ZRA Part 4 12-29-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 29th

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Don't know. And I'm. Yeah. Suddenly the game for Tuesday night excuse and no matter and. The peace Valero are back here on the ticket. Going on everyone already knew and did okay this morning last three days the air is working today that is the question. Who's who's like just haven't get out there on the front lines in and worked today. It got to be I guess this in July 4 and got to be the biggest vacation weeks in the air I don't know that I was guessing. But banks give. Thanksgiving. That's where most you travel. The biggest of these things you know I just being big is stable real work I don't mean travel. Humor and to go were allowed plays a Thanksgiving. You. And the fact most trap most travel and I don't want to travel on climate travel with my boat just off to war vacation and who exactly would you want can't gauger grew. Doing. And July by fall are. Most popular month for vacations. Known. As his kids are and it's cool in his right before we go back. I list but no one on like you have to do holiday. Well trouble hollowed eyed will be with Joseph I think about it I'm looking and and it info graphic. Own 222 to do then. No it does give you don't want a while for that Google it I I had tried really didn't come up with a however noted we need an S question right. You don't most travel how Leo or. I guess I mean. The best times take a vacation on that's not true and I'm looking for does guessed it the least amount of productivity. For us is. July re trying to blow yeah Ali and we will come with a doldrums xmas of the Marlins are trade away half their team when you think there's shenanigans now. Right now if you'll until there's actually no sport I can't complain about us not about war correct. But I'm guessing a regular offices this week nothing gets done. Nothing like in less. And really see about model my wife. Has worked. Really. Pushed it open. And such yet. And has surprised me right. Oh. I don't know moments. Don't know that. Mean. To those who delivered and is due I apologize. Like Donald Louie DB slightly entertained. Got off I can't wait for fact nugget the rip brother this hour going to be. Exciting will be on our way to work edged up Duncan. Led all the other jury said donuts since they also have to work to be too awesome. She's no not at all. Not at all. By the way how did you Dunkin' Donuts the income of eighteen donuts off your name. As they sell more caught it and I know what they sell here or Boston institution let me explain some team. That's. What all based it ran off this is what has me but don't don't want to. Ever since they start doing my little satellite Dunkin' Donuts on the gas stations and none and not even though the bill didn't. When you go in there yeah and they say. We don't ever donuts. Because life as it oh yeah and the law oh yeah I mean Madison never had mobile most of the don't notice nowadays don't actually make the domes there anymore league and they get. Trucked in from a central location which sucks. You can never give first don't listen listen. Listen there are no dramas don't do it I'm going to review of you would just throw once you shut your trap. Coming from you yet that sounds just. Awful because you've never showed that is correct and you don't either. Neither does talk and what easier that's why the show's so one reduce scrimmage other. Then Robby comes with some hot today. From being just sit there by my goal a dash partake in the attic as you were right. I'll say this much done donuts. In lessons that blossom cream that's only because there much in my childhood casket dug down a mountain that. Borough fond of three men don't Lou you talked. Giving some Bavarian cream I like a jelly doughnut I rule now John Leo is overrated to make but what I'm Julie silver in. I mean Jan and Donna I mean it is it wasn't like some lake homemade. Mojo doughnuts have been donuts almost brand has always come down commercial and give regular on terabyte yet. In their rail light came on called critical thinker is all Lebanon. Satellite cable and that's and that's on blogs say is. Listen I love dogs I go there. Almost every day for coffee. And I get their veggie flat breads and take off the flap frenzy the mad yet light. On from my breakfast. Like I did donuts are not as good as Krispy Kreme more several other or even have to choose it is when he mob related mill all totally disagree. Why is donuts is better than Krispy Kreme. CL a fresh Dunkin' Donuts donut in the hole. Wait okay it's more fresh Duncan don't know. Tell you LeRoy. I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning. So we do we have all week. And I go to the Dunkin' Donuts and they're fresh and delicious well. So Dunkin' Donuts don't don't they don't have the door and don't once noted do you get that's delicious what Laura frost did. A glazed what do you get glazed chair of the non glazed they have. Even the original they still make it Domingo and cinnamon sugar riddled dug it out of Atlanta how to handle it differently copping well that's this stick right to know that no. Well listen you people under the collar glaze stick was and it's a Weller. I don't know what you whatever it's a caller you know