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Fighter's Fury: UFC 217 Recap

Fighter's Fury
November 05, 2017 - 10:45 am


Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz are back together to recap an incredible night in the UFC. This PPV card saved the year for the promotion. Never had you had so many people be so happy to be so wrong. Three titles changed hands on one card for the first time in UFC history. Cima and Tommie were in awe of Rose Namajunas knockout victory over Joanna Jedrzejczyk. She was David slaying Goliath. She was saying the Lord's prayer at weigh-ins in the face of Joanna screaming anything she could at her. Then we saw TJ Dillashaw shake off nearly getting knocked out at the end of the first round to comeback at TKO Cody Garbrandt in round 2. If that wasn't enough, Georges St-Pierre is now the middleweight champion. His fight was exciting! It wasn't trademark GSP. He went throught a cut up face. He adjusted to an oppoent he couldn't keep down and dropped an bigger, better striker and finished him by choking him unconcious. He adds to his incredible legacy. Even with all these amazing moments, we have to discuss, what comes next? Which bout will get a rematch next? Will GSP and Conor McGregor ever cross paths? Bonus Segment: Tobin discusses Deontay Wilder's sensational knockout win over Bermane Stiverne. He did what he was supposed to an opponent he out-classed? What more can he do to earn a shot at fighting Anthony Joshua. Will the Tyson Fury factor keep a Wilder fight away from AJ? Fan Poll says they want to see Tyson fight The Champ, Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs in a comeback fight! Can The Champ ruin everyone's plans. Will the British boxing promoters even let Briggs in a ring with Fury? Tobin maps out the ideal 2018 for boxing's heavyweight division.

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