ZRA Part 4 5-25-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 25th

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Now you're gonna have it in 2000 dollars and tell you wanna get your weekend started Memorial Day weekend can be safely keep seeing these videos and Marty started. Down in South Beach so we started our understanding all videos. And it's it's it's the video that I saw earlier this morning it's being it's women's team doesn't win in all the fighting. So and dates each other's weaves off yeah well I mean it's a yes it's it's it's cheap to cheat the system pulled Arendt. On the close of fighting I saw a woman full out Vista roof take hold draw so lets us. Know. Let's listen clearly is not online. Oh yes yes and yes yes or no I was on to the media but the body time but the woman was and exactly almighty god it was so yeah. An effective strategy together longer ran away down. Yes well awful down a rabbit hole OK watch in the fighting videos I love the fighting videos and they must it's in my city like this week donated. Well awful right down that rabbit hole. And and yes I'm a much is because these two women fighting them there in the middle playing good mix fights. One of the women decides that she's going to dis wrote yeah. And she reading off is what you mean are they really ocean holes all her dress overhead. And she's gotten exhausting on under the dress and hasn't. I'm a mom on the be blunt. Not attractive. And now she stand in there just strawberry naked. During ready to fight your friend would make it no moan though the Roman renal non. Fact of strategy yeah. Although she looked at June raids around. You know the -- those areas to visit the kids go on the hood the white kids and they're like they say the N word they do some stupid it was like the days they step on the shoes yet to some stocks Gupta she's awesome suit on more what I say that they get enough idea yeah did I get react or anyone imagine they wanna go viral my favorite is a guy that walks up says something or does something or steps on the guy's shoes. And the guy puts his hands up please rated do sump and all of a sudden the guy just experience. Yeah yeah yeah. Sent to the gaga isn't fighting guys naked guys who are in the Bora abating soon you're not gonna fight again make it just we can't do it Sylvia's the kids in the hood they walk up there like I walk sons and black do. And say hey nice shoes and an a in my misstep bottom he steps on. Little late people who will. Trite to go higher to really dumb a is not as uninteresting to me when you're trying to go viral and critical days to yeah. I mean you know like I Atlanta last week it guy in and he was India dietary and take a cell be with a pair. And to solving video you know what there in the bear killed them. You know I've said this forum are reiterated. What has ever done that crazy like that happen and you don't know why we we have a way of oh darwinism yeah. Yeah that's that's darwinism when we have the way of weeding out survival with that this year you're not at this world yeah that's in your life for yourself think that's darwinism my gum I'm all right with that you know we we get away at tight pod eaters we sort. It all sorts itself now it's okay the folks who belong here. To be here are trying to remain here and the folks don't belong they've they've taken subtleties with Ayers. They want 1000 dollars sex and more potter is 72881. That's Curtis used Eads Debbie TF win thousands free contest it actually adds up next hour. To national contest message and Jarrett may apply don't text and drive. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX HD true Miramar. Tune in expecting to hear military shows over on you Nydia they are off again to sing the united dumped affiliates did organization I say that. Try to record now so it's not it's not try it. Letters off today the whole of our show is off today is we're here working an extra hour and then we have no idea who runs under international hours but it was speeding bullet junior yesterday so maybe it will be again today amber wanted to accommodate more connection our totally dead totally ask. Crimes of blend. Our boss kinds of blood. I totally asked to make balls move all day for working the extra two hours. That was before I realize that we are hearing Zulu Nixon parents like. I understand you saying I'm not going to do the extra hour. But not even take that tact. You decided to ask for a halt to I just asked if we were getting a comp day and return expanding debt before earlier and I got behind Hillary. Yeah right guys in that the first summer I worked here we ended up working like. The twenty days rely Bedard gives the dude gets 37 days of vacation. So we had to work and I was extra days and we don't we don't get paid expert these extremist so. The first summer. There are some timing going on in the boss was pretty nice would be handing out some from the is sending us the spreads a breakfast and I there's some Turks. Does work and how are missing wiring to see that sort of thing was happening again. Work for food on five kid and that you know. A few police say no. Here's a sandwich okayed by. Our right you've got a good night's look I give you credit OK we've been asked