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Beast's Den 8-19-17 Hour 1

Monday, August 21st
The Beast open his den with his lamentable loss of his Spanish tongue which leads to discussion of how regain said Spanish including a viable prank method for...

Beast's Den 8-19-17 Hour 2

Monday, August 21st
The Second hour in the den Beast talks some canes which leads to Beast railing on the current crop of paranoid coaches in NCAA Football then recalls a great UM...

Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 2

Sunday, August 13th
The Second Hour of show has Beast attempt to get some spy reports of canesfest but get cranks instead, then goes in depth with Forbes' Mike Ozanian about the...

Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 3

Sunday, August 13th
The Final hour of today's show kicks off with "The Buzz" Barry Jackson to further shed light on the marlins deal as well as tidbits on the fins, then the beast...

Beast's Den 8-12-17 Hour 1

Sunday, August 13th
The Beast attacks this Saturday with the joy that comes from the news of a possible new Marlins Owner, laments his wife's use of bed, bath and beyond coupons,...

Beast's Den 8-5-17 Hour 1

Monday, August 7th
Beast kicks off this episode with Producer Extraodinaire Trevor Murray about the Fins and Star Wars, then talks controversy in the media about the then...