make it all again no it's not words to Weller. And headed changes because people are stupid but he can't pronounce the damn word to ginger glazed. Dude that. Oh my god gives yeah delay it's you can sit here is no ridiculous. I know you guys have been talking about. All kinds of bodily functions today holds no man and roll guy away leave. When you sending. Hundreds of Obama's negatives. I get that that I stay and just tell you. Rules. Talking about dropping deuce is. 8000 times today and I say the word. That's. Matt Ryan Lucia shot hygiene product. Which now and he was ordered. Yeah listen I do I thought it did in the ridiculous Basil loves the plane state that's those are also eighty. Ray Lewis and if you get. AA intent then that isn't why is there any. Way. Question. At that those thirty years the X thirty years older than the actually yes without a net. Don't know would be answer and how there's no question and also has a lot of social awkwardness plane on a plane state. No one gets a look instead of people doom and I don't like about his words are 95 in 96. They did the planes that plain steak is good for and the and the original doughnut hole. A little daunting it's the eight doughnut tends does not donuts food at least dunks this takes guy comes in agree. Krispy Kreme is over rated and yet it's just like just a bulletin. So. Though you get hot like. There is makes you feel sick now it does not it makes me feel sick well I'm like I'm gonna die the second ninety degrees be grabbed on you problem. Okay. You state something as fact. Christy cream better than Duncan I wholly disagree. Here's how exhibit as a political brings a mall he attacks line has a problem. That's doughnuts and listen don't give me Modena Italy small Joseph whatever it is it's mode Joseph donuts. Indeed it. Here. They go by the news. The problem. And the difference between Chris can cream and Dunkin' Donuts and it became a Dunkin' Donuts I can't get a first stone. Krispy Kreme. I get a first on the windows hot doughnuts come out listen there is nothing bad don't give me your leg while little donut shops and what effect. That debt. Where did all the best let's go then no. Bull. You really are not able to bull. Eight really what you would add one more guy took lives. We remain young and Billy put all the oh. Really probably somewhere say apple worked for him. Don't really big Billy put on the globes is even joked no matter. Headlines. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. You don't. And that led to run by towers relieved to relieve muscle cramps in your legs and feet. Use our relief this fast acting foam believe it or not. Now literally muscle cramps it can also prevent muscle cramps. Get there were surely today at select CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies or their relief. Dot com he's as good the UN peace are Andy. You and placed them not to. You noted into the Bay Bridge bridge Alia as your way Brad Marchand Marge actually watches like WWE. So at the same time he's kind of like it seven year old yet. It easy. In his favorite things superhero movies you know it yeah he's an he's an interest in Fella. I just I just one time one time at the soccer fields we know I would just like leg but I was. Well brilliant ankle may become over and I. I don't look I didn't even want peace in the near the crime lab error and other leg more than I had Dodd. Like he is now nothing is there had not. Just one single had not once and I had notes on again soccer field. Every Tuesday and Saturday. Humans did donuts at best. Donuts is good not wait for our sake. I'd like Christian cream better even data or even though they are not fresh outlook is basically like they're taking an old doughnut. Michael waving it in putting fresh eye opening service on the solid happening. That is not does not let your buying the Krispy Kreme got to think your local convenience store. So they wrote it there and they've been that case for you know five days. A company has sold their whole Brian. On the red light. I wanna be in public since he a box of Krispy Kreme. But no yeah those are those are stupid now Nile that's not happening. But the money away those fresh and by the way donuts he's picked things like diabetes man. That's what makes a good I says. Hot and ready to do you guys Dennis and I agree mr. Cooney made me read an open look at a man can make you sick. Don't pay state income black liberation. Allies backers. Like desperate need color we don't know right fake clippers why give the couple I don't Majid to during our donuts. Right. Like 7800 calories and net. You know you know do you wanna here's an unbelievable fact nugget for your face. Matter of fact excuse to blow a bit out. Fact that it sponsored by bush ran Ramo. The taste of perfection award winning butcher and Rahm Brahma is not just page but nurtured. Haven't batted second. She Limbaugh. You already know. That. I don't look good headlines but. Holiday is that. A bagel. Is. Worse for you that are done. Yes agree that a bagel is like has the harms of and trans fat of you don't. There yeah I don't even like bay. And that's medic who knows that. I don't like law. So it again and then basically. Locks. You're just well. Wait a big is it to separate separate. But there's there's belly locks and