to wait Nash's thirty minutes and you're asking for for a day off. A UniCredit the balls move. Pick of the litter. Western Conference and I know continue last night Iraq it's beat the warriors 98 to nine before Eric Gordon led the way for the rockets in 24 points. Chris Paul put up twenty he tweaked his hamstring and the last minute of the game. We don't know what's going on within hamstring that's going to be the big story today and whether he's going to blame game six leather ball Saddam to preserve him for game seven. They give detailed information on the severity of the injury or no I like I know late hockey goes lower leg injury or lower. Lower extremities or something along those lines finally here so tongue in cheek when it comes to any of their injuries. I'm wondering on the on on the platform that this is going into the B final will. Will they divulge how severe the terror are or poll. Might be. Yeah I don't. Houston took a 32. Series lead in the got it and must and so much fun if you're out that gaming Iraq a fan that's an unbelievable night. There really is. They hit you yet you couldn't. Rockets down to one game for a Golden State's meaning even the most. Those optimistic of rocket fans can't have them up 32 right now I just Huckabee Agudio felt that way I felt that way. Rocket fan support. But you know how about a big of a dainty he had yesterday and I before he had a hundred Johnson grew up on stage a concert Justin Timberlake. I think he's been not at all bad for a manic he'd seen these pages in Mason and exit JJ watt was taken a ball with space and he does it right at the big ball set yet you know Timberlake can't say anything eulogies AG today is screwed down will be at saint and did you had the big balls sit where. Which apparently means an audience it's what does legs Brad and yet that's why it might actually an indication. Avoiding as going on on their although I would imagine is actually just an indication of what it thinks he has gone on down are not necessary would actually went on to our final agreement has always has been and I hate to point him out on the Sunday comparable effort share. Eastern Conference finals continues tonight with game six between a cab and the Celtics tip off from snake oil salesman arena. Q so at 3:30 PM coverage begins right here on 790 the ticket at 730. I also see the name of love JJ watt and Justin Timberlake saying hey look it's two guys that haven't had a hit. In two years. The Miami Marlins. Are back home tonight for a three game series with the Washington Nationals. Aren't scherzer against your rainy first it's 7:10 PM. One in the situation JJ watt and Timberlake why does and says it wants while this lady feel that you have more space that. Is ladies like up against there's no names and allowing only a heated seats generally anti. You can play your legs and ZJG on. It's presided Jessica bill and I'm really doesn't tell us I NC Jessica Biel hang out of them using being pregnant again in the game and you think that you do not immediately taken by Justin Timberlake and the current institute dude yeah seeing Justin Timberlake is an entertainment machine any got the accent the country accent. Like did JJ watts a really big deal OK but if you got an attractive girl. And she could choose between JJ water Justin Timberlake there's not a decision here now it mean I don't hear on hiding their total pot. JJ watt is hot but it's not even close to the woman is going to be gonna go for it just finally there are some who tears up it simply dummies that there was a come rolled off of himself and confident enough in himself that. He won't. Swap seats to be more probably he'd rather be uncomfortable elbowing Justin Timberlake or might be one of those things remain at the top over the girl all night because trembling a man crush for the show that's drill. It's like a lot of subtle bumper and back and forth Astro. Is JJ wants girl extremely fired may be just Q yeah. She doesn't want is to JC in excess. Saddam I wouldn't let my wife's expertise. You wouldn't. No actually don't I take that back I probably would because I wanna CJ QBP can matter so are you reminded what a workable Jim Hall past or JT. Voters and I and I cannot assassinated in what you haven't asked you know and ask for the return on deal. I'm caught a much given and not take and deal is it was adequate it is iron. The NBA teams were announced first team LeBron and KD Anthony Davis hard and Damian Willard a second team. Entity combo LaMarcus Aldridge Stalin bead. Asked quest for a. You guys to feel has body odor though. Let's examine just Israel's mind three series are okay because she's a work out he's like girl next door who's Austin super hot who's incredibly in statement and asked amid a load of comic she feels. Her personally I think girls who work out a body underneath. Do you make sure you probably can't make sure that you isolate her saying I love her body. Of that that's raw help me some pointed feet. To see how that would be helpful at all Seth Curry Ellis DO Carl Anthony Downs Jimmy Butler Paul George. Dolphins cornerback Ryan TN hill and linebacker ray Kwan McMillan grew close. While rehabbing at their ACL tears. They are BF FFL. That is dolphins culture people