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11-18-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 3

Monday, November 18th
Nick Saban sounded emotional during halftime after Tua hurt his hip. Colin Kapernick held his workout on Saturday. Why did he decide to change venues last...

11-18-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 2

Monday, November 18th
Tua's hip is broke, what does that say for the Dolphins future. The Heat are the best home team in the NBA. We have the Week 11 NFL Rundown. We do 15 Minutes...

11-18-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 1

Monday, November 18th
Today it's Zaslow and Brian Monroe, as Amber is out today. Zaslow recaps his time at the LeBatard wedding this past Saturday. Mark Ingram is Lamar Jackson's...

11-18-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 4

Monday, November 18th
Zaslow can't believe that Monroe goes out anytime earlier than 11 pm. Big Deal/ Not a Big Deal. Adam Schefter reports that Tua's surgery was successful. Should...

11-12-19 Z'n'A Midday Part 4

Tuesday, November 12th
Amber has an Amazon Prime problem at home. The Dolphins really need Washington and Dwayne Haskins to start winning. Amber suggests that the Dolphins should...