there's nobody locks don't match. Knowledge matters know when I say I don't like locks whatever name you put on the front of it still out of my music tastes completely different dole. It's just salt right. Nova has much less salt and takes a lot better. I agree. What makes him and so does manner. I don't you might okay you say fine according to a totally different if I don't like sammon Danny bails before just. Reiner trying to make someone else feel a racist too aggressive but he's not the only one. Stealing all the candy from them. People were bust or boom LeRoy you're wrong Christine glazed doughnuts have a 190 calories. I'm telling you I mean yes they're not good for you but. For those of you that I'm bagel about Lleyton six donuts one timer got to Shea. Thought it was dead in the LP. Right they can't be out. That's an important challenge but I there's no way I would have done to pay what's the Krispy Kreme what's the showed. Daddy's a moment to rednecks Louisiana. One duct honestly I'd done and yet they had a donating cut as an uncle's side. 827. Doughnuts. Once it. If you go to outdoors and you know. They'll. They also said Augusta I was hanging around playing in the backyard had a hard taken due note. So like they're different. In the event like a reality show idea heart attack and didn't even know it note here pregnant I didn't know it. Oh yeah have you seen a show I didn't even yet NASCAR's. The guy I've been pregnant for awhile my fourth trimester. Of. We shall do headline global Bible it's on sports arts next. Yeah. It's. Molly is not over yet but you bowl games to be washed and you can do so at sports grill. And yet if other famous special going so good yeah but. Don't just leave it alone. Special gentleman's Nam when nobody easy to give police more to me once they had to span. Obviously that was a six mile. We love Christine and and never turnovers they do a great job and we appreciate their their their love of steel or one of drum majors went on that high school. He's worked but it it's it's also present a Miami jar Levine action attorneys call 1800 some foursome for that's 1074737. 33. So the big news this morning it's it's not so surprising. Is that report broke last night mlb.com and ESPN. Then there. The Miami Herald chimed in with their own local spin Barry Jackson parched desert and a good job on this one as always. At the bonds are having talked to trade both Christian eulogy JT real you'd go. Evidently reportedly they're closer on yell at steal the real me you don't deal but still both. Off on the market and from what all the reports say is on the mark laws asking price is pretty high. Which might hurt their efforts to try to trade them still they're out there would those guys in the shopping block and LeRoy not surprising. And I know we knew this is coming and it might be the right thing to do but on the other hand. After what we've been through with this team it's still ate it you just can't do that when I woke up. And saw that headline as the top of one of the top stories and ESP and it just it's like I'll. The kick to the guy. You know I just it took. Anything that gives Judith feeling of the past. When you thought you were moving on from that need to what you had people. Who were. Getting away from that. You know. I think you you you were excited to move well then and now that you realize some of the same things happen in. Even knows different people. Because it gives it a few and of what was here it agents. Except you could be frustrated but I would say this in this may make you feel better or may not. Would've told you no matter who's the owner. In Noah and how much money they had same thing will be how would you feel better. Has been. LB no because. If it's happened before yet I know Whitman is not the current regimes. I wouldn't have I ever but more like they should be more understanding. Of the situation way they've handled the PR yes there and and deal with the community and I know Jeter had a town hall the other night. And he tried to make up for on the ground that he lost when they first took over. I mean just. I mean it's just there are caught between a rock and a hard place because. You know listen date they had to cut payroll this team is losing money they have to build the farm system all the way to build up a farm system. Other than the draft is to trade your current players for future players it's brought. Ms. is that here's the other thing net net. Is that save you penetrate. Stained yellow it's Ozuna. And rim to yeah. But the way the plan was gonna work it is. Is the prospects that you gonna give it. Gonna be greatest sport Ozuna in yell. When you say when you try to trade those guys burgers. Because did this they Indio. Was nothing about prospects now goes on loading money right and and so because that happened first when you see. The players that you got to return. Race as she gets better I haven't seen I think we ailments Daniel first because. That was publicly known that he went out and hasn't that was going to be easier and to date and end right here and they had no lever right you had no leverage you're gonna have to trade him no matter what. So whether you wait did or did not wait he was gonna have to go and you must we'll get that over with you about what it's like Terry the band