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1-28-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Tuesday, January 28th
Chael Sonnen sits in with us and Zas asks him when he's going to join the WWE. Kyle Turley joins us to talk some football and dealing with CTE. Zas was not a...

1-28-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Tuesday, January 28th
LeBron puts up an IG post regarding Kobe's passing. We a heartfelt story from Elle Duncan about when she first met Kobe. Big Deal/Not a Big Deal.

1-28-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Tuesday, January 28th
FIU great and local guy Johnathan Cyprien joins us to talk some North Miami Beach High football. We speak on the video tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gigi...

1-28-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Tuesday, January 28th
The Heat finally beat the Magic. Evan Cohen of ESPN West Palm joins us a tells us a story of partying with Zaslow and talks about the Heat. Mike Tirico tells a...

1-27-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Monday, January 27th
We here the reactions from Dwyane Wade, Shaq and Jay Williams. Mike Breen was gave an emotional tribute to Kobe Bryant during the Lakers game. We speak on how...

1-27-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Monday, January 27th
Peter King joins us to speak on Kobe Bryant, some football and a funny Steve Young story. Donovan Campbell sits in to speak on Kobe Bryant and how tough it is...