elegant. Allele lick is traveling to India next week for the NBA's basketball without borders program. All right and it can demand. Out there there it is so appeal from India has little drizzle fake as a head fake yeah. Nationalist spin moves. Explain to them a year surprise there is time you do or you don't call for traveling did you draw that straw go to all the way to India to teach basketball. He's a food and they're doing to your travel he'll tell the world Ulysses into him yeah. On the spirit quest. To name and the show Monday they just show the replay again of of Quinn called. Quinn cook with the missed three wit style was like 35 seconds left warriors down by one when Chris Wallace on the other end of the floor I mean I can't believe it for a team. For a team that's supposed to be a high basketball IQ team the warriors. A team that as has been in big game. Now I didn't then I think it is amazing and now they dole they don't know how they handle hood comes down to the last second shot did not I don't know who's. He hands them and they do not they've not had a situation. They've not had a Tony games like that you know the first he would. Eagle back a couple of years ago they came back down 31 against Oklahoma City so obviously they played big games right there. Yet big games against clean on the next series when they lost a three games won the last of the glee no big games. And up until yesterday they played no big games. So far this year. But man for a team that has the high basketball IQ that those guys still they played such stupid basketball in the fourth quarter of the last two games. I do understand how when you have a budget superstars on one team our budget stars on one team that it could be confusing who's going to you get the ball in not last second situation. I don't see any scenario though where that quick. Five on four. Mean it's 51 yet no rush Chris Paul was not getting back. Eat yet while on four for as long as you want and the only guy on the floor who can't shoot the ball that spot is the one. Who got the ball there's a reason why would open gala night. When and why what I game on the line I think. I think we and you're a guy how to take it to the basket to. All I was so frustrated reporters today. From behind our. I was so frustrated with the wars Jesse too because he had that one fast break and I understand the math okay over the course of the game threes. In the three point shot it's 50% more points than the two and again. I understand the Mac throughout the course of the game but I'm so over and this is just the warriors in a lot of teams are like this to but the warriors it's really extreme sometimes. And yesterday you got the 211 break OK and Klay Thompson 211 break just raw and so the corner three. Will. Get a layup. Shoots the corner of 32 on one break no good they get three on either side to five points to win so just can't let you all it's. It's too much passing out of what could be an easy too because you wanna get the three point. Anderson several months to three now in the NBA that's how the game goes but sometimes you know the four foot floater is okay. It's true. It's too much three point shooting it's at basketball when yeah it's 211 rate and were running out to the three point line it's. Basketball. Is. It's bad basketball. The wars to a lot of that heat to a lot of it to me it was common complaint from me throughout this season where the wheel drive at the basket. And it could be drawn injury can be waiters or it could be gene's Johns that he does that all the time. Where instead sedition the fourth foot floater around the basket we're passing and three. It's too much with the three point shooting. Trying to open a story about a study that reveals it means we knew would dream of having sex with a co worker lets talk about that but it's not opening. And did you happen to read the story. Did I think it's been an amber reads a mountain and you can talk about it some understood yeah I mean until someone to wait a couple minutes and we medium can release pass on this one and get this thing I don't Romberg just ahead Adrian got them she did. Oh really you're next few more questions. Class was behaving she said Nolasco. So the whole allows it I was in the congress isn't doing admire her claims he's got Silas and I'm SS used to Albert nobody aside I don't wanna work myself offhand well you fewer side. Nearly 2000 people surveyed 60%. Said that they had dreamed about having sex with a coworker. Who. Which apparently is pretty uncomfortable experience. No not at all because dreaming about hooking up with a co worker doesn't necessarily mean you actually wants. To have sex and Hillary will mean them. So extremes are almost never about sex according to once it's expert they are more often about wanting to make a new connection. Between two parts of oneself that are coming together and that's only connects a series owner of Basra present a party Veoh and you obviously represents. A part of the sexes the physical merging of two bodies. And a dream as a mental projection of that desire to integrate certain part of view into your daily life and stuff sounds like a real cola. And what is. We'll tell you what when I wake up before my deed is done