Adolf. Right you pull it off slowly or do you just rip it they just ripped it. You just reporter do you go slowly which one goes out. You brown goes I'd try to because I'm into Agassi you know to debate. What because. I'm Harry is a bear immense leverage over the to bad enough leg but I'm pulling hair off day I try to you know. In the basically what I did any I have played big Mac or your body yet resemble a bear because you're is bigger. So they is that an increase. When you say like a bear. Don't move is on in the night. The movie the great outdoors. John Candy Dan asteroid old movie. Is a deal with a bear that one. To judge any cases did. It's anyways. So if you're just waking up. Yet the Marlins are I mean this is a full fledged. Blow up situation where anybody that can be of value is gonna be on the market. You've yet here it is only being able. And it's hard to determine right away. You want the parties that beat at least bring in some talent. And get some talent in your pharmacist. Asked if you can get that. Or at least you have an idea the only thing is late yes I agree with you and you ever to say oh we wanna do with the way Houston did it right billed to the farm system build that way and all that stuff. Problem is one. People down here that are true Marlins fans have been through blow ups several times over who and the other thing is is that. You know the Johnny come lately Marlins fans are gonna realize. What muscles Toma kid we want to the book is no Jon Garland is there's an intelligent we're gonna see baseball. I mean like if you love baseball baseball this war. That. Video of the sport. It is all his supporters if you love baseball. You go to watch a baseball game and it doesn't matter who's going I'm Ellen I listened. I'm going to be on you as a consumer. Great for me. Did you what did you see them get good seats I can go on stub hub. Three hours you for the game get rich get cheap tickets I get a parking pass and one of the garage is for like twenty bucks or less. And play fifty bucks I'd take my kid to a game. Whereas. If they were loaded and claim for title it would be three times that. So from for the consumer. That's gonna go. It may not be good baseball. But as an entertainment activity it's almost could be cheaper to go to the movies do you think you more view boo. Head. You know. Believe that more if you go to game but I. Well yeah but see I like listen I go from Boston which is a baseball town and you just use once the games no matter how good or how bad the Red Sox were. He is used it was used you got to get to a defendant that he did. So for me it's natural to go to the park regardless of how the team is. But for people down here in every sport and we can have this conversation of the zillion times over it's an event town to big name towns of big gain town. So people don't understand a lot of times. That the local teams play and check out no matter what. Like that I don't that's not a thing down and we'll keep them and then a majority of people are from here know and I understand her. But you know changing things now Iger in. Yes I mean listen pay a load all the players you want for meat from me personally. Being selfish. Everybody have not one person I know on the team because I'll be able to go to game for five bucks. Take my kid. At a good time get immunized reasonably good the only key one guy who would you keep. Now I'm somewhat of the guys that he. I would keep yell at the end but but that's because we have a relationship with the march and I would go zoomed. Well no he's sort of the guys that are on here he's only there would you pick who's. Oh it's because food went so quickly you just switch it up for you. So you can have the answer are you on Elliott's. That is ledges but it out initially rented and died in here's what happened I went to big Ozuna right to do what you'd expect it. So you. To obtain because he's ER it has be contrary he's younger he's old Jeremy. So that's why I went to be Ozuna in the current guys so I just worded it. So that you picked up due to trick you know I could because you know been on doing that which is amazing man that the widest. Star club if we if the most announced and yet. So you right would would rocket. So. You know he got overshadowed by by John column. I we'll take a break. One more segment to go and then we are done for the week. Yeah. That I have to go figure out. If you miss this a little of fact nugget. In addition the other fact nugget which is. On Sunday morning from six to 10 AM in New Year's Eve morning I will be. Under my real name as Brian. On 104 through the shark. As I give that a try and I've got to go and get ready for that deal. I may is trying to shoot you over to diet I a format we don't talk enough to know what do you mean you're gonna give it a try. You may go soon happens if it goes well then this is gonna ship them over their to way to that talk well now he had to play music. You meet you want me off here over there on a ticker spot on the mid to Asia. That religion are good when you're in Tobin. Will be several. Yeah we can't have you guys you know why do you say is done little run aboard a morning listen for assault gate yet. I mean the station. Here's more but I really want to bring the internal politics of this whole thing. As it