ZRA Part 3 9-6-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, September 6th

Playing while old, Canes game cancelled, Slim gets weird


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Hurricane update. 45 minutes from now Julie you're a local Tamil problem border that's again for a few minutes. Skip away paired tickets here Sammy Hagar Sammy a little Kia. Caller five right now on the contests on 786534079. You'll say yeah see Sammy Hagar and circle. We can't be your nineteenth special guest is collective soul. And tickets are available right now at Ticketmaster dot com cells operate there caller number five you CD. The Marlins. Derek Jeter I'm sure. New owners. They started making the rounds around building yesterday on Marlins park yesterday and Nate. They're trying to get a good grasp of each department within the department heads are really like office race where there in the room and their likes to tell us what you do you I don't know maybe. I. Down here. Since he's actually running the demons in the looming. Out there doing not from afar as well with no money these deadbeat dads. It. Oh. I am I am so down on his Jeter man. It's. It's impossible. To be excited. Right now about the ownership change. If you were talking about cutting payroll in half. And trading and try to trade him Carlo. And treating the other guys who you're allowed to trade who have a lot of I'd be very easy to trade guys they yelled 2000 very easy. It's impossible. To be excited about this ownership change because you know what. It turned out and as part surprising it's turned out it's not enough. Who beat it to just be not Jeffrey Loria wouldn't we would've figured a couple of months ago. Don't care who the new owner is all SMB is not Jeffrey Loria as turns out. That's not. That's the smallest on teachers understand it's not still helps them. Yes of course it helps not having that crazy bastard on the team is going to be a benefit. It is up coach cited a source of demagogues on site if they editor John Carlos and them idiots that. Because of it because not only that he's had a stellar season it looks like he's turned a quarter. And yet. He likes being a man on this team yeah who likes representing the Marlins he's in commercials. Like last night he was on in the batting cage moans Clark I saw a new commercial that he's in. Gets a lot of attention. I really thought that all adds that he was not Jeffrey lord it's not chip Loria for everyone speaks and as a coach or not it's not that excited maul visitors better. And that upsets me is because I've just heard from all the reports that. Unseemly jeetz likes baseball much sentencing late. He really wants put in the grind it posed the things I'm concerned about is okay he's gonna be running all this these parts the organization's cause you really don't pretend we're excited in the beginning we had a baseball players that's going to be running a vital organization and it would be favorable for baseball players now our realizing that this is more business model and so was. Eminem the chopping block in an ax in his back pocket -- 125 million dollars down in the finally don't your salary man eyebrows and a wrong way over about the company credit cards so they can shuffle back and forth from Tampa saw that right now supports that Russ and the wrong way there is shuffling -- just her view the wrong or how do you think your rooms the other investors we're not Camille did what I can really keep Christian -- to make seven million dollars yet but I'm I'm a pocket finally myself. And upon his name and marlin fan deserves better and you're not it does tenured it does not feel like you're going to get entered Peter. But a wrong. I don't know but again we're talking with two early I wanna see what's gonna happen here. Before atomic judgment under Jeter could get hit a New York you did awesome in New York you did great for all the people of New York or why he would not run for the people down here. I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. But if I see Alex show up with a pair of shorts some boxing gloves on a cement you run into this aero and his. Would think you mean you would do you would understand I mean QMB Clinton's comment came up arrow in. Iraq here's a line here and there. Five dollars a year is Milton in the the Malone's office who's who's who's gonna be kept on the glitch they're gonna give him the the basement office. Oh boy really occupants. Now in March as the market the basement. His temper comes a few games without pick Alex is the unrated but to Africans at a girl. Is that a little gentle OJ lo would be honest. I should I color Jennifer she called Jennifer to. Your height and it is certain rights and lives pulls. It down but still headlines. WNEXYAM. South Miami and W. At six Ph.D. true. These headlines are sponsored by autos sell under alas batteries are proven tough and designed to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions with patented technology to deliver the most power during startup get in the zone autos Allen. Miami Dolphins won't be playing its home opener in Miami this week the NFL is looking into a neutral site or they will play the bucks during their bye week. So how the dolphins' first game not what they decided this week Dalton's first game at home. October move. For a month into the season their first home game is going to be October. 