during the so called. Non sex dreams you get mad. Your real easy that I quite like the map to get back to sleep but try to go right where I can't backed this idea is a matter. Myself in my what are you wake it up or dummy gets X inception. So hard. The bad men did do it sometimes you can go already enjoy Rima a camp seemed to re. I get back into a good chance yeah black because I could pull back asleep right away Alec many times throughout the I'm a bad sleeper. I wake up many times I'd like to fall right back sleep no problems and and I could do that sometimes when get back into renewed. I I I honestly got to surrogate vinyl myself on a cycle go to church to go get back to where you it was just about to go to around. No this clinical psychologist says that the fact it was spends much time with her coworkers. And tend to have some un result relationship issues means that we're often drawn to people who we are sexually attracted to that sex with a co workers generally forbidden act in this implant extremes or subconscious IP. Active. When it comes to your work environments. It was all about taking their coworkers yeah I guess own app on. On the first on the eve told us on that as a not my dad and told us several times a you are taking down a coworker and in any theory let's go to the scene of people who work in sports hernia theater Jim or somebody else to a couple of weeks ago was that. I'm became in your like Cuba you know who went to drum up there and I always of the sales guy magic. This is Phil and I don't know. British or was. I mean is it is is their job killing the guy losing a guard oil whose own magic. And I'm not just any girl so it's I think it's the present to myself not needs money. Anyway and I was in my innings in an instant and probably include downloadable younger man accidents or manuals on my dream about Romberg this. Romberg and his wife had blown of thousands. At least a year ago OK yeah dogs. Too much about that bring in dogs not. Suddenly picking your house without you guys being married and you guys can't you guys like prob didn't now babysit every now sit at. Go to dinner he likes it seems like hail in the dog sitter home. I don't understand this about like our area is I'm on Citic. And his ghost cute dog came my right can shoot can he bring me home. Yeah no problem. And that's not that's a little or fantasy I admit dogs watermelon and bring home the ducks and I was actually does an advertising about dogs hitting metal dog. Screw the. Clash threat right now and get your free refill. Dot com 123. Dot com. Dot com slash Brett right now and future first refill pack for free with a quip electric toothbrush. With with you feel. First refill packs for free with a QQ. In Q. Good equip go to quit now. Women have just her and dislike but it's featured. GT QU IP dot com slash Brett. Among the whole thing again. Dot com slash Brett gay GT QU IP dot com slash Brett mud off. Foot. Some Google whole thing normal game. Why not right 123. Paying attention to those good habits is huge when it comes the impact on your health. And I'm running out of breath to read two GT QU IP dot com slash Brett. I don't know man this. Please don't. Bill we can. One. While we had a good weekend at the client. Look who they wanted to they are not bsc and then go to guy here James tried so hard to get it right the imperfect sound winning an aggressive you can only get it wants is one that once he's got it down. Bang up stuff in the regular pros rough. But they looked at first time of the flights. I figured fly wheels up was probably the most difficult thing for me right thing but once they're out. Delighted all black and go now in addition to life in multiple references. Feet join us here expect it'll have its art group they are out today doing a long weekend Memorial Day so glad to have you aboard here much truce filling in for those guys yesterday was our Spain and who wasn't well endowed goalie alleging hair we're filling her in a local hour obviously but attends some other real mop. So tonight tonight you have the Eastern Conference game six all Stan can win the Eastern Conference championship and but hey okay. This should be mentioned. To depending on how. How serious Chris Paul's injury as. If Houston does manage to sneak by Golden State's. You know maybe Houston loses tomorrow which I mean I expect Golden State went iso penalty and here's. Let's say you know blonde say when Smart Houston they pull out game sevens they're home Florida gun at home and Horton has a huge game and Chris Paul heap but he's Chris ball dirt. Huge winner from the Chris Paul injury last night was the Boston Celtics. In the Boston Celtics get by Cleveland which and a lot of people this one thing that probably can and also on yet. In Boston now gets of the NBA finals and facing Houston Tina can't have Chris Paul. It's all the Sergio a scenario where is Boston have a shot. We you know moral Celtics basketball and I do what is there scheme like defensively out of they handled the isolation. Other great style about they're worried about his stats yeah. And they've only twice in the regular season I don't know by the good defensive team Alston. A huge win last night. With that Chris Paul injury or maybe maybe