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12-6-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 2

Friday, December 6th
Amber and Monroe discuss the craziness that can possibly happen during this weekends Conference Championships. Nick Kostos joins us for his weekly betting...

12-6-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 3

Friday, December 6th
What will be the outcome once Sunday rolls around for the College Football Committee? Amber and Monroe do Big Take Friday.

12-6-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 4

Friday, December 6th
There are so many difference types of car services. Amber talks about her experiences on taking Uber Lux. Big Deal/Not a Big Deal.We have a heavy slated week...

12-6-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 1

Friday, December 6th
Should the NFL do something about awarding teams that have better records but didn't win their division? Is ​​Mitchell Trubisky very athletic? Amber thinks so...

12-4-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 4

Wednesday, December 4th
Big Deal/Not a Big Deal. Adam Gase blames Tannehill for his failures in Miami. We listen back on the back and forth between Joe Rose and Omar Kelly

12-4-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 1

Wednesday, December 4th
The Heat had a huge win last night in Toronto, Jimmy took over in the overtime period. Joe Rose had a heated conversation with Omar Kelly. Is it fair to...