8. At all long time. Is and we want to be in Los handle small detail they haven't been on homes and retreat we were week to week four when the play at home for the pre pre season second. That and that team was it was August 17 so two months later now. October 8 because we too when they're in Los Angeles to play charters and their at jets. And then there in London for a home game. There and one that somehow separate travel schedule K they don't know where they're going this week it could be in northeast they don't know what it on this week then they're going to Los Angeles. Demagogue New York, New York. Pinnacle to London. On the planet dies overwrought. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are neutral sites being considered in the decision is expected today ESPN's Jeff Darlington reports of the game likely will be rescheduled for a November 19 by any neutral here. Ghosts I finally got close towards neutral. Well because it's neutral meaning night I was in new image. Yeah as I mean I can't Miami it's new to. Wrong go to WW breast. You knew that you with the Florida Gators trying to play at north three doors down from where their stadium is stuck in order neutral site it's mutual it's no wrestling were wrestling ground and landed. And it mortars W green Orlando. Our legs and can't call Arlington okay among the although. So anyway it was wrestle mania and the Citrus Bowl. This is hurricane coming you know there's this thing it's got a hurricane and is common and it might affect all cargo moving the game to a Friday or Thursday here. I'm sure they get moved to Friday in Orlando and Biloxi I don't think Saddam Adobe owns this it is oh. Yeah. The Marlins lost to the nationals yesterday to one of the this is that the lower seventeens. Out of the wild yeah. I told you about that dreams. So bad it. I don't see an Olsen in the standings followed the Marlins in the standings the Marlins Arnott and walk RTZ more and indeed they never win games anymore. They're terrible winning baseball games in no offense anymore. And the wanting to watch this one is what our drug policy and you get to sixty home runs and that is what what you might elect but don't give me don't be standings after 78 out of it's so out of its. Miami Hurricanes and Alabama confirmed they will play opening week 2021. True or false the hurricanes will be coming off a national championship. We use your Willis is Tony seventeen. So that's in for the next four years on of course you have so three seasons from now nationally or anyone now. I don't think shorter than three Oka and our I don't really have assured them through eight and dream big and knowledge and Jordan through I'll get. Ezekiel Elliott glasses appeal and had his six game suspension upheld how confident are you in telling amber that the hurricanes. Will be. More win a national title before the Florida Gators. Very counter. Extreme confidence among the bit right now wow. You choose each day to remember while. Oh ran out Billy Idol that I agreed about the direction the gators did not violate Mercury is a really good guy on the right track. So today. Not below is not in my leg of the well they got that I don't think I don't I mean I'll take a bet an aide Robert things dole winning national type element of the general year I don't think that's. Okay I'll say that if you bet that. You guys who at least make the playoffs. It make a play. A lot of so you don't play here play. So I think now that I don't wow. And how would you feel elucidate you can figure out and think about it Beisel amber believes that. That the gators will make the playoff. Before McCain's win a national championship inherited a bit that a mr. Erdogan are all right guilty about the stakes but that sounds and I saw and a dozen amendments on. What song did habit that a DMX nursery. And Eamon you don't know man heard cheering I'm trying to get the memo from China. Sure that we don't get too had a good night here again dated idea yeah that's Trent that's right a strip. Praise harper braided up his trademark low we hair. Cam new news says Colin -- and action absolutely start for an NFL team who said that Cam Newton out. Ray Lewis set on inside the NFL that the ravens are ready to sign capped until his girlfriend posted on offense tweak. And dumps are. She called the owners slave was a month ago yeah it was a violent guiding as long as this have been unemployed because of canceling imagine Demeco grams or programs can be. Over the how can anybody like the sooners aren't running he can read it and she directly insulted the owner settles like sends you an amount not just opened yet Cindy cities slave owners CB shoddy slave owner and Ray Lewis was is Stephen from jango. Remember and a fairly recent their thousands on uncle or the league senior Syrian Lewis seemed only. Clear Floyd senior says his son barely trained for his fight against Connor McGregor. Told him I know. Saw the video right of of may weather's father in the ring with some dude going out of a couple days ago maybe a week ago. Old ask