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Tobin, Beast and Leroy: What’s a Catch Anymore?

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
December 18, 2017 - 12:42 pm


Tobin is happy that for the first time ever he is doing a radio show with the Jaguars being in the playoffs. The guys talk about Jay Cutler's performance yesterday and Robbie actually said that Jay Cutler didn't play that bad. Leroy is furious about the catch/no catch that went down at the end of the Steelers-Patriots game. Robbie said that Derek Carr's dive for the pieline is the stupidest play in football and Leroy says everyone wants to make a play. Robbie comes up with a new gambling rule that says a shorthanded Miami Heat team always beats the Atlanta Hawks on the road. J.T Realmuto requests a trade from the Marlins. 


Tobin is still protesting the steelers bet. Beast sent Tobin a Tom Brady Guide to Excellence Book to his house and Tobin burned it. Tobin gives an updated on his Iguana hunt. Leroy wonders if John Skipper is resigning from ESPN because of the stuff that might come out afterwards. The guys discuss Jerry Richardson selling the Panthers and his obsession with shaving legs. Tobin says Justise Winslow has no touch around the basket and compares his hands with prize claws. Tobin and Leroy debate on wheter Dion Waiters is Chunky or not. Tobin has to draw from the doom box since this is his last show of the year. Leroy and Tobin argue if the Jay Ajayi trade worked out or not.

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