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1-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Monday, January 20th
Inter Miami has their first practice together, Amber asks the guys if they are excited for the upcoming season. We talk about Justise Winslow's injury status...

1-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Monday, January 20th
Amber is back but Zaslow is out, so she is joined by Brian Monroe and Rashad Butler. We have a matchup for Superbowl LIV down here in Miami with the Kansas...

1-17-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Friday, January 17th
​Zaslow is joined by Brian Monroe on this Friday. Zas was worried about Eminem trending, but it wasn't for what he thought. Jessica Mendoza caught some flack...

1-17-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Friday, January 17th
Monroe can't believe that Zas has been to 24​ Pearl Jam concerts. Zas tells Brian his infamous Mike Ryan tuna sandwich story. We get an end to the Alonzo...

1-17-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Friday, January 17th
More videos of Odell Beckham Jr. acting a fool at the National Championship. Monroe gives his opinion on how Dan Marino would fair in today's football. Big...

1-17-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Friday, January 17th
The Canes are looking for a QB in the transfer portal. Kyrie Irving has some nerve to call out his teammates. We talk about Dion during 15 Minutes of Heat...