Mayweather in the ring trying to dummy of somebody goes one on because he was flopping around the ring so poorly if he was drinking before he got remembering that that. Know that other used drinking that's as Floyd senior he's just on stroke there. Clinton. You'd he told the Palm Beach pose that he and Dwyane Wade had discuss finishing their careers together hopefully they had a discussion about. That's happening you'll. Definitely for ever. Yeah hockey. Is no way we can be a week. We mean a year sixteen of our career tomorrow we're going incidents in the captain. Have a good nanny auditors 45 years old still have a job. I'm so Rosenblum export quality how the 37 3530. But can you match is still try applicable in ten years from now know. And is now into your does Obama live I could be its. Like two years even yeah two years now I couldn't imagine three could imagine known cleats. This women do you meditate and angles and painful loading. Obama to calculate we try to tackle some five Monica remote from a warmup. Would be longer than the practice you receive Pompeii and the people he covered in lava and just go rational when comes to blows throughout feel like yeah. How do you make of who I got a great Greg. Breaker terrorism than. How are even today OK do you imagine like the Tibet the year only call yours a move not 45 recoveries. Imagine today trying to tackle Marshawn Lynch has only just coming out you got tackled Washington. I was here's what you do today I could do goal short yours once series. I would hope that you that you Google is going to be to a place twelve the low impact and I know what's happening I don't react to on this island China won't heal. I'm going to hear tournament bubble Euro you do on your right now I watch football and I I thought I'd like maybe the last year. Perfect example repaired his camp. And I'm trying to show the offensive line keys that are in high school had to do coli some Abd atoms at the center Michael McGuire I try to do to kick slides and oh god and looked at the O line coach sees -- circles communal wine garlic. The UK and I. Don't like can do this anymore I couldn't believe what you meant. It is it is about to step. A couple McGraw yeah older and slower back the amendment and all life. You noticed it's neat to run over here at Augusta me lately it purely musical and I'll jump little piles that algorithm to there's no better job upon its pluses and I could and it and it looks like you're trying really hard and you lose no breaks you mean you lose your brakes and a it gets worse how many so please could you play and right now. Right now but he once series. A series of me before place I don't know what would you be blockage when in the sport place. Yeah I can eat about 13 place Mike can you do series but not launching what well what about. I'm not a green screen here they don't put anybody were top of the unit let me pull out and and every play he hit the ball. In his Ford and peered down you can fake. And I don't know how many how many collegiate place in eighty cease. Yeah you know I'm going to. Want. Why doesn't mean. Just because they're younger faster your initial body tell you how hard these young guys bodies. I got little more than a slow one of the key with four squad and 530. We're really. Not to America plus score. And got out of my wrists. A two point. Wrist is strong and the rest of his body among the audio avenue and a real push among among them out by the moment he's number commercial reserves have been put on Google portion of home beat them Dugard. I can do regular pushover in a much older than the men. Imagine I'm gonna have to have a shoulder brace is on children Pamela but at MacWorld oh I'm confident that plays on the other critically need a bit better every bit. And it's senator room giving the old school Brian can't go there isn't. Come up that would hit some decent lie that completely. Home and Carter and some of that old net protective what do you use that right yeah. Just. All of the hope. I. Hurt. I have. Well first one in Miami but I can't loan must version here in Denver is where you could compete and it may Brian Cox look cooler. I'd like to. Hopefully you'll jacksons are his fifth. Finally you gonna oil that. Cropped up plummets here that looked like they had dozens. Of and like in an amateur I don't want no part of an inning when it comes and I don't regulation Arnold only permanent memorial breakfast. In the Phnom. You used to on a microphone comic one people for about thirty minutes of practice but don't make me going on the field I. Got an IOR and all had to do was go over there for a club more meat and eat breakfast again seventy pounds. How Chicago got their degrees don't just put your winner cone on Tuesday I was going over eating breakfast icing my leaned. Going home and making. Honey just how Coca. And I met an effort to monster he doesn't you get a deal that we are looking I see where John pay exactly honest and don't know I wish they didn't really didn't matter. Magic Johnson's all the leaders to take the tampering fine out of his personal salary. I'd love this you know. EE Soledad that of course magic is fine half a million dollars in pay and and it's nicer and taken