not into these are the injured Chris Paul spivak game six medalist in seventh oracle does MBA five accord could be out a couple weeks. You know or it could be that. Positive phase orders. Is a dvd so I I still think the mortars in the series. Yours or when answers. But the look tomorrow night in game six in the back to these and second tomorrow night game six. It's a big moment in Kevin Durant career. A very big moment you know it's really easy for to rent dread to know yell no winning I shouldn't say that did know winning in oh Combs seal that's the finals in 2011. Everything he could no moments and I conceded no one lives. But he's got to win on this team is certainly needs at least for a conference finals or at least not at the performance hit it last night. Of course I mean he won a championship his first year with Golden State but man paid they face no adversity they have they steamrolled. Through the entire policies that they lost the re post season games last year and they lost two games in the Western Conference and they lost one game of course Cleveland. They steamrolled through the post season last year. And and I mean he was a big bully on that team last year and now they finally faced some games where there are a little bit uncomfortable. They lose the first one okay last night. And if they wind blows into mourning and grieving game seven. It's a hat look for to grant especially coming off yesterday when he was a complete. No show oh for for the fourth quarter in a couple free throws he was. Missing in action last night. Acadia is not criticized enough because of the existence of LeBron James Manning and Sarah is pretty. But absolutely after last night that he deserves his or some. This is what prompting from reflecting on the way that this happened Miami Heat how the super team the Big Three. Basically got dismantled after the loss was to his palace who who'd they lose to bet my laps left in the San Antonio San Antonio when they realize that they are never gonna beat the spurs or get any better than they were at that point time. That's I think why are the brunt personal without too much tactically that's my personal pot. What's gonna happen this Golden State Warriors once. The scene now indestructible like I don't know we'll play Toms is a situation is I don't know batteries contract situation is not that Abbott you don't think they're gonna dismantle and so now. Now remain good you can't get any better than what they have. You can't you can improve upon what they got this it's a little rates he. Great Tim. But there could be some infighting played a loss like this committee intently this creates turmoil inside like. Like to win there was all this is not gonna look at it and say well we needed change things on the front office and talk about the players themselves away but they're gonna react to this slick saying. Oh well we're not bulletproof a clay you'd be probably. Source once you know this is like his idea. Elsewhere this yeah BC overshadowed by numerous other guys on until I am I think that would be the only way but the main guys. Think still telling him slamming into SF PD now. Dream on I think this decrease of inner turmoil and this will possibly the beginning of the dismantling of the gold say warriors that's what I feel. So I mean he did. Another I Meehan. They're pretty catastrophic but also. Those indicate that a helpful Ryan to be catastrophic and he lives yes yes it would be and we lot of repercussions after the loss and I was real I don't agree Hudgens part but I. I canister I don't think that that they're blowing up the T and still an all time team I just think that are there if there is the a lot of criticism. Petit gets the all time team is to be able look at the line he's at their all time team. I think that. Miami Heat team that for your stretches an all time team because it is a they're probably the most polarizing team and history sports a you'd never seen a team covered that way you treated that way. At an early in his new era yeah and so is that why that's what a team's all we always going to be remembered. That that's the most every time for their pride as the buzzer that landmark certainly for their winning right right right correct. Hey it's been a really long time in the NBA since he had a team. That isn't winning like you know let's say three championships in a row I mean you got to go back there at the beginning of the last decade. 2002001. In 2002 when the lakers won the arena route it's very hard to do that. And the only when he's right now is it the warriors win this year and then win again next year. As the wars on two out of three so this mortar team is even all ways away from winning three in a row it's rare that that happens in the NBA and this is every. Could he won back to back. And before the heat won back to back you've got to go back to that Laker team at the beginning of the decade so since the lakers. It being a the last decade one team. I at a lakers did get excuse me it's happened twice a lakers won in nine and ten and he won in twelve and thirteen. But no team has done three in a row. We say that that's good and it seems under her insane it's really hard for their it's really an all time team like in highness the