war is it's as one of the third too bad start here I am all hails back in front side is one and 32 and one on Thursday. But one out of there it is so why yet at one and 31 about it 01 win season and has zero win season out. Like I handers look at Cleveland I understand you know he don't want to keep turnover of the coaches and what have via. And certainly the personnel is bad there but. You gotta win more than one game in two seasons. Well we'll see what they did a season right this is the test is this is a percent of people actually felt good about the personal house. Let have been Jackson both Gus Bradley like everybody is a August rally to assumes that they meant he's like. Four and sixty to reelect can recover very likely it's total they gave it to chug to brigade chug. I don't know I don't want his derogatory term but they've they've basics turn him over to pay him one year. It was like what cam Camry Cam Cameron got one year too because you know why you gotta when more than. Act game boy what a child when Chauncey and he was nobody around seasonally what was it a 45 win season. Ngo is front. It's about trying to build for the future you attic into jab to give. Number shot this of those depends on who's available higher league they were in love with you Jackson and. And shows that early RA will make the switch now I'm laughing having this as you hue Jackson thinks is it's he so surprised he so surprise at this issue with Callaway. A rose Callaway was suspended in 2016 for Boris spring practice because of a sexual assault. Investigation and was later cleared in 2017 he pled no contest to possession drug paraphernalia. He was suspended for the entirety about the seventeen. Season when it was discovered he used the stolen credit card information to make purchases the school's bookstore great kid he then. He then goes into the 2018 draft and submit to diluted drug test sample. At the scouting palm mind which under Lee rules ounces of failed test so he was put into the program now or he's been arrested for possession of. And hit an LA and what has of people that during a time. I got my own kids men and that's what that's the one alignment every grown into an NFL veteran has like I got my own kids aren't I an interest in baby sit and if that's that's tough and it's. You had to get it to gather up when. Kelly's gonna have to learn at last an hour he's an Alley and here I'm wondering. I'm wondering at what point they go to lender and say here's your baby sitting job. And even landry's gonna be the guy that's gonna try to babysit the skit but that's to ease that's ultimately what's gonna have to happen. It was an official speaking out the rest of. God bless them that lesson in an audit. As the Landry playing to the cameras Deseret when Nelson lately and you're saying bless him bless them over and over again no. I like aggressive. We're listening to. Let's go let's do this it. Sit and not everything is a blessing. He's all cameras men. And that there. He's hauled out the cameras yeah loves it. And enjoy it into games the receiver pickle juice this electrifying can't choose. Hughes. Be a breakdown that OJ Simpson got from prince. Jews Jews. Jews tunes tech stories and you're exactly wanna hue Jackson wrote why it's not a time I don't that's. It was different Acer with a I was like I don't remember that all our rent an answer to I don't know. Now. The sugar boosts. And it's. One of the sort tailgating at an outsider art stadium probably not at a tailgate don't think it is gonna come in tonight. The receiver they called Jews this electrifying calf. The excitement when Chris and I broke up the Jews was virtually every night slick he's not really the Jews and more because we didn't troops troops troops to do so will. Jews Jews Jews. Pews to ask you. Hear it. Juices potentially times. That's not what you say there are dolphins let people be excited the football back Rick. People be their night everybody's nervous or goals but even if it's pre season I mean your original star in football man. Again to try to get the PSA before we close the just lay there and and murderer okay if sometimes a liability under a shot that I I I value we value all of our listeners okay. And if you're watching the dolphins games and I don't CBS for OK you watch in the game tonight 7 o'clock. You know. We like plane are drinking game when it comes at dolphins pre season and I it is don't wanna see anyone get hurt. It's dangerous you know you take a shot when Nat Moore gets this player's name wrong that you shot when Bob Griese is not paying attention. Take a shot when Nat Moore and Bob Griese all our yell. 11 and and doesn't know the rules. It gets it gets crazy. And I don't want anyone get this stomach pumped OK a one all you listen to us tomorrow morning bright early and one feeling good Allen alien sick. I'd definitely don't want anyone get in trouble OK so that's my PSA out there don't want everyone. To have a nice nights are right. Don't get yourself in trouble don't get sick don't get hurt just taking easy all right let's all say publicly say half time report. Curt Terry Crowley Michael until you look. On graphics for the final two bullet points.