out as Prince Harry was finding him because he went on Jimmy Kimmel and winked. And AT you know it's horrible all sorts OK but. Is saying and remember it was a few months ago and you got all those people out there. Who'll can't believe that people like Dan Levitt's art although I ugly out first but they can't believe that people like Dan Levitt's Hartley can't dance racist okay. For questioning. Whether or not Magic Johnson. Is qualified. For this specific job mineral that is racist okay for Dan's question whether or not Magic Johnson is qualified for the job and. Wore this season has even started. Magic has been lined half a million dollars. Quite ironic. Long. Pump. The red were the Red Sox were caught stealing signs around the Yankees using an apple watts. Well what outlets prize to Boston's he beat. Apple won the important title out watch out in full blog entry but yet boundaries and Red Sox cheaters and his. It's exciting series that's not right. Houston billionaire Tillman for turnout of the rockets for 2.2 billion dollars he's in the third cousin of former UFC owners Lorenzo in Frankfurt creek and breaking news Saturday's Miami at Arkansas State game is canceled over Obama concerns and make doing in 2017. Is not a possible. Cut out what's corporate rockets lost eight man that we're married yeah million. Yeah exit the goatee Julie went income to go straight to. So -- compete for anyone. Out GG Felix Tito got the best way to prepare for a this year I don't. Ira landscaped yards on state game and Brack I don't want you. You they would know any classes focus on the game and how about how congress about it what do what do I do think he's a subject that they can't appear here. You probably have to travel in an aggregate of gore travel anywhere. You travel and next we eat but the good about it. We didn't do what I don't practice somewhere else again this happens every single path of the hurricane is climbing the state. Whether it's on the right side of it the center of it whatever it is is climbing the state so by the time he gets all the way up north into the middle Florida the topple Florida. You're gonna be feeling in Tallahassee probably Thursday or Friday anyway so imagine this whole state is going to be in chaos so there was no way that this game of football is going to be played even following. Next week against the Florida State some Italy in a player. Well I don't know what that Tallahassee knock it doesn't look like yeah. We'll be offended by air affect read the last yet tell actually. I'm not saying it's not going to be played some talking about the preparation. For that game next week is not an app I don't acie law and I'm I think Miami might just get spurring. An amateur and Abbott being that you really wouldn't site who this is this Tim Reynolds who says that's right move by the way you can rattle him. Said that Saturday's game against Arkansas State Miami a tremor cain's game against Arkansas State is canceled over armor concern and rescheduling in 2017 is not a policy as rhyme let's outbreak blogs a state money out of that. Be rude towards and through Ramadan months. Don't he's a businessman you'll be concerned about this is how it. I'm a little packets coming out doesn't all of packets coming Friday I'm in fraud package and he's be waterproof wonders where's our time like material. I got an item targeted okay. I'm all around the search and go riding high and so it's been. It Lindley snow and yeah. And I know you don't ever do want to repeat this. And Orlando not Ebbers and ended the speaking of which joins our local and the hurricane update us. How to get DJ Williams deal about seeing Seles every Wednesday brought to look like 09 technology and extra when you get it. Friends together you're ready to enjoy the football season. Just visit 09 dash tech dot com at 09 tech set demand gave up. Where to connect the local tends you'll. Dirt and a moment here she's gonna let everyone know what's going on ways advisory. Poor for that bastard hurricane or mark. And one make she get when you need you know this don't tell this. Trying to get an update some points and on the dolphins teams weekend we know it's not going to be here. We do know now that hurricanes Miami Hurricanes. Are not going to play at Arkansas State this week in any answer right movie do what college kids here. And look you know big picture wise as the hurricanes and wanna get stuck at about travel situation. When the next game yet at the seal now adding best case scenario. Is to make sure that the students are are safe right now. And be ready to play at this you next week right and wrong that now and all I'm saying there. Men who an end to those that are trying to get that fight you Al corn state game it's going to be played in Birmingham. On Friday night if you plan on. Driving up to go to Birmingham Alabama. As I mean you have to go there. Now you're. Are you call my game is known Roman is going to be the case anymore I look let's let's check out WikiLeaks. And while the BN. Let's go lots a tele LG local ten studio truly turn it joining this year he Julie what does. Let anything change with the latest advisory it and since we last spoke. Hi guys known not much has changed