it doesn't happen. Any more and that's sports wreck eSATA a lot you go back in the eighties and you got the lakers and Celtics owning all the championships in the eighties okay. And then the nineties the balls once Jersey easily even at the same rate either the rockets went back to back the lakers went three in a row. What is what is. I nearly got this loss happens and there's such infighting between two rant I was out of Kurt you're gonna have Cady and stuff come into the heat aren't the search is not I was or to make it scenario. What if Katie walks. LeBron used the warriors. Now yeah airlines the only mind that was blown there. Do you ever to visit his right decision for the bronze with his destination is I just replaced a rent. On the war because LeBron once stood up following head injury and Susan number he's not doing as well as the only fix to rants mistake. Just do it I you lay around now the conditions he's got me recent area is just yet I'm pretty officers all of the press that yeah I'm pretty sure that just came to you know. Yeah it's hasn't been selling a lot of thought there. Hi. Runs or tires. Is what's so cricket is or tell your friends this season Conan. Bombshell that the case colonies being tired tired so. No time. Oh Thai people does healed and is neither guy hit it has questioned right now who were obviously juggled I'll ask a serious question that's a serious question. Howard Tillis. Does the NHL player who still plane right now think LeBron is. At the tired stuff. You never ever ever. Ever hear about the NHL player at this point Gonzaga positive been planned and lesser more than half now you never hear about. Ball fetched him being tired and you know what. Those hockey players and other execs talk about how they're raising their level it is so much more physically demanding at this point in playing the full hockey game complain a fullback. And then went LeBron does when he doesn't mean Leo certainly it's five against one it's very these guys are getting hit. Every single time there on the ice. Hockey is so much more demanding. And these NHL put they all play hurts they're all exhausted by the end of the game that all exhausted at this point in the season. They must think it's so stupid the way we talk about the about the NBA players and LeBron specifically because that's what the story line is right now how. Exhausted. He has. Don't talks about how tired the NHL players right now don't stem. Well Denny sellers that are the top and imminent Israel's minister elect not to do was unbelievable you breathe on MBA player he collapses and NHL players are taken by plus Jason's a player must think LeBron has sought to secede they really I think probably think every other sport is Melissa seized but I would imagine that Angel Blair house respect for LeBron specifically. Everybody in the world. Respect so hard on all specifically they must think it's so those who did. Mr. Clinton hockey game on to play like to Swanee minutes. So it's dude. It's no fees only. Saying it wants less than half in sixty minutes. Hold on defense and don't play in the upper twenties. All. Soft. And oh yeah new political age in there and he's playing to the darn near every minute for 82 B Lindsay let's Atlanta I don't see it on in a decade. I think I would imagine I tell players ever tracked for LeBron even if you put his hands on his knees on occasion no one ever talk to these guys being tired. And and and they'd been harassed. If they were asked are you tired out they don't hours ago Nigel Blair would be at this point there grasslands. Texans are presenting you know obtain it it's these hot without shifts. I'm a rats and cover well how hockey it kind of feels it oversell this hockey continents and in line. It's. Twenty minutes. I. Don't memorial weekend stay exactly. Yeah it's actually rebounds. As a barbecues and hamburger you know it was as low as about the over one million people who died fighting in this country. People get so angry they it's no matter. Is more. It was a Morley is four yes it is to honor everyone who has served and it's a really big deal grizzly you know have to get so angry. It does get lost Nestle lining the original. The origination of the holiday Liz. Was asked actually it was an official holiday yet but after the civil war people would go in. Decorate the graves of those who had fallen firm our century and that's where it comes from and then it became. The national holiday thing that's happening yes and that's the idea though it is important yes. The event to honor those who have given their lives and has been over a million people have given their lives this country. It is a fun weekend now everyone likes Memorial Day weekend that he said go to great catch just be sick. Search for you you'd like ramps and Asia and it post yes but the only thing that's sad about this is I just got an email from though the weather service on and I'm Harada directs the conflict small craft advisory because they're going to be gusts up to like 35 to 45 knots so you have one point five mile an hour winds. Guarantee thunderstorms are actually telling you that if you have a boat and it's in the water make sure your Bilge pump works because nothing is going to sync with the amount