Josh: The Dolphins Got Worse This Week

Josh Friedman
November 03, 2017 - 11:09 am

The Dolphins got worse this week.  Plain and simple. Trading away a pro bowl running back for a 4th round pick (a mere 4th rounder!) that can't benefit the team until next season, hurt the squad.  The Dolphins offense, ranked dead last among 32 NFL teams, just took a step further backwards.  Sure Jay Ajayi had seen his rushing average go down from 4.9 yards per carry last season to 3.4 this year. But my eyes tell me it's much more a function of a leaky offensive line than of a regression of Ajayi.
Following an embarrassing 40-0 loss to the Ravens, Adam Gase once again called out his offense. This time it was for the players not doing enough homework on their own and thus being underprepared for games.  While Gase didn't name players, a blind man could see Ajayi was one of his targets. It became apparent that Gase and Ajayi had a personality clash. And for Gase, the solution to not being able to play in the same sandbox as his starting running back proved untenable enough that it merited dealing away Ajayi to the Eagles. As an aside, Ajayi should send Gase flowers for shipping him to the team with the best record in the NFL.
Even with a 4-3 record and a brutal offense, the Dolphins are a playoff contending team. Let that marinate in your mind. This season the AFC is mired in mediocrity, consequently opening the door for a pedestrian team like Miami, a chance to play in January. As bad as the offense is, taking away the best player on that unit hurts those chances of qualifying for the postseason. Gase should have tolerated Ajayi through the end of the year and then dealt him in the offseason. At Gase's press conference on Wednesday, a day after the trade, I asked him if this year's team was better off without Ajayi. His response was it was the right time to trade Ajayi. So I followed up with the same inquiry, hoping to get a direct answer to my direct question. He hid behind "I like where we're at right now."  The inference by his non-answer is loud and clear: The trade of Ajayi made this year's team worse. 

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