the winds are still 185. Miles per hour during our intermediate advisories we don't really expect. A forecast cone changed that will happen and a lack. But we still want to let you know that this is a very strong category five hurricane catastrophic conditions are being felt. Across parts of the northern Leeward Islands. Then northern Iowa I'll actually was pounding parts Martan just moments ago it's very fortunate very sad for reference. Across parts of the northern Leeward Islands and just wanna be aware and be prepared that this ship is headed our way again there's a lot of uncertainty once we go in TU. V three F five. That would start to happen as we go into Italy perhaps in the morning we'll get more than those details coming. But as of now it is still as powerful category five hurricane with winds of 185. Miles per hour. The one thing that did bring a little bit of hope and again it's very minute. Is that the central pressure actually rose to 918. Or bars it was at 914. Bars again all I thought this is done and we'll continue to watch it I'll be continuing to get you guys coverage it will be. Live we're doing a life cut in as we continue to 10 PM number in every inning and let it. And then of course you know local news and you know be and I can always touch base with you guys back here as these that allowed him advisories well. Julie Byron by saying that the higher number and I have the storm the better it is the lower number the worse it is. And I would say. We just can't continue the higher the number when you're talking about the eye of the storm the better it is the lower the number in terms of the pressure is worse correct. Well let me tell you regardless of and number of the eye of the storm we don't want any eye of the storm coming our way and unfortunately right now. It looks as though if it does continue on this forecast path we could see a direct hit from the eyes of the system and hoping that it stays more east of us. And we have to do I mean regardless we'll have to deal with hurricane force winds and tropical storm force winds. And it but which pressure storm we re looking at more importantly there one. The northern system or we looking at the southwestern system pushing the storm which when we praying for them helpless and more. Oh in the other tropical systems in the in the end it in the Caribbean just little purchases and high pressure system. Well OK it is not a blow it and it basically is a dip in the jet stream that's over the southeast United States that to bring them on this cool comfortable weather. And it's the high pressure that Bermuda high that the guiding the system so basically and what we wanna do is we want that height two week and end the jet stream to. Dip to the south. And allow for window that we could see in the treatment of basically karma that ignore it. But the timing of that has to be perfect it has been just before. It gets to the Bahamas so we can lift more east of us or it has to be passing us through the south over the Forrester aides to keep it towards the Gulf of Mexico. I'd Julie well I'll states and local channels throughout the day and especially in the next several days thanks Julie. No problem we'll talk to says can be felt nightly rate local ten non. You know rooms that don't miss yeah your. Hall and uses Google. I. And a nod to those mementos you'll feel this Max Mayfield Max and match might. Want to maxis and all day and he was talking about the pressure systems so. Obviously we're looking at that cool where it's coming from the north and we need to come downs are constantly. Has to use the word of and it's now. Plan. You know. Those in the league and Rome Italy on the Julian morning. Public the first time we talked or I didn't Norman lessons she's neat feel this time Tucker I'm not feeling better and we need you anymore. You Texans on the calls rings on marquis attacks 96797. Foursome when it's in. Remember and Brian Cox in his neck brace also brings back memories of bills receiver Steve tasker with a double helmet. Nobody wears an anymore I don't believe us tasker was deathly Don Beebe Don Beebe definitely more than double hum I don't remember CDS. Ask we don't realize it and you have a guy from Oakland but none are not Oakland guys are supporting actor Simon yeah he had the company's head to the niners who. Number 76. And I Don Beebe deathly war I don't member seat task yet task readies confusing white guys there. But Don Beebe definitely won't. And unaware that I'm not plan and I think I would like they shouldn't give me Xbox one year. Is that what it's called Augusta we call these hook. Does look like human being healed. I'll look at you or your helmet in the huddle is noticeably different now in Illinois ridiculously stupid. It's hazy. I love I love I love the that the neck brace Brian Cox he's aware and Dora the ones who made a bunch of veggies went like John. We're all sort of armed Charles Haley and the owners. Orioles won holes you were in the margins longer I was actually called that's actually how to talk these huge got to block yet you don't usually hand use of forms of money. Go back you back and look at old NFL teams from the eighties and into the ninety's men the at single