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5-21-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Thursday, May 21st
Tobin infiltrates the show to thank Amber for her list, plus he makes fun her dog as well. What should the Dolphins do with Josh Rosen? What's the cushiest...

5-21-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Thursday, May 21st
Amber was a part of a career day before the show... and she already forgot the name of the middle school. Zas finally got his new mixed tiles. Tobin reacted to...

5-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 4

Wednesday, May 20th
We play some Big Deal/Not A Big Deal to start off Hour 4. Will Amber ever postpone her wedding? Will it be scaled down? Will Zas be invited? Amber debuts her...

5-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 3

Wednesday, May 20th
George Karl joins the show to talk about some of The Last Dance documentary and some basketball. Some Dominoes delivery guy went crazy cause some 13-year-old...

5-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 2

Wednesday, May 20th
Amber recalls a time that Bomani Jones went after her on Twitter. How the hell can the Oakland A's afford their rent for their stadium? Zas watched Scream with...

5-20-20 Z'n'A Midday Hour 1

Wednesday, May 20th
Amber admits that she wasn't the biggest fan of Ol' Roms when he first joined the show. She also tells the story of how she ended working here at The Ticket...