is facing more morning showed in their mid stage show and Alicia original producers. Should admit they show. That's his facts we try not to do this Hezbollah today though so that we have to be the mid day show forever you know. Well I've been trying to get some inside information we juvenile and SATA bridge you give me is on the mornings on the shark. So where are we headed here. Two in tunis Sunday New Year's he morning. Soledad taking over for total there to. See. If we can keep U with the company yet and we choose somewhere where you talk to tell you I'll look come your boy alternate Rio or Orton. Since I have a since I'm a full time employee and salaried. There are wondering if I can cover shifts on other stations. And not pay before. Good business move on and in. Theater from that standpoint right. I'll be issues RD under contract than say anybody does start what he does some some it about music he's he's you know can and begin. A who'd do wax poetic I have loser right yet. Debt bees won't make it knows peaceful and that's why I gotta I gotta go study the playlist that to go get ready all that stuff. Meanwhile anyone break one sorry one segment left. You know what I did decide we play that sound again and yourself and you're coming with your song. And then play the full sound again and just have some laughing stuff and the week. Number about actual. After this meeting. I. I see you're wondering where we get that every next round. You're wondering why we played that. And it's because one of the most glorious things happen in. 2017. Sound lies last night well. Is an amazing comeback the Celtics came back and beat the rockets out and they were down when he something maybe they're a whatever how many iPod model pointless. And in the last like what five seconds of the game James Harden. He liked a major tips like bill. They are not yeah. Whatever. The June officiating group got a right. Pars on concern. Pardons all pissed off because they relate to of of the members of the officiating crew that's like has an of the third official was injured and to not go. And and you know in the NBA dozens on the fourth official alternate what have you but I believe we like you do miss. You do like this Boston. Thing is Boston homer ism on Miami radio. Up the things get Laura broad. Sometime. At him go don't go to Boston to let him go can you know he's still right now. It's that. If set no nobody else who city champions fit and look I'm not. The tool you knew who. Do may have to do. Do in their one or more comment and you go beyond. Like a big Mo bay it's. And then. Then go in the I know we don't I take take. Responding I'm just I'm deleted it. There's clearly you'd you'd do you'd you do you are both yellow both now smirk on your faith oh no. You get to go. You like plastic B lag line yeah. I think it all. You opened the Ketchum released because you've got to get caught is because they won't say no. I don't understand why they didn't end up. If not well adjusted and blew it geared to aid yet. You probably want you guys and irritated nothing no yeah you know it is a much executive listeners like it really has some people off internally as well. Seeing all I know that you begin to solve all the time. Now now I just sit back to ever catch up to drink some water away so LeRoy every time his Canadian family members come down. They bring the ketchup chips. Which are really in heavy drug and I did travel and I liked it the other really good except. Normally let that bag may last like two shows. This dude he is plowed through that and higher mag down this so Bob. But being in the studio. 6 in the morning that makes a lot of downed potato chip and only smack around is these bag ticket have gotten machine. Actually it's you know the secret stash of all sorts snacks and most widens why you. They've got boxes and he. Messed up man you don't let us know eagle at the board cops know about these things well thank you know funny yes we need them perk. It's so in the promotions office. They've boxes and boxes of all Cracker Jacks champs. Seeing all sorts of stuff slim. If you are in the mid day show. There's certain somebody. That brings the spot to be. Kidding me and battling Al heat down hill Texas this. Knuckles wireless today we all want. I mean I don't mean I would the other day man brought the bullet thing hey how is your neck and she can't started out well. Itinerary to an Ayatollah I mean how many times they get big army dinner from the morning show. I zero. Guess we're really teed it for the holidays say listen guys who are deep and honored here where. Capital group government and start up of the of the song we don't yet. That's a taking guys out. We need to make sure that this. This 104 previous chart master Brian thing works out. I'm gonna call ins almighty god the best show ever. Brian is still gray still take him off that morning Michelle Obama committed a show still must live in there and removed in the nation. That's happening you're. And you can dream you know that you are LSU and LSU can offer Robbie. Oh yeah Robbie and I go and yet has Robby came Robby Robby is Robby Robby Robby is fat his vision system mad at himself. Hey we can't influence on ticket winners but you are now on the noted that we have three producers and producer. And co