syllable. It's orient. Like you want to go footage of Herschel Walker social wrote what you he's you are miss. How is he running with all that he wants these guys are the running backs were warring soul much padding back then. Didn't look pull back the tight ends the these are worse whom much patting him. Our rights soda all here it's got text and also on this guy ran into us against him Roberts tailgate on on Saturday at the course light. Pulls down you know the hurricanes' game Zach as in the picture we took on Saturday I can't see exactly where hand displacement coral. The angle kinda point quarter moody on the mood. And some girls how to steal a look I took a few pictures like to see the actual pick today sought public totally possible. And again and where can I. Taylor Swift in his room and I don't see the pictures are more players who picture I can't tell you probably misuse and sunny. The problem yes that's right reason at her clearly nothing was until the board from saw a picture clearly I'd I felt it was appropriate in a multi he's always he's not a measuring. But much. Of that connection. Out but you gotta show the picture all right I don't remember which case in particular we're talking about. The the hurricanes have canceled their game this weekend at Arkansas says it's tough break for Arkansas State this past weekend now. Against the student called command given some thoughts your DJ is this the first time we spoke into this week. And it's hard to to leave that you know it's the first game. Are they doing stuff that has you coming up and we really do and stop that and they're gonna do that team probably not they hold back a little bit. But I I think it's tough to walk away from that hurricanes game saying that they played the way you you thought or they hope to their want to play and write about that. Well first let's talk about you know from the major concern and everybody had was which was at the quarterback position. And I actually thought rosier played them decent game on home he saw early on in the game. When he did get pressure or plays broke down he'd pan lesson number one can you gotta do you have a great defense and University of Miami they have a great. He decided to cut the ball and run and you know ease pretty athletic kid. A home but what it means the running game. Stood out to do if you look at wall on the homer well you know a lot of people didn't know about him in your your backup running back and come in Iran. 49 yards a carry over a hundred yards as well Ned got that 12 combination but come. You don't O role on the office side of the ball they have a lot of great weapons. Langham gauger Richards didn't play. Burials control those three guys out there with the running game you get Smart quarterback that knows what he's doing you can weigh in via a lot of games stressing we got a good defense on the defense and ball. Arm wrap up their intensity and beginning of the game. Wasn't where should have been split. It's like that sometimes media team like that doomed because you know they got a game plan to play this game like this Super Bowl did you receive these guys coaches are trying to get promoted. Two you know some big. Well reasoned and remand him to get to pretty quick listen what are athletes and limit into the day we're gonna just beat the Bradley had a bit to China scheme these guys. You know story that probably hailed a lot back. Your best estimate to get otherwise healthy but there and you also want to get somewhat of a leave because. If you hope to be in this thing get into the year you don't have to have some young guy with some experience. That can also come out and help you play if you look at the teams of you know I've been in the championships the last few years Alabama's. Ohio since these two teams that you have guys coming and rotate. And you know that their starters rest without a downfall and we were able to do them defense suitable. We have a very important updates. As far as our show. And the games this weekend are concerned. And that's. I can play against Agassi Mumford and sons. Mr. Ellis September 19 American Airlines Arena tickets Ticketmaster dot com or you can be called a five right now. 7865340790. Amazing in this day. Technology. Where. You know we're potentially facing a situation where we could be without power for a little while. And most of us don't have generators I don't have a generator most of us don't have generators. And a four without power for the several days whenever our phones are eventually gonna run out of its origin and you're not committed charge them. And then you've beaten a good old me would like to think that girls like 20/20 five years ago and deals like how. Get around you write and write your right to the right. Your gas your car you may build a phone charger phoning her car rate anywhere. Yeah against your rights or your there's your there's your way around yeah. Odds are birds learn lessons to go to fill your bathroom of one either yet you don't like that and we should mention that because it all these people are running out all these stores and afraid now with all the water sold out I mean you can buy canisters. Empty canisters and fill those who tap water. Leading