of rain is getting. Check your boat connection dealing in my voting here bush might. But don't trailer a little cooler this is I'm telling her just archer your bills from ports or you got to plug them make sure you have cannot decide whether cancels mom Esther are not struggling. Going to be tough to go to Vegas one weekend that promise that the public violent and Harriet make she packed suitcase to go to Spain and then a surely there are following him so blue G. You forgot to Adam ones are so I'm doing fine and you gotta make jaunt across the West Coast of Florida. Here and make sure everything had coastal homes in the Sarasota area next to the museum is. British culture actually gotten yacht the boat race. Make sure. Is taken care obtuse make sure it's cast and ready to go to the custody to Michael bulletins like cap and jacket this weekend so much and so are you talking about the official show skin on the new ones the blue like a class and up the ticket to excellent with the shocks him are you gonna get my Hannah the closets editor and put my little that I don't. And very much of this captains jacket that has the bulletins from king talks. Whom. You know I got a big decision to make of this weekend on go to New York okay I'm gone New York because I got a crowded view of relieving your percentage quite a good shot me Sarah you know in his hotel let's us. Now he's due in 2000 ovary flies to New York City and is not a us cities in the entire world. And he will stay in the hotel until the events he's supposed to go to L right it was go to the event and that after the event to what's to break back to his hotel in hope to sit. It is a town yesterday is gonna be doing our courier though for a little bit. None. That's that's not true at all. So so I'm going I'm going to New York City OK gotta go it's to the gala if it it's a gala. Eric actually great great event yeah that is a great events and why a I I have to go shopping this week and practical clothes shopping because I I dull. I don't get stuck like last year you know last you guys were pestering me about you know what I got to Wear it to allied. And I told you to go boo to hold me I don't have to Wear anything fancy. Anywhere you were asked it was Jimmy Z tied archer not sure so I word gallon implies that you. Have a but it too but it's not it's shouldn't be called gala it should not. Ands and I was told rubble was okay and I also supplied to he's a Smart. But I showed up I was wearing nice khaki pants ha okay as doing a very night she's to a gala. And as one of very nice I shorts did your clothes fit you know because that's and others the huge doctor pants for sure can help that I announce okay that's not my fault you buy new clothes which is sorry and at least the Taylor. Don't see my socks a widow a socked. And so I still hope point nowadays you gotta have the European on the front Heyman an important game so I would always nice khaki pants. Nice shirts I was told hey you are great it's really fun putt. Most most usual way it jacket I I should've had a jackets okay. So I got to I felt on the address you know I was told that I was not I felt under dressed so. I gotta go this weekend and and I got I get on Dublin Ohio I'm a mom bison to close firfer for this Tuesday night news. I its decline has been yet. New York Yankees I don't know you know fast enough or not. You know I am I in some parts unknown it's a fashion he stuff what brought that. What parts are loose Aggies what I'm I'm not much shore you know not sure what I'm again I. May donated to. A senior he should you know initiative shoppers somebody who shops with you personal shopper. To get an idea Tobin on this show there I'm coming to go to the person behind the register in the gap on the NASA and you know what app what are you guys. Topic per gallon out this. Isn't it old navy was it him. In some hot topic for the gala awards ago or so ago. I'm secure when journeyman smuggler Belk. Get you some personal shopper and get some good threats and bill might have only after or Wal-Mart you need somebody you know that the du only you need to touch. It touched it he needs that time I do know is Tutsi and you touched. Do you touch. So in romper. You know so so like I got a weekend enemy. Our rights and and Emery back and there's an so what's all this picture's a good picture is on a zero problems that'll what was lost I mean actually went close shop. Blix for real close shop and he put together wardrobe out dude long time. And oh yeah and I bought a new shirt yesterday. Teacher of course he has hurled enters new projects in the mail them away as yesterday. That's normally what I did just randomly by a teacher when the bacon egg here so severe. Even a Weis is gonna get an usher in an OK and you buy teacher Amir told Nordstrom good spot. His response from it even at Nordstrom rack is in Russian neo island actually. My hopes yeah. I it's made us over the weekend aventura mall has a nice little spot to men and plenty of nice places there. I also enjoyed stroll. To look at all on over there these two offense yes frequently. He's is that over now. Only check out that matures next level I gotta check now and turn of the mall walkers maybe sit have a copy. Lol I didn't know