host. A little while now that runs in that you can produce certain you can't do the same revised himself a producer Mel. And I mean. Bode well we don't I would predict that has made it big bell Boyd but it's here's the thing smells. It says right newbies London. Programming coordinator and all and aired out. And I used that term in the sweetie he. Men. Are they gonna go I don't even know later during the yet so the sound. Last night James Harden. Committed couple falls the sultans and don't have any huge comeback. And ended up winning. And it was the most glorious sound of the year coming to speed right before the deadline of the end of the year shot grandy cornbread Maxwell. Boston Celtics radio network here it is and. Name's Martin. Well it's incredibly national television audience. That would get weird. Sounds like the Michael Irvin Santa and evidence that air but it. Now hash tag asserted slim for beast mid day. Yeah ads don't slam army Ohno was dead calm and seller that bode well. Not that Yeltsin. What are you doing and what we're doing a shell what are you doing. Not that slim for beach mid day on in to Twitter and I didn't notes and it's that momentum. What are you leery he. Yeah very quick question do a quote the partridge the only way you can get there is a win in particular she could perk up. You yardstick is sure where. Around lunch time and his own crowd about after he Cameron on the oak. Doors and I we can be of assistance. All figured out a massive. Way by the way. You sound like you need him some role pleased he is now play it and if you had. More and it took five or you could decried a monster and you know that worked out pretty good. And appetizing to me he might be good that they called it trying to get tickets and we advertising here although he might be upset that the headlining band. Which I love it is an English is the struts from England. Wouldn't recommend link I don't know and you Boise to be out there and the other analysts ignore those people but still many French. I. I asked. But. Again man and as other structures that loves. And and in other the oh with a flamboyant. Overly British band went with Crawford boil but. That's not always try to get tickets. Overdue if you speak to British and I believe. That like that's really got him going is when he got to hang around the struts oh Todd last year. That's when he he heard that guys through all of the leads and British accent and he was views smitten. And then it turned and afraid to age guy aid and I mean he has. Full force now. You've told the magazine this week. Either Hewitt I've got to England Anton and try to use the action. Yeah it went into this they have a great soccer store soccer apparel store the day. England. The the world showcase remembered is opened up not the UN in there oh. Just not to jazz at the blindsided again as like how do I get my crawl when. It. It is a little bit like a layer scalable. Ray as you do. And as well it's not simply a large man yeah let me give it not like kids that millions of Chrysler's late Liz Campbell sounds like. If boogie man came by the U closet he couldn't talk. And a decent period to glance he's awesome do boom though. Sure you don't actually just just randomly Willis McGahee told the great story last federal and radio about Brian Dawkins. When they were in Denver together but Brian Dawkins had two Oscars one for him and one for all of his Wolverine custom gear. And the way people will speak British we ruin they speak English we have British accent. And I loved the fact that we do radio at six and a day of mourning we got to be perfect. You know I love about our job is that. Unfortunately do a lot of talking publicly for 234 hour time we mess up days because we're just we're going. Let me come to your job and see anytime you make a mistake he call you on it. Anyway before we get out of output. And oh by the way do you think that added that we get over the yesterday. Or adding that Dwyane Wade. Avatar the dark corner of doom so yet changer you're I've avatar doing lady cavaliers Jersey for a week and then the other thing the Robby came up with a as a LeRoy hoard. Is that you to carry a football around all day and if you fumble yet to come back the next day and carry it around. Impossible for you it's open to dude he's got quite a little odd to Rizzo is right on right now I know but I saw the bug in the like Robin was a smiling didn't let your English and get out. All are gonna happen you're ready big quake going to be walking down the hall of somebody's gonna be next. Yeah exactly. Rules that will trick people get out here had things shades. And our traffic grow yeah time's been awesome. Unfortunately contractually we are moving to a different drug company come Tuesday. Soul hustlin' owls at Shea thank you so much being a part of the ticket and we'd love the guys over total traffic thank you for. Everything that you've done for us no line everybody over there we had Pam and chain everybody that's done Trabant tours. We so appreciate you guys have been great partners and awesome to work with and we look forward to whoever comes on I started Tuesday don't know that to me but don't know whether as good as the previous couples oh. That's who we got I got here it asked in the bowl games coming up we don't take it.