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Tobin and Leroy  let loose mornings between 6-10 am, discussing the latest
topics in Miami sports, crazy local news, fighting, animal attacks, head
kicks and all around debauchery.  
*Cast* Tobin: Fighter of all rat finkery on a case to case basis. Eater of
Crow. #TeamPettyForever Leroy: Destroyer of sports gasbaggery with the wisdom
from college and professional sports. Robbie: Gambler extraordinaire aka
degenerate. Can name any college mascot. Closet hot taker.  
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11-19-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 4

Tuesday, November 19th
Macho Marlins Man casts his Hall of Fame ballot. Heat with long layoff in between basketball games. Dwayne Haskins pleads with his offensive line asking what...

11-19-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 3

Tuesday, November 19th
Mary Kay Cabot joins the show to talk Dolphins-Browns. Bam the "Skeleton Key" of the Heat because he opens all the doors. Tobin rants on Heath Bell being in...

11-19-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 2

Tuesday, November 19th
Breaking down Bobrovksi's season with the Panthers so far. Tua injury not considered the same as Bo Jackson. Phillip Rivers throwing so many picks. Canes...

11-19-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 1

Tuesday, November 19th
Rich Waltz back in his old stomping grounds this Saturday for Canes-FIU. Trailblazers get blasted again with Hassan Whiteside. Whaling for CJ McCollum?

11-18-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 4

Monday, November 18th
More wheeling and dealing scenarios with the Bengals. Dion Waiters hanging out in Syracuse during his suspension because he wanted to feel loved and his story...

11-18-19 Tobin and Leroy Part 3

Monday, November 18th
The Bengals are going to get their QB and they are not getting ripped for tanking, not fair! Tobin sore from the dribble drive. Colin Kaepernick workout...