haven't Ramos and as my favorite all of them on I may go like malls I make government and good looking wealthy Jewish woman there. Was and lived there OK I know I know about aventura. And tell me when it is I'm two for spotless on them judge booted looking lady off. You know two nights tonight with the NBA yet the Eastern Conference and you know tonight you're getting heat NBA conspiracy theories tonight's. You know the whole. All it's the Celtics against the rafts they love LeBron on the bronze got to get to game seven and then they're gonna screw the Celtics. You gotta get LeBron back in the last ten nights. With wit with LeBron facing elimination. Possibly not getting to the bios of percent almost a decade you're getting heat. NBA conspiracy theory. They'll sounds audio from the heat. NBA conspiracy theory tonight. Like Zach. Whole angle. Alone is worth being dialed into tonight's game. 'cause any other questionable calls. I think Tobin Italy the round which the team by the way is getting every call tonight's. Any questionable call tonight it's he NBA conspiracy. NBA needs LeBron finals. It rate inspect it every. Minority found my conspiracy that I want I want the wars in just completely pro Tibet and so now LeBron on the bubble wars in the take dedicated to no chance. Statistic no chance at the Simmons. What do they don't. I had to says he thinks gonna happen but let's say they deal. And Kevin Durant it's the reason they lose he's terrible. And stats put up great numbers and he goes he has any drama on a clay. This guy who brought in isn't that great with organ went all the titles this guy he only wants one. You don't actually would hope that if you tell me right now that it would all lead to the scenario. Where Kevin Durant ops out of the contract in the warriors say you know what we want LeBron instead I'd sign up for that. It's history of a nervous breakdown. Onboard pan am bored. Came on board and remember no I'm not on board the Huskies coming in the heat in the scenario he might he do to meeting. Creates a casting its most honest but. You do for the dominoes to fall. Domino's as you is all orbit and he's all it can't snow has more chance of KD were to come to the heat don't bother comes back to the which are much you sick of fans want. He's got no carrot and it's more of a chance rent and neither scenario is happening. And exactly more gentle problem come back to the don't be ridiculous when Katie opt out of his contract. All these little aliens to opt out of the country and beliefs although they would say hey listen ha ha. You know take you put it they wouldn't make him a new. I know take back Joseph Tobin just has I he had TD to losing to leave no donor and does actually have Golden State getting rid of. I know lawyers' side upgrade I'm telling you that rich Paul's on the phone with Warner's ownership as soon as they're both bounced and he's saying. What do you think of this scenario you replace Kevin Durant with LeBron James. Again your mind Zealand emblem. Just you you have is a little familiar and the horrible error fared that you keep giving as opposed the mind lumping the mine bumping is most like. Z. Not. Robbery got some dents finish out the weekend and there's other weekend guests Arlen Morley we get. And over time into effect. Seven batted second. So Limbaugh. We already. Yeah. Our weekend and chances are a lot of people that are down here on vacation or out on vacation and are single and ready to mingle might run into the situation that's soccer legend Ramel Dino has sought buddy buddy to him. But he's got to feel saying this is December there's a rumor that he's about to get married to both women which is. He's denying Israel's anger and tired. It is illegal by the way embers out in Brazil it's outlawed careers it's about my eyes out gone down necessarily at. Haven't isn't as bush that we say and that's the biggest lie that's been a quote. The biggest lie when you when you live with these two winning nothing that's. Biggest long actually engaged why would you mayor recent gay couples the candidates about polygamy like you want to why this what how how. The sun a player you're rich you want to marry anybody went to hurt you you want to win but how is your biggest lie. That's the biggest new women Zach should. Oh nationally at I trust me. I don't want nothing and no part of that so according to reports both lovers are receiving an allowance right they're receiving about two grand. To spend as they wish we sold. What's on a day my guess is probably at the mosque within the market probably a couple of documents on the when they also get same presence every single time I guess he was just busted. Buying the same perfume through the couple bodies. The same time and they look at the same engagement rings so he's basically come along that. This is a big lie he's not going to get married. And I'm just gonna continue being engaged these ladies. Smart move. There. Today hey tablet it's national wind to. Is celebrating that's always is it does coach Ron hill road on idol again his recollection of him against Portland votes on the stage but nurtured. Speech to everyone I'm a great Memorial Day weekend amber total number immemorial and evil or they weekend as we sit.