up a storm it's still safe to drink tap water that's why people say Philippine bouts open waters of the you have water that you injuring at keeping the you know use. System sustain life you know Philip whatever you can with tap what are you don't necessarily need to be running down my bottles of Zambrano and you know my beer bottles and as for one thing that's another thing people you know people who look and DL you know leaders of Pope in things like that and told them with water which of course you can you can. Drink in the mile exactly. You know everybody's an interim get your mind rendering properly and get bread better prepared on Monday night. She's like I've just been to every single gas station in the pine crest South Miami area. In this police directing traffic everywhere because all of the gas stations are out. Corner out of us is Wednesday more. I'm going on the gas hunts right when I get off the year here I got to ask you good luck with that consumers. And I didn't look now. Now mr. driver mama and and night at a gasoline on him mention blue. Yeah it is a problem my guys I might as you right into the I don't remember his brother was on the air till at least 10 or 11 o'clock mariners manager in the second in the gas. Now than at the hop on line somewhere. And telling him publicity gas stations or re up on gaps because they have they have few days symbols and analysts out there anybody who's got a look of Fiji's. Numbers look for PJ man. I'm really looking for PG I'm really does that hurt pain and he's one you know from a different strategies dame highway you just you let me know it really does not act have anything to do with her gain. Any motive conversation appearing looking at I'm looking at buying it to get my family out of town idol when he noticed an occasion I just want are subject to Atlanta. Probably is what I'm looking at. The PG it would be a little bit cheaper gonna landamerica to go to Detroit you let it be probably about. Yeah how noise would you be if you get a private jet men stormed does so I'm sort of sick and so you know organized bonus amounts are now on current. Alltel forgo that ten immaturity and give my friend does not only just my wife from my kids like I'm dealing with. My my my my wife's grandmother who's ninety something years old and at this poor woman has to go through. Another mass secrecy hurricane at her age. I don't products and work out too well for her and she's living in my house right now because her dog there and so might my in my wife's aunt. They're out on a cruise who are probably now there going to be landlocked so more than gonna probably pull over the blowout somewhere. An and I got her mom and her dad and her dad's. So old now dealing with. Three. Old geriatric people Arnold so I see you do this. In my life so Mike I'm looking like I have to run something to get everybody entertaining to figures on the now that and identity you know what are. You didn't exist what. Being the cruise what we could and he's not good right now no Bueno and then there's of course there's wouldn't that Katrina are cat Noah can't be between idea to idea. Caddie coming us now golf caddy it's tropical storm and then you had a hounds day in Atlantic City he's hurricane that they should last night. Well right elsewhere and he hit it what you like Turkey and garden now like the sound like a hurricane hurricane now. Name after three pages on my mind and not earning. Them and you are the keys and actually case I'm not. You can think there is running into. It was a little is there hurricanes don't know I. Where there was no way different Americans jeweler given the brother the brother and into her in a rematch doesn't recall grows as a recruitment dramatic. Ancient Rome. Agrees yeah. But it goes to rookie Tyrone birds that hurricane Israel. Her came to maker Johnson. Yet he won eight people including Matt writes. And I don't know whether Kayla you won't find great. Looking little cheesy thing and they should be an activity. They should be mad at people find a reason however but luck matter here to this program that's. It's from yet they shouldn't be. Hurricane racist as name hasn't answered tonight that's right let's have your editor is as a hurricane rights. Problem I imagine there amends and working amber there's definitely Amber's. Yeah I don't know I don't know working John virgin comparative Amylin almost killed and arm of our urban vulnerability in a hurricane Emily. Or can only mean Michelle took three days now and rest and light and it. And sixty. Hi all everyone ever once say Aussie tour doesn't give you updates I think every hour do updates think slots Julie terra for checking in couple times on sands. A new advisory comes out 11 AM hurry to get your new. Track potentially new Conan. Although advisor really they just go why go out you won't believe it turns America they would go on Google Alice is going out results just fizzled out. More on. The advisory around four. I. When women go another fifty minutes yeah. We have. Broke Andy's here to get down once today. And I got to keep looking on in an amber and DJ or even dump a peek at first don't. Or it'll actually I went to sleep through class at the beginning after.